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TSA molestation creates the new term: Gate Rape

November 26, 2010

By Dark Politricks

The abusive treatment by TSA robotwats at US airports all over the country has led to massive outrage from pissed off travellers and citizens alike. The porno scanning genital groping sex fiends in uniform have made such a supposedly easy process into a Nazi-esque nightmare that new terminology is entering the lexicon including the new term “Gate Rape”.

From Urban Dictionary:

Gate Rape

The TSA airport screening procedure.
My sister got gate raped at LAX.

Gate Rape

Passing through a security gate at an American airport, which requires either a full-body scan where T.S.A. guards ogle your naked body or an “enhanced” pat down where T.S.A. guards molest you. The T.S.A. is required by law to make the process as humiliating and abusive as possible.

Gate Rape

Sexual groping of one’s genitalia at airport security by agents after a traveler refuses full body x-ray search.

I am glad we just went though the body xray, that guy got gate raped!


Obama Pledges Another $215 Million For Virtual Strip Search Scanners

February 2, 2010

But historical record clearly shows that devices are a completely illegal violation of human rights

Obama Pledges Another $215 Million For Virtual Strip Search Scanners 020210top

Paul Joseph Watson


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Obama administration has announced that a further $215 million dollars will be spent on installing virtual strip search naked body scanners, meaning the devices will be in no less than half the nation’s airports by next year, but the historical record clearly shows that the scanners are a completely illegal violation of human rights.

“The $215 million proposal to acquire 500 scanners next year, combined with the 450 to be bought this year, marks the largest addition of airport-security equipment since immediately after the 9/11 attacks. There are only 40 body scanners in a total of 19 airports now,” reports USA Today.

Privacy advocate Marc Rotenberg pointed out that the scanners were yet another expensive instrument of the war on terror being used against the American people.

“We’ll have another Homeland Security Department program for the war on terror used almost exclusively on Americans,” said Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

As we have highlighted, the naked scanners are a boon for the military-industrial complex and people like former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, who vigorously promoted their use in the aftermath of the staged underwear bombing, having a huge financial stake in seeing them rolled out nationwide.

Despite the seemingly breakneck speed at which airports are rushing to adopt the scanners, some are proving to be less enthusiastic.

Durham Tees Valley Airport in the UK has refused to commit to installing the scanners despite the British government ordering all airports to adopt them before the summer season.

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The fact that the scanners are nothing less than a virtual strip search has been played down by the government and the media due to the potential for legal fights that could see the devices banned as a breach of human rights.

Despite official denials that the images produced show details of genitalia, journalists who have investigated trials of the technology have reported that details of sexual organs are “eerily visible”.

Indeed, as we have previously highlighted, when the scanners were first introduced at Australian airports in 2008 it was admitted that the X-ray backscatter devices don’t work properly unless the genitals of people going through them are visible. “It will show the private parts of people, but what we’ve decided is that we’re not going to blur those out, because it severely limits the detection capabilities,” said Melbourne Airport’s Office of Transport Security manager Cheryl Johnson.

Attempts to keep this under wraps by lying about the images produced are an effort to head off challenges to the legality of the devices. Historically, civil lawsuits where an individual has been strip searched by a member of the opposite sex have proven to be successful in North America.

Courts have consistently found that strip searches are only legal when performed on a person who has already been found guilty of a crime or on arrestees pending trial where a reasonable suspicion has to exist that they are carrying a weapon. Subjecting masses of people to blanket strip searches in airports reverses the very notion of innocent until proven guilty.

Barring people from flying and essentially treating them like terrorists for refusing to be humiliated by the virtual strip search is a clear breach of the basic human right of freedom of movement.

The legal foundation of the naked body scanners needs to be undermined and eroded by lawsuits before they are rolled out on the streets, as has already been proposed by major western governments.

UK Airport Refuses to Commit to Controversial Body Scanners

February 2, 2010

Rob Merrick
Darlington Northern Echo
Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

ONE of the region’s airports is on a collision course with the government over controversial body scanners that produce a naked image of passengers.

Durham Tees Valley Airport (DTVA) is refusing to give a commitment to install the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT), which Gordon Brown has insisted is vital to defeat terrorists.

The prime minister backed the scanners – which allow security staff to detect explosives hidden on a passenger’s body – after the Christmas Day attempted bombing on a flight to Detroit.

Earlier today, the department for transport (Dft) ordered all airports to install them before the summer holiday season, stating they must be in place “in the coming months”.

Full article here

Haitian Man Behind Second JFK Security Breach

January 17, 2010

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

A busy terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport was evacuated after a man opened a restricted door and set off an alarm, authorities said, making it the second known security breach at a New York-area airport this month.

The breach delayed dozens of flights and caused headaches for hundreds of travelers who had to exit the terminal and wait for hours as police swept through the building. The passengers at JFK were then shepherded through additional screening.

The man, Jules Paul Bouloute, is of Haitian descent but lives in Brooklyn, said Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport. He was arrested on a charge of criminal trespass.

Bouloute was in Haiti during Tuesday’s earthquake but took a flight on Saturday from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to Orlando, Fla., where he caught a connecting flight to New York City, Coleman said.

TuneUp Utilities 2010

View the original article at NBC

National Security: The Big Fraud

January 16, 2010

Sheldon Richman
Campaign For Liberty
Saturday, January 16th, 2010

The handwringing about the would-be Christmas Day airplane bomber and the politicians’ tiresome declarations that it will never happen again miss the point: As long as the U.S. government pursues its imperial program of invasion, regime change, occupation, and sponsorship of corrupt governments in the Muslim world, Americans will be targets for avengers. This does not excuse the killing of innocents — it merely points out an inevitable chain of events.

It’s either foreign intervention and retaliatory terrorism or nonintervention and security. There’s no third way.

We can’t eat our cake and have it too. Every empire has reaped a terrorist whirlwind. “Terror” is the tactic that the weak use against the strong. The U.S. government unleashes the most powerful “conventional” weapons known to man, including pilotless killer drones operated like videogames thousands of miles away. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab sewed an explosive into his underwear and ended up burning himself.

It is disgraceful that the choice between terrorism and security is rarely publicly discussed in terms of the choice between American imperialism and nonintervention. The empire is treated as a given — even by most so-called progressives — as though it were ordained by history. The American people are expected to believe that the very existence of their society depends on the U.S. government’s policing the globe and using whatever violence it deems appropriate (that is, whenever things do not suit the interests of U.S. policymakers and their economic partners in the “private” sector).

But this picture is precisely upside down. It is the imperial program and the inevitable “war on terror” that threatens Americans’ way of life — not to mention the very lives of people in the lands that “our” government tramples. Government in the United States has long regarded the liberties of Americans as inconveniences standing in the way of bigger, nobler projects. Since the attacks of September 11 — not a bolt from the blue but a roughly predictable consequence of U.S. foreign intervention — the usurpations have accelerated. The “war on terror” functions like a blank check both to justify curtailment of particular freedoms (such as freedom from surveillance) and to instill an embarrassing submissiveness in a people whose predecessors rebelled against similar oppression. Imagine the first few generations of Americans letting themselves be treated the way we are treated at airports. “You may not leave your seat beginning one hour before landing.” “Oh, okay. Whatever you say, dear leader, as long as you protect me.” When the TSA begins requiring passengers effectively to strip in front of the newest inspection devices, who will raise a word in protest?

The sad irony is that none of these measures — and nothing even more severe — will make us safer. What we call terrorism will always be cheap, flexible, and at least one step ahead of the plodding, clueless authorities. Al-Qaeda is not an organization. It’s an idea and an open-ended set of tactics. Clear it out of Afghanistan — and it appears in Pakistan or Yemen or New Jersey. When you step back and take a broader view, the U.S. government looks like a big, pathetic, stupid giant trying to catch a pesky, clever mouse.

The terrorists’ advantage lies in the fact that bureaucracies are institutionally stupid. Do we really need more proof after the Christmas Day incident? Just as the SEC couldn’t see Bernie Madoff’s fraudulent activities even when handed reams of evidence, so the vaunted “national security apparatus” — for which Americans are compelled to pay hundreds of billions of dollars every year — couldn’t stop a kid from Nigeria wearing explosive briefs from getting on a plane, despite warnings from his own father as well as other solid information.

The “protection” forced on us by the U.S. government is an outright fraud. It can never deliver on its promise to keep us safe because big organizations like the Department of Homeland Security (!) are too riven by interagency rivalries, informational distortions, and hierarchical tone-deafness to work effectively. (The same is true for businesses that grow large because of anti-competitive government privileges.) Letting private companies protect themselves at their own expense would have to work better.

Does this mean we must remain vulnerable? No. We’ll find a reasonable degree of safety when America comes home.

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”Fall Of The RepublicBuy the DVD here

National Security: The Big Fraud  FOTR 340x1692

View the original article at Campaign For Liberty

Should we give up freedom for security?

January 16, 2010

Dark Politricks
Saturday 16th January 2010

Benjamin Franklin once said the following famous quote:

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

It seems we are currently living in a world full of people that deserve neither freedom not safety as everyday I read articles on the mainstream media about an essential need to give up some liberties so as to protect our safety when travelling. The recent Christmas day bomb attempt on Flight 253 to Detroit has been the latest catalyst for yet more intrusive measures such as the clamour to introduce full body scanners. Not only will we now be subjected to virtual strip searches when boarding planes but there is also talk of mobile scanners that will be deployed in all public places such as shopping malls, football grounds and train stations.

Not only will these scanners not actually prevent the next terrorist attack they will just be used as a stepping stone on the way to introduce even more degrading and liberty destroying measures such as ankle bracelets that can deliver incapacitating electric shocks or microchips so that your movements can be monitored everywhere. If you think I am delving into the world of “conspiracy theory” then you should read this article on how buildings, walls and cars are being connected to the internet to enable geo-tagging of your movements at any time. Is it so far fetched to believe that a few more terrorist attacks down the line the next magic solution to be offered would be mandatory chips or bracelets? If you want to see how easy it would be to introduce a chipped populace read this article.

In fact microchips aren’t even necessary to monitor you as you leave your home to go to work and then out at night again as for most people it’s already possible through their mobile phone or blackberry using their inbuilt GPS systems. Before long all credit cards, driving licences, cars and even your clothes will all be fitted with RFID for “security” reasons if they are not already. In Japan some cars are already fitted with devices that enable automatic speed reduction so when you enter a 30mph zone your car is prevented from going over that speed limit and there has been talk of introducing such a system in the UK to enable mile by mile road pricing.

So the technology is already there to enable such a big brother nightmare scenario the only thing stopping the government from actually monitoring you and me is that we are not yet classed as terrorists or criminals. However as history shows once a government has got special powers to fight terrorism they rarely give them up on their own accord and the definition of what constitutes a terrorist often changes.

The UK’s anti-terrorism laws have already been abused by the Labour government more than once. Who can forget Walter Wolfgang the 82 year old pensioner who was thrown out the Labour conference for heckling and arrested under anti-terror laws and more recently during the banking crisis Gordon Brown invoked anti-terrorism laws to freeze Iceland’s bank assets. These are just two very well known examples of abuse and there have probably been many more instances that we don’t know about.

This is the problem with terrorism and a “war on terror” as it can only end when the government wants it to. There will always be groups of people around the world unhappy with our foreign policy and if they try to do something about it will most likely have the label of terrorist applied to them. So how will we know when we have won this war on terror? Who do we sit down with to sign any peace or surrender treaty? No-one that’s who and from this perspective “terror” is the ideal enemy for any government to fight as there will always be a big bad bogey man to become the next Bin Laden and to be used to scare the naive into signing away more of our freedoms.

The terror laws give the government extraordinary powers and a constant fear of terrorist attacks allows the government to implement security and monitoring measures that they couldn’t possibly get during peace time. Once these powers have been gained they are often abused and extended and the definition of who constitutes a terrorist often widens to take in other groups of people that the government may dislike.

How long is it before anti Heathrow expansion protesters or G20 demonstrators are locked up for 28 days under terror laws? If you don’t think it will happen you should just take a look at America as they are already starting to widen the description of what constitutes a terrorist to include pro 2nd amendment groups, Ron Paul & Bob Barr supporters, ex military men returning from active duty and even people who believe in the constitution or have pro freedom bumper stickers.

Its only a matter of time in my opinion and if we keep on allowing our government to move the line of what’s acceptable and whats not in terms of privacy versus security just because technology has expanded then we might as well say goodbye to any concept of freedom now. Its very easy to give freedoms up but very hard to regain them so we should think very carefully before allowing our government to intrude so far into our lives.

If we really want to make the world a safer place and reduce the threat of terrorism on our shores and in the skies then we should re-consider our wars of aggression, our treatment of the developing world as a place to obtain cheap labour and raw materials  as well as our hypocritical one sided support of Israel against the Palestinian people. However much we as a people may want to make such changes I unfortunately believe that our government and the people controlling them don’t. They would rather continue on a path that makes terrorist attacks more likely and the increased power over our lives that they get as a consequence is seen by them as a very nice side affect.

When did George Orwell’s 1984 become a guide to politicians on how to run the country instead of a warning from history? – Dark Politricks

Heathrow staff given body language training to spot suspected terrorists

January 15, 2010

Richard Edwards
London Telegraph
Friday, January 15th, 2010

Security staff at Heathrow are being trained in “behavioural profiling” of passengers to spot suspected terrorists.

A specialist unit of airport staff are being taught how to recognise the body language of potential suicide bombers.

Police patrolling at transport hubs already look for suspicious behaviour, however the new scheme, called a Behavioural Analysis Screening System, aims specifically at learning about the traits of would-be bombers.

The specifics of the training are secret but it will be based on an Israeli model, which attempts to identify a suspicious individual walking in a crowd of hundreds by looking for nervous behaviour, such as avoiding eye-contact, or having the appearance of being drugged.

TuneUp Utilities 2010

View the original article at London Telegraph

Can the Government Keep Us Safe?

January 12, 2010

Andrew Napolitano
Campaign For Liberty
Tuesday , January 12th, 2010

What a week we have all just endured! While the Democrats were re-writing the federal takeover of healthcare behind closed doors, the public face of the federal government was fixated on denying and then explaining all the gaps in its intelligence gathering. The Obama administration has been finger-pointing over who in the government let a murderous thug on a plane in Amsterdam that he tried to explode over Detroit. First, the government said that the system worked. Then the President said it didn’t. Then he announced that the intelligence communities and security people would start to talk to each other so the bad guys could be kept out. Weren’t they supposed to be doing this all along?

At Newark Liberty Airport last Sunday, a TSA agent left his post, and a young man walked past it to kiss his girlfriend good-bye. Then the young man turned and left the secured area and left the airport. So far no harm, no foul. But because the government’s surveillance cameras in the airport didn’t work, the feds panicked and ordered over 10,000 passengers to leave the terminal, go out into the 15-degree Newark, NJ cold at night, and then re-enter the airport. Flights were delayed and missed, kids did not get to school on Monday morning, and soldiers were listed as AWOL. All because the government overreacted to a kiss. This humiliated the feds: New Jersey’s 86-year-old senior Senator Frank Lautenberg demanded that the guy who kissed his gal be hunted down and prosecuted because of the chaos he caused. He caused? Let’s see; the government has cameras that watch us every time we scratch our noses, and when those cameras don’t work, the government blames the person whose picture it was supposed to be taking? Come on.

All this, of course, brings out the false argument of liberty versus security. And we hear it from the Progressives that the government must take our freedoms in order to keep us safe. That’s hogwash. Freedom is our birthright. It doesn’t come from the government; it is part of our humanity. America is the only country in the history of the world dedicated to the truism that we are endowed by our Creator, as Jefferson wrote, with certain inalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The government has forgotten basic civics: “Endowed by our Creator” means that our rights come from God and not from the feds. “Inalienable” means that we and our freedoms cannot be separated, unless and until we are convicted by a jury of violating someone else’s rights. What is the value of being safe if we are not free? Did our forefathers flee the kings and despots of Europe and come here to be safe? Did Patrick Henry say “Give me safety or give me death?” Here is the mistake that the Big Government crowd wants to thrust upon us: They want to balance liberty and safety. There is no such thing as balance when it comes to freedom. We will not trade freedom for anything, or balance it against anything, and we certainly won’t give it up to the TSA.

TuneUp Utilities 2010

Can the government keep us safe? I don’t think so. Airline travel is safer today because pilots have guns, cockpit doors are like bank vaults, and the passengers have become courageous. All this was done by individuals in the private sector, not by the government. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if the feds had not stripped us of our natural rights to keep ourselves safe — by keeping and bearing arms — 9/11 would never have happened. How about letting the airlines decide who gets on the planes, rather than a TSA worker who leaves his post? When industry competes for your business, you fly where you want to go, you get there in comfort and safety, and you do all this at a competitive cost. When the government runs the show, you stand in the cold night air for six hours because of a kiss. The government can’t deliver the mail, it can’t operate surveillance cameras at an airport; it can’t pay back its debts; it can’t tell the truth. That would be the same government that wants to manage your healthcare.

America, do you see what happens when we rely on the government too much? It gets authoritarian and we get weak. Our children grow to expect from the government what we once did for ourselves. Government is a fearful master. It is not faithful to us; it is not truthful to us; it can’t produce for us. It doesn’t obey its own laws; it doesn’t keep us safe; and it won’t leave us alone. It is mortgaging our futures, raising our taxes, and treating us all like children.

What to do? Challenge it at every turn. Expose it to friend and foe. Educate all you know about what you see and hear every day on this show. And return no one to the government who has stolen your freedom.

And one other thing: The God who gave us life also gave us liberty. He loves us. Praise Him from the roof tops, and ask Him to save us from a government that is out of control.

View the original article at Campaign For Liberty

Drudge: Big Sis Wants to See Under Your Clothes

January 9, 2010

Kurt Nimmo
January 8, 2010

featured stories   Drudge: Big Sis Wants to See Under Your Clothes
body scanner
Drudge ran these photos with the headline: “Big Sis Wants to See Under Your Clothes.”

Drudge hit the nail right on the head. It headlined a Reuters story as follows: “Big Sis Wants to See Under Your Clothes.” The website put up a montage of Janet Napolitano, boss of the Department of Homeland Security, staring at the now infamous Bild photographic recreation of a young woman rendered naked by a full body scanner.

Obama and crew are determined to install these expensive and dangerous machines in airports across the nation. Napolitano said“she will travel to Spain this month to meet with her international counterparts to seek tougher international aviation security measures,” i.e., she will peddle full naked scanners to “international counterparts.”

Obama’s “two-pronged approach Obama outlined Thursday will have little effect on domestic airline passengers and will involve many behind-the-scenes changes aimed at keeping suspected terrorists off U.S.-bound international flights,” including naked body scanning machines, according to USA Today.

“The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) bought 150 scanners in September for $25 million, but none has been installed. The machines create vivid images of passengers underneath their clothing. They would improve the detection of weapons such as the explosive powder a Nigerian passenger got through a metal detector in Amsterdam and allegedly tried to use to detonate on Dec. 25 in an airliner over Detroit, Napolitano said at a briefing after Obama addressed the nation.”

In fact, according to scientists, full naked body scanners will not detect chemicals and liquids of the sort supposedly used by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

Last week it was reported that these intrusive machines are being promoted by former DHS boss Michael Chertoff.

“Mr. Chertoff should not be allowed to abuse the trust the public has placed in him as a former public servant to privately gain from the sale of full-body scanners under the pretense that the scanners would have detected this particular type of explosive,’’ said Kate Hanni, founder of, which opposes the use of the scanners.

Talk about a communication breakdown. It should be obvious by now that the federal government is a revolving door of corruption where former officials “retire” to work for defense contractors and other corporations that do business at taxpayer expense.

Mr. Chertoff is merely doing what is expected of him.

Mind Reading Machines: The Next Step If We Accept Naked Body Scanners

January 9, 2010

Steve Watson
Friday, Jan 8, 2010

Mind Reading Machines: The Next Step If We Accept Naked Body Scanners 080110scanner5It is Christmas 2012 and I have a story to tell.

Three years ago on a cold Christmas day in 2009, a Nigerian national without a passport was aided on board a plane from the Netherlands bound for Detroit by a mysterious sharp dressed man.

The Nigerian had a small amount of explosives in his underpants which he attempted and failed to detonate.

Two weeks later the U.S. government ordered the Department of Homeland Security Department to acquire $1 billion in advanced-technology equipment, including naked imaging body scanners, for screening passengers at airports, pushing all foreign governments to do the same.

Previous efforts to ban the use of such invasive technology suddenly became secondary to a mass media driven effort to champion the scanners as the grand solution to future security breaches at airports.

Dissenting citizens were told to “Shut up and get scanned already” and the machines became commonplace by the end of 2010 in all airports despite fierce opposition from freedom advocates.

Now everyone, including children must step through the naked imaging machines, not only in airports, but also at other public places, such as train stations, stadiums and any other large public gatherings.

In early 2011, however, the naked body scanners failed to stop a man of Yemeni descent being escorted onto a plane by another sharp dressed man in an American airport and attempting but failing to blow it out of the sky. The man said he was seeking revenge for attacks on his country by U.S. military forces.

By the end of 2011, governments all over the world had implemented, in all public places,mind reading technology, which had been in development since the mid 2000’s.

Now, under something called “Project Hostile Intent”, everyone is remotely screened by passive scanners that pick up brain waves in order to to determine whether they intend to commit violent or terroristic acts.

Mind Reading Machines: The Next Step If We Accept Naked Body Scanners 060110scanner8

Almost all forms liberty have been replaced by a greater need for safety against terrorism and America has adopted wholesale the Israeli model of security.

But alas, now on an extremely cold Christmas day in 2012, I have just read that the mind readers have failed to stop a man without a passport being helped on board a plane bound for New York and trying to blow it up.

Now the media and the government are calling for traceable microchip implants for everyone.

Oh how I wish more people would have stood up to the freedom stripping technology in 2010 before it had gotten this far!

Coming tomorrow: Notes from 2016 on the mass implementation of placing everyone in sealed pods in response to the failed Christmas day “escorted onto a plane by yet another sharp dressed man” bomber.

OK, that’s not coming tomorrow, but you get the idea.