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Our lovely police protecting and serving

January 3, 2014

Our lovely police protecting and serving

By Dark Politricks

To go alongside my festive Metropolitan Policeman’s Christmas Card from last year I thought I would print this lovely picture that I just saw on Google+.

Policeman - Ready to serve and protect
Stop Moving Bitch I’m Here To Serve And Protect

Obviously photo’s like this do nothing to help the already stained image of our police force.  An unarmed woman is chased by a Robocop suited angry cop waving his baton in a striking motion.

I am sure the woman has just asked this friendly cop where the nearest public toilets were or if he could help her find her lost puppy.

It just had to be something horrible like that to cause such a violent response in the policeman.

I just cannot think of anything that would have enraged this cop so much that he would try and attack her in such a way that could permanently damage her depending on if and where the baton struck her. Those extendable metal truncheons hurt you a lot if you get hit by them. If you get hit round the head you could possibly die from the blow as many people have.

Ian Tomlinson an innocent bystander in the 2009 G20 protests in London was hit around the legs by a cop with such a truncheon and he shortly died afterwards from a heart attack.

The inquest into his death found that he had been unlawfully killed. The policeman who had hit him Simon Harwood was charged with manslaughter and was dismissed by the Metropolitan Police for gross misconduct. The Metropolitan Police settled a civil action by Tomlinson’s family by issuing a formal apology for its “use of excessive and unlawful force” against Tomlinson, and agreed to pay an undisclosed sum in compensation.

I have to ask what possible act could this lady have done to enrage a policeman so much that he thought it was necessary to chase and attack her with an extendable metal truncheon?

It’s probably standard operating procedures for our now police state enforcers. Dare to defy the overlords and face the consequences serfs!

This is the photo the police were sending round to each other as “a joke” which obviously got released to the public so that we could see the funny sense of humour our policemen have.

Serve and Protect or Beat and Bet Corrupt?

Metropolitan Policeman - Here To Help
Last years UK Metropolitan Police’s Christmas Card

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After the shutting down of Silk Road who will pop up to take it’s place?

October 4, 2013

After the shutting down of Silk Road who will pop up to take it’s place?

By Dark Politricks

Recently we have had the shut down of the online darknet Silk Road website.

Apparently the man behind it, Ross Ulbricht, was found with bitcoins worth $3.6m (£2.2m) when the FBI raided him.

What we need is a proper “DarkNet search engine”.

The problem is once it was created everyone would be on it and it wouldn’t be dark anymore.

However a program, downloaded to the users computer like P2P software, that crawled behind the scenes to find “dark” sites from links on certain messageboards and other “known dark site” locations could be made instead.

Just like the NSA and their own super Google, we need a way to quickly make a local search engine on the users PC of encrypted files that when ran locally acted like a search engine.

No public domain, no WHOIS records, just a way to obtain the software and  download it to your PC and run it locally.

The website would be local to your PC so no log files and just return sites from a local search engine – your own personal naughty Google.

Obviously you would use TOR like software or proxies to make all HTTP requests – but then you would be doing that anyway if you had half a brain. Maybe you would need to prove yourself first before downloading it – maybe after a criminal record check to ensure you ARE a criminal!

Maybe I might just build my own one for a test and see how it goes. I did manage to make a similar piece of software called Proxy Hunter that goes off and finds proxies from any website, decodes the source using various methods, tests and then stores the Proxies on demand for use if required. Works a charm.

This could be a good programming challenge! Who will take it up!

Remember people.

Crawling the web is NOT illegal, sending drugs over state or country borders is!

Whether drugs should be legalised altogether is another question!

However what I cannot believe is why the doofus behind the site used an email address with his name in it?

Had he never heard of disposable email addresses?

All it seems to take is one mistake by an idiot criminal not thinking ahead far enough and then a few years later – bang – 6 o’clock knock by the old bill (or FBI in his case).

Lets see what pops up in it’s place.

Just like a drugs gang, when one gets shut down, ten new ones open in their place.

If any of you have any links, messaboards that point to such links, or known front ends to such dark sites, then please forward them (email or comment) on so I can help write this crawler.

It will be an interesting challenge but obviously I don’t want to crawl google but instead know hubs and maybe “submitted” links. Proxy front ends for Pirate Bay, new Silk Roads, alternative news sites that appear no-where in Google and other sites that would be of “interest” to certain people.


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England and Wales Stop and Search Consultation – Let the Government know what you think!

September 16, 2013

England and Wales Stop and Search Consultation – Let the Government know what you think!

By Dark Politricks

The UK government is holding an open consultation with the public over their thoughts on the controversial stop and search powers that are used (and abused) by the Police.

As anyone who knows stop and search can be a humiliating experience. You are prevented from going along your way, frisked and even strip searched (as I have in a pub toilet) and basically treated like a criminal even if you haven’t done anything wrong.

Anyone who knows the statistics of stop and search realises that the most likely people to be stopped are black young males, or people of colour and youths.

“But they commit the crime” you might say, and you might be right in that some statistical studies show that in poorer neighbourhoods the majority of criminals fit those profiles.

However it is more likely that wealth and social factors are to play when it comes down to whether or not someone is a criminal and as the recent banking crisis shows, if you are a super rich, high flying, banker who robs billions from the country then you are not even likely to be convicted let alone stopped or searched!

Therefore if you are an uneducated poor working class male, coloured or not, you are more likely to live in areas of high crime, be drawn into gang culture or just stopped by the police due to your postcode.

A recent article in the Guardian has this to say when the current Home Secretary spoke at the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales.

Theresa May has warned the police that improper use of their stop-and-search powers can cause immense resentment and undermine public co-operation.

The home secretary said: “I do not have to tell you how important it is that public confidence in the police is maintained. And it simply cannot be maintained if people think that senior police officers are lacking in integrity or behaving in a self-serving way – or if, on the street, your constables are being rude and disrespectful to the public.”

Her speech, to the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales conference, marks May’s strongest language yet in her campaign to scale back the “waste of time” involved in the 1.2m searches carried out by the police on the street every year. She has said that the resulting arrest rate, which can be as little as 3% in some areas, is “far too low for comfort”.

But, significantly, the home secretary also praised the police for their capacity to deliver despite having suffered a 20% cut in their Whitehall funding. She even called them “the model public service”, in sharp contrast to her previous description of them as “the last unreformed public service”.

“You have cut crime with fewer officers and lower budgets,” May said. “You are doing more with less. That makes you the model public service in the era of budget cuts.”

The home secretary told the superintendents that stop and search could be an invaluable tool for reducing crime, particularly knife crime; if used properly and fairly, the tactic worked very effectively.

She added, however: “But the caveat is vital: it works if it is used properly and fairly. Stop and search has the potential to cause immense resentment and honesty to the police, with all the implications that has for generating distrust and ending co-operation from the public, if it is not used fairly.”

You can let the Government know what you think about the stop and search powers the police currently have and how they could be changed in a public consultation they are having at Currently the Police must have reasonable suspicion that you have or are about to commit a crime before stopping you or that you are carrying weapons or drugs. As the government consultation page says.

This consultation seeks views on the police powers of stop and search, specifically under the following legislation:

  • section 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE)
  • section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
  • section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

It concerns those powers used in relation to street crime, burglary, antisocial behaviour, and public order offences such as riots and violent protests.

The aim of the consultation is to understand how the public and those involved in policing view the use of these powers. Stop and search powers under counter-terrorism legislation have been the subject of recent changes and are not within the scope of this consultation.

You can read the full documentation by downloading the following relevant link.

Consultation on police powers of stop and search

Consultation on police powers of stop and search: Welsh version
The consultation period has been extended and now runs until 24 September 2013. So we have more time to let the police and the UK government know that we want the Labour police state rolled back as much as possible and that anti-terrorism laws shouldn’t be abused by stopping tourists taking photos or other spurious reasons for detaining people.
How to respond
You can send your comments using the governments online form.Or you can email your response to:

Or if you’re still stuck in the paper and stamp era, write to:

Stop and search consultation
Home Office
Police Transparency Unit
6th Floor Fry Building
2 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 4DF

View the UK Governments consultation page at


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UK Cops posing as dead kids proves the UK justice system is still as corrupt as ever

February 4, 2013

UK Cops posing as dead kids proves the UK justice system is still as corrupt as ever

By Dark Politricks

It comes as no surprise to me that recent revelations by the Guardian newspaper reveal that police in the UK have been stealing the identities of dead children for over 40 years and then using them to infiltrate protest groups undercover. It is just one more crime in a long list of UK police breaking the law for their own ends.

I have no doubt that there are probably “dead children” sitting in Occupy meetings all over the UK at this very moment. If I was a member of the group I would be straight onto the nearest birth certificate and death registry to see who was actually real and who was an undercover cop posing as a dead kid.

Not only is “Identity Theft” a crime that the UK police is supposedly “cracking down on” whilst at the same time engaging it in themselves but it comes on the back of a long list of other crimes which shows once again that it’s one rule for us and another for those that govern and keep us in control.

We have just had the “Plebgate” row in which Downing Street police not only lied about what Andrew Mitchell a government minister said to them whilst trying to ride his bike out of the street but colluded by making false statements, pretending to be civilians who had seen the incident, to get him sacked.

A Dispatches report on Channel 4 tonight will go over the whole story again now that we know the Police were the ones in the wrong not the Chief Whip.

As Andrew Mitchell will say in the programme:

“I was caught between the pincers of the police on the one hand and the media on the other in a way that would lead you to believe that the Leveson Inquiry had never even taken place.”

“I think that was completely wrong and it led to my demise.”

Four arrests have since been made under the investigation into the incident which led to Mr Mitchell resigning.

Then as Andrew Mitchell just said himself we have just had the Leveson Inquiry in which we were told of a long history of collusion between the mainstream media and bent cops who would pass on information for a price. Policeman selling details of celebrities activities or even current murder investigations – well I suppose they have to make their “bonus” money somehow.

It’s not as if the Tories aren’t being the party of “law and order” they have always historically acted as.

Just recently the Justice Minister Chris Grayling spoke out on UK prison reform. He wants to restore UK prisons to the times of the 80’sbefore PlayStations and TV‘s in prison cells, where the only thing that kept the prisoners from rioting was the block awash with heroin and other drugs and slopping out was still the norm.

He wants to “reform” prisons back to a time where prison riots were a regular nightly news story.

How would you like to shit in a bucket and keep it in your cell all night until you get given the “chance” to empty it?

They seem to have forgotten that it was only the high availability of drugs on the wings that kept prisoners content and so doped up they couldn’t light a toilet roll if they wanted to. Even the heads of prisons realised this and turned a blind eye to it.

The most common way for drugs to get into prisons is not by dead pigeons over fence walls or visiting time but by bent prison guards smuggling them in for the prisoners. This has been known for ages.

Now that drugs are much harder to get in due to sniffer dogs, scanning chairs and tighter searches on visitors prisoners are instead doped up on methadone, anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. However this is no way to subdue a locked up population and if the Tories think they can take away the tools that keep prisoners in line without a few riots they must be kidding themselves.

Don’t they realise we don’t have the money to keep rebuilding the prisons after they all get trashed again?

Or do they just expect the prisoners to sit in their cells 23 hours a day with nothing to do but build up rage until they get the chance to vent it on the wing at guards and other prisoners?

Strangeways Prison Riot

It’s almost as if the Tories have forgotten about Strangeways in which a prisoner was killed, 147 prison officers and 47 prisoners were injured and £55 million pounds worth of damage was done to the prison during the 25 day riot in 1990.  It was the longest prison riot in UK history and one which led to the last massive reform of our prison system.

However it seems Chris Grayling has forgotten all about the conditions that caused that riot and feels that Strangeways conditions weren’t all that bad – maybe he should try living in lock up for 23 hours a day for a week to see how he feels before speaking out.

Back outside though the police have a long history of bending the rules and going in mob handed when they think they can get away with it.

Who can forget the assassination of Jean Charles de Menezes on the London Tube after the bombings of 2005. An innocent man gunned down my multiple police officers all due to a cop taking a piss and missing him exiting his house, causing a massive and horrendous case of mis-identification.

Then we have all the recent crimes committed by police during protests such as the London G20 protests. In which PC Simon Harwood killed Ian Tomlinson after he died a short while after being struck, hands in pockets, by Simon’s truncheon.

The policeman has just recently been sacked after being found guilty of gross misconduct by a disciplinary panel even thought he was cleared in court over the killing.

Even though our cops hide their identifying badge numbers – supposedly not allowed, and hit, batter and spray protesters with CS gas we now must wonder which of the protesters on the other side are also cops masquerading as real activists.

We have always known that cops went undercover and infiltrated left, and anti-establishment leaning protest groups and even on occasion acted as agent provocateurs.

Sometimes, even the under cover cops get too carried away with their assignment and switch sides like the recent case of PC Mark Kennedy who destroyed a trial by offering to give evidence on the campaign group he had infiltrated’s behalf. Here was a true agent provocateur who had infiltrated a green protest movement and helped out on numerous protests. How many “crimes” was he allowed to get away with all in the name of “policing” protest groups?

And that is only just a few years in a long history of UK police behaving more like criminals than the officers of the law they are supposed to be.

I could give you numerous personal stories of police brutality, policemen taking drugs openly, stealing property and other illegal activities but then so could many others.

Just remember – our police are not all bent as nine bob notes but a large majority seem to be “allowed” to do as they please for reasons unknown to the common man who would be banged up for similar activities.

So if you are waking up this morning as a member of a protest group I would be looking around and wondering to myself “how many of my supposed friends are really policemen using dead children’s identities?”

And if you do get nicked by one of your “dead cop friends” then just remember – “no comment all the way!“.

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Alex Jones Needs To Calm Down To Get His Facts Across

January 14, 2013

Alex Jones Needs To Calm Down To Get His Facts Across

By Dark Politricks

After last weeks battle on prime time TV between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones  it has become a major talking point. It was a heated debate (on one side at least) that has been re-shown, mocked and repeated everywhere from blogs and news programs to satire shows like the Daily Show and beyond.

The question being asked is – “did Alex Jones do more harm than good by going off on one of his manic rants at Piers Morgan?”

Did he attempt his usual tactic of trying to claim to have facts on everything from A to Z. Far too many facts to explain in such a short period of time on TV, therefore the viewers probably didn’t take many if any of  them in at all. All they went away with after the interview is the perception that Alex Jones was crazy for going off on one on Piers who remained calm throughout the interview.

Even worse – did he make Piers Morgan, a liar whose testimony at the Leveson Inquiry about Press Standards and phone hacking has been called “utterly unpersuasive.” by the Judge himself seem like an honest, sensible and well-balanced person?

I used to listen to the Alex Jones radio show over the web and on pod-casts until I got so fed up with hearing the same adverts about survival food stocks over and over again that it just became a pointless exercise in hurting my ears with advertising.

I have seen the rants, I have seen the madness but I have also read some of the articles, the history and the evidence he constantly claims to have to back up his sometimes “heated” debates. He is not always right and he is most definitely not always wrong.

People need to look past any first impressions and research for themselves anything he says.

No one should make up your own mind but yourself. That means not Alex, not Piers or anyone else on the mainstream media but yourself after reading a balanced view of history. Keeping in mind that history is usually written by the winners and that conspiracies do and continue to exist and have done since the beginning of time.

If only Alex Jones could practise some form of Yoga or meditation to calm himself down before going on the mainstream media he would pass himself over a lot better. It is not good to be ripped apart on satire shows as he was on the recent Daily Show where he was being portrayed as just a right wing crazy nut job who thinks Obama is the new Hitler ready to come for your guns.

The problem with Alex Jones and his argument over gun control is two fold.

1. He does actually have facts and evidence coming out of his behind. The problem is, whether you believe them or not he does not put them over in such a way that people will catch everything he says.

He would have done much better during the interview with Piers to stick to the single salient point that the UK, a country where the population has no guns (apart from a few farmers), does actually have a higher violent crime rate than the USA a country filled to the brim with guns.

This was proven in a recent study published today that said:

Britain has a higher crime rate than any other rich nation except Australia, according to a survey yesterday and the chances of having your car stolen are greater in England and Wales than anywhere else in the developed world.

According to the figures released in the report yesterday, 3.6 per cent of the population of England and Wales were victims of violent crime in 1999 – second only to Australia, where the figure was 4.1 per cent. However in the USA only 2 per cent of the population suffered an assault or robbery.

Also one out of every 40 people in England and Wales had their cars stolen in 1999, the highest rate in the 17 developed countries examined.

2. He needs to chill out before going on TV so that he cannot later be portrayed as crazy loon later on. When you are being shown in clips along with FOX TV presenters, Republican Tea Baggers and nutters who believe everything they see on TV without reading both sides first and coming up with their own opinions then you have lost the argument before you have even opened your mouth.

Take a Valium, no in fact take a 100. Just do what you have to do so that you don’t explode in anger and declare another war of independence like you did with Piers on CNN.

It is comments like that shouted in anger that will be shown over and over again on YouTube and MSM shows to repeatedly claim you are nothing more than a nutter no matter how much substance your argument has.

Whether you are on either side of the gun control argument you should read up about the facts first before making your OWN minds up.

And if you are going on TV – just take a chill pill first and don’t overload the audience with facts.

Stick to one or two proven facts and debate them calmly and honestly. Then you can walk away knowing that you won’t be derided from state to state for just being the bloke who wants to deport the known liar and phone hacker Piers Morgan and start a new revolution.

The interview between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan can be watched below.


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Alex Jones debates Piers Morgan over the Sandy Hook School Massacre and tougher gun controls

January 8, 2013

Piers Morgan interviews Alex Jones over the Sandy Hook school massacre and his comments on tougher gun controls

By Dark Politricks

The CNN presenter Piers Morgan interviews radio host and liberty lover Alex Jones after his moves to get the British TV personality deported after his remarks on the 2nd amendment.

His comments came after the recent Sandy Hook School massacre in which 20 children and 6 teachers died. Piers Morgan used his CNN show and social media to repeatedly talk about the need for tougher gun control.

It seems that after every mass shooting America is split down the middle between those who believe in tougher European gun control and the rest who will defend the 2nd amendment as their constitutional right.

The massacre saw 20 year old Adam Lanza use a variety of semi automatic weapons including the Bushmaster XM-15 rifle a 10mm Glock 20 SF handgun and a 9mm SIG Sauer handgun to kill his mother before entering the Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing pupils and staff before committing suicide.

This recent attack was the most deadliest school massacre after the 2007 Viginia Tech Massacre which saw 23 year old Seung-Hui Cho shoot and kill 32 people and injure 17 others.

The interview debate between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan is below.

On a side note, I know Americans are petitioning to have Piers Morgan deported but over here in the UK we really, really don’t want him back so please send him somewhere else if you have to!


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The hypocrisy of only caring about “our” own victims

December 25, 2012

The hypocrisy of only caring about “our” own victims

By Dark Politricks

First off I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing for it.

However not everyone today will be celebrating a happy Christmas. Not after the recent massacre in America, the terrible wars around the Middle East and the people dying at the hands of our military industrial complex.

After the Sandy Hook School Massacre America the rest of the western world, and probably much of the world we are not busy bombing and killing children in, cried for the victims if they heard about it in the news.

20 innocent children dead and 6 adults. What is not to be sad about there.

Now I am not looking at the causes of the massacre, the psychotic drugs, the availability of guns, the debate about  gun control or anything to do with the ease that someone can walk into a school and kill so many people – so quickly.

What I want to do is compare is the way we mourn and send out condolences and our best wishes to the victims of families in our own country to how we treat the child victims of our never ending war of terror i.e the US drone strikes that happen across the world on an almost daily basis.

From Pakistan to Yemen, from Somalia to Afghanistan the USA is killing 49 innocent people for every 1 “bad guy” with the use of their drones.

Because of the lack of mainstream media coverage, and the constant propaganda that these drone strikes are “surgical” and any civilian deaths are justified “collateral damage”, we don’t get to see the same close up personal tragedy and family stories of the victims as we do when it’s our own children being shot dead.

We don’t see the dead bodies involved in the drone strikes, the families grieving, the tears and all the outrage that must be felt by the victims families who had done nothing wrong except be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I spoke about the indoctrination we are all being fed the other day. In my eyes there is no worse form of indoctrination than that which conditions the new generation of soldiers – the Predator drone fliers. Brought up on a diet of PlayStation games that make them see shooting dozens of people dead as “fun” and “playful”.

These game playing kids then go and work for the US military and sit behind screens in Las Vegas before killing people halfway across the world using similar controllers to the PlayStation’s that they are so used to.

Maybe there was some psychology doctor that helped design the controllers thinking that the sub-conscious link the flier had between the job and the games they were so used to would make it “easier” to kill real life pixels as opposed to fake ones. Maybe it helped them relate their job to the “fun” they had playing “shoot the bad guy” at home.

“We modeled the controller after the PlayStation because that’s what these eighteen-, nineteen-year-old Marines have been playing with pretty much all of their lives.” – Unnamed military robotics researcher (source: Wired for War)

When FOX News and all the rest of the war machine propaganda tells you that we “don’t kill kids” or that our drone strikes are very surgical and that we avoid the deaths of innocent people whenever possible they ARE LYING TO YOU!

This is an excerpt from a report about drone strikes that was reported by the German paper Der Spiegel and is mentioned in the video. It tells the story of how drone fliers in Las Vegas killed a child and when they started to question their actions they were told the victim was not a child but a dog – a two legged one at that. A conscience must be a hard thing to have working with drones.

A drone flier described a drone strike in the following words:

“Bryant and his coworkers sat in front of  14 computer monitors and four keyboards. When Byrant pressed a button in New Mexico, someone died on the other side of the world. He remembers once incident very clearly when a Predator drone was circling in a figure-eight pattern in the sky above Afghanistan …. with seven seconds left to  go, there was no-one to be seen on the ground. Bryant could still have diverted the missile at that point. Then it was down to three seconds. Bryant felt as if he had to count each individual pixel on the monitor. Suddenly a child walked around the corner, he says.

Second zero was the the moment in which Bryant’s digital world collided with the real one in a village between Baghlan and Mazar-e-Sharif. Byrant saw a flash on the screen: the explosion. Parts of the building collapsed. The child had disappeared. Bryant had a sick feeling in his stomach.

“Did we just kill a kid?” he asked the man sitting next to him.

“Yeah I guess that was a kid”, the pilot replied

“Was that a kid” they wrote in the chat window on the monitor,

Then someone they didn’t know answered, someone sitting in a military command center somewhere in the world who had observed the attack. “No that was a dog” the person wrote.

They reviewed the scene on a video. A dog on two legs?” – Der Spiegel

Watch this report by The Young Turks on the war we are fighting with drones.

However it doesn’t really matter in the US Defense Department’s eyes whether it was a kid or not as long as he was over 8 years old as they have classified any male over the age of 8 as an enemy combatant until proven otherwise.

That means they can kill 8 year old boys and say they were terrorists unless their family make it all the way to a US embassy or military headquarters to prove otherwise – not very likely is it. No wonder they say their strike rates are so accurate when kids are legitimate targets.

What also riles me about the drone strikes is the lack of real reporting on the ground. If there were actual real reporters doing their job rather than sucking off heads of departments then maybe the people at home might know what is being done in their name.

Instead all we hear is how great the drones are. We never get to see the bodies and the grieving families like we do after a US school massacre. However the kids ages are the same, the names may be different but they are still someone’s child.

One Yemeni reporter who tried reporting on the actual real nature of the casualties after a drone strike was sent to prison afterwards for trying to tell the truth.

When the new President came in there was hope he was going to be released as the public were outraged that he was imprisoned for telling the true story of how drone strikes ruin peoples lives.

What stopped him from being released?

A phone call from President Obama.

He told the Yemeni President, or more likely blackmailed him with increased aid budget dollars fresh of the printing presses, to keep him in prison as he was a “terrorist”.

He didn’t want real reports of the deaths and mayhem caused by the US’s war of terror being told to people. No he preferred the propaganda and spin that everything was rosy and bright and the drone strikes shot sunbeams and flowers on the innocent whilst only killing those evil CIA linked al-Qaeda terrorists.

Yes that is your President America – someone who would rather a reporter who tries to tell the truth about your drone strike war rots in prison than have any real reporting of the casualties get out and be read by the American public.

And if you are sitting there thinking I don’t really care OR they are all Muslims and terrorists – it doesn’t matter if children and women get killed in the process. Then I ask you this:

Do you call yourself a Christian?

Are you celebrating Christmas today?

And if the answer is yes then ask yourself – would Jesus discriminate between the deaths of children in Pakistan or Yemen and those in America?

Are not all innocent deaths equally sad and tragic?

Would Jesus only be crying over the deaths in a US school or would he see all child murders the same?

Is God as hypocritical and biased as some in the US Government are?

And if you are not a Christian then just be aware that these amazing drones are coming home to you. In fact they are already patrolling your skies.

How long will it be until police forces that are already planning to fly drones in the skies above your houses like those in Seattle or the Montgomery County Police Department who has just purchased a $300,000 Vanguard Shadowhawk drone with a grant provided by the Department of Homeland Security start to use deadly weapons on them instead of just cameras?

This Vanguard Shadowhawk drone has the capability to shoot tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as “taser projectiles.”  How long before it is fitted with automatic machine guns and other deadly weapons.

As the ACLU Website says:

U.S. law enforcement is greatly expanding its use of domestic drones for surveillance. Routine aerial surveillance would profoundly change the character of public life in America. Rules must be put in place to ensure that we can enjoy the benefits of this new technology without bringing us closer to a “surveillance society” in which our every move is monitored, tracked, recorded, and scrutinized by the government. Drone manufacturers are also considering offering police the option of arming these remote-controlled aircraft with (nonlethal for now) weapons like rubber bullets, Tasers, and tear gas.

And a recent article entitled the coming drone attack on America explains how the US Government has recently allowed for the expansion of drones after a massive lobbying effort by the military industrial complex to use this drone technology at home.  I wonder how many Congressmen they really do have in their pockets?

“In February of this year, Congress passed the FAA Reauthorization Act, with its provision to deploy fleets of drones domestically. Jennifer Lynch, an attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, notes that this followed a major lobbying effort, “a huge push by […] the defense sector” to promote the use of drones in American skies: 30,000 of them are expected to be in use by 2020, some as small as hummingbirds – meaning that you won’t necessarily see them, tracking your meeting with your fellow-activists, with your accountant or your congressman, or filming your cruising the bars or your assignation with your lover, as its video-gathering whirs.” – The coming drone attack on America

Therefore if you are dismissive of foreign drone attacks killing innocent people then what will you think when the LAPD or NYPD start killing, tasering or firing rubber bullets into crowds of protesters or kill the wrong person due to bad decision making.

With all the corporations and banks considering buying their own drones, who will know for sure that a drone that fired a lethal shot at an Occupy protester was owned by a police force or a bank just trying to rid it’s path protesters?

And if you don’t worry about the government spying on you as you are in the “nothing to hide, nothing to fear brigade” then just think how easy it is for a terrorist living down your street to build a drone out of a remote control helicopter or plane and add a basic payload system to it.

Don’t believe me – watch this video and be afraid, be very afraid!

Then ask yourself why you don’t care as much about all the innocent deaths across the world caused by the US military killing 8 year old “enemy combatants” as you do with school children killed by your brilliant health system and your 2nd amendment gun rights.

Is it because you are hypocritical or is it because you just don’t care about the drones coming back home to spy and attack US citizens?


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Critical Mass Protests break the harmony of the Olympic opening ceremony

July 28, 2012

By Dark Politricks

As the 4 hour opening London 2012 Olympic ceremony opened tonight the media was concentrated on the display of Englands history being played out in the Olympic stadium rather than the mass protests being held around London.

As Danny Boyle the director of Trainspotting delivered a history of England from the “green and pleasant land” to the industrial revolution. Which included historical as well as fictional characters including Mr Bean and James Bond who “parachuted” down to the arena along with Queen from a helicopter as British musicians played tunes from punk to dubstep and Rave to Grime to the crowd. Music most people outside of the UK had probably never heard of but which apparently showed off our sense of culture and Art which has replaced our once huge Empire after the 2nd World War.

However as the TV viewers were fixed to the screen watching chimneys rise from the ground and volunteer dancers and actors play their parts surrounding British history there were actually mass protests being held around London.

The protests used the hashtag #Criticalmass on Twitter and delivered messages about Police brutality as the cyclists protested the blocking of roads and cycle lanes within central London so that they could be used by Olympic dignitaries only as “fast tracks”. Apparently during the London Olympics it is more important that French speaking IOC dignitaries can reach the worlds biggest McDonalds in quick fast time whilst the rest of London’s population are stuck in traffic jams.

From Russia Today:

Critical Mass is a cycling event typically held on the last Friday of every month all around the world. Earlier there have been calls on the Internet to stage the London ride on July 27 as an anti-Olympics protest.

Scuffles occurred near the Olympic Stadium on the outskirts of the Olympic Park with participants saying they were being “kettled”. Some witnesses said police pushed the cyclists aside to get David Beckham through traffic.

A witness video uploaded to YouTube allegedly showed police assaulting and pepper-spraying a disabled man on a tricycle who was later arrested.

The Police told ITV News that a number of protesters were arrested under section 12 of the Public Order Act after cyclists taking part in the Critical Mass bike ride broke the conditions of their protest in central London.

Critical Mass Protests in Londong

A large number of arrest were made

Police steal cyclists bikes on busses

According to some reports at least 50 people have been detained and their bicycles loaded onto special buses parked nearby to be taken god knows where.

The Metropolitan Police have also used Pepper Spray on a number of protesters as well as arresting a large number of them including the disabled and the elderly.

However the media were silent on these protests on the main channels as the BBC turned their main channel into an Olympic love fest all night long which only finished after midnight, with Paul McCartney singing on a piano to the packed arena.

The London Police kept the public informed about the protests and the likelihood of arrest through the use of social media by Tweeting the following messages using the hashtag #criticalmass saying that all cyclists involved in the ‘critical mass’ procession,

“should keep moving and keep to the south of the Thames right away from the Olympic Park.”


Participants must not enter any part of the ORN #criticalmass #protest




Participants must remain south of the River Thames at all times during the times stated #criticalmass #protest




Participants must keep moving on the procession route unless stopped or directed by police or due to traffic signals #criticalmass #protest


Just another sign that when it comes to big money and sponsors versus civil rights and the right to protest the citizen is always bottom of the list.

The Dominique Strauss-Kahn case is thrown out – An example of why Rape anonymity should be granted to both sides

August 23, 2011

By Dark Politricks

The Dominique Strauss-Kahn case shows us once again why the legal rules around rape cases are unfair to men.

Having been someone who was dragged out of my house during my teenage years by a mob of policeman at 6am with my mum slapping me shouting “how could you” because a girl who had run away from home had fantasied in her diary about me and my friends gang raping her – I know what is is like to be falsely accused of a horrific crime.

Luckily for me the girl whose diary cauaed the problem returned home and explained the gang rape she had fantasied about in such vivid detail was all false and we were let go but only after the best part of a day in jail, DNA tests, interviews and a month on Police Bail waiting for police line ups.

The problem with rape is it has a very low conviction rate which is why proponents of women’s rights want the accused names put forward at an earlier opportunity so that potential other witnesses can come forward.

If the person has a history of sexual abuse or rape then maybe they might bring forward other witnesses that could help the victim in the current case.

However the other side of the coin is that the lives of men accused of this horrendous crime are literally ruined by having their name published before being convicted.

In the UK we have a rule in which the woman’s identity is protected until the trial is over but the accused’s name is released as soon as he is charged. This is unfair and it leads to a trial by media which we have recently seen with the accusation (now dropped) of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Trial by media is a horible thing to see and especially worse to experience if you are on the receiving side of it and the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn shows this.

Every little historical sexual detail is brought up and used against the “perpetrator” to convict them in the court of public media before they even reach a court. Past indiscretions are relived, ex girlfriends tell stories about the one time you were drunk and went too far at a party or the times you made inappropriate comments to people you had just met. All tittle tattle but stuff that hit piece articles are made from.

If they are acquitted or found not guilty then the damage has already been done to the person accused and many people will look at them as if they were a convicted rapist of the first degree even though they were found not guilty. As in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case in which the judge recently threw out the case on the prosecutions advice claiming that:

“that they could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt because of serious credibility issues with the hotel housekeeper who had accused Mr. Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her as she entered his suite to clean it.”

The case for expanding the UK anonymity rules so that both accused and accuser have total anonymity until conviction in my mind is logical and fair for both sides.

At the moment there is a small but significant amount of cases where spiteful ex girlfriends aim to hurt their ex or wives are caught out having one night stands and shout rape to cover up their own misdeeds. Even though these people who are clearly the wrongdoers are able to remain anonymous their totally innocent victims have their private life trawled through by the public in local and national newspapers.

People who falsely accuse people of rape should be given the same punishment as those convicted of the crime and this should help to solve the problem of false accusations which although are small in comparison are very real (as I know) and are problematic enough to ruin numerous lives and many promising careers.

If the accuser is allowed anonymity then the same  latitude should be granted to the accused. The court of public opinion is the worst of all places to hold such a serious trial and by taking out this large gossip mongering, rumour mill there is more chance of a fair trial when the case does eventually  reach a court as jurors minds haven’t been corrupted by biased news stories.

Even though Dominique Strauss-Kahn has had all criminal charges dropped at the request of the prosecutor there still looms over him the prospect of a civil case in which the standard burden of proof is much lower and convictions are mush easier to obtain.

Not only has this person lost their well paid powerful job at the IMF, they have spent time in jail – probably beaten and maybe much worse – and they have basically had all hope of a future job in the public sphere ruined at the very least. He certainly won’t be running for French President any time soon.

Basically his life is over because his name was made public before any conviction in a court of law. The only court that convicted him was the court of public opinion and we all know how wrong that court often is.

Luckily Dominique Strauss-Kahn is rich enough to survive without a job for a while so he won’t be pan handling anytime soon but this is very good example of why we should expand the British legal system and make both parties to a potential rape case anonymous until a jury has had their say.

Rape is a serious crime, it should be treated as such. Allowing gossipers and rumours to spread in the absence of fact and evidence is the quickest way to blacken an innocent man’s name.

The UK Riots – Rebels fighting the wrong cause

August 13, 2011

By Dark Politricks

I just watched a BBC 3 young persons questions time dedicated to questions surrounding the recent UK Riots that started off when a young man, Mark Duggan, was shot dead by the police in Tottenham and then spread like wildfire across the country.

One of the biggest criticisms levelled against our hypocritical politicians regarding the riots is that there is no limit to the level they are prepared to lecture the rest of us about the causes of the riots attributing them all to greed, gang culture and pure criminality whilst ignoring serious underlying social problems.

This young persons question time was a breath of fresh air as it not only revealed the wide range of opinions around the causes of the riots but also how the youth of this country are intelligent enough to understand that not only were the physical acts of vandalism and criminal damage wrong but that they could see beyond the buzzwords and catchphrases that spews out of politicians mouths. In fact some of the panel members had a good range of views regarding the causes of the criminal onslaught and they didn’t all try and pin the blame as many politicians have on pure greed and thuggery.

Before I get slammed on the blogosphere as a rioter apologist let’s get one thing straight. Burning down your community and attacking your own people is both wrong and stupid. There are so many reasons to get angry about today’s society at the moment that using the death of a supposed drug dealer as an excuse to riot across the country is a waste to the say the least.

Let’s get another thing straight. The police could have stopped the riots if they really wanted to. We have been inundated with stories about small groups of policemen holding off large gangs of rioters who ran away like scared kids as soon as they were charged at by the old bill.

The fact that the police chose to stand by and watch for the first nights suggests other motives behind their planned response. People have suggested existing criminal charges against police brutality from previous demonstrations as the prime cause but this stand down  order could have been the perfect opportunity to allow the new ConLib government to water down their pro-civil liberty agenda.

When the papers are full of CCTV pictures of rioters and the cameras are claimed to be the saviour in catching these people then anyone claiming the reduction of this plight of surveillance would cause the end of the world is going to have a lot of support from people stupid enough to believe more surveillance is the answer to all our criminal problems.

In most Middle Class, Daily Mail readers minds the rioters were just a bunch of greedy criminals who saw an opportunity to gather free stuff and jumped at it.

In many cases they are right. The stupidity of some of the rioters knows no bounds. Do they not realise we live in a surveillance society in which CCTV cameras watch our every move and every phone call, text message and Facebook wall is analysed by GCHQ, ECHELON and any other number of high tech computer driven intelligence gatherers.

Putting pictures of yourself along with all your stolen loot up on Facebook is not going to lead to any kind of kudos it’s only only going to lead to a jail sentence.

When the Police post messages on Twitter and Facebooks groups dedicated to starting riots saying they are going to arrest you and you then post pictures of yourself kicking in shop windows or showing off your new pair of trainers then what do expect to get from society apart from a big kick up your arse.  However the magistrate courts running day and night currently sentencing all the people arrested so far to 6 week terms in prison are not going to solve anything.

We have already seen the first family being kicked out their council house due to their 18 year old son Daniel Sartain-Clarke being charged for violent disorder related to his allegend involvement in the riots. Not only has this person not been convicted of any crime yet but how is throwing out a family from their house going to better society as a whole.

We seem to be stuck in a topsy turvy world in which our government over the years has removed the ability from parents and schools to discipline children properly and then they wonder why these kids grow up with no respect to authority of any kind. I don’t know Daniel Sartain-Clarke but I doubt if his single mother had tried to prevent him from leaving the house during the riots he would have listened. How is punishing her for the mistakes of her son going to help anyone?

We have some of the highest rates of teenage and single parent families in the world.

We have families where grandparents are in their 30’s.

And we have children who’s only male role models are the gangsters and drug dealers who control the tower blocks they live in.

We have areas of London in which youth unemployment is above 20% and for black people over 50%.

We have had broken promises that the London 2012 Olympics would bring a multitude of jobs, apprenticeships and a wealth of opportunity to one of the most deprived parts of London. This has proved yet again to be lies told by politicians to get something they wanted and once again the only people who benefited were big international companies who employed the cheapest and often foreign labour they could find to help build the Olympic complex.

We have a government who is cutting back funding for youth services and expecting the “Big Society” to just fill the gap but hopefully this last week will serve as a warning to them how vital services that cater for young men in deprived areas like Hackney and the East End are.

With no jobs, benefits being cut, little hope of  employment in the future and only boredom to fill the day it is no wonder that many people saw the riots as a “bit of fun” to break up the monotony as well as obtain some of the consumer items they are constantly bombarded with adverts for in all directions from billboards to TV’s to their computer and phones.

When young men look around and see Banksters break the law and get billions in handouts and then continue to make huge bonues and take home million pound salaries and then get lectured by politicians who have just lived through their own period of greed. In which many including the Prime Minister abused the expenses system
for thousands of pounds and escaped any serious punishment – is it any wonder that they believe they are living in a time in which everybody is out for themselves.

Knowing that the best job many can expect to have is to serve fries behind a McDonalds counter it is no wonder that many turn to drug dealing and other criminal behaviour to obtain the types of goods they are constantly told they must own to fit into society.

Whilst individually all these problems are not excuses in anyway for pillaging your local shop added together they build a picture of the broken Britain David Cameron was going to help fix by “hugging a hoody” back when he was trying to change the image of the nasty party into an electable one.

Is it hypocritical that he was happy to give Andy Caulson a second chance but not the 23-year-old student with no previous convictions who was jailed for six months (the maximum permitted at a magistrates court) after pleading guilty to stealing bottles of water worth £3.50 from a Lidl in Brixton.

It was also shameful to see calls by politicans from all sides to shut down Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites because they believed they were being used to help plan the riots. This comes only months after our own government and Prime Minister crticised countries like Egypt and Iran for similar behaviour but on Wednesday during PM question time he was offering the same solutions he had previously criticized those countries for as being despotic.

I have no doubt the authorities in Middle Eastern countries believed the Arab Spring protests were in a similar vein to those just witnessed in the UK. And whilst we have been happy to meddle in other countries affairs because of their own violent uprisings and protests I would be interested to watch Cameron, Milliband and the Poodle Clegg respond to calls from those same countries to stop cracking down on “legitimate” protests in the same way we have been doing whenever the Iranian or Tunisian police kill someone.

You can argue about comparing the death of Mark Duggan to those killed in Egypt, Iran, Yemen or Tunisia but I have no doubt we wouldn’t accept any form of criticism for cracking down on our rioters from other countries in the same way we have responded to their own troubles.

Even Col Gaddafi believes the uprising in his country is just a band of armed thugs out to cause civil strife in the same way we see our own rioters as criminals rioting for the hell of it. Imagine if the Middle Eastern block started arming the youths on Tottenham and Hackney council estates or implemented a “no fly zone” over London flying sorties bombing Police lines to “protect” the people demonstrating their “legitimate” right to protest.

You might think this sounds far fetched and it probably is but from a far the riots have been seen as protests against the massive austerity measures and cuts in public spending implemented by the government and there have been calls to bring the Army onto the street to quell the protests as well as shutting down parts of the internet which all fit quite neatly with the worldwide pattern of civil uprisings and disobedience.

It is just a shame that our “protesters” were not protesting at all but instead releasing all their pent up anger about their social situation, police brutality, cuts in benefits, lack of job opportunities, rising food and petrol prices, higher taxes and lying politicians by ransacking electrical stores to steal the latest pair of Nike trainers and wide screen HD TV’s.

These people have so much to be angry about it is just a shame they decided to vent their anger in the wrong way and possibly at the wrong time and definitely at the wrong people.

The cuts haven’t even really hit most of society yet but when they do more and more people will be fitting the wide variety of characters and backgrounds that are currently filling up the 24 hour magistrate courts in Westminster.

The riots have been roundly criticised by most people but as of yet no real discussion about the underlying causes of the pent up anger that caused the rioters to act the way they did has been attempted.

Tonight’s Young Persons Question time was an attempt to do so and was warmly welcomed.

Our Politicians can sound tough and send thousands of people to jail for a few weeks turning the majority into even worse criminals when they come out. But until they actually look a bit deeper into the root causes of the reasons instead of branding every rioter with the same broad brush as pure greed incarnate they will be storing up trouble for the future.

If our cities can be turned into war zones over the desire for  a new pair trainers whilst at the same time hitting back at the police who are widely hated by a large section of society then just imagine what will happen if our rebels discovered a real cause worth fighting for?