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Our lovely police protecting and serving

January 3, 2014

Our lovely police protecting and serving

By Dark Politricks

To go alongside my festive Metropolitan Policeman’s Christmas Card from last year I thought I would print this lovely picture that I just saw on Google+.

Policeman - Ready to serve and protect
Stop Moving Bitch I’m Here To Serve And Protect

Obviously photo’s like this do nothing to help the already stained image of our police force.  An unarmed woman is chased by a Robocop suited angry cop waving his baton in a striking motion.

I am sure the woman has just asked this friendly cop where the nearest public toilets were or if he could help her find her lost puppy.

It just had to be something horrible like that to cause such a violent response in the policeman.

I just cannot think of anything that would have enraged this cop so much that he would try and attack her in such a way that could permanently damage her depending on if and where the baton struck her. Those extendable metal truncheons hurt you a lot if you get hit by them. If you get hit round the head you could possibly die from the blow as many people have.

Ian Tomlinson an innocent bystander in the 2009 G20 protests in London was hit around the legs by a cop with such a truncheon and he shortly died afterwards from a heart attack.

The inquest into his death found that he had been unlawfully killed. The policeman who had hit him Simon Harwood was charged with manslaughter and was dismissed by the Metropolitan Police for gross misconduct. The Metropolitan Police settled a civil action by Tomlinson’s family by issuing a formal apology for its “use of excessive and unlawful force” against Tomlinson, and agreed to pay an undisclosed sum in compensation.

I have to ask what possible act could this lady have done to enrage a policeman so much that he thought it was necessary to chase and attack her with an extendable metal truncheon?

It’s probably standard operating procedures for our now police state enforcers. Dare to defy the overlords and face the consequences serfs!

This is the photo the police were sending round to each other as “a joke” which obviously got released to the public so that we could see the funny sense of humour our policemen have.

Serve and Protect or Beat and Bet Corrupt?

Metropolitan Policeman - Here To Help
Last years UK Metropolitan Police’s Christmas Card

View the original Our Police Serving and Protecting article at


Facebook Celebrate Maggie Thatchers Death with a Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead Number One Song Request!

April 11, 2013

Facebook Celebrate Maggie Thatchers Death with a Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead Number One Song Request!

By Dark Politricks

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

At the news of the death of Margaret Thatcher my country was instantly split between those who had remembered life under her during the 80’s and those who probably went “who?”. However even the second group of people took the chance to party and riot like good little Englanders all around the country.

For those of us old enough to remember her and her governments time in office it was a choice between respectful mourning of a great Prime Minister, whether or not you agreed with her policies, or a chance to celebrate the death of someone who had brought great misery to large parts of the country.

For those people living outside the South East of England during the 80’s it was a time in which skilled workers lost their jobs and the only replacements were service based such as IT, Sales, Marketing and other forms of employment that someone without a degree could move to unless they wanted to serve burgers in McDonalads or say “Hello” and “Goodbye” at the local B&Q.

The rest of Europe used to call the UK the “sick man of Europe” during the end of the 70’s and it was a time of 3 day working weeks, power cuts, IMF bailouts and rubbish piled sky high and left in the street for rats to fester in due to regular militant union action.

Maggie Thatcher came into power in 1979 determined to smash the power of the unions and she did so using new laws and the strikes led by Arthur Scargill and the National Union of Mineworkers during their famous strike of 1984 to 1985.

Scargill whose wife on news of Thatchers death called her “evil”, claimed that the government had a long-term strategy to destroy the mining industry by closing unprofitable pits, and that it listed pits it wanted to close each year. Although the Government denied this at the time it didn’t stop the massive strike action that led to famous battles such as those at Hatfield and Hunterston between miners and soldiers dressed up as policemen where blood was shed on both sides.

Although Arthur Scargil was a communist sympathiser and had links to the Soviet Union at the time; quoted as saying that “the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin explained the real world“. He was demonised by the Tory press and ultimately failed in his attempt to stop Thatcher shutting down the mines.

This led to the wastelands of the North that weren’t put right until very recently and whole towns were put on the dole. The cost to the taxpayer that came from the huge unemployment in these towns with the social ills related to it far outweighed any subsidy that would have been needed to keep the mines open and proud men in work, paying tax and supporting their families through hard work.

Although the Miners strikes were held during a time in which there was a real choice in UK politics, between those people who wanted real left or right wing policies, and had their parties to vote for that upheld those views.

With Labour on the left and the Conservatives on the right. The era of Maggie Thatcher led to the rise of the neo-Thatcherite, Tony Blair, who once elected as leader of the Labour Party took it to the centre ground and abolished a major part of it’s core belief i.e clause 4.

Clause 4 of Labour’s constitution committed the party to nationalisation (or re-nationalisation) of the key industries and utilities.

As Thatcher was privatising everything she could, even at rock bottom prices. There was still hope for those people who believed state built industries such as the railway should be owned and run by the state for the benefit of the people NOT private shareholders.

We can all see what a mess the railways have become with ever increasing price rises due to the lack of any “real” competition. Can someone tell me how can two competing train companies run trains on the same line at the same time? If not then how would privatising the industry have any hope of bringing fares down due to competition between competing companies?

Tony Blair is even quoted as saying that:

Well, Margaret Thatcher is perhaps the politician I have the greatest admiration for. I am reading her memoirs at the moment.”

Not exactly the thing someone who is supposed to be your opponent across the political sphere would say.

Especially about the one person who probably did the most to change UK politics in the last 30 years and remove all “socialist” tendencies from your own party – a party that was supposed to be socialist and pro-trade union in nature when it was founded!

Then again there are rumours from ex MI5 agents, including the well known whistle-blower David Shaylerthat Tony Blair himself was an MI5 informant who was recruited at University to spy on the very left wing radicals he pretended to be part of.

If true was it any surprise that his rise to the top of the Labour party was so quick and that once he became leader he quickly removed any semblance of socialism from it?

These were the same industries that Thatcher was busy privatising and whilst her policies put many people out of work it also modernised many UK industries and gave the UK an advantage over it’s European allies, many of which still have nationalised industries to this day. However although many people remember her as being euro-sceptic it was her government that signed the Maastricht Treaty and pushed the UK further into the hold of the European Union that controls much of our law and life to this day.

Tony Blair‘s reformation of Labour into “New Labour” led the party to multiple electoral victories but it also ended any real choice in UK politics as all major parties are now based in the centre ground fighting over small changes to very similar policies.

The only real choice comes from voting for smaller parties like UKIPthe Green Party, Arthur Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party or any other smaller parties which take polarising views on how the economy should work and society should be run.

Views from total liberalisation, freedom, total state control and even communism. Political Parties like this are too small to gain national traction and they create a massive disenfranchisement of the UK voting populace, many of whom show their frustration at the big 3 by refusing to vote at all.

However, whether you loved her or hated her Maggie Thatcher was one of the most dominant personalities in UK politics over the last few decades and her death has been marked by sadness as well as parties.

For example, on news that Thatcher had died multiple parties broke out all across the UK from Scotland to Brighton people took a chance to celebrate and sing the song “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!”

From the Guardian.

From Glasgow to London and Brighton and cops were injured and arrests made as protesters held street parties in cities across the UK.

Brixton party celebrating Margaret Thatcher's death
Riot police clear people at a street party celebrating Margaret Thatcher‘s death in Brixton, south LONDON. Photograph: P. Nutt/Demotix/Corbis

From the Guardian

One officer was taken to hospital and five others were injured in clashes in Bristol after a street party turned violent. A man was arrested after revellers refused to leave the street party, and threw cans and bottles at police, according to Avon and Somerset police. A police vehicle was damaged and an officer remains in hospital. His injuries are not thought to be serious.

Police said the group “refused requests to peacefully disperse”, leading to the use of shields and batons by officers. A spokeswoman said police received a number of calls from residents about the party.

She said party-goers were “throwing stuff around and starting fires” before police arrived.

Thatcher party brixton
People celebrate in Brixton. Photograph: George Henton/Barcroft Media

In Brixton, south London, people gathered from around 5.30pm in Windrush Square and by nightfall had attracted about 200 protesters after a party was announced on Facebook. The Ritzy cinema was festooned in banners, with the now showing sign rearranged to spell out “Margaret Thatcher dead“. One banner read: “Rejoice, Thatcher is dead.” Others chanted: “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, dead, dead, dead.”

thatcher party George Square in Glasgow
Revellers spray a bottle of champagne at George Square in Glasgow. Photograph: David Moir/Reuters

In Leeds a group gathered to hand out “Thatcher’s dead cake“, singing and cheering at one of several street parties. In this footage from a man is seen chanting ‘If you all hate Thatcher clap your hands‘ into a megaphone.

While in Liverpool, where many reviled Thatcher for her role in the closure of the city’s docks and her perceived role and views on the Hillsborough disaster, there was a gathering lit by red flares on the steps of Lime street station. Police said they had not been called to any disturbances in the city related to the former prime minister’s death.

Around 300 people gathered in Glasgow’s George Square which experienced highly charged poll tax protests in 1989, after the introduction of one of Thatcher’s most divisive measures. Revellers wore party hats, and popped a bottle of champagne while streamers were thrown into the sky.

Groups such as the Communist party, the Socialist party, the Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation and the International Socialist Group were joined by members of the public. Martin Chomsky, the lead singer of Chomsky Allstars, performed his song So Long Margaret Thatcher in George Square.

“There are mixed emotions. I was never brought up to celebrate anyone’s death but the pain she brought to Latin America, Europe and around the world should be remembered,” he said.

“I would rather that Thatcherism was dead because she is mostly to blame for what is going on today. She is responsible, but not solely, for the massive gap between the rich and the poor.”

Anti-Thatcher protesters gathered at Trafalgar Square in London.
Anti-Thatcher protesters gathered at Trafalgar Square in London. Photograph: Sang Tan/AP

In Derry and Belfast, there were republican celebrations. In one incident in Derry a petrol bomb was thrown at a passing police patrol near Free Derry Corner during a street party. In the Falls Road area of west Belfast, car horns were sounded and champagne bottles cracked open as hundreds gathered to wave flags and chant.

In Trafalgar Square, central London, champagne bottles were passed around as people celebrated, while a Facebook group is calling for another celebration in Trafalgar Square on Saturday from 6pm.

separate campaign has been launched to make Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead reach No1 in the music charts.

View the full Guardian report at The Guardian

View the Facebook protest page to make Ding, Dong The Witch Is Dead No 1 in the UK Charts this week on Facebook.

View the original article “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead – Parties thrown at news of Thatchers death” at the main site

Just a few of the things we have done wrong in the last ten years

September 22, 2012

By Dark Politicks

Things we have done wrong in the last ten years – a very short list but one I thought was important.

As I am from the UK I am going to criss cross between both countries as ours basically has it’s head halfway up the USA’s arse anyway.

1. Elected George Bush a 2nd time.

2. Elected Obama a first time.

3. Let both Presidents bankrupt the country through tax cuts for the rich, never ending wars, bailouts to the banks instead of prison sentences. Imagine all the money you would save by not having hundreds of military bases all around the world, the largest defence budget in history (one that has tripled in recent years), thousands of nuclear missiles that will probably never be used when a few would be enough for deterrent purposes (if you believe in that) and a massive army, navy and air force.

4. Letting billionaires con you into thinking that they have “your best interests at heart” by giving them MORE tax cuts and bailouts and giving you less working rights including less pay and more working hours, worse living conditions, worse health and safety, less benefits, more pollution and so on etc.

5. Letting the same people trick you into believing you are standing up to government by funding astro turf groups to promote Ayn Rand ideas – as Paul Ryan admitted at the GOP conference. Ideas that many economists say are linked to a laissez faire capitalism that has been blameed for derivatives, credit default swaps, banks lending too much and the global financial collapse of 2008 and the lack of punishment afterwards. Also Ideas that many say go against Christian beliefs. Are you really a Christian or do you just like those “I love Jesus” bumper stickers.

6. Letting the powers that be divide and conquer you through their own groups and infiltration of real grass root movements like the original Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. If you could only see that many of the same ideas cross over between the protest groups and start electing intelligent people to congress instead of dumbo’s like Michele Bachmann. People who will actually stick up for your constituency rather than do the usual walk through the steps of Congress for the first time and become a Lobbyist target, donation collecting, champagne drinking, party goer who follows their colour of the political line and not champions of the consciences of the people who elected them.

7. Going to war with Iraq. What a pointless waste of time, life and money. It was a distraction from Afghanistan, led to Abu Ghraib and tortureWikiLeaks releasing massacres caught on tape, Blackwater/Xe killing people in public streets, daily car bombs, religious infighting and the breakup of a government structure just to rebuild it from scratch BADLY. George Bush said before becoming President he would go to war with Iraq to get enough political capital to introduce all the reforms he wanted, cuts to social security, tax cuts etc – instead he ended his Presidency with a bankrupt country on the edge of financial meltdown – not something an incomer like Obama would have wanted to come into power with.

8. Labour turning the UK into the most surveilled nation in the world and destroying civil liberties, removing the right of silence without prejudice, trying to introduce national ID cards, curtailing the rights of protesters, allowing 30+ agencies and councils to enter a person home through the RIPA act and introducing the most unfair and unbalanced UK/US extradition treaty – one which we are still fighting to repeal for people like Gary McKinnon.

9. Believing both the Tories and the Liberal Democrats who said they would repeal all these disgraceful acts, especially the Liberal Democrats with their “Freedom Bill” which I supported them in the recent election for but once they brought it to parliament as the Protection of Freedoms Bill it was watered down so much it was mostly irrelevant and pointless.

10. Labour leaving the new government with so much debt and such a big deficit the coalition had to introduce plans that many Tories probably secretly wished to have a chance to do for many years such as roll back public services, destroy our social safety net, try to privatise the NHS, and again give tax cuts to the rich. All in the failed idea that trickle down economics works rather than give money directly to consumers who would spend it and let it trickle up for once! Plus they could blame it on the Lib Dems! In fact they left us in such a mess the outgoing treasury minister Liam Byrne left a message on his successors desk saying “Dear chief secretary, I’m afraid to tell you there’s no money left”

11. Gordon Brown selling off 12.7 million ounces of gold at rock bottom prices and at the worst time possible. Guido Fawkes has worked out that this would have made 63.5 million gold medals for the recent London Olympics. At least we clawed a few ounces back with #TeamGB doing so well.

12. Labour introducing the Private Finance Initiatives scheme which meant private companies entered into contracts with the government over long time periods and built much needed schools and hospitals but then charged the government masses of money over time. We got our spanking new buildings quickly but pay through our noses for long periods of time in return. Maybe some of Gordon’s gold could have helped pay for these.

13. Governments across the globe thinking that huge computer systems are the solution to every problem. From the NSA’s TRAPWIRE that will track everyone everywhere to the massive waste of money that was Labour’s massive waste of money and quickly scraped £12 billion pound failure in the NHS that would have paid for 60,000 nurses for a decade.

14. Not punishing the people who got us into the financial mess of 2008. A recent report showed banks all across the world who received bail outs from their respective governments have continued to make more riskier loans when compared to those that were not bailed out. Is this because they expect (or know) that the government will step in again if they get into another mess, which many economists are expecting to happen soon? As Max Keiser often says we should have put the people who broke the law, then lobbied the government to have laws changed retrospectively or pay measly fines as recompense in jail as a lesson to others that our economic system is not a bookies shop.

15. Expecting that we can parachute democracy into the Middle East and not learning from history. History shows us that no-one from Alexander the Great to the British Empire and the USSR has ever won a war in Afghanistan. What makes the USA think they are any different. The Afghan army and police are full of Taliban infiltrators waiting for their chance to come out and cause havoc. We have basically been training them in our tactics for years and this year has seen the highest number of “Green on Blue deaths” so far at 51, it will only continue to rise.

16. Not being an honest broker in the Middle East. Especially Israel and supporting what seems like a blatantly apartheid nation with their US veto that allows it to get away with piracy on the high seas, assassinations of US citizens, illegal embargoes and the breaking of international law whenever they feel like it. This includes the building of illegal settlements on on Palestinian land, targeted assassinations or the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem through forced purchases of Arab houses.

17. Arming, funding and supporting ex-terrorists such as LIFG rebels in Libyathe Free Syrian Army who are filled with al-Qaeda terrorists and the Kosovan Liberation Army in Serbia who also had al-Qaeda links. Either we are trying to de-stabilise the region for a geo-political reason such as to cause an Islamic in-fight between the Shi’ites and the Sunnis so that we can take advantage or we are really really stupid.

18. Not holding a full and proper criminal inquiry into the events of 9.11 which included proper subpoena powers, independent witnesses statements that were not removed from the final report, allowing the White House to block it all the way and then using it to build a case for war in Iraq.

Always remember a third tower WTC-7 fell that day that wasn’t hit by any plane and had all the signs of a controlled demolition including:

  • No plane hitting it.
  • Small fires that had been almost extinguished by the time it fell in the afternoon.
  • Witnesses who heard bombs go off in the building, and admitted walking over dead bodies before the building was hit by falling debris who died before the NIST report was released.
  • Flash cutters seen by witnesses.
  • The owner of the building “admitting” it was pulled – a “misspoken” sentence that really meant “pulling out the fire-fighters” as Larry Silverstien later claimed.
  • A ten second countdown heard by people.
  • Sounds of explosives heard by people and taped.
  • All the signs of a controlled demolition, e.g free-fall for 2.4 seconds, a dip in the centre column before collapse, a symmetrical collapse meaning all corners of the building must have weakened at the same time.
  • A number of experts in demolition all publicly saying that it looked like one.
  • Pre-knowledge – later denied and covered up as an accident by the BBC.
  • A flawed NIST report that differed from it’s intermediary report by having missing building parts and relying on a computer model with loaded parameters such as only heating certain parts of the building to make it collapse. Anyone can make anything happen with a computer model if they set the parameters correctly and play with them until they get the desired result.


This list will be continued…..

Will the world forget about Bahrain once Formula One has left it’s shores?

April 22, 2012

By Dark Politricks

I am glad the Formula One race is taking place in Bahrain this weekend as it actually brings some focus back to one of the places the world seems to have forgotten about during the uprisings across the Middle East.

It seems that the Middle East Spring, to some people at least, only includes countries we would like to see political change occur within.

Those countries that have become less pliable and bribable or countries in which we have wanted to see other countries influence such as Russia (Syria and Iran) removed so that we can rain democracy and Western subservience from the sky like bombs over Dresden.

Bahrain and Saudia Arabia have had just as bad problems as many of the other countries we have supported in the mainstream media so much over the year it is just that they are both:

  1. Allies which means we stay quiet during the suppression, killing and brutality of their governments against their people.
  2. Hold major bases for the US Empire including an important Navy base in Bahrain and Army bases in Saudi Arabia.
  3. The majority of those people fighting for their rights are Shi’ites and we don’t really like them in the West. Out of the various Muslim sects they are the ones who we seem to care the least about. Plus of course Iran is Shi’ite and Iran is evil. Always remember that! Iran is evil – Iran is evil – Iran is evil – open your mind – Iran is evil…..

So actually having some focus put back on the country that the Middle East Spring forgot in the West is a good thing even if it does come at the expense of Formula One, a massive multi million pound industry that brings in huge advertisers and media coverage.

We must not forget that the reason the West is secretly arming and supporting the Syrian rebels.

Various groups that include true protesters as well as al-Qaeda members, false flag specialists and terrorists apt at using social media and western gullibility to blame attacks they have committed themselves on Syrian forces are all designed at taking out a major ally of a country we really want to attack – Iran.

The last thing the US/UK/Israel axis of war want when they finally move towards attacking Iran is for Syria to join in and attack Israel from the North and West whilst Iranian rockets reign down on it from Iran as well as Hezbollah  rockets from Lebanon.

Remember this war on Iran has been long in the planning and was supposed to occur many years back not long after we went into Iraq.

It was only the facts that the lies that that the Iraq war were based on were uncovered along with a poor strategy for Iraq after the invasion that led to a huge insurgency. Plus military fatigue through multiple tours of duty and all the political protest against the war across the world that Israel didn’t get their desired war with Iran.

Therefore the US/UK/Israel axis couldn’t rush in to attack Iran whilst already bogged down in two wars already and whilst surrounding Iran perfectly  from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Georgia and Afghanistan they were ill equipped to do anything about it – especially under a democratic US Presidency.

One which supposedly wanted to make the world a more peaceful place, end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and especially one in which their President had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (why?) and gave a speech in Cairo claiming a new relationship with the Islamic nations of that region.

Even the mud hut dwelling 7th century tribalists who we call “Taliban” and “al-Qaeda” in Afghanistan have proven a harder force to defeat than a conventional ancient army like Iraq had. Vietnam showed the world that the best form of defense against big over reaching and high tech based war machines is simplicity. There is no harder enemy to defeat than one which is led by popular resistance and who are indistinguishable from soldiers.

Therefore the war with Iran has had to be planned over a longer period.

In reality we are already at war with Iran (although covertly) and all the Stuxnet viruses, assassinations on nuclear scientists, threats of nuclear war and our supporting of terrorist groups like Jundullah and the MEK have shown our hypocrisy to the world.

Whilst we designate groups who we dislike terrorists we have no problem training those who have been busy blowing up Iranian military installations and murdering Iranian civilians and soldiers.

“The attacks, which have killed five Iranian nuclear scientists since 2007 and may have destroyed a missile research and development site, have been carried out in dramatic fashion, with motorcycle-borne assailants often attaching small magnetic bombs to the exterior of the victims’ cars.” –

And proof of our support of such terrorists is not hard to find as within one year we already have already found ourselves fighting two wars on the same side as our mortal enemy al-Qaeda.

As Seymour Hersh said in the New Yorker in a story about the Bush administration providing MEK operatives terrorist training at secret facilities in Nevada starting in 2005:

“We did train them here, and washed them through the Energy Department because the D.O.E. owns all this land in southern Nevada,” a former senior American intelligence official told me. “We were deploying them over long distances in the desert and mountains, and building their capacity in communications

The Iranian dissident agents received the full panoply of spook training offering by U.S. Special Forces operatives:

They got “the standard training,” he said, “in commo [communications], crypto [cryptography], small-unit tactics, and weaponry—that went on for six months…” – Global Research.

This is the same Seymour Hersh known for breaking stories such as Dick Cheney’s personal team of assassins and the false flag attacks discussed to start war with Iran in the Strait of Hormuz.

It seems we have no problem supporting, training and funding terrorists when it serves our own political ends such as removing Russian allies like Syria and Iran from the map. But when it comes to attacking people like Julian Assange for trying to get two sides of the story from groups like Hezbollah who defended Lebanon successfully from an Israeli attack in 2006 they are outraged.

Therefore we are left with our allies Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. 

 Saudia Arabia who lest we forget helped to crush Bahrainian protests with Western bought military equipment including tanks, guns and rockets. As the Telegraph notes:

The Armed Forces Minister, Nick Harvey, said that the UK Government could not rule out the possibility that British-trained Saudis took part in the Bahraini operation.

He said: “The Ministry of Defence has extensive and wide-ranging bilateral engagement with Saudi Arabia in support of the Government’s wider foreign policy goals. The Ministry of Defence’s engagement with Saudi Arabia includes training provided to the Saudi Arabian National Guard, delivered through the British mission.”

“It is possible that some members of the Saudi Arabian National Guard which were deployed in Bahrain may have undertaken some training provided by the British military mission.”

So not only do we crticise countries like Syria and Libya when they crack down on protesters as they are “enemies” we would love to control we also help the allied Middle Eastern countries we do control crack down on their own protesters.

In the rush to gather up the propaganda for war with Iran. A war that will de-stabilise the whole region, possibly cause a nuclear conflict, and at the very least drive up the price of petrol and bring huge risk of terrorist response attacks to the streets of London and New York. We seem to forget that Bahraini protesters have been dying constantly for the last year in their drive for human rights and dignity.

As the BBC reports today a protester has been found dead this morning ahead of the Grand Prix.

A man has been killed in Bahrain during overnight clashes with the security forces, activists say, a day before Sunday’s F1 Grand Prix.

Officials said an investigation had been launched after his body was discovered in a Shia village near the capital, Manama.

Tens of thousands on Friday took part in at times violent protests demanding an end to the crackdown on dissent.

On Saturday, police fired tear gas to disperse new rallies, eyewitnesses say.

The mainstream media has no problem attacking Russia for supporting Syria due to the ancient Russian naval base in Tartus but they are less adapt at criticising their own governments for blacking out the uprisings in allied nations like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia where US bases reside – unless of course a major sporting event arrives in town and brings a huge amount of press along with it.

So today is one day that the Bahraini protesters will be heard and it will be our duty to ensure they continue to be heard.

If the Middle East Spring is really about democracy and human rights and not just about preparing the way for war with Iran then we should be helping the Bahraini’s in the same way we helped Egypt and Libya and not holding double standards and revealing our governments hypocrisy to the world.

I don’t hold out much hope though.

Why is it we in the west cannot see through the charade of democracy presented to us?

December 21, 2011

By Dark Politricks

It has been almost a year since the people of Egypt started their revolution and their inspirational stance at Tahrir Square has spawned similar protests including the Occupy movement which has camps in countries all around the world.

However even though the Egyptians managed to rid themselves of their leader Mubarak they are now finding out that the army they lauded months ago for standing between them and the security forces and thugs Mubarak had freed from jail is proving harder to remove.

Whatever form of democracy the Egyptians want, whether it includes Islamic parties that are hostile to Western foreign policy, or types of parties that have never been see before it is clear that the Egyptians are willing to fight and if necessary die for it.

They have been fobbed off with phony elections that have been crowed by Western media as signs of success when in reality they are nothing more than a sham.

“What is the point in voting for people who have no power?” say those Egyptians who are still trying to Occupy Tahrir Square and remove the military that have taken power of the country.

Whatever these people want, they are clear on one thing. They know what they don’t want.

Just like the Libyans who are now protesting the NTC as ex regime members with a new name who are too slow to enact real change. They want to taste real power for themselves that means doing what’s right for their fellow countrymen rather than everything that’s beneficial big western businesses, oil companies and other meddlers trying to ensure a beneficial outcome for the West and Israel.

All of this makes me wonder.

If the Egyptians and Libyans can see through the charade of fake democracy being dangled as a prize in front of them whilst the same power brokers play a big game of musical chairs. Swapping one set of worn out politicians with another from the same mould, then why can’t we in the west?

In America we have two almost identical parties who rotate power every few years between them. They shout and argue in front of the camera whilst play best friends off it.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are:

  • pro war
  • pro Israel and anti Palestine
  • pro Wall Street
  • anti liberty and civil rights
  • against international law
  • against the constitution
  • anti free speech
  • against Internet freedom
  • pro FED
  • pro big business, especially those that fund their campaigns
  • anti-reform
  • willing to use tax payers money to pay for bail outs for their friends on Wall St

and the list could go on and on.

So if the two only parties capable of actually gaining power are so similar and things that really matter like whether or not your freedoms are going to disappear or whether you’re more or less likely to go into another disastrous war on behalf of an ungrateful ally that continuously spies on you and sells your secrets to your enemies then why don’t the American people care.

You could say that the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street groups are a sign that people are finally starting to awake but it is clear that the Tea Party once in power has forgotten it’s constitutionalist roots and just become a more right wing scarier version of the GOP and the Democrats are busy trying to co-opt the Occupy movement in the same way.

So our protests against the illusion of democracy seem nothing more than fodder for the news channels and they are all owned by the same big businesses that control our politicians anyway so we cannot and should not ever expect any fair and balanced reporting from anything that comes out that big box at the end of your room.

For many people in the Middle East they are experiencing freedom for the first time and it seems they are not going to settle for some fake illusion that we in the west have become so used to over the years. Signing a cross next to a name that means virtually nothing is just not going to cut it anymore and in this age of modern technology it shouldn’t have to.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the West’s fingerprints are all over the uprisings in the Middle East. If the people of these countries are able to see through our plays and create a new form of really representative democracy it will be an inspiration for us all to follow.

However by going on historical events it will also be a miracle. At this time of year I can only hope that miracles do come true.

Another poster from Occupy Wall Street – “I am the 99%”

November 15, 2011

By Dark Politricks

I like this poster. In fact when comparing the posters that the Occupy Wall Street crowd have had in relation to those shown by the Tea Party at town hall meetings the other year I would say the OWS crowd definitely have the edge so far.

Remember the false divide between Occupy Wall Street protesters and Tea Party supporters is by design. The right / left paradigm has been proven to be fraudulent and no matter who sits in the White House the real power brokers always get their way.

Who are the real power brokers? Well a clue would be the current financial explosion.

Who caused it? Greedy banksters like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Financial firms that sold dodgy mortgages, forced credit on people they knew couldn’t pay it back to reap in all that lovely interest payments and most importantly they cooked the books of whole countries like Greece so that they could join the EURO that was totally unsuitable for them.

Now that Europe and the World is on the edge of disaster these same people are coming to our rescue – oh how nice.

Forget elections and the democratic will of the people. No what we need is ex banksters and Eurocrats running our countries instead of democratically elected politicians.

So a good sign of who really pulls the strings can be seen all around us. The same people who should be in prison for crimes against humanity (for that is what the financial crimes are), are instead forcing out democratically elected leaders in Greece and Italy and using their wealth (all borrowed at 0% interest rates) to lead speculative hits on the Bond markets driving up yields and forcing countries to the brink of bankruptcy.

Maybe we are living in a parallel universe in which being good, honest, and caring means jack nipple. Whilst being a greedy money grabbing bankster who cares nothing about putting whole industries on the unemployment line is the key to heaven itself.

Anyhow here is today’s poster du jour.


I am the 99%

What is this young person’s story?

I am a senior at MPHS in Chicago. My father is unemployed and my mother works hectic hours to pay the rent and bills. Link is our only way to obtain grocery items (Link is how residents of Illinois get food stamps). I would like to study pre-med/biology in college starting Fall 2012. I cannot afford to go and even with loans I would never be able to pay back I can’t afford to go. I am the 99%.

For more stories of the 99 Percent, visit the “We Are the 99 Percent” Tumblr.

View the original article at

Occupy Wall Street versus the Tea Party

November 7, 2011

By Dark Politricks

One of the things that keeps cropping up in online discussions is how divided the current anti-government protest movements are.

Conservatives and Tea Party followers attack the Occupy Wall St protesters as left wing hippies, socialists, communists, anit-capitalists and they are backed up by their right wing media shows like the FOX Channel which derides the OWS protesters at every opportunity.

Don’t the Tea Party protestors remember how the left wing media in the US attacked them in the same way as they are now doing to the Occupy Wall St protest?

How the nightly MSNBC talking heads or Daily Show clips laughed at their Tea Bagging quips and showed Tea Partiers turning up to Town Hall meeting with guns, the odd protester with a racist sign or old grannies equating Obama with Hitler and Stalin? We all know that a few bad apples don’t define a movement and the same should be said for OWS.

This is a classic example of divide and conquer and if only the two groups could see that they are both coming at the same issues albeit from different political perspectives then surely there is massive scope for getting a huge movement going that could make some lasting changes.

Obviously for many Tea Partiers it is too late as the original Tea Party movement started by people like Ron Paul and Karl Denniger has now been co-opted by the Republican party and as Karl Denniger himself says:

“Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, and douchebag groups such as the Tea Party Patriots” are to blame for the bastardization of a movement that now seems focused on “Guns, gays, God,” instead of the Tea Party’s original mission: to castigate the federal government for supporting the “rampant theft” of taxpayer dollars that went toward “propping up FAILED private businesses.”

“In short, The Tea Party was and is about the the corruption of American Politics and the blatant and outrageous theft from all Americans that has resulted. It is about personal responsibility and enforcement of the law against those who have robbed, financially ****d and pillaged the nation.”

Ron Paul and Karl want to End the FED, one of the main groups responsible for the massive financial bubbles that have caused the recent crisis and the rampant inflation that is increasing day by day through their excessive use of the printing press. There is a reason Chinese financiers are already declaring that the US has defaulted on their debts.

They want to see the Banksters who caused this huge mess that threatens to engulf the world tried and put in jail NOT bailed out with tax payers money and given cushy jobs in the government or the FED for their troubles.

They want to see a return to capitalism and abolish the crony corporatism that is the financial modus operandi of the current America financial system.

Ron Paul wants to end the wars and bring the troops home. Not only would this save billions if not trillions of dollars that could be used for the people of the USA it would help bring the dubious war on terror to an end.

That stupid war on a word that means the TSA gets to either see you naked or grope you every time you fly somewhere. You never know if your unlucky like ex Governor Jesse Ventura you might be considered an enemy of the state for wanting to uphold your rights as a free citizen and not be treated as a criminal without probable cause. Oh the land of the free…

If the terrorists did 9.11 because they hated our freedoms then we have done their job for them rather well. Bin Laden must be rolling in his watery grave.

Not only has the US been run under a form of martial law since 9.11, the Homeland Security department has risen to become a modern day Gestapo.

Security letters that prevent your from even discussing whatever you are supposed to have done and midnight kidnaps and free trips to overseas prisons where torture has been legitimised awaits those who may disagree with US foreign policy and attempt to do something about it and the rise of the Police State does not rest there.

In supportive countries like the UK we have restricted our own liberties, enabled everyone from the council to the environment agency to spy on us and we have no problem misusing terrorist laws to implement financial terrorism on countries threatening to default or on people daring to protest at Labour party meetings.

The MIAC report that means you are probably on some list just for visiting this site or owning a gun, supporting Ron Paul or Bob Barr or even for just displaying certain signs on your car or home schooling your kids – basically anything that draws you to Big Sis’s attention ensures a big black mark is put against your name for later use as a potential trouble maker.

If the original Tea Party was about liberty, bailouts and high deficits then surely there is a lot to be compared with current Occupy Wall Street protests who also want to end the crony capitalism that has made thousands of people homeless whilst bankers feast on their huge bonuses paid for by you and me as well as ending the wars and the loss of liberty that has occurred since 9.11.

Someone said to me the other day that the “enemy of my enemy is not my friend” but in this case I believe the people of the USA have a lot more to gain by forgetting the divisive two party system that is basically two sides of the same corrupt coin and come together to form a critical mass of protest that cannot be ignored.

The right supposedly respects the troops and wants a strong national defence. How do they feel about the wasted trillions in dollars building multi-billion dollar embassies in Kabul and Baghdad in their name and the wars that bypass the constitution that can be started at a stoke of the Presidents pen? Does the constitution mean nothing to them?

How do they feel when they see the service men they admire so much being beaten, shot at and arrested for standing up for all the liberty and freedom to protest that those terrorists supposedly hate us for?

Didn’t we fight the 2nd world war and many others so that we could enjoy freedom at home ?

Doesn’t that freedom include the right to protest? Or do we only support protest in countries across the ocean with massive oil reserves or geo-political goals to be gained.

Just because many groups those on the right might detest groups such as Communists and Unions who claim to support the Occupy Wall Street protests should not put them off joining in. The whole point of the protest is that we are the 99% being controlled by the 1% and the 99% is obviously going to include groups of people that not everyone agrees with or even likes.

Take 99% of your town, your street, your work place. Do you agree with everything all that those people say or do? Of course not.

Therefore don’t expect the whole of the Occupy Wall St protesters to meet your own standards of who and what you agree with as if they did then they wouldn’t be the 99% in the first place.

Times are a changing and the whole idea behind Occupy Wall Street was to camp out in major towns and cities in a similar way to those Eygptians in Tahrir square who managed to repel attacks by government goons and changed the status quo and hopefully their future.

You only have to watch a few videos on YouTube to see examples of our own goons in blue attacking the protesters and trampling over their constitutional rights.

Tea Party supporters, please just see past Sarah Palin and the other GOP stars who just want your money and votes at the next election and join in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

If you don’t agree with some of their demands then challenge them on their beliefs and debate with them to find common ground. Just don’t write them off by believing the MSM bull shit that FOX and Fools spoon feed their audiences.

You obviously wanted change when you supported the Tea Party, the Occupy Wall St protesters want change as well, lets come together to make that happen.

The Occupy Wall Street Protests go global – 99% of the world want real change

October 15, 2011

By Dark Politricks

Tomorrow the Occupy Wall Street protests that have taken New York and other US cities like Boston by storm go global.

In countries all across the world from England, Scotland, Melbourne, Taipei, Seoul and Hong Kong protests are planned to show the global elite that the 99% of the population are not going to just lie down and take the kicking that is being dished out to them on behalf of the banksters that caused the financial meltdown.

Whilst the big banks and financial Goliaths like Goldman Sachs enjoy a form of socialism that is denied to the  rest of us the majority of people are asking themselves why they have to pay for the mistakes made by a small minority ofbanksters and corporate suits with politicians in every pocket.

Wall Street owns the politicians that matter related to decisions made on US business and finance just like AIPAC own the politicans that make decisions about US foreign policy.

However instead of deciding which foreign country to send the middle and working class kids out to die in next. Thepoliticians are too busy worrying about their next election and how they will pay for all those flashy adverts, first class travel and nice hotel stays to care about the common man and woman suffering because of all the austerity measures being implemented across the western world.

China must be just laughing it’s ass off.

Not only does it own most of the worlds resources without having to pay trillions of dollars in expensive wars but they own the majority of European and US debt.

They could call it in at any time they want and bring the whole house of cards to it’s knees but instead they are just biding their time out and waiting for the house to collapse all by itself before stepping up to first position on the world stage. It is only a matter of time.

Like most great empires before it, the USA will self implode and crumble from within. The Debt crisis is already killing the European Union before it could reach the dreams of political union that Eurocrats have dreamt of for decades. They are pushing for closer political union and a common financial policy as a “solution” to the crisis that they have been waiting for to exploit but the people are having none of it.

Just like the Occupy Wall Street protests the Occupy the World protests hopes to bring some reality to the doors of the politicians, banksters and bureaucrats that are hoping to turn this crisis into an opportunity for their own benefit.

It is in these terms that we should wish these protesters luck as no-one in the UK wants a United States of Europe and it is becoming clearer by the day that many Europeans don’t either especially if it means that German politicans and bankers will be pulling the strings.

In the USA, people are fed up with the Federal Government over reaching it’s power and betraying the original principles of the founding fathers. They warned against central banks and declared the states to be self governing and not subservient to some bought and paid for president whether he was currently labelled a Democrat or Republican.

Obama has been a bad, bad president.

Not only is he a Democrat that is following Republican policies but he has betrayed the millions of voters who actually fell for his “change we can believe” in pony show at the last election.

The war in Afghanistan is still raging and has spread into neighbouring Pakistan, Yemen and Libya.

Gitmo is still open, torture black sites are still being used and Obama has gone further than any previous president byarbitrarily murdering American citizens without due process.

The police state at home has spread beyond all recognition to include increased surveillance on US citizensa Stazistyle informer regime implemented by Homeland Security and genital gropes and naked body scans at Airports andNFL football matches.

He is a Wall Street stooge, bought and paid for. So anyone believing that he will support the Occupy Wall Street protests in any shape or manner needs their head examined. These protests are not and should not be politicised in any shape or manner purely because the existing political system is corrupt and rotten beyond belief.

Neither Democrat or Republican will save the USA from it’s current fate of death by debt, unemployment and endless war and fear mongering.

If a new political movement can spring out of these protests that can bring people from all sides of the political spectrum together then so much the better.

Many Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats want to see the end to the Federal Reserve system that creates bubbles, causes recessions and is unaccountable to no-one apart from the banks that run and own it.

The same types of people also wish to see proper capitalism returned to the country. A system in which failure is not rewarded by endless tax payer money bailouts and politicians are not in hock to those that pay for their election campaigns.

This is not a US problem and it is not a European problem. It is a global problem that effects any country with a central bank and a supposedly “democratic” system in which the only parties that ever get elected are more alike that anyone wants to believe.

Hopefully tomorrow the Occupy the World protests will be the start of something special and we should all help to keep them on the right path. We need to prevent them from being co-opted like the Tea Party was when it first started and actually meant something different from the usual Republican big government, big military spending guns n god bullshit.

This is not a left wing version of the Tea Party and from what I have seen the “leaders” are trying hard to keep it that way even though infiltration is blatantly apparent from pro-Obama, pro-Democrat groups.

Tell me what you think about the Occupy Wall St protests by answering the following quiz.

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The 99% of us deserve to see those 1% pay for their crimes

October 13, 2011

By Dark Politricks

I really hope the Occupy Wall Street protests and all the other Occupy X protests that are spreading around the USA and elsewhere really achieve something worthwhile and don’t end up getting taken over from within by Democrats like the original Tea Party protests did by the Republicans.

There is already talk that the #OccupyWallSt protests are being co-opted by the Democrats and Left Leaning groups like and other pro-Obama groups.

It would be a shame to see any form of established political group claim ownership of what is, and what should be, a grass roots movement that everyone can follow who feels betrayed by the bailouts, the huge sovereign debt crisis and the austerity measures that are being implemented because of them.

We the 99% of the people who own the a few % of the wealth have a right to feel angry that the banksters on Wall St, the City of London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo and all the other financial centres of the globe have basically gotten away with mass robbery and that we are being forced to pay for it.

You might be an ardent Libertarian or a Communist for all I care but it doesn’t matter as the current form of “Crony Capitalism” is not working and economist after economist can attest to the fact that our current system has failed us miserably.

A true capitalist system doesn’t currently exist so claims that capitalism is the root cause of our problems are missing the point.

Capitalism might not be perfect and there are various forms that combine free enterprise and a social safety net.

However at the moment the safety net is being taken away from the public and given to the banks and financial firms that are supposed to be free enterprises that either fail or succeed in a true capitalist society.

A true capitalist system means competition between banks, not huge too big too fail institutions that are bailed out by the tax payer when they gamble our pensions and savings away.

A true capitalist system would have meant that the banks would not have been more interested in making money out of thin air, over leveraging their assets and front running legitimate trades on the stock market.

Instead they would be investing their money in small businesses for long term gains and not instant profits that are made by the millisecond through massive manipulation of the stock market.

A true capitalist system would have seen at least a few of the big whigs in town currently facing charges of fraud, theft and embezzlement.

The sad fact that the only person to go to jail is a supposed “bad apple” AKA Bernie Madoff is a joke and if there is one aim that everyone should be able to get behind with the Occupy Wall Street protests it should be to see those people who literally stole billions from the 99% of us face some form of punishment.

These people are not “job creators” they are “wealth absorbers” and instead of helping the economy get re-booted by investing in new companies and helping people stay in their homes and keep their jobs they are taking our tax money and saying “thank you very much – have a bonus or two”.

If we wanted more proof that this protest can be supported by all sides of the political spectrum we only need to see that Ron Paul, an ardent libertarian and Dennis Kucinich one of the most liberal politicians in the house both support ending the FED and returning the production of the money supply to the government where it should belong.

There are many aims that people would like to see come to fruition from the current protests and I really hope the people behind these protests stay free from infiltrators, agent provocateurs and pressure from existing political forces as they are all currently trying to get their claws into the movement and change it for their own benefit.

The original Tea Party was against the bail outs, the banksters and the FED but before long they were taken over by religious, pro-war, pro Republican types who corrupted their original message.

I really hope that those original supporters of the Tea Party protests can see similarities with the Occupy Wall St crowd as there doesn’t have to be a political divide between them.

Surely we can all agree on the following:

1. End the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and any other Central Bank run by the Banks and return the creation of the money supply to the government so that it can be used for the benefit of the people not the banksters.

2. Put the bankers, financiers and other CEO’s of companies who caused the financial meltdown and then held a gun to the head of congress demanding tax payers money to bail them out on trial. We know Goldman Sachs helped Greece cook the books so they could get into the Euro and look where Greece is now. That it just the tip of the iceberg. Investigate and punish these people.

3. End the war of terror and return the troops home. Stop pretending we can police the world and realise that we are less safe ten years on from 9.11 than we could be. The wars only help make the same people behind the banks richer and rather than do the fighting themselves they send your sons, daughters, fathers and mothers out halfway across the world to be blown to bits instead. Just by rolling back our huge military industrial department of attack will save enough money to prevent most austerity measures on the cards.

4. End lobbying of all kinds. Every politician is bought and paid for by a number of groups all with an agenda whether it be the banks, AIPAC, big business, unions, oil or armament companies. As WashingtonsBlog said the other day, all politicians should wear Car Racing jackets covered in adverts of all the companies that own a part of them. This would make it easy to see who they are really working for when they support or block a bill.

5. Put term limits on all politicians to prevent them getting too comfortable and having to worry more about the next election than the interests of the people. A good politician could always run again 4 years later after a break but preventing cushy jobs for life would be a good way to prevent politicians from becoming objects for sale and would concentrate their mind on their real job of representing the people and not the people who paid for their election campaign.

I am sure there are lots of other items we could all agree on but lets start small and build our way up. Remember protest is a right and it should be cherished and applauded.

When numpties like Herman Cain say the Occupy Wall Street protests are Un-American they are talking out their arse. If you don’t believe me read your history and especially if you call yourself a Republican remember what your founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson said about government, protest and the danger of central banks.

Quotes by Thomas Jefferson

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

“History, in general, only informs us of what bad government is.”

“The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.”

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

UK Government tries to divide and conquer the public. Don’t be diverted from the real targets of our misery – the banksters!

June 30, 2011

By Dark Politricks

I am in agreement with those who are striking today in the UK over the governments proposal to cut their pensions, extend the age in which you can retire and increase the amount of money you must pay for the privilege.

A lot of people working in the private sector look at public sector workers and resent the fact that their taxes go towards paying their pensions which in many cases are still larger and better funded than those available to themselves and I have sympathy for their point of view.

However it seems to me that what is really happening here is that a big game of divide and conquer is being played out by our leaders – all of whom are public sector workers with very cushy pensions indeed!

Trying to pit private workers and public sector workers against each other is a brilliant way of diverting our attention away from the real problems and root causes of our current financial mess which our banksters gambled and lied our countries way into.

Plus they want to push the blame on to the weakest in society and hypnotize us so that we forget our leaders decisions to make the poor pay off the deficit through massive spending cuts and tax hikes instead of the real culprits who actually deserve and can afford to if so forced.

Yes some of us may be living longer but the average life expectancy in this country varies so much from the South to North, from London to Scotland and from poor to rich neighbourhoods it really is a weak argument especially for any manual workers who will have to work until they are basically 70 years old before being able to retire.

Our politicians are trying to frame this as a case of fairness. Why should private workers who are struggling to pay for their own expensive pensions fork out for the pensions of public sector workers through their tax?

Well that is a question we could spin around many ways.

Why should my taxes go towards paying for £400k Tommahawk missiles to be fired into Libyan cities or bombing raids on Afghan villages?

Why should my taxes go towards paying for the police to waste their time chasing and locking up drug offenders only for the cycle to repeat itself infinitely until death or forced withdrawal and miracle rehabilitation into society.

Why should my taxes go towards paying for the royal family to live in a dozen mansions and spent their time travelling first class around the world waving to crowds from expensive cars protected by ex SAS soldiers.

Why should my taxes go towards paying for the anti-democratic EU an entity most of our country doesn’t want to belong to and one in which even though we are not part of its single currency we are still obliged to pay for bailouts to bankrupt Eurozone countries and subsidise French farmers to the tune of billions.

There are so many things that every person in this country if given the choice whether or not our taxes should go towards would say no but I estimate that only a small percentage of people would choose to abolish teachers, nurses, policemen and doctors over expensive imperialistic wars.

Have we forgotten that it was the banksters and their paid for politicians who screwed this countries finances up and not our primary school teachers or nurses.

Yes our country might be skint but we seem to have forgotten that our current austerity plan which involves asking everyone to work longer (many until they die) and pay more for a lot less is a choice not a necessity. We could choose to change our Attack Industry into a proper Defence Industry who’s primary role is to defend our own nation from attack not invade others under false pretences.

Looking back since World War II when the Geneva Convention made wars of aggression illegal under international lawhow many wars has our country been involved in that were actually cases of defending our nation from a foreign invader or attack?

From the Suez Crisis to Kosovo, Iraq to Afghanistan and Iraq again plus Korea and now Libya the only actual war
which was a defence of our realm from an outside attack was the Falklands war in 1982. This was a clear case of our territory being invaded by a foreign country and we were legally within our rights to fight Argentina to reclaim those wind swept islands full of sheep.

Just imagine how much money our country could we saved over all those years if we didn’t go to war on a whim or because the USA clicked their fingers?

Leaving aside the billions wasted by our Ministry of Attack we have already spent more bailing out Ireland, Greece and Portugal than we aimed to save from our austerity measures at home.

And on top of that if we actually got our tax code simplified so that any company doing business within our borders has to setup a UK based company and pay full corporation tax instead of using a mailbox in the Cayman Islands and expensive lawyers to pick holes and dodge their moral responsibility and fair share of tax we would have another huge pot of cash to pay off our debt.

And as for our overcrowded jails that are just warehouses for dyslexics, the mentally ill and those with drink or drug problems we are shooting ourselves in the foot by always going for short term solutions instead of thinking long time.

Why can we not build proper treatment centers and offer solutions for the majority of criminals who are inside due to a mixture of poor backgrounds, poor schooling and little job opportunities and leave our jails for the violent criminals who deserve to be locked up for decades for their murders, rapes and child abductions.

For the large number of people who see prison as a free board and food and go in and out like a yo-yo we should be training them up for all manner of skilled manual jobs from plumbers, electricians, carpenters and many more positions that mean not only could we use their skills during their time of punishment for cheap labour so that they get real life work experience but when they leave prison they have a proper chance of being able to go straight by working legally.

I talked some time back about an idea for “UK PLC” in which all taxpayers were shareholders and to which all government tenders are first offered to before being offered to private companies. Not only would this company serve a useful purpose in providing work for those who need it, but it would offer people who have been written off a chance to rejoin society, as well as hopefully making a profit that all tax payers could benefit from.

However thinking outside the box is not something our controlled press are interested in and they seem more keen onattacking Ken Clarke when he actually offers possible solutions than debating their merits. They are also more interested in pointing the finger at the small percentage of benefit fraudsters and large family claimants than those banksters who are still paying themselves multi million pound bonuses with tax payers money.

The same papers are attacking the strikers as just mindless thugs out to inconvenience private sector workers who will have to pay for child care or take time off work due to their children’s schools being closed.

We expect it from them by now as they are the mouthpieces of the establishment and if we are hoping to see any kind of social justice discussed which doesn’t start off with benefit scroungers, immigrants, the Human Rights Act all being hung drawn and quartered as the bankers are given a free pass then we are going to be waiting a long time.

Anyhow it seems that Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Max Keiser and all the other “doomsayers” were right last year when they predicted that 2011 would be the year of massive social breakdown, street riots, massive protests and strikes as the IMF, World Bank, EU and all the other forgers of last resort dangle bundles of freshly printed fiat currency in front of indebted countries in return for the opportunity to buy up all their family silver at bargain prices, privatize everything and use the publics pensions, benefits and jobs as payment for a year or two’s grace before their sovereign debt re-financing cycle comes round again.

So far we have seen riots and massive protests in Greece, the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. How many more  countries literally tearing themselves apart at the seams will it take before our leaders get the message?