“Do Evil” – Google’s new motto

September 2, 2017

“Do Evil” – Google’s new motto

By Dark Politricks

If you watch Redacted Tonight or many other shows or read ant-war or progressive websites you will know that many sites are being de-monetised by Google, YouTube and labelled “Fake News” by Facebook.

You can see a graph of sites that have lost money due to Google’s pro war anti progressive new algorithm here.

Progressive anti war sites knocked down by Google

I am probably on a list of sites being demoted as we speak, Redacted Tonight showed a graph showing some top sites that were anti-war, anti-Empire, anti training terrorists abroad to scare us at home were being demoted by Google and de-monetized by YouTube (also owned by Google).

I have already had 3 blogs shut down with no reasontwo Facebook pages, a YouTube channel I spent ages making for my business and threats from the US (Navy, Army, USAF and a myriad of others) sent to my hosting company which kicked me off as the bloke was scared about black helicopters coming to get us.

I’ve also had a Google+ community taken out of my hands already and yesterday I got a 30 day ban from Facebook for some ancient 2 year post about horse racing, when there are thousands of similar posts up.

So I guess I am on some kind of list designed to fuck people over and take any money they can away from them.

Therefore any help or donations to keep this site running while I type with a broken arm would be much appreciated.

Anyway what I wanted to speak about was how comedy and satire usually is the best way of getting over political messages to the masses easily and sometimes without the audience even knowing about it.

Jimmy Dore, and Lee Camp who are other progressive comedians, are both under attack from the Washington Post and other “news outlets”.

They dare to speak what MSNBC, NBC, CNN and FOX don’t dare to, and everyone who has spoken out against the Iraq war or the bail outs have been sacked and most of them including Larry King now work on Russia Today.

You cannot call Larry King a stooge for Putin.

Lee has a show and speaks about the Democrats being just another shade of the Republican party. They don’t implement health care because their donors are big pharma and health insurance companies, they didn’t crack down on he banks after the 2008 crisis due to Wall St being their biggest donors and the White House full of Goldman Sachs people telling Obama not to.

So he was left like Trump looking like a liar who had tricked all these voters into voting for him and then ignoring his promises.

I can tell you over in Europe we may play up to Trump but everyone thinks the USA has made a big mistake and he is an embarrassment to all Americans, and the free world in general with his mad tweets and policy turns that must have his supporters fuming.

What has he actually done for his supporters that he promised on the campaign trail?

Well like Obama he did a 180 as soon as he hit the White House.

I swear as soon as the new President enters the White House, he is taken into a room full of men in dark suits he doesn’t recognise and they show the new POTUS kill shots of JFK from multiple angles just to remind them to keep towing the constant war policy and who really is in charge.

Do you remember when he was going on about getting the 28/29 redacted pages released from the 9.11 commission?

Well they have been released and what did Trump do, go and sell Saudi Arabia, the country who paid to be taken out of the report a multi billion arms deal instead. I bet half of that military the US just sold is on it’s way to ISIS right now.

Here is a Telegraph article all about the Wahhabism they export around the world to terrorist groups. That is as the Royal family of 20,000+ spend their time in Dubai with hookers, drugs and drink. Not exactly very good Muslims are they.

They are not on the list of countries banned from entering the USA despite the supposed hijackers all being from that country. The Petrodollar at work…

Mexico won’t pay for any wall, and there won’t be one built. If there is the Mexicans will just dig tunnels under it like in the Gaza Strip where they can get cars through. Or use hooked rope ladders to climb over it.

Trump didn’t even realise that the Republican health care bill was including tax cuts for the rich.

He said that was going to be done later. He has no idea how politics work with pork added for dissenting Senators to get bills passed.

Also it seems he has sacked a different person each week. It’s so comical.

What has he done for all those Trump voters who believed in him that he would bring back jobs from China and stop immigrants coming in?

If he was going to stop any countries immigrants it should have been from Saudi Arabia, the country in the 28/29 pages, not bowing down to be waved with a sword over his head, something he attacked Obama for doing.

And what about the golfing holiday?

Didn’t he say he would be too busy in the White House to have holiday’s. I distinctly remember him saying that in a speech or 10 seeing he attacked Obama for his holidays so much.

Google’s motto used to be “Don’t do evil” now it seems that their close links with US security agencies has switched that on its head.

“Do Evil” seems to be Google’s motto nowadays the way they are shutting down blogs, taking away their money, and demonetizing YouTube video’s. So any help would be much appreciated even a monthly donation of a few quid each month through PayPal. The button is on the main sites home page www.darkpolitricks.com.

As Jimmy Dore says “No wonder people are getting their news from YouTube

Anyway support me if you can before I get shut down totally and here is the Redacted Tonight show that might put some ideas in your head about how Google and Facebook are censoring progressive or anti government websites.


By Dark Politricks

© 2017 Dark Politricks

There was NO Russian hacking of the US elections.

September 2, 2017

There was NO Russian hacking of the US elections – PROVEN BY EXPERTS

Proven by experts, there was NO Russian hacking of the US elections.

Redacted Tonight
By Dark Politricks

Computer experts, ex hackers, ex National Security advisers and other people from the intelligence community have all come together to write a document that explains how the Russians DID NOT HACK THE US ELECTIONS!

To hack an election machine requires a USB stick, and has to be done manually, by sticking the USB drive into the machine.

I cannot even imagine tons of Russian sleeper agents on Putin’s orders sitting in polling stations ready to insert these sticks into the provable hackable voting machines.

If you look on a map Russia is quite a long way away from the USA so remote hacking was impossible.

The other tell sign was the download speed that the DNC data was dumped onto a drive. It was too fast for long overseas connections but fast enough for a DNC employee to download it and then leak.

Maybe another look into the unexplained death of DNC worker Seth Rich again.

Maybe he didn’t like what he saw happening at the DNC headquarters and wanted to tell the world how corrupt they were.

Maybe he had nothing to do with it at all, however Julian Assange got pretty upset on the Bill Maher show when talking about him and the risks whistleblowers take giving WikiLeaks information, and offered a reward for details on his death.

There is a reason people call Hillary Clinton, Killary Clinton.

List of bodies associated with the Clintons - Click to read more
Click the image above to read more about Clinton related deaths

Also the CIA’s new secret program, Vault 7 which was just revealed has the power to make any document look like it came from any country in the world i.e Russia.

They could have easily used this system to hack the DNC and make the documents look like they came from Russia.

I would not put it past the CIA to do something like this especially when “they otherthrow governments before breakfast” as Jimmy Dore constantly says.

I will let Lee Camp from Redacted Tonight explain more in the first half of his show.

Do you expect apologies from people like Rachel Maddow who bleated on about Russia for months?

Why were the journalists more concerned with where the data came from and not what it said.

Everyone now knows that the DNC is just another corrupt organisation who rigged the game so that Hillary would get her chance at a run and not Bernie, the most popular politician in the country.

They revealed the fact that the super delegates are there to prevent such an occurrence from happening and that the Democrats are not Democratic at all.

They are just sore losers who wanted someone to blame i.e Russia, rather than look at their lack of policies that didn’t inspire people to vote for the most hated politician in the USA.

Isn’t that funny, the Democrats had both the most popular and unpopular politicians to chose from and they chose the latter. I wonder why they lost……

Well I just hope we can hear some apologies on the US nightly news shows about their coverage of Russia – LOL!

To read the article on the original Dark Politrick site which is constantly under attack (3 blogs from Google, 2 from here, 1 G+ community, 3 Facebook pages and multiple bans) all for speaking out about the empire > Read this.

By Dark Politricks

© 2017 Dark Politricks

The new bend over compliant UK

September 11, 2020

How Compliant Our Population Has Become Due To COVID19

By Dark Politricks

I have to say something about COVID19 that I have noticed over this hot sweltering summer in which I have been baking alive stuck indoors. That is when I’m not out in the car with air-con on. However either way it’s pure stress.

I’m not telling people to break the law – god forbid- moi?

However before COVID in the UK, it was pretty standard for drivers to take the speed limits with a little bit of leeway. A 40mph stretch of road meant people drove at 50mph, 70mph on the motorway meant people pushed just under 100mph if clear.

The randomly given if caught by the police speed tickets were just part of the life of being a driver. You just expected to get one every few years and that was the cost of getting about. If you had a sweet tongue you could maybe blag your way out of a ticket, that is if not snapped by all the road cameras plotted up on all our motorways now.

However since COVID19 every driver on the roads, at least, around my way seem so scared of being stopped by the police that they drive 5mph or more UNDER the speed limit at the moment. Either I am surrounded by gangsters disguised as students, young drivers and people with boots stashed full of illegal contraband, or something has happened to snap people into obeying every single little law that before COVID19 was open to a bit of a stretch.

I was stuck on a clear straight bit of road last weekend on the way to a friends house and there were 2 cyclists at the front of a 7 car queue crawling along behind them at 15mph in a 40mph limit. The thing was there was no oncoming traffic and the car behind the cyclists wasn’t some learner driver scared of overtaking, why they didn’t just overtake them giving a wide berth due to no oncoming traffic I don’t know, but I had to sit behind this queue for a very long time until I got up to them and just went around the pair.

I don’t think I have ever seen so many compliant people jump on queue in my life. Not thinking for themselves and believing everything our Government says as gospel, despite half of their anti-COVID19 policies being half thought out, half baked and extremely expensive.

It looks like a 2nd spike is coming and we may get locked up again but then what did the Government expect would happen when they sent back all the kids to school, college and University?

Trying to tell a teenager to stand 2 metres apart from all his friends is pretty impossible anyway, so how do they expect 5yr+ kids to respect social distancing rules. Their new worry is the spread of the virus among young people and they are right. They are ignoring the rules and congregating in parks and woods late at night to have parties.

Every Sunday night for months now behind my pad in the local park there has been some kind of teenage drunken rave. You can hear the music for miles as well as the shouting and chatter. Where are the cops with their new superpowers to come and force them to disperse? I don’t think I’ve ever seen cops even go into the park and in another local woods where they have been partying all summer I was having a walk the other day as the police just drove past groups and groups of teens all on their way to the “beach” by the lake where they were getting drunk, high and doing what youngsters do.

Did I see any cop get out the car and ask them where they were going – nope. Cops don’t seem interesting in using their new powers to break these disease spreading parties up but they are using them to ruin other peoples lives.

I have a new camera pointed at my pad from a neighbours window across the road at the moment. I thought the police would have got bored after they put one up on me for a year and saw nada, lucky I saw CID going into the neighbours house before the CCTV on me appeared. Now it’s back. They are concentrating their efforts on people they suspect of X Y Z and FCKING NADA, at the moment. Using the COVID19 laws to monitor people of “interest” and the restricted movement of the population just helps them track us all so much easier.

Oh and the masks, how many fights have you got into over wearing or not wearing a mask? I had one the other week on the way to the chemist. It wasn’t even my argument but a bloke in a shop with a mask was shouting and name calling someone I knew who hadn’t put one on – supposedly if you have breathing related health issues you don’t need to wear one but then are we all going to give our local shops our medical histories to prove what illnesses we may or may not have. Fuck no.

Anyway this argument was boiling over on a hot day and as I walked to the chemist with a mask and my glasses on, I got sucker punched by the man in the mask. The fact I was wearing glasses didn’t seem to stop his desire to try and blind me. If he had wanted to square up I’d have been perfectly happy. Just let me take my mask and glasses off before I beat your hide. Instead I ended up chasing him into the shop with my mask still on and having a scrap for CCTV knocking the food over. Pointless fight, and not even my argument and I didn’t even say anything to the other person despite knowing the man he was arguing with. That didn’t stop him from trying to attack me, then I bet he didn’t expect to get his ass whooped in public for attempting to blind me.

I was very surprised the cops didn’t turn up but then they have more important matters to contend with like…. well to be honest I haven’t seen many Panda cars around here lately, only undercover, so I have no actual knowledge what our uniform wearing tax paid workforce is doing to protect our health and safety. They certainly aren’t helping to stop COVID spread by breaking up large groups of kids, I guess they are all working from home like many other companies are still doing.

The new normal. Empty pubs, favourite restaurant chains like Pizza Express closing hundreds of pizza joints, as well as cinemas and a new compliant scared population who are suddenly now sticking to every little law unrelated to the spread of COVID19. We used to have the balls to do what we wanted here now they seem to have castrated a nation.

I don’t want COVID19 to spike again and cause another lockdown, but this isn’t the Black Death which caused a third of all people in Europe to die in the Middle Ages. It’s a horrible disease with all the markers of a man made virus let lose by some 3 letter agency or another that is just causing a higher rate of flu like deaths than normal. Or is it?

We have around 60,000 people die a year from blood clot related illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks and  pulmonary embolisms, 40,000 of these are hospital related. Stuck in a bed not being able to move as blood clots form in your body isn’t a good way to prevent blood clots. Then we have the usual causes of mortality rates such as:

-Cancer – 65,000 cancer deaths in the UK every year

-Heart Disease – 44,000 people under the age of 75 die every year.

Then we have COVID19. So far in the UK there has been 358,138 Cases and 41,608 Deaths.

However many of the COVID19 deaths have been people dying from other causes, usually an existing condition and then if the body tests for COVID19 post mortem, they don’t tick in the “died from heart attack” box but instead the “died from COVID19” box. Critics have said this about the way these stats have been massaged.

A one Dr Loke said the way Public Health England collects data means “no-one with COVID in England is allowed to recover from their illness“.

A patient who has tested positive, but successfully treated and discharged from hospital, will still be counted as a COVID death even if they had a heart attack or were run over by a bus three months later” he has wrote.

So if you get COVID, then get well again, before getting run over whilst blind drunk stumbling into the road. The way that the UK collects death rates means I won’t be a victim of stupid drunkeness as I’m mowed down by a car but I’ll be another death tick in the COVID tally box. That sounds like intentional fear mongering to me.

If we removed all these post COVID deaths, I wonder how low the death rates would actually be, 2/3rds a half, less than 20,000?

I don’t have all the stats to hand but it seems a very stupid way to count a cause of death. I once had DVT in my left leg 20 years ago. If I die tomorrow from jumping out my window, they wouldn’t mark that up as another tick in the DVT death rate.

Just another example of the massaging of our populations levels of fear from this non black death, severe flu. If real causes of death were removed from their figures then it wouldn’t be much higher than the annual death rate from Winter Flu in the UK of between 2,000 and 28,000., with on average 17,000 people dying from the flu annually in England between 2015 and 2019.

This Corona-Virus maybe a much more severe and painful form of the flu but it seems that the figures are being manipulated to keep us all jumping in line with the government.

Don’t kill your Gran by getting the Coronavirus and giving it to her”  – I heard a government minister say on the radio the other day. I am sure many OAP’s are scared of having their teenage, social distance ignoring Covid carrying, asymptomatic, teenage grand kids come and visit them. However they are more likely to die from another cause that is not currently being treated at the moment in our hospitals due to the COVID cases.

Got Cancer, Heart Disease, or had a stroke? Well it seems our NHS has put you to the back of the queue despite those issues having higher death rates than COVID. I heard my local hospital is practically empty on the wards as they are all being used for COVID.

Personally I have had 3 operations cancelled due to COIVD, two were for the chronic pain I suffer now on my own with no help, and the other an operation to reattach muscle and tendons to my bone that were ripped off when I broke my arm and it came out the socket so far it tore the flesh off.. Oh, and I had to pull my own tooth out due to no dentists being able to use drills, then when I finally got a dentist appointment they only put a filling on top of an infection in my jaw. Agony, yes, lots, my neck, throat, ear and tongue were causing so much pain I wanted to go to hospital, however I am on a 2nd lot of strong anti-biotics with the dentist telling me I would have to go to hospital for an emergency extraction.

I wonder how long that referral would take. Would I get COVID from just being in the place. Who knows? If this is some man made plot to thin the herd as some say, then it’s not really doing much of a good job with such low death rates.

However if this was a plot to get a compliant citizenry that won’t even question the government and their Coronavirus policies and laws. It seems to be working.

Driving used to be one of the few pleasures in life. Sitting in the middle lane as every car drives at 50mph on the motorway isn’t a pleasure, it’s a curse.

Welcome to bend over UK. Where people take everything our incompetent government says as gospel despite all their mistakes over the virus. I mean how can we trust a Prime Minister who got the virus, probably from not following his own rules anyway?

View the main article on the main site here.

By Dark Politricks

©2020 Dark Politricks

COVID19 – UK Lockdown, Police State, Martial Law and our messed up economy

July 22, 2020

The COVID19 UK Lockdown, Martial Law, Police are tracking you

Well I haven’t written for some time. Not since the UK Lockdown since April due to COVID19. I actually think I got the “fruitbug” as I call it, 12 days after the UK lockdown started. So I will start with that.Apparently this worldwide pandemic takes 14 days to take hold in the body so I probably caught it from any surface, door handle, shop door, or persons hand in the days before our Government implemented the lock down. Some people claim it was far too late, just as in America, but then I am constantly refused the flu jab in winter, due “to the possibility of getting ill”, and we don’t go into meltdown due to the 10,000 to 50,000 people who die a year from that. .

I do know the difference between a cough and a cold. On the Friday it started, slowly over the day my left lung got sore from the top, spreading down to the bottom by night time. Next day, my right lung was ok but my left wasn’t, that isn’t a normal chest infection with just one lung aching. Then my right side started hurting at the top and the pain moved slowly through the day to the bottom. The next day, I was coughing a lot, the next I had the sweats and a temperature.

Freaking out, yes of course I was. But then unlike certain people I don’t watch “Fear Porn” news constantly all day about COVID19 death figures, how many people have died today, how much of a problem it is in Spain and Italy, and how we are all going to be in lockdown all year long.

I know there is a bug out there just like all the others that can kill you. From sexual diseases, to cancer, blood clots to brain damage, there are a thousand and one ways you can die and many more people die a year from smoking than will have from COVID19 this year.

However 3 days after both my lungs were hurting, the pain went and I was okay again. A weird chest infection or cold if ever, but hopefully it was a mild case of the fruitbug, and hopefully I got some sort of immunity from getting it.

Now after months of being told to not go out apart from emergencies, food, and an hours worth of exercise. With millions of people laid off work and put on the most basic benefit there is, Universal Credit. People are broke, scared and told conflicting advice from the Tory Government.

It must be a big shock for all those people on £50k a year who were let go, to live on roughly £400pm, and have to pay all their bills from that. The Treasury “borrowed” billions to allow companies to keep their staff on through furlough, using the money loaned out, at interest of course, from the Bank of England.

Why we have to have this “middle man” who can print money out of thin air, then loan it to the Government, admittedly at low interest rates, but still paid back with interest from our taxes, I don’t know. It’s to stop inflation, you just can’t let a government print money, look at what happened in Zimbabwe or 1930’s Germany comes the reply from many.

So why is it in the US constitution that only Congress can issue money, something that Abraham Lincoln did during the Civil War with his Greenbacks. This is a law has been ignored, and overruled by the creation of the FED. The Central Bank that is in no way “Federal“, that was created in the middle of the night, planned by the big money men, and put into action by a woeful Woodrow Wilson. He said later about the passing of the bill that:.

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men. – Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence

And from a governor of the Bank of England, created in 1694.

“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing”Josiah Stamp – Governor of The Bank of England 

Well I think it’s plainly in the interests of a few very super rich people and not the masses but then this isn’t about fiat currency. Or the millions of English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish who are surviving on benefits because their fat cat bosses like Richard Branson told them to take 8 weeks unpaid leave as he couldn’t keep them on. They replied that he should sell one of his private islands. Of course he didn’t.

Even the boss of one of biggest pub chains in the UK, Wetherspoons told his staff to go get a job at Tescos until the crisis was over. Bar staff aren’t exactly paid a lot anyway, and the amount of pubs that I see in that are now Tesco or Sainsbury’s local stores is amazing.

I even walked into an old pub I used to drink in when I came back from holiday only to find it was now a Tesco mini store. It is a dwindling industry admittedly, but only because the Chancellor of the Exchequer keeps adding VAT tax to the cost of Beer and Spirits sold in pubs, whilst super markets can get away selling 4 packs of super strong 8% cider (equivalent of 2 bottles of Red wine), at £5. Why pay almost £5 in a pub for a single pint when you can go into a local store and get the equivalent of 8 pints of low alcohol beer for the same price?

Now the lockdown is easing we are being told to go out and get Britain’s economy booming again. Boris has gone back on all his scientific advisers advice about social distancing, not going on the Tube in London (one of the only ways for people to get around that city), and let Businesses decide what is in the best interests of their workers.

Yes Boris, I am sure money grabbing fat cats like Richard Branson and Mike Ashley care more about their staff than the money they make. Yet it is the Tories themselves, many of them large shareholders in big businesses hit hard by the drop in GDP, that want the economy to be weighed equally as the safety of the citizens. I wouldn’t trust any born into money Etonian with shares across all major companies to think of my welfare before his bank balance.

Having to book up in advance and pay a deposit to go to a pub or restaurant is now the status quo. Who does that? Apparently half the people who book haven’t been turning up, so the pubs, cinemas, restaurants and hospitality industry wants to charge non refundable deposits for people wanting to go out. That is not the way people behave here. We don’t go, “lets all go to the pub…..next Saturday, I’ll book us some seats now”. People go on the spur of the moment, when they feel like drinking or eating, so if this is the case going forward we are going to see lots of business closing.

Hair dressers and Barbers are having a boom right now, making up all that money from long bearded, unshaven men and women needing their roots dyed. However other industries that Britain seems to excel in, such as Gambling, are going to see a lot of on street Bookmakers shut.

Can you imagine with all those months off, all their customers who would have been in the bookies daily, would have all found an online betting service like Betfair by now. They probably have seen it has better prices and offers bonus bets, and then wonder WTF they were doing in an over priced Bookies shop in the first place. There are going to be a lot of businesses closing in the near future and life may not go back to normal. That should be the scary thing we all think about.

I won’t even go deep into the muck up Boris Johnson caused handling this crisis, catching the virus himself, and then using an NHS hospital, where he had 2 nurses sit next to him all the time 24/7, as a form of propaganda, and a way to make us all think about the poorly paid nurses and junior doctors. It was so bad we actually paid a 99 year old WWII survivor £15 million, to walk around his garden each day so that he could donate it towards the NHS.

I bet the other patients loved the special care he received whilst they coughed and choked to death. All so he could use the NHS as a reason for us all to stay home. We all love the NHS here and most of us believe staff are underpaid. However I have seen too many “Save our NHS, Stay home” adverts for a lifetime, and I don’t even watch TV.

The mandatory Thursday night 8PM clap on your doorstep or window for NHS workers started off as a bit of community spirit but for me ended up as a “mandatory show of support”, something the Community Thought Police would come and fine you for in a real Police State for not showing enough love for the NHS. The same NHS that Boris and his friends have been busy privatising on the sly, using COVID19 as their cover.

I don’t want to get into an argument about who created or first had this virus. Was it economical warfare by China, who misled the West about the numbers of dead, letting the virus spread all round the world, but not outside the city of Wuhan.

It is strange that only one city in the 2nd most populous nation on earth got the disease badly and was locked down so quickly it didn’t spread to the rest of China, only the rest of the world.

When the whole 1.3 billion people of India are locked down, most living in shacks with no running water or toilets, yet Beijing and Shanghai citizens are walking around freely as for some reason local towns to Wuhan didn’t seem to get the bug, it does seem to strike a cord of conspiracy.

China has bought up many Western companies as their stock prices fell like a lead block from a skyscraper. However isn’t that just what China does with all it’s money anyway?

They look for businesses in trouble and going on the cheap and snap them up, just like they did with British Steel who once bought by the Chinese had plane loads of protective gear sent to the workers and the town, Scunthorpe, the steel works were located in. They had protective gear so that the workers could carry on working without catching the virus and PPE equipment for people working and monitoring the plant for any sign of the virus.

Was this by plan? A devious Chinese mission to destabilise the worlds economy and then buy up everything that slumped in the stock markets in the west at a 100th of the price. Or was it just their natural business mentality. I mean if you look behind who owns some of the big companies and docks in the USA and find a Chinese company owning it, you can in many instances link it backwards to the Chinese State or their Military, the real owners of once great Western businesses.

Another argument for “first cause” was that a US Army football team on tour from a germ warfare lab in Virginia USA, spread it to Wuhan in the first place.

Many people cite the fact that people in Japan had signs of the same virus before those in China. There are a lot of US bases in Japan and a touring football team infected with COVID19 would have spread it wherever they went.They even think the mass deaths that were linked to vape use last year in the USA were actually signs of COVID19 that were misdiagnosed.

I don’t know. The Netflix series a few years ago in Chinese that talked exactly about COVID19 like symptoms and how it could be used as a bio weapon wasn’t good to see but then the US military virus lab actually asked for COVID samples to be sent to them in the first place to test.

For me it doesn’t really matter. It’s the martial law like state we are now finding ourselves in that concerns me the most. These laws have been put on the UK’s law books for 2.5 years without a murmur of resistance.

Not that you can protest, the law actually makes it illegal to protest against it in the first place.

Why is the law on our books for so long? 

Is it because our government believes the powers need to be on the statute books for so long as COVID19 is going to be about for another 2 years. Or is it more likely that these laws that give the police super powers to break into your place of residence without a warrant, just the “hunch” or an “anonymous tip” that you have people from other houses inside, or people with COVID19, they can just take your door down and raid you.

Did you get a text from Boris Johnson telling you to stay indoors at the beginning of lockdown. Did you give 10 Downing St your mobile no, or was it just GCHQ tracking all phone’s in the country. Yes contract phones are linked to you as you pay a monthly bill, but burners, old phones you can take the battery out with no GPS tracking for police to track your location are different. I may have a burner, but I certainly didn’t give my number to the government for random texts.

Who actually knows what he police have been doing during lockdown. I have read articles in papers about how London police are loving the lockdown as they can monitor “people of interest” and their movements much more easily.

Now you may not care if the police are tracking you. You have nothing to hide have you, why should you be bothered by the police being able to hack into your phone and view sexy texts to your girlfriend or wife. A dick pick shared amongst workers is nothing to worry about of course, nor are any photo’s or texts you may have sent that you wouldn’t dare show your boss, partner or children.

The police have basically been using the COVID lockdown, and the laws they got to fine people to hassle those of us who for whatever reason they don’t like. Gone out more than once a day? Did you get 2 £30 fines for doing so without “reason”. Maybe you have been good and locked yourself indoors for the whole hot steaming spring that the UK seems to always get before a cold wet summer..

The police have admitted in many articles that the lockdown has helped them monitor peoples locations from the “Spy/Smart phones” everyone carries now like an RFID chip in your arm. The new COVID laws have just made it easier for them to do what they did anyway without consequence.

I bet 99% of the UK population won’t even remember in 2 years when it should come off the law books, even once COVID19 is long gone, to remember to ask to have our martial law removed.

Maybe the establishment is banking on it. New World Order proponents must be wondering how fast the whole world was forced into isolation, not allowed to move freely without being fined or jailed, be forced to take medicine against their will and all without a shot being fired. Even protesting against this law is illegal and can end up with you having on the spot fines, or even being taken to “isolation centres” if they believe you to have “an infectious disease“.

As for the Police, they are loving the restrictions of movement at the moment due to the lockdown measures. In the UK alone they have stopped the import of drugs worth millions, and are now sending useless text messages to drug users telling them that all drug routes to their areas have been stopped and to call a phone number to a drug helpline. Yet there are no plans to re-open all the NHS Detox and Rehab centres that have been closed by the Tories since they took power. That is something that would actually help addicts, now without a way to get a fix and definitely without a spare £10,000+ to pay for a private rehab clinic.

As the National Crime Agency site says:

£300,000 cash was seized alongside cocaine worth £2 million in Gravesend by the joint NCA and Met Police Organised Crime Partnership on April 14; £90,000 seized at Dover as part of an NCA investigation on May 11; and £400,000 seized as a result of Border Force activity at Dover the following day. Our assessment is that Covid-19 restrictions have made criminal groups take additional risks in moving cash around. The closure of many cash-based businesses in recent weeks has robbed OCGs of an opportunity to stash or launder their cash making  it harder for criminals to conceal the proceeds of their crimes.

They haven’t stopped there either, with the closure of a supposed encrypted phone called EncroChat, used mainly by big time criminals for a high monthly fee, with no GPS tracking and the ability to send messages that were wiped instantly after being read. European police have arrested many top criminals who were using the phone to set up drug buys, arrange hits and other criminal activities. They have also helped in the international seizure of 25 tonnes of class A including: two tonnes of cocaine seized off the coast of Panama; four tonnes off the coast of Spain and Portugal, and hundreds of kilos of heroin in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

You might be thinking, well done, lockdown has stopped the drugs coming into town. However what do you think an addict who NEEDS a certain drug but can only obtain weak, cut, watered down versions of it due to the lack of a reliable source is going to do. After 5, 10 maybe 20+ years on the drug, do you think they will OR can just stop?

People who were spending £50 a day on drugs, many of them workers are now having to pay up to £250 for something that cost only £100 a month ago. What about all the non workers, the people who beg, rob and shop lift or burgle to pay for their habits?

Are they just going to stop, no because no-one is offering them the detox and rehab they need at no cost. No they are just going to rob more, steal more, burgle more, and your car and house insurance is just going to rise and rise. That is the unintended consequence of cutting off major drug routes. It stops the drugs, but doesn’t stop the people needing them, and needing to pay the inflated prices for them.

Hey ho, that’s just a minor point no-one will probably care about, but I will leave this little post about COVID19 and how it has affected me, my friends, my local pubs and the lack of new films to watch whilst stuck indoors for now.

Instead I will leave you with a list of all the measures contained in the COVID19 law you will most likely forget about when it should come off the statute books in 2 years time.

Just remember that it’s very hard to obtain freedoms and liberties from authority. 

They usually come from illegal acts, strikes and constant protests but it’s very easy for Governments to remove these freedoms at the sign of a pen, especially if the people are willing to let them do it as they are now, scared and frightened and willing to do anything to not catch the killer bug. A bug whose numbers have been inflated by testing people who have died from existing conditions such as strokes and heart attacks and then ticking the box for a “COVID19 death“, rather than the actual cause of death.

The emergency Coronavirus Bill was passed very quickly after 3 readings. It is now on the law books.

Read what the Government can now do to you and your freedom of movement due to the most draconian powers ever proposed in peace-time Britain.

  • Forced detention and isolation can be of anyone, including children, and for any amount of time.
  • Authorities can FORCEABLY take biological samples from your body.
  • There’s no clear access to legal rights from as-yet unidentified isolation facilities.
  • Powers last up to 2.5 years…why so long?
  • Lockdown powers could prevent protests against measures.
  • State surveillance safeguards weakened.
  • Protections from forced detainment and treatment under Mental Health Act lowered.
  • Cremations can be enforced against personal and religious wishes.
  • Changes to the court system. Registration of deaths.
  • No inquests into suspicious deaths! No requirement for any medical certification for burials or cremations!
  • It also indemnifies the health service should they fail for what ever reason to provide care.
  • The most frightening part is only one medical ‘officer’ is required to sign off on a “COMPULSORY TREATMENT ORDER” which means… in the real world you can be forced to accept medication or held down and injected with whatever is seen fit which is the biggest and worst threat to your own freedoms. Schedule 8 Pt1.
  • Local Authorities will now be exempted from compliance with their duties under The Care Act 2014. Schedule 11.
  • So if someone dies in police custody or any type of custody they can simply dispose of the body without any paperwork medical exam or certification or inquest.

To me it sounds like a Bilderberg / NWO dream Alex Jones probably warned us about in the 90’s before being kicked off all social media last year. As for me I am just waiting still for the classification of my site so it can probably be removed as well. 

If no-one else is going to remind you of these laws and the unintended consequences of letting the Police run wild without the support for those MILLIONS affected by their acts being implemented. Then I will until the day I am booted.

Just please pass this on, especially if you live in the UK.

If you don’t you better check what police state powers have been passed in your country due to COVID19 and what are you going to do about them……

View the original article at: www.darkpolitricks.com.

By Dark Politricks

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You must not read DarkPolitricks.com articles! You are too weak to decide for yourself what to think!

February 27, 2020

Facebook Plugin Might Stop You Reading My Articles

BS Detector List: Facebook Fake News Filters
Tonight I did what I used to do when my own server was up and running quite a lot, and that was search on Google for sites that were linking to me.
You can just put site: [sitename] into Google or many other search engines search box and it will return a list of sites that mention the site you have listed.
So I did a search for site: darkpolitricks.com and had a peruse at my leisure to see what BS had been written about me.
Of course I am a Russian Agent that pushes evil ex-commie propaganda on you all, that seems like a given from some of the sites I looked at. It must be due to me not pushing the “lets have a war with Russia” neo-con/neo-liberal line that seems to wash over much of the US governing elite at the moment.
Hey I admit it. I don’t want to burn to a crisp in a nuclear holocaust. I do apologise to any blogger out there that thinks I have a pro-Russian bias. I just don’t believe Russia wants a nuclear war, and think your very stupid if you do want one.

Then I came across this site https://getmxt.com/facebook-fake-news-list that talks about a Facebook Plugin designed to warn users if they click on a link taking them to one of 559 websites. It is a 3 year old article but then again my Facebook page for this site has been removed and I have had social media sites and communities removed in the blink of an eye without any consultation before so who knows what the kind Samaritan who apparently complied the list thinks of me.It seems that this good egg who compiled the list is one, Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of Communication and Media at Merrimack College. It is none other than she, that and I quote “compiled a list of the most egregious offenders”.

Well I feel honoured to be considered Melissa. It seems I am worthy enough to be upon this list along with such evil doers as the Drudge Report, Russia Today, and of course the rabid, evil views from Antiwar.com.

It does say my site has a “(classification pending)” next to it, so maybe in the eyes of this author I am still to be labelled and put in a nice box for the authorities. However I also found this list of raw site URLs https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BigMcLargeHuge/opensources/master/sources/sources.csv which had me labelled down for “bias” and “conspiracy”. Well I don’t know what my bias is, but if it’s that I am against a 3rd nuclear war, hate fake current and historical narratives and I’m not a “co-incidence theorist” then yes those labels are correct.

It seems this core list has been copied, and amended in some cases across numerous blogs claiming to have a list of “fake news sites”, or “sites to be careful reading”, whatever that means. If it’s that you might find an alternative and possibly more correct view of an event than those spouted by the mainstream media outlets then yes.

I did find it amusing on the site to find under the category “State Run” just the two sites from the countries the US is currently pushing its propaganda for war with, Russia Today and Iran’s Press TV.What I want to know is where was the BBC?
You cannot get a more state run organisation than the BBC, a news broadcaster that has the backing of the government in forcing all live TV viewers to fork out over £150 per year to pay for a licence fee that funds the BBC’s reporting.
Therefore it is something I expect, to be labelled a conspiracy theorist just because I don’t believe in physics that says an aluminium plane cannot fly at 550mph just inches above the ground and punch it’s way through 3 rings of re-enforced concrete as supposedly happened at the Pentagon on 9.11.
Oh and you must call me anti-Semitic for daring report what many US news stations did on the day of 9.11 about the “dancing Israelis”, flicking lighters and positioned where no-one else would know to be, filming the first plane hit the Twin Towers. Known Mossad agents who were released by the FBI without charge and went onto an Israeli TV show to claim that they were, “just documenting the event”.
And I must be a “hate speech” site for daring to talk about how Israel is assassinating hundreds of Palestinians at the fence that divides them from their old stolen homes.Or how the Mossad stole British passports to use in their assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai, or show the YouTube video recording of two IDF soldiers shooting 9 bullets into the back of an injured US citizen, Furkan Dogan, on their high seas attack on the Mavi Marmara.
Then of course I must fall into the most evil category at all as well. No-one can point out that Auschwitz itself has decreased the number of people that died within it’s rebuilt walls from 6 million down to under a million without being a blatant liar and holocaust denier. I guess the people running the camp, and the historians who have lowered the number from a round perfect 6 million, a number that is stated in the Torah as the number of Jews who must die before they can return to Israel, must fall into the same category as me?
So what do to if these blogs and sites are correct, and my site is on these lists to be considered so dangerous as to warn anyone visiting that it’s not a reliable source? 

Well what we need is a real “Alternative News” search engine. I did attempt creating one on my old site, I basically just returned Google’s results as DuckDuckGo.com does through a proxy server to remove all the trackers, and then I had a list of sites such as the BBC, MSBC, CNN and other “authoritative news sources” that I removed from the results.However that server is not running anymore and I doubt anyone out there is going to create a real #altnews search engine. Therefore I am going to do the next best thing.

You might have noticed at the top of the site a new search box. It’s not finished yet as I haven’t had enough time to add all the sites I want. However seeing that these people are so desperate to not allow others to see content from this and other sites, and they have been so considerate to compile a list of sites so dangerous to visit. I think I will try to add this list, or as much of it as I can, to this search box and create a way for people to search purely alternative news sites.

They made me a nice list so it would be very rude not to make use of it. I just need some time to play around with the various search engine filters out there and hopefully you can bypass the BBC, CNN and all the pro-war establishment and conformative historical sites the compilers of this list don’t want you to view. It might just help people get to the points of view that big brother and the establishment don’t want you to hear.

I can only try, seeing that I might soon wash down Google and Facebook’s, dirty sink plug, to the dark web not accessible by most search engines. Have a go, search for some of your favourite topics and see what the results are like.

Also if you have an ideas of sites or blogs not on this “blacklist” please let me know in the comments section and I will have a look and maybe add them to the search engine.

Check the search engine out on the main site.

By Dark Politricks
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How The Social Credit System Ruins Lives – Real Case Example

February 27, 2020

The Chinese Social Credit System In Practice

By Dark Politricks

This is a real case example of how the social credit system in China, coming soon to a country you live in, can destroy the life of real people.

In my last article I showed how the Social Credit system in China basically comes down to the point of you choosing your friends or the ability to buy certain goods or travel. Someone with a bad social credit score is considered an outcast, and by just associating with someone with such a score you too could lose points and privileges.

This video below is about fake martial arts and how dangerous and cult like, the belief in them can have on someone. However at the end is a real life case study that you should watch to see how the life of one man has been ruined by his social credit score.

He is not allowed to fly on planes, use high speed rail, his family are abused and he has been fined numerous times. What has he done to earn such behaviour?

Well he is a radio DJ, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) practitioner and in China where the authorities promote traditional martial arts such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi, to the extent that school children must learn the art to graduate high school, MMA is considered a crude sport.

However the rigid non fighting movements of these traditional martial arts, and grand masters who believe they can beat any MMA fighter using Tai Chi, Kung Fu or even physic abilities where they can apparently knock out an opponent without touching them.

This radio DJ, a forty year old named Xu Xiadong, was a trainer at a martial arts gym for 20 years, even his gym has disowned him, all for accepting the challenges of these Chinese Masters, and basically proving that their psychic powers, Tai Chi and Kung Fu, is not a real fighting tool.

He has had nearly 20 fights with these masters of traditional Chinese martial arts and has an unbeaten record. You can watch him basically destroy all these practitioners but by doing so he has earned himself the disdain of the Chinese government and many Chinese people who believe he is being disrespectful to their traditions.

His family is abused, he has been assaulted in the street and on one occasion he had to travel on an old train system for dozens of hours to get to a fight because just before it the Chinese Authorities had removed his access to high speed rail travel. At the fight he attended the government made him wear Chinese clown makeup and gave him a stupid name which he had to accept to participate.

During this fight with one of China’s most well known masters, he basically knocked him down multiple times in the first round, showing that the “masters” skills were inadequate, and despite the referee diving on top of the master to save him from a pounding, and the numerous times he was knocked to the floor, the fight at the end was considered a draw!

The Chinese master, complained afterwards that his poor performance was due to a lack of rice before the fight. Not unlike some of the no touch masters in the beginning of the video who when sceptics challenge their “no touch knockout” skills and prove they don’t work. They use excuses such as the persons tongue was on one side of their mouth, or one toe was raised, both causing an unbalance where the no touch punch cannot work.

However this is not about fighting, this is about how the authorities can destroy a persons life using the social credit system. This all encompassing system that controls the lives of over a billion people has destroyed this persons life all due to his preferred style of martial arts.

You may think that a system like this will never come to your own country but China has been used as a test-bed for such systems of controlling the population since Mao’s great leap forward.

Despite 60+ million people dying under the rule of Mao, this change was praised by western leaders and they have been using China to test out Internet firewalls, used by Australia, and other western countries, and other methods of control such as the use of digital money replacing cash, something the Scandinavian nations want to achieve very soon.

In Sweden for example, Church goers text donations to their churches and homeless people carry mobile credit-card readers, all due to the lack of physical cash in the country.

Therefore do not believe that these types of systems cannot appear in Western nations.

The US and UK already has enough CCTV cameras and programs such as TRAPWIRE to link the images together to track people’s behaviour, anticipate violent or unsocial actions, and have been using these systems for at least 8 years.

Just imagine the leap forward they could have managed in the last 8 years and when you read articles about how easy it is to pay for goods on your phone or debit card, remember that the authorities would love there to be no cash.

Just imagine all the instant fines they could take money from your accounts for speeding, or anti social behaviour.

If you don’t like Martial Arts, or want to watch the whole video just scroll the timer to 19 minutes 21 seconds, to watch the part about how Xu Xiadong’s life has been ruined by the Chinese Social Credit System.

View the article on the main site and use the new (banned #altnews site search engine at the top of the page), here.

By Dark Politricks

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How Is Watching England Beat Columbia Racist!

July 5, 2018

How Is Watching England Beat Columbia Racist!

Paul Joseph Watson

According to some social justice warriors and imbeciles on the web, England winning against Columbia was “Racist“.

Paul explains and laughs at their arguments here.W

Watch on YouTube.com.

The “EVIL” terrorists called the Taliban, tried to surrender to the Americans 3 times but were denied each time!

September 2, 2017

The “EVIL” terrorists called the Taliban, tried to surrender to the Americans 3 times but on each occasion told no!

Jimmy Dore Show
By Dark Politricks

I didn’t even know this but a new book has come out from an Afghani point of view about the endless war in Afghanistan.

I will let the video from the Jimmy Dore show explain in more detail but basically as soon as the USA had entered Afghanistan the Taliban tried to surrender to them. The USA said NO!

In fact this happened on multiple occasions when the Taliban tried to surrender. All the while there were about a dozen Al-Qaeda in the country and the USA let their CIA asset bin-Laden escape on more than one occasion.

Then when the Americans started offering money for information on the Taliban, local scores were settled and innocent people were carted off to Bagram or Gitmo to be tortured into confessing they were Taliban.

Here is Jimmy Dore with his video clip about the story.

Sad isn’t it when the enemy tries to surrender and the other side says no.

The USA always needs a boogeyman to scare the people at home with and keep the military industrial complex in business.

If it isn’t Iran or North Korea who have both tried to come to the table to make peace with America, then the USA will just make up stories of bad guys and terrorists to keep the MIC dollars rolling in.

The USA economy really has become a war economy.

An enemy is required at all times to scare the homeland, take away the freedoms that the “terrorists are trying to”, and keep a reason for the huge military budget.

Surely people can see that the freedoms the terrorists were going to remove have already gone, long ago.

They went through acts like the PATRIOT ACT, the NDAA and the emergency laws still in effect after 9.11 that gave the President certain special powers without Congress approval and much more.

This happened all because the US people were scared and wanted protection from ghosts rather than civil rights and the constitution.

The founding fathers said all this, but I guess the Americans just didn’t want to listen.

By Dark Politricks


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Why the Grenfell Tower Blaze stands as a monument to Tory austerity measures

June 30, 2017

Why the Grenfell Tower Blaze stands as a monument to Tory austerity measures

By Dark Politricks

I am writing this one handed as I currently have a broken right arm which really makes it hard to blog at the moment, however after another sleepless night of watching YouTube I thought it necessary to at least post some of my views on the austerity measures that have been inflicted on the poor people of the UK.

Whilst our Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gets attacked daily in the mainstream news like Bernie Sanders has been in the US, at least with his progressive agenda that many people thought would wipe the party out, he actually increased Labour’s vote in the recent unnecessary general election. The Democrats seem happy to have a Republican in power than a progressive politician at any cost.

Our Prime Minister Theresa May has fought her last election and will probably be gone soon. However the performance of Labour showed us how many people are crying out out for more progressive policies and have had enough of the Tories austerity measures which have cut disability benefits to people who need them, increased rent on social housing if  you had a spare room and cut funding for many local authorities which has seen the closure of police stations (two in two towns near me), plus much much more.

Instead of boosting her power before BREXIT negotiations it has weakened them as she has gone from a majority government to a minority government propped up by the terrorist linked UDP. This is a party who are linked to the UDA terrorists in Northern Ireland.

As the Independent headline puts it in a recent article.

The UDA is a violent loyalist paramilitary group, which is still active today. Just weeks ago, it murdered a man in broad daylight in Northern Ireland – he was shot dead in a Sainsbury’s car park in front of horrified shoppers and his three-year-old son.

People in the UK are slowly realising that a Corbyn Labour government would not be as bad as the Blairite’s and MSM would have you think and when he explains his policies they are not so crazy after all.

You van see this at any Corbyn rally which sees huge crowds of people turn out, just like Sanders in the USA, and his compassion after the recent Grenfell Tower Block fire which killed 79 people.

Grenfell Tower Block after fire
The aftermath of the Grenfell Tower Block fire

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn was walking with the victims and bereaved people from the local community. The Prime Minister Theresa May was being booed and shouted at by a held back police line as she refused to meet residents and victims and had to be protected by police from the local community who shouted “coward” at her.

Jeremy Corbyn with victims of the Grenfell Tower Block blaze
Jeremy Corbyn comfits the victims of the Grenfell Tower Block blaze


Theresa May refuses to meet victimd and residents of Grenfell
Police protect PM Theresa May from residents shouting coward at her for refusing to speak to them

Personally I think this stands as a monument to the Tory austerity measures which had including “Cutting Red Tape”. In this instance it meant that no sprinklers were on each floor and no fire extinguishers. Instead the local government decided to plaster the building in flammable cladding around the tower block to make it look “nicer” to the more affluent residents of the borough who can afford the extortionate prices of housing in the area.

Whilst rich Chinese and Russians buy up huge swathes of London housing pushing up prices and closing local communities whose local shops now have no customers due to the purchasing of these properties as a way of tax avoidance rather than being used as actual homes. The people of London have no choice but to move out of the areas their families have lived in for years to more cheaper areas, making it more costly to travel in to work each morning.

People such as nurses, carers, police, firemen, and many other important jobs that are needed for running London should not have to travel miles into the city due to foreigners buying up extremely expensive apartments and houses that kill local communities. Instead they should be given a government discount on any home they wish to buy to keep them in the city.

If I had my way there would be a law that if you did not live in your property for at least half of the year then it becomes a “usable government asset“, one in which homeless people from Grenfell could go and stay in whilst waiting to be re-housed.

Why should we let London become a home purely for the rich and overseas businessmen to “stash their cash” by buying up housing.

There is not enough new houses being built in the UK and especially in London.

We used to have council estates but Thatcher sold many of the homes off which was good in some situations but not in others, as the people who couldn’t afford private ownership or rent had a dwindling supply of homes to live in as they were not being replaced.

We now have housing associations which mean many areas are filled with a mixture of private and council owned owned housing. This means that the rich live next door to the poor and we have a more integrated living arrangement. The problem is the people building new flats and homes want to sell them for high prices which the council cannot afford.

In some boroughs there is no housing available, even if you are homeless. You are given a list of private landlords who will take Housing Benefit cheques from the government. Guaranteed money and usually guaranteed dumps to live in.

Many of their homes are run down and need fixing, yet they let people who they know won’t complain too much due to being scared of eviction, with guaranteed housing benefit cheques from the government. Many of these landlords will take out a mortgage, buy a block of flats or a house, turn it all into bedsits with shared bathrooms and kitchens and then rent it purely to people on state benefits. The mortgage is paid off in a year or less due to it being guaranteed rent money and few complaints about leaky taps and the landlord gets to live in a nice big mansion.

So housing is big problem in one of the most over crowded countries on the planet and the Tories only seem interested in allowing foreign investors to ruin communities by buying property as assets and not using them as homes, plus building private housing where a one bedroom flat could be as much as £300k+.

I’m not kidding some private flats and houses just went up near me and in the space where there used to be a few houses with big gardens they have managed to squash in dozens of houses and flats with walls so thin you could probably hear rows three flats away. I was given a brochure for this new housing area which stated I too could own a new two bedroom house for as little as £350,000!

Personally I think the burned out shell of Grenfell Tower should stand as a reminder to what austerity does to normal people due to the burden of the banking crisis being placed on the backs of the poor  instead of the Banksters who caused it.


By Dark Politricks

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Make sure you vote tomorrow in the UK Elections

June 7, 2017

The UK Election 2017

By Dark Politricks

It’s the UK’s snap general election tomorrow.

No-one really expected our great leader and Donny Trump fan Theresa May, called it after pulling out of the EU by implementing article 21 (The Lisbon Treaty).

Many are predicting a landslide victory for the Tories who have not jailed a single bankster from the 2008 crisis and trebled the national debt. The deficit may have shrunk a little but that is of no importance when the debt we owe in total has trebled clearly showing that austerity measures don’t work.

Putting the “payback” on the poor instead of the rich has been decried by many as unethical and even evil.

Why should a disabled granny lose a chunk of her benefits to pay for gambling by coke snorting banksters who took grannies pension and played roulette with it.

I don’t know and neither do the millions of poor and kids hoping to go to go to university only to realise they cannot afford it without incurring thousands in debts.

Following the USA around the world in the Axis of War has cost us trillions of pounds over the last decade, and even more since 9.11.

Wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and undeclared wars or incursions following the USA who is using drones or planes in 7 countries at the moment that we know of. This just wasting money we desperately need at home and stirring up the UK Muslim community who have attacked us successfully 3 times in the last 3 months.

More war!

More drone strikes!

More death is what you vote for when you vote for the Tories, and when you are next on the Tube nervously looking at a man with a back pack on then don’t cry when more of your civil rights and liberties are removed from you.

Currently I am probably being watched by a very bored GCHQ member of staff through my web cam at the moment and if you vote Tory you vote for more terror and more spying on the citizens of this country through your TV, Computer, Phone, Tablet and now even cars they could hack into and control.

Wasn’t it George W Bush that said after 9.11 that they attacked us because “they hate us for our freedoms”. It seems the terrorists are winning if we just hand our freedoms over. I guess that’s what false flag attacks and drumming up fear of whole communities of people is about.

Then we have opposing the hot favourites to carry on ruining the country, a real “Feel the Bern” revolution for Jeremy Corbyn. Hundreds of thousands of new Labour supporters have joined since Corbyn took over. Even more joined when their failed coup went ahead. It seems every time the Blairites try to get rid of Corbyn he gains another 100,000 Labour members at least.

At least if Tony Blair does succeed in creating his own get out of jail party in the aftermath of a Labour slaughtering at the polls he can be shouted down and abused in the house  as the war criminal he should be treated as.

Can we really blame Blair for his 4 wars, bringing the party into the centre from the left leaving progressives with no alternative, considering the Lib Dems were wiped out last time.

The Lib Dems lied about abolishing University fees in their last manifesto and got a lot of young people’s votes only to renege on the promise for a chance to spend 5 years in the back of ministerial cars.

Nick Clegg got his chance to sit at the top table and then to hell with the Lib Dems. He got 5 years of the high life, that’s what type of politicians we are voting in.

The Lib Dems may have some good ideas but they have lost the people’s’ trust and it’s not as is if we can exactly trust any other party anyway. At least with Jeremy Corbyn you get the feeling he will try and implement his policies. Whether his party back him or not is another matter. He and Bernie Sanders would get on well over a pint I think.

So the young have looked at the fixes in US politics and how the candidates were chosen before hand in the Democratic party. Anything to get Hillary as their candidate and Bernie blanked out.

Just think of all those wasted hours standing in line to vote for Bernie when the fix was already in.

BREXIT is going ahead due to a referendum, true peoples democracy.

You may not like it but I doubt voting for a progressive alliance between Labour and the SNP will reverse the process. Once article 21 is implemented I doubt the rest of Europe will allow us to change our minds, we may try, and Germany may want us to stay,  but France is French and to an Englishman that says it all.

So compared to Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn is far more to the left showing you just how centrist US politics really is. They fix their primaries so Bernie cannot run despite having the votes and the support and if he dare mentions the word socialist they think he is Mao Zedong.

At least Corbyn can mention socialism and not get bananas and other vegetables thrown at him from FOX News, and as they say any news is good news.

Bernie was hardly mentioned in the US news media, a 6 company monopoly that all spew COINTELPRO propaganda whether supposedly left-wing like MSBC or right-wing like FOX. Here we have multiple political programmes where people ask a range of politicians and public people what they think about political decisions and issues of the day.

Bernie got about 10 minutes coverage in all the primary campaigning whilst Clinton and Trump owned the airwaves for free. They shouldn’t have really spent all those billions on election adverts when they had the news channels to let them spew their hatred instead.

That’s one good thing about UK elections we don’t have to suck off lobbyists to get the money to campaign only to pay them back once in power.

In the US they usually have to have multi millions of dollars to even consider running for Congress or the President. Then they leave the House to go and work for a lobbyist firm or a company they had a hand in helping by voting for  in government.

So whether you like Corbyn’s charity shop suits or not, or you are hoping to see Labour wiped out so that you can rush to join Tony Blair’s threat of a new neo-con, neo-liberal, war mongering, Banksters fun time party, you have to vote tomorrow and vote with your conscience.

If you don’t want more war, to see Blair in cuffs, more money spent on schools and hospitals and less US ass licking then Labour are the only real choice for progressives. If you want the opposite, more war, bigger bombs dropped on schools and hospitals and blowback that turns UK born kids into murdering Jihadists then vote Tory.

If you want your vote to count for nothing then there is always the Green party and UKIP despite whether their ideas are good or not but as they say you should vote with your conscience whether it makes a difference or not.

Just make sure you vote.

By Dark Politricks

© 2017 Dark Politricks