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Are we creating a false fear of war with North Korea?

April 15, 2013

Are we drumming up a false threat of war with North Korea

By Dark Politricks

As this video shows, this is how the “establishment media” sells wars to the populace by fear mongering and leaving out parts of statements by the “enemy” that would provide context to otherwise threatening language.

Tonight the BBC showed a controversial Panorama programme in which the BBC tricked the London School of Economics into allowing their film crew to hop along with a trip of students to the country.

From the BBC website.

Three journalists accompanied 10 London School of Economics students and spent eight days in the country.

The university and its students‘ union have demanded the corporation withdraw the programme

But BBC head of news programmes Ceri Thomas said the North Korean government was the only party the corporation had deceived.

If you can access BBC iPlayer or have the Firefox plugin Modify Headers and can find a UK IP address then you can view the programme (probably tomorrow) here >> Panorama North Korea Undercover

As we know from previous Panorama documentaries, especially the one on the Mavi Marmara after the IDF executed 9 Free Gaza activists, the BBC can be very biased when it comes to picking sides.

To be fair, the North Korean state is a Stalinist, Nationalist dictatorship in which rule passes down a family line and the new young ruler is most likely showing strength and acting out to secure his position internally.

However despite the rhetoric and the fact that his armed forces are a million strong they are armed with antiquated weaponry, old Russian tanks and rifles and their nuclear bombs are most likely stolen or bought from the black market.

It is true that the North Korean regime is a horrible communist nightmare in which hundreds of thousands of people are locked up in gulags and camps. The people have suffered multiple famines in which grass became the main available food for the “workers” whilst the ruling family and generals most likely ate like kings.

As George Orwell said in Animal Farm, some animals are more equal than others and I suspect that is undoubtedly the case in North Korea right now.

However despite all this the two Korea‘s are still technically at war. No peace treaty has ever been signed between the North and South since the war ended in the 50’s and therefore the two countries are still on a war footing.

The USA is committed to backing up the South and China the North, therefore any miscalculation by the Koreans or American’s could easily lead to an outbreak of war. It would be foolish if we allowed this to happen because of propaganda and lies.

We have to realise that North Korea is not stupid.

They saw what happened to Iraq and Libya when they gave up their WMD’s. To them, a nuclear weapon is the ultimate guarantee of safety from attack. This is probably the same thinking that the Iranians have.

They know about the USA bringing stealth bombers over their country and see war games being held across their border. Without a direct hot-line to stop war breaking out from mis-perception of an imminent threat from either side it would only take an incident like last years bombing of a disputed island or the sinking of a ship for a war to start for real.

The North Korean’s WANT PEACE.

They have explicitly said this time after time and if anything their ratcheting up of war talk is aimed at getting peace talks started again.

However it is not North Korea preventing a peace treaty between all sides from occurring but the pre-conditions set by the Americans that the North give up all their nuclear ambitions that is stopping a peace treaty from being signed.

Who is the USA, the only country to have used a nuclear bomb in anger, to decide who is and who isn’t allowed nuclear weapons?

When we have countries like Israel who are stocked to the teeth with nuclear weaponry being allowed to continue their nuclear ambitions whilst talking about attacking Iran for even thinking about having their own. It is no wonder that North Korea is not willing to give up the ultimate deterrent.

When we are not even willing to budge on our own nuclear capability and allow our friends to own nuclear weapons whilst declaring our enemies ambitions off limits it is no wonder that a large part of the world see’s this hypocrisy and then calculates that only by having nuclear bombs will it prevent an attack by the axis of war i.e US/UK/France.

North Korea is not a pleasant place to live and their rulers are despots. However the way to overcome this is by signing a peace treaty, allowing open borders and people from both sides of Korea to cross the border and see that they are not so different after all.

Once North Korea can stop diverting all it’s money from it’s armed forces to actually modernising it’s country then things might change.

However it seems we are once again stuck in the 80’s. Trying to defeat a communist regime by bankrupting and starving them to submission by forcing them to spend money they don’t have on defensive measures because they are rightly paranoid of attack.

It may have worked with the USSR but North Korea has held on much longer and seems willing to let their citizens resort to eating grass or cannibalism so that it’s few resources can be spent maintaining ancient weaponry that would be wiped out immediately if any war started.

Lets just hope people our side of the divide are not fooled into war once again like we were with Iraq and Libya.

The neo-cons are probably flipping coins at the moment deciding whether to attack Iran or North Korea and propaganda like the sort we are constantly being fed at the moment about North Korea threatening to nuke us without giving us the full context is not helping at all.

Remember – find the facts out for yourself and don’t rely on the mainstream media for your nightly statements of fear.

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Send Dark examples of police brutality or ways to prevent the machine rolling over us this way!

March 5, 2013

Send Dark examples of police brutality or ways to prevent the machine rolling over us this way!

By Dark Politricks

This site is a “power to the people”, free speech, anti war on terror, anti Big Brother site that hates stupid laws and regulations and resents our subservience to supra national entities like the EU, the World Bank, the G20 and the move towards globalisation that means jobs are taken away from middle class people like ourselves and given over  to slave workers in China and India who will work for a pittance.

Our country is full of stupid laws that need repealing. There was a gleam of hope when the Liberal Democrats got into power with their much vaunted Freedom Bill but after Tory interference it was watered down to a charter against rouge car clampers.

There was no removal of the unfair extradition treaty to the US or the return to the right of silence without it being brought up in court. No repeal of anti privacy laws that allow countless agencies to enter your house without a warrant and nothing that let us protest when and how we want. Permit to Protest – you must be joking!

Our stupid drug laws fill prisons with people needing treatment not punishment before re-sending them back out to the community to rob and steal to fund their habit again.

Our NHS is a known beacon for anyone around the world wanting free and often expensive health care which we tax payers have to pay for.

And to top it off all the banksters who broke our country in half are carrying on using our pensions as casion chips for their gambling whilst we suffer with closed libraries, schools and other cuts in public services. Why are the people who had nothing to do with the economic collapse being asked to pay for it? Why are future generations being made to pay for the mistakes of the rich current generation?

Our cops are bent as a nine bob note and get away with crimes every day If it wasn’t for the rise of people carrying video cameras around with them and mobile phones many police abuses would not get noticed or recorded for us to see.

Therefore if anyone has any films of policeman acting against their mandate e.g beating people up unnecessarily or breaching their role to “protect and serve” then please send them this way so I can display them

If anyone has ideas on how we can help roll back the surveillance state being built around us then please let me know so I can share those ideas with my readers.

If people have knowledge on using computer systems without being tracked by the authorities then please let me know. Details such as using open Wi-Fi networks and proxies, removing your battery from your phone to stop being GPS/GPRS tracked, preventing iPhone and Google from storing and uploading your data to any policeman with the right tools and using block lists to bypass ISP’s that sniff P2P torrent packets to see what you are downloading. Plus using special software to super encrypt your messages without Microsofts’s back door accessing them all or just using disposable email addresses and proxy server chains to post your messages on Twitter or Facebook anonymously without being tracked. This is all valuable information.

If you have it then please let me know! I have already listed some ways to beat some tracking and logging by the authorities but much more can be done.


Also if people know of corrupt, inefficient or wasteful local government departments or councils, or members of such institutions, then please let me know who these people are and what they have done. These are people who live off our tax money.

They are there to serve us NOT themselves. I have personally written letters to MP’s and Government officials and got respones – many have been blatant lies or attempts to placate me so I will vote for them at the next election. Our government is full of crooks and career politicians.

Remember if we don’t stick together and pool our knowledge the machine will continue to roll over us until we are nothing but dust!

So send me any dirt you can find!


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Turkish fighter planes force down Syrian flight bringing the nations closer to war

October 11, 2012

Turkish fighter planes force down Syrian flight bringing the nations closer to war

By Dark Politricks

If you haven’t heard, and you probably haven’t if you are hooked into the mainstream media, tonight a Syrian plane taken Russian passengers to Damascus was intercepted by Turkish F16 planes and diverted to Ankara, Turkey.

Reports from passengers and aircrew have rang up the Russia Today news channel and claimed that they have been beaten by masked men, forced to sign papers they don’t understand and had their luggage checked.

However the BBC News report I have found makes no mention of this and as expected takes the western talking point of a legitimate “stop n search” tactic which may have prevented arms getting to the Assad regime.

Turkey is reportedly trying to stop weapons getting into Syria and the Turkish foreign minister has claimed that the passengers will be allowed to continue but luggage found on the plane will not.

However from non axis of war aligned country reports Turkey has been allowing weapons to flow to the Free Syrian Army for a long time so they are only trying to stop weapons getting to the Assad regime and not in general to lower tensions in general between both sides of the conflict.

“..because of the clear evidence that we received, we negotiated with our prime minister and decided to let the plane fly on to Syria with the passengers, but we are going to hold on to the material because of the ongoing investigation and the next steps.”

“Our investigation is continuing. Since there might be materials that were supposed to be declared but have not been, we are holding this material in our hands to continue to inspect.”

From an article on Russia Today which is telling the story at the moment.

Earlier, Davutoglu said that Ankara had received intelligence that the Syrian plane was carrying “certain equipment in breach of civil aviation rules,” but refused to comment on the presumed content.

The Turkish authorities were interested in some spare parts, which a businessman bought in Russia and was transporting to Syria, passenger Fatima Al-Saman told RT. She said they were clearly not weapons.

“They started unloading some packages. They opened them, took pictures. There were many people. We all saw what was in there. There were no weapons. You could see it with an unaided eye!” she said.

It seems that after last weeks possible false flag attack in which NATO weapons were fired from within Syria back into Turkey killing a number of Turkish citizens, it seems that the western axis of war UK/USA/France is prepared to go down the “one attack on a NATO country is an attack on all” route to get their war.

They are doing this as they have been blocked in the UN at every turn by Russia and China who want to see mediation between both sides in the conflict, and not be tricked into signing up to another UN declaration that could lead to another NATO led war like the one in Libya.

As the news channel reported.

The mortar used to attack the Turkish town of Akcakale is a design specific to NATO and was given to Syrian rebels by Ankara, according to Turkey’s Yurt newspaper. The mortar killed one adult and four children from the same family on Wednesday.

An article by the paper’s Editor-in-Chief, Merdan Yanardag, states that the newspaper received information from a reliable source, which claimed that Turkey itself sent the mortars to rebels in the so-called “Syrian Free Army.”

Turkey is a longtime member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and they’re going to act in conjunction with other NATO powers, so it’s unsurprising that this has happened,” editor of the Pan-African news wire, Abayomi Azikiwe, told RT.

If the UN route has been blocked due to Russian and Chinese vetoes in the same way the USA vetoes all votes on Israeli misconduct, assassinations, attacks on civilian populations and breaches of international law. It seems that the NATO “defense” route is the one that will be used to start the neo-cons next war in the Middle East.

I have already reported on this site how we are basically backing al-Qaeda terrorists, ex Gitmo detainees and religious fanatics that make up the various rebel groups that combine under the banner of the “Free Syrian Army” in the same way as we backed them in Libya.

Either we are so short sighted that we cannot see the mess we created by supporting the same type of people in their overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya.

A country that is currently in a huge mess, with mass executions of ex Gaddafi supporters, the torturing of prisoners, disparate rebel groups controlling different towns including an ex LIFG terrorist, Abdel Belhaj,  ruling the “armed forces” in Tripoli.

This is the same ex al-Qaeda affiliate who was tortured on MI6 orders by the USA at Guantanamo Bay and is trying to sue the British government for doing so.

We either seem to have very short memories OR we are deliberately trying to destabilize whole areas of the Middle East to weaken support for our intended “end” enemy Iran.

A war with Iran that would drive up the price of oil, cause terrorist attacks across the western world and possibly start another World War by drawing in Russia and maybe even China.

Maybe there are even Great Depression economists advising the USA/UK/French axis of war that another World War is needed to bring ourselves out of our current global depression we are suffering in the hope of repeating the economic stimulus that was the build up of the Military Industrial Complex before World War II.

Maybe they see a big war as just what the pragmatic economist doctor would order.

Plus a few million people killed in any future global war can only be a good thing for these Malthusian followers as it will decrease the population in such a way we have not had for over 50 years now.

We have “been lucky” over the centuries that every 50 years or so an economic downturn has been followed by war, death and then a generation of peace makers who try to resolve the problems that led to the last crisis.

We are now two/three generations from those who led us to destruction in World War II and we have just had another boom and bust economic crisis which only leaves the subsequent war to come along and “clean the pipes” so to speak.

We already have the formation of far right groups gaining in political power across Europe in re-action to the imposed austerity policies being implemented on their populations by the bureaucrats in Brussels and their paymasters in Germany.

If anyone hadn’t realised so far the EU has had the direct opposite effect to the one it was created for – to wrap Germany tightly into Europe and stop if from dominating the continent.

Instead Germany is now installing leaders in countries, demanding austerity measures that don’t work, job cuts, tax rises and social security cuts in return for bail out funds despite the proven fact that austerity does not lead to growth.

Plus Angela Merkel is greeted wherever she goes with Hilter salutes and hundreds of police to protect her fr0m barrages of Molotov cocktails.

  • Have a major national debt and huge deficit? Answer: Sack thousands of people and cut pay therefore reducing income tax to the treasury and increasing unemployment benefit pay outs. Reduce education and training, ensure your brightest talent leaves the country for one not undergoing “austerity measures” and hope the nations GDP just grows by magic.
  • Got a severe world food shortage? Answer: Kill the hungry.
  • No jobs for millions bankrupted by the global bankster created depression? Answer:  Send them to die fighting in foreign deserts in another unrequired war.
  • Need a major distraction to the bankster controlled global economy and the mass protest groups growing in strength in Europe and America? Answer: Start World War III to scare everyone witless and keep them distracted from the real enemies of this global Shakespearean play.

Conspiracy theory or plans being seriously considered?

I suppose it all depends on where you get your news from.

Here is an report on the plane hijacking that would definitely start a war if it had been Syria diverting a Turkish plane full of American passengers on it’s way to the USA into their airspace.

The Campaign & comparisons to real US politics

October 7, 2012

The Campaign & comparisons to real US politics

By Dark Politricks

I watched the new Will Ferrel film, “The Campaign” the other day at the cinema.

I would class it as a comedy that wasn’t far off from pure satire and if you took the jokes out you would be left with 90% political reality when it comes to US politics.

Here are just a few examples from the film that can easily be related to actual political events or people in US elections.

1. You have a real dumb stupid candidate running for office that know even less about life and reality than Christine O’Donnel – hard I know but a long debate could be had about it for sure.

2. Politicians that mention the word “Jesus” along with “Support the troops” at any opportunity just because the “crowd loves it” and it makes them look patriotic.

3. Politicians who are in that large majority of people “following” the Christian faith but don’t chose to walk in Jesus’s footsteps. Basically people who believe they can do what they want as long as when they are caught out they repent their sins and ask for forgiveness from the lord and savior  People who drink, take drugs, have sex with prostitutes or affairs and then are forgiven by a public with a very short memory. I can think of more than a few politicians that meet this criteria on both sides of the aisle.

4. The “evil” billionaire brothers (mmm wonder who they could be satirising who believe they can just “buy” a district by supporting a candidate with huge amounts of money through Super PACS and donations. A candidate who is “in their pocket” and will do whatever they want including vote how they are told if elected. I wonder how many US politicians are enslaved by their election funders wishes?

5. The brothers belief that American wages are too high whilst Chinese workers, slaving away for only 50¢’s an hour (it might have even been a day) are just about right. They want to abolish all health and safety regulations, any form of workers rights or unions, age limits and basically turn a whole US district into a Chinese sweatshop colony inside the USA. Funny in the film but when you realise that American’s don’t make anything anymore and the USA’s biggest export is rubbish to China you don’t have to stretch your mind too far to believe it could happen seeing the US is indebted to China by a huge amount of money.

There are plenty of financial commentators who believe the USA is in the process of getting the country ready for Chinese style working and living conditions and they might not be so far fetched. The police state is already implemented and any recovery in the economy is going to be service based just like Thatchers transformation of the UK in the 80’s and we now all live in an economy that can always be bettered by a country willing to work for less. A country dependent on crooks and banksters to pay the bills is in an even worse position i.e City of London & the UK.

6. Sexual shenanigans by the politician that is instantly spun into a “positive” and then forgiven by the public due to the politician being a “real gun weilding man“. There was even a poster of Will Ferrell with his arm around a picture of Jesus on a massive billboard holding a gun.

7. The threats by the billionaire brothers to drop millions of dollars of negative advertising into the distinct labeling the opponent as a Marxist and Commie just because he owned a couple of Chinese dogs! It reminded me of that attack advert on Mitt Romney where he was criticised for speaking French!

8. The smile-less, Karl Rove like character that managed the campaign from the background. Spinning bad news into good and pulling strings in the background. Don’t all political campaigns have shadowy figures or people that “make things happen” and “clean up” after their candidates nowadays?

9. The Dick Cheney like incident in which one politician shot the other after he slept with his wife on a hunt and actually received a bump in the polls for doing so.

10. The electronic voting machines that were owned by the brothers company and insinuated that the vote had been fixed “their way” because of hacking. Computer hacking that has been proven again and again by the hacking of Diebold voting machines used in swing states like Ohio in recent elections.

Oh there were so many satirical comparisons that could be made you could go on forever but I would suggest to anyone that it is a good excuse to watch a funny film and just count those comparisons for yourself.

As they say Satire is often the truest way of seeing the idiocy of politics and politicians.

Why are fighting on the same side as our mortal enemy al-Qaeda?

February 19, 2012

By Dark Politricks

As the war in Libya showed and our recent calls for “tough action” and support of the Syrian rebels proves we in the west have no compunction about fighting our mortal enemy al-Qaeda in one part of the world and joining with it to fight others in the Middle East.

It seems that our moral hypocrisy knows no bounds or maybe it’s because the conspiracy theorists are true for once and al-Qaeda really is al-CIAduh and just a database a of disposable western intelligence assets that are used to stir up trouble in places we wish to “save”. Before plundering the natural resources of course.

Don’t you find it strange that the same people who we started a decade of war for. The people we threw away hundreds of years of hard won liberties and lost the moral authority we so lauded by debasing ourselves through the use of torture, indefinite detention and extraordinary rendition – are our allies in two recent conflicts?

Maybe someone in authority or the mainstream can’t do basic maths and see 2 + 2 as 5, but I can do basic maths and something doesn’t add up when our mortal enemy is our also our ally when it suits us.

Libya like Iraq is suffering a worst fate than it ever faced before our “interventions” with rapes, summary executions, crackdowns on journalists, and militias roaming the streets unwilling to give up their western gifts of guns, RPG’s and other assorted weaponry.

The head of the militia who controls Tripoli is an “ex” LIFG terrorist who is currently in the process of suing MI6 for facilitating his torture at the hands of the Americans for being linked to al-Qaeda. Despite his well known terrorist links he was still helped by the west to other throw Col Gadaffi’s regime.

Now we hear that the head of al-Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahri, has urged Syrians not to rely on the West or Arab governments in their uprising to topple President Bashar Assad.

“Wounded Syria still bleeds day after day, while the butcher, son of the butcher Bashar bin Hafiz (Hafez Assad), is not deterred to stop,” Zawahri, wearing his white turban and seated against a green curtain, said.

“But the resistance of our people in Syria despite all the pain, sacrifice and bloodshed escalates and grows,” he added.

A Muslim should help “his brothers in Syria with all that he can, with his life, money, opinion, as well as information,” Zawahri says.

With reports of Libyan rebels already fighting the Assad forces in Syria it is not too much of a leap to suggest that the same terrorist linked rebels NATO supported in Libya are already being funded and supported on the down low by the West despite last weeks UN vote which Russia and China blocked for good reason.

In fact we already have the UK and French Prime Ministers, who were lauded as heroes in Libya only months ago, meeting to discuss ways they can help the Syrian insurgency. And the USA has met with Syria’s neighbour Turkey to discuss ways of providing humanitarian and other support for the Syrians fighting Assad’s regime.

So whilst Russia and China have been busy meeting President Assad and calling for dialogue and a ceasefire on both sides to resolve the conflict it seems that the West is happy to let the chaos continue until it gets so bad intervention is inevitable.

The Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun yesterday called for an immediate end to the violence by all sides in the 11-month-old conflict and the Chinese state news authority highlighted that China was “deeply concerned by the escalating crisis and wanted the government and various political factions in the country to end all acts of violence against civilians”.

The Russians who also voted against the UN resolution due to it’s wording that they felt was too one sided and didn’t call for an end to the violence from the Syrian rebels but only the Assad regime also called for a ceasefire from both sides. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the following:

“In order to deploy a peacekeeping mission, you need the agreement of the receiving side,” he said.

“In other words, you need to agree something resembling a ceasefire. But the problem is that the armed groups that are fighting the Syrian regime do not answer to anyone and are not controlled by anyone.”

I guess the west don’t see it that way from the mainstream news reports who paint  the protesters as nothing more than peaceniks who only march, chant and hold placards in the air whilst being mowed down by Assad’s well armed military. Instead they are actually well armed rebels from a number of factions including al-Qaeda and other militant groups who have killed hundreds if not thousands of people on their own including many civilians and soldiers.

We are not witnessing a group of pacifists being massacred in Syria we are watching a civil war from afar in which news reports cannot be verified and truth is intermingled with lies and propaganda from both sides.

However much we may hate the scenes we are watching on TV we must realise that just like Libya we are witnessing a civil war and if the same were occurring in our own countries with major towns and cities taken over and controlled by rebels armed by other countries we would probably be doing the same as Assad if not worse. I can only imagine how the US army would re-act if a rebel group fully took over the city of Los Angeles.

Of course President Assad is a dictator and a tyrant and I have no love for him however he is being painted this way by the west who were only a few years ago calling him a great reformer. When we are on the same side as al-Qaeda we need to sit back and think whether we are doing the right thing by arming rebels linked to them.

We should definitely be following Russia and China’s call for a ceasefire on both sides rather than ratcheting up the pressure in a region that is already at boiling point.

Is our own moral hypocrisy at the UN preventing real action on Syria from taking place?

February 5, 2012

By Dark Politricks

As most people will know waking up today to the morning newspapers and TV shows yesterday saw both a massacre in the Syrian city of Homs and a vote at the UN which was vetoed by both Russia and China which condemned the Assad regime.

The attack on the city of Homs was blamed by many mainstream and pro western news outlets as being an attack by government forces which the Assad regime denies claiming that many of the dead displayed in TV pictures were:

“dead … civilians, including images of satellite broadcast television networks, were people who kidnapped and killed by gunmen,”

and that the aim behind the propaganda was to influence the upcoming vote at the UN through a “hysterical campaign of incitement” by armed gangs – Sana News Agency.

Was it just a co-incidence that the massacre in Homs occurred just before an important Security Council UN vote on the worsening situation in Syria or did the Syrian government know that the Russians and Chinese would veto any vote no matter how villanous it acted in the preceeding days?

Did it really want the worlds condemnation and a billion fingers pointed it’s way at the very same time the whole world was looking at the UN’s vote on it’s behaviour?

Maybe a cynic would claim that the massacre was a way to “persuade” the Russians and Chinese who have been negotiating the wording of the bill for most of the week to vote with the rest of the security council.

If they vetoed the bill it would make them look like the bad guys they are currently being painted as by the western media and if they abstained then the resolution would pass. Maybe the attack in Homs was a helpful reminder to urge them to “do the right thing” so to speak.

The USA and UK who have been pushing for a hard stance to be taken against Syria in the UN certainly didn’t waste any time in attacking the Russian and Chinese decision to veto their resolution with the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice claiming that Washington was “disgusted” with the vetoes and the British ambassador to the U.N. Mark Lyall Grant saying that Russia and China have turned their backs on the Arab world to support tyranny.

Russia said the resolution was biased and would promote “regime change” and the wording of the resolution undoubtedly bears this out as it urged Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to give up power. The Russians have declared all week in pre-vote talks that they want to see an end to the conflict but in a way that does place blame on either the Assad regime or the Saudi/Western backed rebels/terrorists fighting it.

Whatever the truth behind the Homs attack it is clear that the UN is nothing more than a worthless institution that is used by all sides to push forward their own foreign policy objectives.

Not only has the UN been used by Western nations to allow wars such as those in Iraq and Lybia to go ahead with some sense of legitimacy it has long been used by certain powers such as the USA with Israel and seemingly Russia with Syria, to allow countries they are allied with to carry on unimpeded with internal acts that many across the world would like to see stopped.

It cannot be stated enough that we in the West have lost much of any moral superiority we might have liked to believe we carried through our own hypocrisy. This has seen us point the finger at undoubtedly nasty regimes and the acts carried out by them, but at the same time either carrying out those same acts ourselves or allowing allies to do the very same things we condemn in others.

The last ten years have seen our war on terror diminish much of our moral standing in the world by:

  • Allowing the 9.11 attacks, which were cooked up in Germany and the US and carried out by mainly Saudi Arabians to be used a pretext for a decade of war on other, poorer countries.
  • Using the same attacks as justification for extraordinary rendition of suspects, literally kidnapped off the streets of many cities including those in Europe and bundled off to black site jails to be tortured or killed.
  • Buying prisoners off warlords and groups many countries would not hesitate in labeling as “terrorist” in nature, many of which who had no links to al-Qaeda or the Taliban and treating them the same as enemy soldiers caught in combat. Some of these purchases still remain in Gitmo prison today helping fuel any recruitment drive by those that already hate us.
  • Attacking countries such as Iran, Egypt, Libya and Syria for suppressing protesters and critics of  the regime whilst allowing allies such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to carry out the same brutal crack downs whilst all the time selling arms to them.
  • Lecturing countries such as China and Iran for their police state nature whilst at the same implementing a similar regime step by step at home. From Internet Censorship to the police forcefully crushing all forms of dissent and free speech we have seen the USA slowly morph from the home of the free to one in which your door can be knocked down at any time and you could join fellow orange jump-suited prisoners at Gitmo.
  • Through acts like the NDAA and the very un-patriotic PATRIOT ACT. Forever a misnomer of Orwellian proportions if ever one existed, the cogs of oppression have slowly turned the screws on the American citizenry rendering their Bill of Rights and Constitution almost worthless.

And many more misdeeds could be listed as well which have tainted the declining sole super-powers image as leader of the “free” world in the eyes of many.

However when it comes to the UN, the USA’s insistence on using it’s veto power to protect it’s ally, friend and often political paymaster Israel from facing any censure or punishment for the many acts it has carried out on the Palestinian people has undermined any, if not all of the sentiment carried in Susan’s Rice disgust at the recent Russians veto on Syria.

From Operation Cast Lead to the war in Lebanon and it’s policy of targeted assassination which at times included US citizens as well as Hamas and Hezbollah members to the recent attempt by Palestine to gain statehood – there have been many UN resolutions tabled and voted on which had the aim of reigning in Israeli excesses and human rights abuses.

Those “excesses” included the Goldstone Report into the Gaza war that left over a 1,400 people dead, many of which were women and children. Operation Cast Lead also saw the illegal use of banned weapons including white phosphorus in densely populated civilian areas as well as summary executions and the international crime of targeting a civilian population who had no-where to hide.

Even though much of the international community were outraged at these attacks the political ties that bind Israel and the USA together insured that no action was taken, and even saw the US Congress almost unite in attacking the report as biased and anti-Israeli slander.

So for the USA to attack to Russia is hypocrisy in the very least and no matter how much we may despise the Assad regime it is clear that Russia is trying to prevent another UN excuse for a “no fly zone” such as the one they were cajouled into supporting in Libya last year.

They already feel let down by their support for that resolution which was supposed to ensure Gaddafi couldn’t use it’s air force to attack his citizens but instead turned into an excuse for regime change and the chaos which we are now seeing. This organised chaos includes extra judicial executions, rape and torture by the rebels and terrorists we have helped to install in power after using NATO air-power to other-throw the previous Gaddafi regime.

There is no doubt Russia has close ties with Syria and with its naval base on the Mediterranean at Tartus it would not like to see a post Assad regime installed that may be less stable than the current one as in post dictatorship Iraq or  Libya. They also don’t want to lose an important ally and arms purchaser.

There is also no question that China and Russia both like to stay out of other countries internal affairs and have always shy’ed away from supporting UN resolutions that have supported wars or regime change and often Western foreign policy objectives at the same time.

However the key point to remember is that we in the west have to realise that we are no longer in any position to take the moral high ground when it comes to lecturing others on their global positions and any UN votes backing those positions.

If we are to lecture others on their failings and their lack of support in respect to human rights or their authoritarian regimes we must be whiter than white ourselves and hold and keep the same respect for human rights we demand so often in others.

Most of all we must not be hypocritical when it comes to UN votes by using the veto so often ourselves to protect allies like Israel. In doing so we have lost all moral legitimacy to attack other nations when they do the same for their own allies.

I hope the people of Syria manage to find a solution to their internal problems that doesn’t remain so bloody and violent in nature but I also wish other nations would stop meddling in the affairs of others. We would do well to take our own advice sometimes.

God damn those Republican candidates are scary!

November 24, 2011

By Dark Politricks

Watching any of the many, many, Republican debates lately has been a very scary thing to behold.

Not only has Ron Paul appeared the most sane, logical and most knowledgeable compared to the rest of the candidates. He appears to be one of the few
who we can be guaranteed as a world not to have more wars if elected.

That is if he isn’t brought into a side room on inauguration day and shown some old compromising pictures or told that certain people have “information” about him likely to hugely embarrass him. This is what I suspect has happened with many recent presidents who have all had drug, drink, womanising and gay sex scandals to hide from the public. However for some reason when I look at Ron Paul I doubt he has the same history as either the incumbent or the last drug and drink addled President.

It seems the other candidates all are just itching to please their paymasters (I wonder who they could be) and just get stuck into Iran, Russia even China.

Can you even imagine what a war with China or Russia would be like? It would be nuclear Armageddon.

And a war with Iran would be no better, possibly drawing in other countries and embedding the US in the Middle East until their empire crumbles into dust and the Chinese rise to centre stage.

The Russians are already saying that if the USA does not give them legally binding commitments about their proposed missile defense system which basically is going
to be set up in positions that are obviously circling their country, that they will have no option but to come up with defense mechanisms to target and destroy any US system that is installed.

Any logical and historically knowledgeable person would know that the Russians have every right to be suspicious of western intention having had their country invaded numerous times in the last couple of centuries from Napoleon to Hitler.

They can only see themselves being encircled again by this US proposal and any Russian would be worried. This is why they have tried so hard to come up with a joint missile defense plan instead. Something which has been rejected time and again which can only add to any Russian suspicion.

If the USA really has no desire to attack Russia then a joint plan would be advisable anyway seeing that Russian missile technology seems to be *cough* quite good – from their super sonic Sunburn anti-aircraft carrier missiles to their modern versions that are apparently able to beat any anti missile system around.

Even their half century old Soyuz rockets are now the only option available to take US astronauts into space after they ended their shuttle operation and even their 70’s designed anti-aircraft missile system the S-300 has a range far superior to that of the much more modern US Patriot system.

Whether any of this technology will be used against the USA is anyone’s guess as the Russian’s have refused to sell their most sophisticated systems to western nations preferring to sell them to China and reportedly Iran.

Therefore to hear GOP candidates sabre rattling against these countries only make those of us who have even the slightest awareness of the possible dangers very scared indeed.

I am only thankful that Sarah Palin hasn’t put her hat in the race as I can only imagine what kind of things she would have said during the GOP foreign policy debates.

The only candidate that makes any sense at all is Ron Paul.

For the media establishment to cut his air time, mask and even hide his multiple winning straw poll numbers and try to discredit him at every opportunity as a “no hoper” only does the world at large a disservice.

I only hope that if he doesn’t get the GOP candidacy he stands as an independent, on a libertarian ticket or even with his friend Dennis Kucinich as a left/right constitutionalist combo ticket.

This combination of left and right would draw the very politically divided USA together by joining both liberals and conservatives who don’t want endless war, attacks on their liberty at home, an end to the FED and restore respect for the constitution together for once. I can only dream….

China suspends military ties with US

January 30, 2010

Press TV
Saturday, January 30th, 2010

China suspends military exchanges with the US and threatens to impose sanctions on US arms companies over a Washington decision to sell weapons to Taiwan.

China’s Defense Ministry suspended military exchange visits with the US, saying the suspension was “in consideration of the serious harm and impacts [of the 6.4-billion-dollar US-Taiwan arms deal] on Sino-US military relations.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry also threatened to impose sanctions on US firms that sell weapons to Taiwan amid straining relations between Washington and Beijing.

“China will also impose corresponding sanctions on US companies that engage in weapons sales to Taiwan,” the ministry said on Saturday.

“The United States must be responsible for the serious repercussions if it does not immediately reverse the mistaken decision to sell Taiwan weapons,” Chinese deputy Foreign Minister He Yafei told the US ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman.

The arms sale includes Black Hawk helicopters, Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles, mine hunter ships and information technology.

US Congress has 30 days to comment before the plan goes forward. Lawmakers traditionally have supported such sales.

Saturday’s measure is the second such suspension, since the former Bush administration in 2008 announced a multibillion-dollar arms sale to Taiwan.

Relations between the two countries have been strained as President Barack Obama plans to meet with the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet, later this year.

More complications could affect President Hu Jintao’s expected visit to the US this year, as well as talks on human rights that Obama and Hu had agreed to continue, a Press TV correspondent reported.

What to Do with China?

January 26, 2010

Doug Bandow
Campaign For Liberty
Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The U.S. is the world’s dominant power. Nevertheless, some Americans see China as a serious security threat. They want to use Beijing as a justification for raising the military budget even further.

It’s a foolish policy that could end up getting the U.S. into an unnecessary war.

Earlier this year Adm. Robert F. Willard, head of the U.S. Pacific Command, testified that China’s military build-up was “aggressive” and appeared to be “designed to challenge U.S. freedom of action in the region.” It was a dramatic example of chutzpah of the sort routinely engaged in by Washington officials.

Look around the world. The U.S. accounts for almost half of the world’s military outlays. America spends several times as much as much as Beijing on the military. The U.S. is the only nation which has global reach. Washington has scattered hundreds of thousands of troops on hundreds of installations worldwide. Many are deployed along China’s border.Washington is the most important participant in every leading military alliance from Asia to Europe. Occupation forces remain on station in Iraq. Washington is expanding the war in Afghanistan. Only American officials circle the globe telling other peoples how to run their countries.

When Adm. Willard talks about preserving America’s “freedom of action in the region,” he means maintaining Washington’s ability to attack the People’s Republic of China. Whether it is good for the U.S. government to possess such power is not clear. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” famously warned Lord Acton. He didn’t exempt America from the operation of his aphorism. However, whether it’s good or not doesn’t matter. Washington’s dominance is going to fade. With a $12 trillion national debt, annual deficits exceeding $1 trillion, and $107 trillion in unfunded liabilities, Washington cannot afford to forever spend as much as the rest of the world on the military. Especially when defense is so much cheaper than offense. No country has an ability to harm the U.S. other than Russia and China, which possess (smaller and much smaller, respectively) arsenals of nuclear-tipped ICBM’s. Terrorists also are a threat, but aren’t in the same category as nuclear war.

Washington’s ability to attack other nations requires not just ICBM’s, but also air wings, carrier groups, armored divisions, and more. Lots of them. Enough of them to overwhelm the defenders. The PRC isn’t busy building carrier groups — one carrier appears to be on the drawing board, but the current America-China balance is eleven-zero. Instead,Beijing is acquiring missiles and submarines which can sink American carriers. The PRC also is developing anti-satellite weapons and other asymmetric warfare capabilities. These weapons aren’t cheap, but they are a lot cheaper than what the U.S. is buying and doing. Even today, war with Beijing would be a nightmare. A conflict with nuclear-armed China would be very different than America’s other recent military opponents: Afghanistan, Grenada, Haiti, Iraq (twice), Panama, and Serbia. In a few years such a war would be indescribably worse.

But there’s another reason to avoid conflict with China. This fantastic and fascinating nation of 1.3 billion people has the potential to become a free society. Many barriers remain to such a transformation. The government in Beijing is authoritarian, recently tightening internet censorship and imprisoning human rights activists. Social unrest, ethnic division, and financial overextension all could lead to crisis. Nationalism is a very powerful impulse, even among the modernizing young. Democracy may be very long in coming. Yet it is impossible to visit the PRC without feeling respect for the present and hope for the future. China has come far fast. Part of that obviously is economic.

The PRC remains poor — estimates of its per capita income run between $3200 and $3300 annually, putting it around 100 out of nearly 200 nations. (Purchasing power parity yields about $6000, though China’s relative ranking remains about the same.) Nevertheless, economic growth has been dramatic, and over the last three decades hundreds of millions of people have escaped immiserating poverty. That is an enormous moral good. If the PRC continues on its present course, prosperity will spread to more and more people. Throughout most of China’s history, life has been, in the words of philosopher Thomas Hobbes, “poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” For Chinese today that is finally changing. Moreover, the PRC has become much freer in recent decades. Not free, of course. But compare China today to Mao Zedong’s China. For instance, the Cultural Revolution was a time of political madness, in which Mao triggered a xenophobic near-civil war. Tens of millions of people died during Mao’s rule.

Today, the Chinese people increasingly enjoy the sort of personal autonomy that Americans have come to expect. The economy is increasingly private; the independent sector is expanding. Even religious liberty is advancing, though inconsistently and slowly. Decisions over everything from career to marriage have gone from political acts to personal choice. The dramatic changes in the PRC and the country’s great potential become particularly evident to Westerners when they visit China. Go to Beijing orShanghai, which I’ve visited several times, and you’d think you were in any major American or European city. It’s not just the tall buildings, but the active, busy, and energetic people. I recently returned from a conference in Shenyang, a large city in Manchuria, in China’s northeast. Once viewed as part of the PRC’s rustbelt, Shenyangappears to be participating in China’s rapid economic growth. But more impressive to me is the relatively free personal life that I observed. In traditional communist systems politics was never far behind. From public symbols to personal relations, politics is everything. That is to be expected in societies where expressing the wrong sentiment about the wrong idea or politician can result in imprisonment or death.

In China there’s little public evidence of communism. There’s no dictatorial personality cult. There’s no sense that someone is listening in to your conversations. Business and travel are generally free. No one demands your papers or asks where you are going — even foreigners. Computers and cell phones are widely available; car ownership is increasingly common. People engage in a cat and mouse game with the censorship authorities over internet access. Personal interaction also is relatively uninhibited. People are friendly and open. They want a better world for their families just like we do for ours.

None of these change the fact that China is not free. And as much as we can hope for a freer PRC in the future, a number of nations, such as Russia, have been moving backward in recent days. Predicting China’s future is not for the faint-hearted. There’s reason for the U.S. to be watchful and wary when dealing with a growing PRC. But the two nations have no reason to come into conflict. China will inevitably grow more influential, especially in East Asia; the U.S. will inevitably see its dominance fade, starting in East Asia. Such a loss of influence might be painful, but not critical. America will remain essentially secure even if Washington no longer dominates every continent in every way.
The most foolish policy would be to treat the PRC as an enemy and the Chinese as enemies. That would guarantee precisely the result which Washingtonwants to avoid, whether the PRC remains authoritarian or becomes democratic. It is time for the U.S. to become a normal country again. Washington’s duty is to protect Americans, not order around everyone else on earth. If U.S.policymakers don’t recognize reality on their own, the Chinese are the first of many other peoples likely to force Americans to learn this lesson.

China has ‘open mind’ about cause of climate change

January 25, 2010

Dean Nelson
London Telegraph
Monday, January 25th, 2010

China’s most senior climate change official surprised a summit in India when he questioned whether global warming is caused by carbon gas emissions and said Beijing is keeping an “open mind”.

Xie Zhenhua was speaking at a summit between the developing world’s most powerful countries, India, Brazil, South Africa and China, which is now the largest emitter of carbon dioxide, the gas believed to be responsible for climate change.

The four countries have joined forces to intensify pressure on the United States and Europe to fulfil promises to cut their emissions and give more than $10 billion (£6.2 billion) to those countries worst affected by climate change by the end of this year.

Environment ministers from the four countries voiced their frustration at the US for failing to lead the way with carbon emission reductions despite being responsible for much of the emissions most scientists believe to be the cause of global warming.

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