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Will anyone bring the War Criminal Tony Blair to justice?

July 6, 2016

Will anyone bring the War Criminal Tony Blair to justice?

By Dark Politricks

Now the Chilcot report is out, does this mean that the Tory Government have the balls to go and arrest Tony Blair for pushing the illegal Iraq war?

Here was someone who knew that the evidence was false yet still promised George W Bush to be with him whatever, despite the UN and his own legal advisers, saying that the war was illegal.

Just like the many EU referendums before BREXIT, it was “no that’s the wrong answer, go and find the right one”, until a dodgy legal basis was provided to give Blair cover for his actions by Lord Goldsmith. I wonder how and why he got given his title….

I doubt any Tories will do anything to put their establishment buddy Blair’s head in the block as it would mean putting their own heads in as well. Many of them eagerly went along with the falsehood that many in the world knew was a blatant lie.

It does however make sense why the Blairite push for power against their Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was planned just before this week’s revelations. They were hoping to take the sting out of the massive news story it will surely become, their own names off the front pages, and provide a different headline for the newspapers. However we must ensure that #Chilcot stays in the news and social media despite other political manoeuvrings.

If we have to wait for the Blairites to return to the Labour fold and for Corbyn to get elected before seeing Blair in the Hague then we could be waiting a long time. However hopefully a massive class action case by the families of dead UK soldiers, and maybe millions of Iraqi’s hurt by the war, could be formed to take him to civil court instead.

Hopefully they could win and sting Blair with a massive monetary punishment as OJ Simpson was, to take away all the millions he has made since leading the country into Iraq by selling speeches, and pretending to be a “Peace Envoy”. All whilst making money for himself in the Middle East advising dictators and lobbying the UN to vote against Palestinian statehood in 2011 – on the payroll of the Israelis no doubt.

The Palestinians had this to say about Tony Blair:

There is no one within the Palestinian leadership that supports or likes or trusts Tony Blair, particularly because of the very damaging role he played during our UN bid.

He is considered persona non grata in Palestine. Although we can’t prevent him from coming here, we can hopefully minimise the role he can play because he is not a mediator, he is totally biased on one side.

So what were the main findings of the Chilcot report which we have had to wait 7 years for?

  • There was no imminent threat from Saddam Hussein; The strategy of containment could have been adapted and continued for some time; The majority of the Security Council supported continuing UN inspections and monitoring.
  • The UK chose to join the invasion of Iraq before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted. Military action at that time was not a last resort.
  • On 28 July 2002, the then Prime Minister Tony Blair assured US President George W Bush he would be with him “whatever”. But in the letter, he pointed out that a US coalition for military action would need: Progress on the Middle East peace process; UN authority; and a shift in public opinion in the UK, Europe, and among Arab leaders.
  • Judgements about the severity of threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction – known as WMD – were presented with a certainty that was not justified.
  • Intelligence had “not established beyond doubt” that Saddam Hussein had continued to produce chemical and biological weapons.
  • Policy on Iraq was made on the basis of flawed intelligence assessments. It was not challenged, and should have been.
  • The circumstances in which it was decided that there was a legal basis for UK military action were “far from satisfactory”.
  • The invasion began on 20 March 2003 but not until 13 March did then Attorney General Lord Goldsmith advise there was on balance a secure legal basis for military action. Apart from No 10’s response to his letter on 14 March, no formal record was made of that decision and the precise grounds on which it was made remain unclear.
  • The UK’s actions undermined the authority of the United Nations Security Council: The UN’s Charter puts responsibility for the maintenance of peace and security in the Security Council. The UK government was claiming to act on behalf of the international community “to uphold the authority of the Security Council”. But it knew it did not have a majority supporting its actions.
  • In Cabinet, there was little questioning of Lord Goldsmith about his advice and no substantive discussion of the legal issues recorded
  • Between 2003 and 2009, UK forces in Iraq faced gaps in some key capability areas – including armoured vehicles, reconnaissance and intelligence assets and helicopter support.
  • Despite explicit warnings, the consequences of the invasion were underestimated. The planning and preparations for Iraq after Saddam Hussein were “wholly inadequate”.
  • The government failed to achieve the stated objectives it had set itself in Iraq. More than 200 British citizens died as a result of the conflict. Iraqi people suffered greatly. By July 2009, at least 150,000 Iraqis had died, probably many more. More than one million were displaced.
  • The report sets out lessons to be learned: It found Mr Blair overestimated his ability to influence US decisions on Iraq; and the UK’s relationship with the US does not require unconditional support.

So will anyone apart from Jeremy Corbyn whose whole party seems to have deserted him despite having overwhelming support from the Labour membership and Trade Unions do anything about the lies of Tony Blair that led us to war and the creation of ISIS which haunts us all now?

Despite the massacres, huge car bombs killing hundreds almost on a daily basis during the Iraq civil war, journalists getting their heads cut off by ISIS and al-Qaeda and the strengthening of Iran, Tony Blair still thinks he made the right decision. He said this in the report:

Whether people agree or disagree with my decision to take military action against Saddam Hussein; I took it in good faith and in what I believed to be the best interests of the country

So no remorse then for the many people killed and injured from 2003 to this very day, all coming from his decision to back George W Bush who had some narcissistic desire to achieve what his father didn’t in the earlier Gulf War, remove Saddam from power. This was despite any links to 9.11 or any evidence that he posed a threat to the region.

Saddam and RumsfeldThis was a dictator that was supported by the USA during the 80’s in it’s war with Iran, and many in George W Bushes cabinet were players from that era such as Donald Rumsfeld who is seen here having a good time with his favoured dictator of the region.

I have no doubt that the USA believed Saddam still had weapons of mass destruction because they used to sell him so many of them, including the nerve gas which he used against Iranian soldiers and Iraqi rebels. No complaint was made about it at the time of the event but when it came to the standard demonisation of the enemy before a war all this was put into the heads of the public to paint a horrible picture of their ex friend and enabled dictator.

Despite warnings by the CIA that Iraq was using chemical weapons almost daily Donald Rumsfeld who was at the time a successful executive in the pharmaceutical industry, continued to make it possible for Saddam to buy supplies from American firms.

This included biological weapons and viruses such as anthrax and bubonic plague. Also during the time the US was selling Iraq chemical and biological weapons the UK under Maggie Thatcher was selling up to 78 different types of military equipment including Land Rovers, tank recovery vehicles, terrain-following radar and spare tank parts according to released government reports.

Apparently this pleased Maggie very much. She said she was “very pleased” with the “Contracts worth over £150m [that] have been concluded [with Iraq] in the last six months including one for £34m (for armoured recovery vehicles through Jordan),” which was written by a junior minister, Thomas Trenchard, in 1981. This letter also stated that meetings with Saddam Hussein “represent a significant step forward in establishing a working relationship with Iraq which should produce both political and major commercial benefits”.

So not only did the UK and USA help stock up Saddam Hussein with all the WMD they then accused him of having, a very hypocritical move but to be expected by the two major powers in the axis of continual war, but we actually helped him use those weapons on Iranians.

Iran was finally brought to the negotiating table by providing Iraq the location of Iranian troops, as well as the locations of Iranian logistics facilities and details about Iranian air defences once they had learned that Iran was about to gain a major strategic advantage in the 8 year long war.

They were fully aware that Hussein’s military would attack with chemical weapons, including sarin and mustard gas prior to four major offensives in early 1988 that relied on U.S. satellite imagery, maps, and other intelligence.

These attacks helped to tilt the war in Iraq’s favour and bring Iran to the negotiating table, and they ensured that the Reagan administration’s long-standing policy of securing an Iraqi victory would succeed. But they were also the last in a series of chemical strikes stretching back several years that the Reagan administration knew about and didn’t disclose.

So not only were we totally hypocritical when dealing with Saddam helping him use WMD that we sold him in the first place, but we started a war of aggression against his country that was not thought out, had no plans for after the invasion, spilled over into sectarian violence and civil war and the formation of terrorist groups where there were none before.

So how many dead people does Blair and Bush have on their hands from their decision to go to war “on faulty intelligence” or as normal people say “illegally”?

How many dead and injured victims have their been over the last 12+ years and the years prior…

-The US/ UN sanctions on Iraq of the 1990s, which interdicted chlorine for much of that decade and so made water purification impossible were responsible for over half a million deaths, mainly children.
-The Illegal war which Blair promised Bush to support even though Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with it is thought to have killed at least half a million people.
-The depleted uranium weapons used in Fallujah that are still causing babies to be born without legs and arms and horrible birth defects.
-The long civil war came after the fall of Saddam between the Sunnis, Shia’s and Kurds.
-The forming of al-Qaeda in Iraq in 2004 when no al-Qaeda terrorists had existed before.
The forming of ISIS which is now fighting Iraqi, Kurdish, Syrian and Russian soldiers and inspiring terrorist attacks in the west. All whilst we do very little to stop them (and even support them) whilst allowing our ally Turkey to bomb the Kurds instead.
-And that’s not even counting all the dead US/UK soldiers.
-And those who came home with missing limbs from IEDS and PTSD now living in poverty on the streets or in jail.

I wonder what the total death count is, or will ever be……

I also wonder if the world has the strength to punish a war criminal that wasn’t on the losing side for once?

By Dark Politricks

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© 2016 By Dark Politricks


Why Was Russell Brand attacked for linking British Foreign Policy to Terrorism?

July 7, 2015

Why Was Russell Brand attacked for linking British Foreign Policy to Terrorism?

By Dark Politricks

Whilst I have the utmost respect for all the British and other victims of the Terrorist attack in Tunisia last week, I think the attack on Russell Brands podcast on today’s minute of silence as “Total Bullshit”, was a “Total Smokescreen” when you really listen to what he said.

If you forget the maybe crass way he says it and actually listen to what he says later on, he makes many good points about British Foreign Policy and how it has contributed to the rise of ISIS in the first place.

As David Cameron discusses extending his bombing campaign on ISIS from just Iraq to targets over the border in Syria we must remember the simple fact that no war has ever been won by just bombing from the air.

If we want to create more terrorists then yes, the plan will work. Bombs are indiscriminate no matter how much the Government and Armed Forces tell you otherwise.

We didn’t win the war in Libya from our bombing campaign. It was the rebels on the ground that took advantage of our air support to defeat Gaddafi and turn Libya into the civil war mess it now is.

Libya is now  place where the “official government” has to meet on a ship at sea to protect it from attack.

Where thousands of people every day try to escape its shores by paying criminals to take them in dangerous boats to Europe, and where we wash our hands of them.

Risking death in the Mediterranean
Libyan refugees risk death to flee their war-torn country
Libya's people smugglers
People smugglers take advantage of desperate people in the Mediterranean

Doesn’t seem fair does it?

We destroy what once one of the most prosperous countries in Africa because we decided to support one side in a civil war after years of supporting al-Qaeda linked, anti Gaddafi terrorists, before making up with Gaddafi at Blairs famous meeting with the Colonel in the desert.

This was when normal relations resumed e.g arms sales in return for the Lockerbie suspects being handed over to face trial in Scotland and our oil companies being able to milk the countries reserves.

Then we decided to turn about-face, despite Gaddafi helping the CIA/MI6 with their black site torture prisons, and take him out of the picture.

Maybe he was just too much of a threat having talked about an African union, no central bank control and a shared Gold backed currency for the region.

Did you know that when Colonel Gaddafi took over Libya in 1967 it was one of the poorest nations in Africa but by the time he was killed by NATO and it’s goons on the ground, Gaddafi had turned Libya into Africa’s wealthiest nation.

It had the highest life expectancy and GDP per capita on the continent. I bet you didn’t even realise that fewer people lived below the poverty line in Libya than in the Netherlands!

People in pre NATO Libya could count on free education, free health care, a free home upon getting married, oil being shared out amongst the people and no central bank run by the same bankster cartel we all know and love.

Gaddafi even wanted to unite Africa under a single currency, a bit like the Euro, except it would be backed by Gold and therefore worth the paper it was written on.

We all know what happened to the last 3 US Presidents who tried going against the Banksters and their central banks, the same fate fell Gaddafi as did JFK. Was this a coincidence or just bad luck?

Whatever the reason was, Libya fell apart was due to NATO suddenly going from an ally in the fight against the war on terror – even sending Gitmo destined prisoners there to be tortured, to a terrorist backer. They provided the air cover and bombs that destroyed Libyan infrastructure before allowing their NATO armed terrorists on the ground to put a bullet in his head.

The country is now a mess and not a good advert for British intervention. The fact we are now trying to wash our hands of the mess we have caused by preventing refugees from Libya reaching Britain doesn’t exactly say much about our leaders humanitarian nature.

British victims arrive back in Britian
A victim of the Tunisian beach attack is flown home today to RAF Brize Norton

So what about the ISIS terrorist who killed British terrorists?

Seifeddine Rezgui
Seifeddine Rezgui posing with weapons for ISIS

Yes of course it was a horrible disgusting evil act when an ISIS inspired student gunman, Seifeddine Rezgui, took it upon himself to kill 38 people in Tunisia including 30 British tourists.

This was a student who received military training in the war-torn country we helped to destroy, Libya, before taking it upon himself to kill and maim dozens of British and other Europeans on the beach of a holiday resort during the supposedly peaceful Islamic holiday of Ramadan.

ISIS has taken over from al-Qaeda as the big bogey man we should all be looking under our beds each night.

Islamic State are the most well-funded, well-equipped terrorist force on the planet and as their name states, Islamic State, they DO actually have a constantly expanding border that ignores previous Middle Eastern lines that were drawn across the borders of Iraq and Syria.

So while David Cameron puts forward plans to bomb Syria, and the Tories line up legislation to remove more of our civil rights, I bet that a huge proportion of Daily Mail readers will support such “Thought Police” laws and be all too willing to denounce any opponents as domestic extremists.

So with all these new laws and previous military action carried out in the region w e should really ask the question that no Tory/Labour politician seems to want to answer – have we helped create this monster?

Whilst they may claim otherwise the answer is YES. 

Yes Islamic terrorist acts occurred before 9.11 but they were mainly all due to the never-ending issue of Israel / Palestine.

If only the USA could pull its finger out its ass, stop AIPAC owned Congressmen from railroading any attempt at a fair solution and put pressure on Israel to come to a negotiated settlement that doesn’t humiliate the Palestinians and adheres to International Law.

This form of law is supposed to be respected by all countries, and it was mainly created after World War II to punish the Germans for their treatment of the Jews, plus their illegal wars. Remember after Nuremberg it was decreed that the worst crime a state could commit was a war of aggression (a pre-emptive war you could say).

Yet how many pre-emptive wars have the Axis of War started since then?

Just in the last few decades (the Taliban did not commit 9.11 no matter how far you stretch the official story), and not to mention all the other underhand wars by proxy or through the use of false flag attacks to give cover such as Vietnam in earlier years.

Don’t you think it hypocritical that the Jewish People, who through their Nuremberg judges had many Nazis and Germans put to death for “following orders” but are now killing Palestinians en mass whenever they invade Gaza (as even the Zionist Judge Goldstone reported on).

Plus the US seems fine about opting out of the International Criminal Court and allowing its own soldiers to commit acts of torture on command, sometimes as MI5/MI6 officers stand around watching, as British citizens are beaten and tortured by their CIA counterparts for refusing to answer the British Security Forces questions.

To say our foreign policy has no part to play in the radicalization of a large number of disaffected Muslims is to ignore a major component in solving the problem. Does our government really just think these people kill us for no other reason than they “hate our dwindling freedoms” or that they just want to reach paradise?

If it’s our freedoms they hate then that argument will soon no longer exist as we seem to be very busy handing them over on a plate. In the not too distant future even this bogus reason drummed out by FOX and other mainstream media companies won’t be valid.

From our rights to protest, to our right to surf the Internet in peace without being monitored and logged to our right to free speech, our civil liberties are being demolished chunk by chunk.

If the Tories get their way we could all be labelled domestic extremists if you dare speak your mind and it doesn’t fit with the Government line on a subject. Want to talk to your girlfriend in peace without anyone spying in on your saucy chat by using an encrypted chat service, well you must have something to hide under new plans by the Conservative government. Only terrorists use encryption don’t you know?

As Russell Brand says in his podcast the minute silence held on Friday was a way for the Government to act as if it cared about the dead holiday makers whilst it continued to carry on selling arms to some of the most despotic regimes in the world.

Not only are we selling arms to Bahrain and Egypt, two countries who have recently cracked down on its own people, killing many and repealing the rights of millions, but we are selling billions of weapons to one of the cruelest countries on the face of the planet – Saudi Arabia.

This is a country who is engaged in a massive bombing campaign in Yemen, killing innocent civilians, using banned weapons and with hardly a whisper being mentioned about the slaughter in the mainstream news.

Why is it this Islamic State is being helped by the British whilst we are supposedly fighting another Islamic State in Iraq/Syria?

David Cameron was criticised the other day for not calling Islamic State just that, saying it was not truly Islamic and not a state. From where I am looking it seems to fit the bill perfectly. They adhere to strict Islamic law, just like Saudi Arabia and the Islamic courts in Iran and they seem to have their own state, one that issues its own gold based currency, sells oil to Syria and Turkey and is well-funded and armed.

As for fighting it, are really doing all we can or do we like the fact that a huge terrorist organisation is there to scare the masses and keep the military industrial complexes coffers full?

There have been many reports of British and US planes caught dropping Israeli and US/UK weapons to the very army we are supposed to be fighting. This is from a report in an Australian newspaper in February 2015.

Iraq’s army has shot down two British planes carrying weapons for ISIL terrorists in Iraq’s Al Anbar province.

Hakem al-Zameli, head of the Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defence Committee revealed that the committee “has access to the photos of both planes that are British and have crashed while they were carrying weapons for the ISIL,” FARS News reported. The senior lawmaker said that the Iraqi parliament has asked London for explanations and added it is receiving daily reports from security forces and people in the province on countless flights led by the U.S.-led coalition’s planes, which airdrop weapons and supplies for the group in terrorist-held areas.

The Iraqi lawmaker explained that the United States prefers the chaotic situation in the province because it reportedly does not want the ISIL crisis to come to an end. The al-Ahed news website quoted Khalaf Tarmouz, head of Al Anbar Provincial Council saying that they have “discovered weapons made in the United States, European countries and Israel from the areas liberated from ISIL’s control in Al-Baqdadi region.” Mr Tarmouz added that the weapons made by European nations and Israel was discovered from the terrorists in the Eastern parts of Ramadi.

Read more at:

Apart from our lacklustre or duplicitous fight against ISIS in one region we are also busy arming some of the most human right abusing nations on the face of the earth. In fact from our own list of 28 potential human rights abusing countries, we are currently selling arms to 23 of them!

How is that for hypocrisy?

Does this list of human rights abuses mean anything as it sure doesn’t look that way.

If we wanted to try to repeal the tide of Islamic extremism in the world and take our holiday makers faces out of the firing line then maybe we should be strictly adhering to lists such as these and banning companies such as BAE from selling weapons to countries who publicly whip and jail women who have been gang raped purely because they left the house by themselves. A medieval country that is no better in my eyes than the Islamic State to the North.

Maybe we should be a voice for reason and legality by not being scared of the USA or Israel and their lobby groups and say loudly that:

a) Israel is a war criminal when it slaughters children and women in the street when it attacks Gaza en mass after it feebly retaliated for the slaughter of its own citizens. It always seems to be the Palestinians fault but you only need look a few days ahead before finding some Israeli crime that was the instigator of any firecracker launched against Israel’s “Iron Dome”.

b) We should say that the USA is not the bastion of freedom and democracy that it pretends to be and that it’s new “laws of war” that have legitimised the killing of journalists as “unprivileged belligerents” is unacceptable along with the killing of retreating troops.

We should also try to revert the tide of war by using some logic for once and realise that our foreign policy IS a major contributor to many people’s radicalization that leads them into the hands of extremist groups.

  1. We need to do all we can to resolve the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. Recognise Palestine as a country in the UN and give it the ability to take Israel to court for crimes it has committed. Force Israel to define its borders, return the illegal settlers to within Israeli borders as defined by the UN decades ago, stop the blockade on Gaza and attack all (recent and previous), hijackings of aid flotillas as Piracy on the high seas. Tony Blair was a Zionist stooge who cared little about peace and more about making money as Official Middle Eastern Peace Envoy. We need to get Israel to play in the same legal framework as other countries that we are expecting to such as Iran who we are expecting to bend over backwards to prove they have no nuclear ambitions without a bomb in sight, whilst Israel is sitting on a stockpile of at least 200 war heads and is not even a member of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. Hypocrisy!
  2. We should realise that we have caused more extremism than if we had just left well alone in Iraq. Saddam Hussein may have been a horrible dictator but at least the 3 countries we cobbled together with the French after World War I stuck together without infighting. It seems cruel to say but if the Arab Spring has shown us something it is that if we remove the Western backed dictators that were ruling these countries that seem to fall apart into civil war and ethnic strife pretty quickly. We had no reason to go to war with Iraq our ex ally apart from the fact Tony Blair promised to George W (I speak to God) Bush that he would. What happened, Iran has taken control of the Shia’s in the South, the Kurds have basically created their own country to the north and the Sunnis have created the beast of ISIS in the rest of the country. Splitting the country into three parts on ethnic lines seems the logical way forward if we don’t want ISIS to take all before it.
  3. We should admit that supporting “moderate” groups fighting Assad in Syria, like the Free Syrian Army, was a mistake. These groups are now ISIS controlled and there even been instances of western air drops of supplies falling into ISIS held locations and UK planes being shot down by Iraqi defence forces for seemingly dropping supplies to Islamic State deliberately. The FSA has been found to have sold kidnapped journalists to ISIS who were then beheaded as well as committing despicable acts of its own such as the famous video of a FSA solider ripping the heart and lungs out of a dead Syrian solider and eating them on tape. There are NO moderates to support and if we want to defeat ISIS we should be willing to admit that the only real forces on the ground willing to do the fighting for us are the Syrian Army, The Kurds and the Iranians who have been the only forces along with Shia militias preventing the US trained Iraqi forces from turning tail and running away like they have done on numerous occasions even when outnumbering their enemy. We should forget past and current issues and support Iran and Syria in their fight against ISIS as surely they are the lesser of two evils?
  4. We should ask WHY is it that Israel feels no threat from ISIS on their doorstep. When every other Islamic terrorist group in history has labelled the Israeli conflict as the major point of grievance, ISIS has been very quiet on the matter. You would think Israel who is always going on about how they are fighting for their very existence in the region, would be scared shitless of such a well-funded and armed group on their borders. Instead they are more worried about firecrackers from Gaza than the tens of thousands of well equipped Islamic nutters on their flank. Could it be down to the fact they are arming them in a divide and conquer tactic? Iraq and Syria’s armies are no more and the Greater Israel project could be back on seeing they have no fixed borders. Do they see this as a chance to expand or are they not scared for some other reason. Why is it ISIS are not even considering attacking Israel when any Islamic terrorist group worth its name with as much weaponry and money as they have would have them as their number one target?

Watch Russell Brand talk about’ Foreign Policy Hypocrisy

Whatever you think about Russell Brand he makes some good points about UK foreign policy in this podcast.

View his reaction to the horrific events in Tunisia and the response of David Cameron.

If British foreign policy is truly a force for democracy then why does the UK sell arms to repressive states?

View Russell Brand and “Tunisia Minute Of Silence – Total Bullshit: Russell Brand The Trews (E350)” on

By Dark Politricks


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Russell Brand on ISIS and my thoughts on why our leaders are hypocrites when it comes to Islamic State and Saudi Arabia

September 6, 2014

Russell Brand on ISIS and my thoughts on why our leaders are hypocrites when it comes to Islamic State and Saudi Arabia

By Dark Politricks

Whether you like Russell Brand or not I would urge you to subscribe to the Trews YouTube channel to hear his point of view. Whether you agree or disagree with him on various matters it is always good to get alternative points of views on important matters.

In the video at the bottom of the page Russell Brand dissects the recent upgrading of the terror threat in the UK. This was due to the beheading of a US journalist by a man with a UK accent.

As he rightly says, Saudi Arabia has beheaded numerous people since August the 4th yet we continue to sell weapons and do big business with that Islamic State. If the man had a Saudi accent it probably wouldn’t have made the news like the many beheadings that happen all the time in that terror state.

Why is it that we don’t stop our relationships with such counties as Saudi Arabia and Qatar and others that fund the these terrorist groups that David Cameron wants more working class English and American people to go and fight.

Remember just months ago our leaders were saying that the enemy was President Assad of Syria and our governments were supporting, funding and arming groups that were fighting his government.

Now that these groups have crossed the border into Iraq and become ISIS they suddenly become the enemy. People who were “bravely” fighting Assad are now “terrorists”. Groups we trained and armed are now in Iraq causing havoc under the banner of the Islamic State.

As Russell Brand rightly says. For people like millionaire David Cameron, and his fellow Etonion friends, who are directors and shareholders in arms companies and other businesses who benefit from wars, to tell us to fight another war is hypocritical.

For Cameron to lecture us that we must go over to Iraq and lose more freedoms and liberties at home due to another UK/US foreign policy that has gone awry, just like the arming of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan who then became the Taliban and al-Qaeda, is pure bullshit.

He isn’t going to go an fight for his belief that we must go to war with ISIS.

No it will be the poor, working classes, who join the army as the only way out of communities that have been decimated by Tory policies, that will be doing the fighting for him. When our leaders send their own sons and daughters to war zones and don’t skip military service like many US Presidents or politicians have, then we can look at them with more respect when it comes to war.

Chicken Hawks telling me that I must go and fight for their own foreign policy blowbacks can fuck off and fight themselves. I am tired of people who haven’t seen real violence telling people who have to go and fight. When you have heard a knife enter a body, the sound and memory stays with you forever. When you have killed another human being it stays with you.

This is why so many ex-generals and military leaders are against war whilst people who have never been in one are for them.

The millions of people who marched against the war in Iraq through London a decade ago knew that war wasn’t the answer. Some people, like Tony Blair and David Cameron, still claim that our interference in the region, in Iraq, Iran and Syria hasn’t led to this creation of the monster called ISIS or Islamic State, they are blatantly wrong.

The only solution to a regional crisis such as the formation of the Islamic State has to come from the region itself, without us sending more troops to the region. We can help by stopping our crusades on former leaders who were our friends only a few years ago and instead attacking the real enemies in the region such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are funding these terrorist groups.

Here are just a few ideas for how regional countries could help.

Israel could do itself a massive PR job favour and use it’s massive armed forces to attack ISIS instead of Palestinians for instance. The US has spent billions giving Israel tons of fighter planes, missile systems and other arms. Why can’t Israel see the real terror on it’s borders rather than the poor, malnourished, suffering people of Gaza, and do the world a favour by going after them instead?

Iran could be allowed to help Iraq, along with Assad, to form a pincer movement on ISIS for instance. We could help by stopping to claim Assad is a war criminal without facts and remember our leaders used to have dinner with the same people we are now trying to remove e.g Assad and former leaders Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

John Kerry having dinner with President Assad
President Assad having dinner with John Kerry

Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein
Donald Rumsfeld meeting Saddam Hussein

Tony Blair meeting Col Gaddadi
Tony Blair meeting Col Gaddafi

If we stopped labeling Iran and Syria as the enemy and realised that they could actually be the solution to a problem we caused then they could become rehabilitated members of the international community again.

And most of all we need to realise that countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding and arming these groups whilst we make billions from arms sales to these countries.

Let’s remember that if the US Government’s story of what happened on 9.11 is correct. Then the people who attacked the country was Saudi Arabia not Afghanistan or Iraq.

Logically the US should have gone to war with this despot backward 7th century country, where people are beheaded or mutilated daily as punishment for crimes we don’t even send people to prison for.

A country where thousands of Princes and Royal members live a life of luxury, holiday in Dubai, send for models to have sex with or pay millions to have famous pop stars sing at their parties. All whilst the majority of the population live in absolute poverty.

This was the country the US should have attacked if the US conclusions on who the terrorists on 9.11 were was correct.

However that would have meant the Bush family falling out with their favourite despots, Bandar-Bush incorporated has been causing havoc for years. The Bushes and the leaders of Saudi Arabia were too closely linked and yet the US claimed 19 Saudi hijackers were behind the 9.11 attacks. Hypocrites and liars.


Lets listen to Russell Brand talk about ISIS and David Cameron’s support for more US/UK war as the solution to it.


View the original article Russell Brand and me on ISIS and why our leaders are hypocrites when it comes to the Islamic State and Saudi Arabia at

TerrorStorm – Full 2nd edition documentary on False Flag Attacks

May 16, 2013

TerrorStorm – Full 2nd edition documentary on False Flag Attacks

By Dark Politricks

This is the 2nd edition of the popular Alex Jones documentary TerrorStorm that looks in detail at the proven history of false flag events and state sponsored terrorism including modern false flag attacks such as the 7/7 London bombings and 9/11.

For anyone who doesn’t believe these two recent terror events were false flag attacks carried out by government intelligence agencies. Either deliberately “or allowed to happen” to further the case for our current decade of war, the loss of liberties at home, an increase in state surveillance and the rise of a modern high-tech police state, you just need to read up on the following proven events.

  • The Lavon Affair – an Israeli false flag attack in the 50’s that aimed to attack US and British targets in Egypt so that they could be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood and keep British troops in control of the Suez canal. This is a proven false flag operation that led to the resignation of Israeli defence minister Pinhas Lavon and is admitted as such by Israel.
  • The Gulf of Tonkin attack – the “non event” that was used as a pretext by the US government under President Lyndon B. Johnson to start the Vietnam war. This attack has now been admitted to have never occurred however it was reported as a North Vietnamese attack on US ships and used to justify the war.
  • Operation AJAX – the reason the Iranians still call us the “Great Satan“. The democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was other thrown by a combination of US and British intelligence operations that were used to keep control of the oil fields that had been nationalised by Mosaddegh.

After the coup the western powers installed a puppet Shah which ruled over the country ruthlessly until the Islamic revolution in 1979.

And for more recent events one must only look at the revelations from Seymour Hersh that Dick Cheney planned to stage a false flag attack in the Strait of Hormuz by staging a shoot up between US ships and more US boats painted as Iranian boats.

We also have the Iraq war and the numerous propaganda stunts (both real and planned) that drove us into this unpopular and unnecessary war.

Not only was the 9.11 commission used to justify the war with witnesses such as Laurie Mylroie claiming Saddam Hussien was behind every major terrorist attack in recent years but we had the “dodgy dossier” that was full of exaggerated claims that the Iraqi army could attack British forces with Weapons of Mass Destruction within 45 minutes and the sad spectacle of the once respected US Secretary of State Colin Powell lying to the UN about the certainty of the existence of Iraqi WMD.

The propaganda was used to scare people into a war they didn’t want and as we know now couldn’t afford. Yet even though millions of people marched against going to battle for oil the axis of war pushed on. Even Tony Blair and George Bush discussed staging a false flag attack to get their desired war in Iraq by tempting Saddam Hussein to shoot down a UN plane flying over his country.

So not only have false flag attacks been used many times in the past they have been discussed very recently even if you don’t believe 9.11 or 7/7 were such events.

Whatever you think of Alex Jones the documentary is well worth watching and I have no reason to believe someone could “act” 24/7 as a government stooge by letting people have “controlled government information” as many claim Alex and other alternative news personalities do. Sometimes you have to realise that if you go too far down the rabbit hole everyone starts looking like a rabbit!

To those that claim he blatantly ignores Israel and the Jewish angle during his conspiracy theorising I would say his wife maybe Jewish but then so what? During the film he talks about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty during the 1967 war and how Israel deliberately attacked and murdered US Navy troops during a false flag attack designed to draw the USA into the conflict.

As witnesses from the ship were ordered on pain of death or imprisonment to stay silent, and twice aircraft sent to help the USS Liberty were called back by Lyndon Johnson who apparently claimed “I want that boat to sink!”, it is left to those survivors brave enough to speak out years later to tell the truth about this false flag attack from a supposed ally.

Not only was the US flag flying high and visible to the Israeli pilots that flew over the ship in the hours before the attack. It still flew during the torpedoing and the strafing of the survivors in the water by Israeli boats sent to ensure that no witnesses were left to tell their side of the story. Radio’s were jammed to prevent calls for help and everything was done to ensure that the boat sank as the US President wished.

However an Israeli pilot has gone on record to claim he told his superiors that the ship was clearly American but was threatened with court martial for not attacking it. He refused and was arrested when he returned to base.

Also US radio monitors in the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon heard the pilots protests and they have been confirmed by then U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter. As well as this an Israeli Major claimed that everyone in the war room at the time knew they were attacking a US ship. He had heard the pilots statement about the ship being American but he re-canted this statement after being threatened.

This false flag attack was obviously an attempt to bring the US into the war by blaming the attack on Egypt and it was only stopped due to the appearance of a Russian boat that halted the Israeli attack and prevented the plan from succeeding.

This is not exactly sticking up for Israel as many claim Alex Jones does and he could have easily skipped this event from his list of historical attacks. There have been so many false flag attacks throughout history he didn’t need to mention Israel and the USS Liberty at all. However he didn’t ignore it and even if he had it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that people are made aware of the use of false flag attacks throughout history and how they are still taught at military schools and used to this day by those needing an excuse to go to war.

We just need to think about this when the next bombing or chemical weapon attack is blamed on Iran or Syria and used as a pretext to get us into another war. Watch the film if you haven’t seen it already and pass it on. If you want to download a copy from then read this article on how to go about it.


You can view the original article False Flag Attacks – TerrorStorm on the main site

Facebook Celebrate Maggie Thatchers Death with a Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead Number One Song Request!

April 11, 2013

Facebook Celebrate Maggie Thatchers Death with a Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead Number One Song Request!

By Dark Politricks

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

At the news of the death of Margaret Thatcher my country was instantly split between those who had remembered life under her during the 80’s and those who probably went “who?”. However even the second group of people took the chance to party and riot like good little Englanders all around the country.

For those of us old enough to remember her and her governments time in office it was a choice between respectful mourning of a great Prime Minister, whether or not you agreed with her policies, or a chance to celebrate the death of someone who had brought great misery to large parts of the country.

For those people living outside the South East of England during the 80’s it was a time in which skilled workers lost their jobs and the only replacements were service based such as IT, Sales, Marketing and other forms of employment that someone without a degree could move to unless they wanted to serve burgers in McDonalads or say “Hello” and “Goodbye” at the local B&Q.

The rest of Europe used to call the UK the “sick man of Europe” during the end of the 70’s and it was a time of 3 day working weeks, power cuts, IMF bailouts and rubbish piled sky high and left in the street for rats to fester in due to regular militant union action.

Maggie Thatcher came into power in 1979 determined to smash the power of the unions and she did so using new laws and the strikes led by Arthur Scargill and the National Union of Mineworkers during their famous strike of 1984 to 1985.

Scargill whose wife on news of Thatchers death called her “evil”, claimed that the government had a long-term strategy to destroy the mining industry by closing unprofitable pits, and that it listed pits it wanted to close each year. Although the Government denied this at the time it didn’t stop the massive strike action that led to famous battles such as those at Hatfield and Hunterston between miners and soldiers dressed up as policemen where blood was shed on both sides.

Although Arthur Scargil was a communist sympathiser and had links to the Soviet Union at the time; quoted as saying that “the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin explained the real world“. He was demonised by the Tory press and ultimately failed in his attempt to stop Thatcher shutting down the mines.

This led to the wastelands of the North that weren’t put right until very recently and whole towns were put on the dole. The cost to the taxpayer that came from the huge unemployment in these towns with the social ills related to it far outweighed any subsidy that would have been needed to keep the mines open and proud men in work, paying tax and supporting their families through hard work.

Although the Miners strikes were held during a time in which there was a real choice in UK politics, between those people who wanted real left or right wing policies, and had their parties to vote for that upheld those views.

With Labour on the left and the Conservatives on the right. The era of Maggie Thatcher led to the rise of the neo-Thatcherite, Tony Blair, who once elected as leader of the Labour Party took it to the centre ground and abolished a major part of it’s core belief i.e clause 4.

Clause 4 of Labour’s constitution committed the party to nationalisation (or re-nationalisation) of the key industries and utilities.

As Thatcher was privatising everything she could, even at rock bottom prices. There was still hope for those people who believed state built industries such as the railway should be owned and run by the state for the benefit of the people NOT private shareholders.

We can all see what a mess the railways have become with ever increasing price rises due to the lack of any “real” competition. Can someone tell me how can two competing train companies run trains on the same line at the same time? If not then how would privatising the industry have any hope of bringing fares down due to competition between competing companies?

Tony Blair is even quoted as saying that:

Well, Margaret Thatcher is perhaps the politician I have the greatest admiration for. I am reading her memoirs at the moment.”

Not exactly the thing someone who is supposed to be your opponent across the political sphere would say.

Especially about the one person who probably did the most to change UK politics in the last 30 years and remove all “socialist” tendencies from your own party – a party that was supposed to be socialist and pro-trade union in nature when it was founded!

Then again there are rumours from ex MI5 agents, including the well known whistle-blower David Shaylerthat Tony Blair himself was an MI5 informant who was recruited at University to spy on the very left wing radicals he pretended to be part of.

If true was it any surprise that his rise to the top of the Labour party was so quick and that once he became leader he quickly removed any semblance of socialism from it?

These were the same industries that Thatcher was busy privatising and whilst her policies put many people out of work it also modernised many UK industries and gave the UK an advantage over it’s European allies, many of which still have nationalised industries to this day. However although many people remember her as being euro-sceptic it was her government that signed the Maastricht Treaty and pushed the UK further into the hold of the European Union that controls much of our law and life to this day.

Tony Blair‘s reformation of Labour into “New Labour” led the party to multiple electoral victories but it also ended any real choice in UK politics as all major parties are now based in the centre ground fighting over small changes to very similar policies.

The only real choice comes from voting for smaller parties like UKIPthe Green Party, Arthur Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party or any other smaller parties which take polarising views on how the economy should work and society should be run.

Views from total liberalisation, freedom, total state control and even communism. Political Parties like this are too small to gain national traction and they create a massive disenfranchisement of the UK voting populace, many of whom show their frustration at the big 3 by refusing to vote at all.

However, whether you loved her or hated her Maggie Thatcher was one of the most dominant personalities in UK politics over the last few decades and her death has been marked by sadness as well as parties.

For example, on news that Thatcher had died multiple parties broke out all across the UK from Scotland to Brighton people took a chance to celebrate and sing the song “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!”

From the Guardian.

From Glasgow to London and Brighton and cops were injured and arrests made as protesters held street parties in cities across the UK.

Brixton party celebrating Margaret Thatcher's death
Riot police clear people at a street party celebrating Margaret Thatcher‘s death in Brixton, south LONDON. Photograph: P. Nutt/Demotix/Corbis

From the Guardian

One officer was taken to hospital and five others were injured in clashes in Bristol after a street party turned violent. A man was arrested after revellers refused to leave the street party, and threw cans and bottles at police, according to Avon and Somerset police. A police vehicle was damaged and an officer remains in hospital. His injuries are not thought to be serious.

Police said the group “refused requests to peacefully disperse”, leading to the use of shields and batons by officers. A spokeswoman said police received a number of calls from residents about the party.

She said party-goers were “throwing stuff around and starting fires” before police arrived.

Thatcher party brixton
People celebrate in Brixton. Photograph: George Henton/Barcroft Media

In Brixton, south London, people gathered from around 5.30pm in Windrush Square and by nightfall had attracted about 200 protesters after a party was announced on Facebook. The Ritzy cinema was festooned in banners, with the now showing sign rearranged to spell out “Margaret Thatcher dead“. One banner read: “Rejoice, Thatcher is dead.” Others chanted: “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, dead, dead, dead.”

thatcher party George Square in Glasgow
Revellers spray a bottle of champagne at George Square in Glasgow. Photograph: David Moir/Reuters

In Leeds a group gathered to hand out “Thatcher’s dead cake“, singing and cheering at one of several street parties. In this footage from a man is seen chanting ‘If you all hate Thatcher clap your hands‘ into a megaphone.

While in Liverpool, where many reviled Thatcher for her role in the closure of the city’s docks and her perceived role and views on the Hillsborough disaster, there was a gathering lit by red flares on the steps of Lime street station. Police said they had not been called to any disturbances in the city related to the former prime minister’s death.

Around 300 people gathered in Glasgow’s George Square which experienced highly charged poll tax protests in 1989, after the introduction of one of Thatcher’s most divisive measures. Revellers wore party hats, and popped a bottle of champagne while streamers were thrown into the sky.

Groups such as the Communist party, the Socialist party, the Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation and the International Socialist Group were joined by members of the public. Martin Chomsky, the lead singer of Chomsky Allstars, performed his song So Long Margaret Thatcher in George Square.

“There are mixed emotions. I was never brought up to celebrate anyone’s death but the pain she brought to Latin America, Europe and around the world should be remembered,” he said.

“I would rather that Thatcherism was dead because she is mostly to blame for what is going on today. She is responsible, but not solely, for the massive gap between the rich and the poor.”

Anti-Thatcher protesters gathered at Trafalgar Square in London.
Anti-Thatcher protesters gathered at Trafalgar Square in London. Photograph: Sang Tan/AP

In Derry and Belfast, there were republican celebrations. In one incident in Derry a petrol bomb was thrown at a passing police patrol near Free Derry Corner during a street party. In the Falls Road area of west Belfast, car horns were sounded and champagne bottles cracked open as hundreds gathered to wave flags and chant.

In Trafalgar Square, central London, champagne bottles were passed around as people celebrated, while a Facebook group is calling for another celebration in Trafalgar Square on Saturday from 6pm.

separate campaign has been launched to make Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead reach No1 in the music charts.

View the full Guardian report at The Guardian

View the Facebook protest page to make Ding, Dong The Witch Is Dead No 1 in the UK Charts this week on Facebook.

View the original article “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead – Parties thrown at news of Thatchers death” at the main site

The Hated Ex UK Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher is now dead

April 8, 2013

The Hated Ex UK Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher is now dead

By Dark Politricks

It has just been reported by the BBC that the hated ex Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died at the age of 87.

A hero to the right and a hated enemy of the left the ex Tory Prime Minister was a divisive figure in UK politics.

Baroness Thatcher was the only female PM in UK history and she was responsible for the devastating privatisation policies of the 80’s.

Although her policies opened up many nationalised markets such as energy and telecommunications to private investment it also destroyed many working class communities all over the country, especially whole towns of people who relied on work at local mines or ship yards which were shut down.

She was responsible for the massive destruction of union power and her war with Arthur Scargill led to the closure of many mines, high unemployment figures and battles between soldiers dressed up as policemen and striking miners which were the highlight of news programmes although the early 80’s.

For the striking miners there were no other jobs for them to go to and after the mines were shut down and whole communities in the North of England, and Wales were put on the dole.

The cost analysis benefit of subsiding the mines versus the cost of putting whole towns on unemployment benefit, the crime from drugs and drink and other social ills that led from the hopelessness she created were undoubtedly pro-subsidy.

However the Tory right were only thinking short term and the destruction of the unions and the move to privatisation was more important than the high unemployment and social ills it cost the country.

Please don’t forget as the current Tory government is busy demonising people in receipt of benefits and busy moving people off disability allowance and back onto the much lower benefit “jobseekers allowance”. That it was in-fact the Tory government of Thatcher that was responsible for “massaging” the unemployment figures in the first place, by switching people from “the dole” to “the sick”, so that they could claim that unemployment was failing when in reality it wasn’t.

3 million unemployed was a regular figure heard on the news during Thatchers time as Prime Minister.

She was responsible for privatising the national railways which has been a massive failure as well as numerous other neo-liberal economic policies which the right claimed “modernised” the UK in comparison to the rest of Europe. In reality it has led to the current situation we have now in which all 3 major political parties are centre based leaving no real choice for the electorate.

There is no major party that can call itself left or right any-more. We just have a mob of centrist politicians all debating over how much austerity we should be suffering to pay for the banks mistakes.

It was the long years out of power during Thatchers reign that made Tony Blair decide to “modernise” the Trade Unionist Labour party all but destroying it’s links with the unions and making it another pro-war, neo-con leaning, bankster loving party of the centre right.

Some even say Tony Blair’s Labour government was to the right of Thatcher with his over bearing policies of police surveillance, anti-terrorism acts that removed peoples liberties and his alliance with the Americans in their multiple wars.

Today will be a day of sadness for many on the right of politics and I wouldn’t be surprised to see even supposed “left” wing leaders pay their respects to the ex Tory leader who helped destroy all meaning in voting Labour at the polling booths.

For others it will be seen as a day of celebration.

Baroness Thatcher was the hated figure that caused massive unemployment, high interest rates, Black Wednesday and our removal from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. She was also responsible for the Poll Tax riots, the Falklands war and the creation of vast wastelands in the north of England.

To people affected by her economic policies in a negative way I cannot see them visiting her funeral to see her off unless it’s to make sure she has really died!

From the BBC News report

BBC News

Former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher has died “peacefully” at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke while staying at the Ritz hotel in central London.

David Cameron called her a “great Briton” and the Queen spoke of her sadness at the death.

Lady Thatcher was Conservative prime minister from 1979 to 1990. She was the first woman to hold the role.

She will not have a state funeral but will be accorded the same status as Princess Diana and the Queen Mother.

The ceremony, with full military honours, will take place at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral.

The union jack above Number 10 Downing Street has been lowered to half-mast while Parliament will be recalled from its Easter recess on Wednesday to enable MPs to pay tributes to the former prime minister.

Obama tribute

After cancelling planned talks in Paris with French President Francois Hollande and returning to the UK, Mr Cameron made a statement outside No 10 in which he described Lady Thatcher as “the patriot prime minister” and said she had “taken a country that was on its knees and made it stand tall again”.

“Margaret Thatcher loved this country and served it with all she had. For that she has her well-earned place in history – and the enduring respect and gratitude of the British people,” he said.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said Lady Thatcher had been a controversial politician who inspired “passion” among both her critics and supporters.

Her government privatised several state-owned industries and was involved in a year-long stand-off with unions during the Miners’ Strike of 1984-5. She was also in power when the UK fought a war following Argentina’s invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982.

Lady Thatcher survived an assassination attempt in 1984, when the IRA bombed the Brighton Grand Hotel, where she was staying for the Conservative Party’s annual conference.

During her later years in office she became increasingly associated with Euroscepticism. She is also seen as one of the key movers behind the fall of communism in eastern Europe.

She stood down in 1990 after she failed to beat Michael Heseltine by enough votes to prevent his leadership challenge going into a second round.

The Life of Margaret Thatcher

  • 13 October 1925 – Born Margaret Hilda Roberts in Grantham, Lincolnshire
  • 1951 – Married businessman Denis Thatcher
  • 1959 – Becomes MP for Finchley
  • 1970 – Made minister for education
  • 1975 – Elected Conservative leader
  • 1979 – Becomes UK’s first female prime minister
  • 1982 – Falklands War
  • 1983 – Elected prime minister for second time
  • 1984 – Survives Grand Hotel bombing
  • 1984-5 – Takes on unions in Miners’ Strike
  • 1987 – Wins third term in Downing Street
  • 1990 – Resigns as prime minister
  • 1992 – Stands down as MP and accepts peerage
  • 2002 – Retires from public speaking
  • 8 April 2013 – Dies after suffering a stroke

World leaders and senior UK figures have been paying tribute to Lady Thatcher.

US President Barack Obama said the world had “lost one of the great champions of freedom and liberty” and that “America has lost a true friend”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would “never forget her part in surmounting the division of Europe and at the end of the Cold War”.

Ahead of his return to the UK, Mr Cameron told the BBC: “Margaret Thatcher succeeded against all the odds. The real thing is she didn’t just lead our country; she saved our country.

“I believe she will go down as the greatest British peacetime prime minister.”

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “The Queen was sad to hear the news of the death of Baroness Thatcher. Her Majesty will be sending a private message of sympathy to the family.”

Lady Thatcher was born Margaret Roberts, the daughter of a shopkeeper and Conservative councillor in Grantham, Lincolnshire, in 1925.

She studied chemistry at Oxford University and worked for a plastics company before marrying businessman Denis Thatcher in 1951.

She gave birth to twins Mark and Carol in 1953, the year she also qualified as a barrister, and served as MP for Finchley, north London, from 1959 to 1992.

Having been education secretary, she successfully challenged former prime minister Edward Heath for her party’s leadership in 1975 and won general elections in 1979, 1983 and 1987.

Sir John Major, who replaced Lady Thatcher as prime minister in 1990, called her a “true force of nature”.

He added: “Her outstanding characteristics will always be remembered by those who worked closely with her: courage and determination in politics, and humanity and generosity of spirit in private.”


Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair called her a “towering figure”, while his successor Gordon Brown praised her “determination and resilience”.

Baroness Thatcher’s funeral route

Funeral route for Margaret Thatcher
  • Baroness Thatcher is to have a ceremonial funerala step short of a state funeral – with military honours to be held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London
  • The funeral parade will begin at Chapel of St Mary Undercroft at the Palace of Westminster
  • A hearse will take the body to the RAF Chapel at the church of St Clement Danes on the Strand
  • Baroness Thatcher’s coffin will be transferred to a gun carriage and drawn by the Kings Troop Royal Artillery to St Paul’s Cathedral
  • The route is to be lined by all three armed forces

Labour leader Ed Miliband said Lady Thatcher had been a “unique figure” who “reshaped the politics of a whole generation”.

He added: “The Labour Party disagreed with much of what she did and she will always remain a controversial figure. But we can disagree and also greatly respect her political achievements and her personal strength.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg described Lady Thatcher as one of the “defining figures in modern British politics”, adding: “She may have divided opinion during her time in politics but everyone will be united today in acknowledging the strength of her personality and the radicalism of her politics.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson tweeted: “Very sad to hear of death of Baroness Thatcher. Her memory will live long after the world has forgotten the grey suits of today’s politics.”

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage called Lady Thatcher a “great inspiration”, adding: “Whether you loved her or hated her nobody could deny that she was a great patriot, who believed passionately in this country and her people. A towering figure in recent British and political history has passed from the stage. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.”

Lady Thatcher, who retired from public speaking in 2002, had suffered poor health for several years. Her husband Denis died in 2003. She had been staying at the Ritz hotel since being discharged from hospital at the end of last year.

View the BBC news story as it unfolds on the BBC news site.

View the original article Hated Ex Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher dies at the main website

Who should become President of the United States?

November 3, 2012

Who should become President of the United States?

By Dark Politricks

This is a follow on from my seemingly popular article called “does anyone really thinks that voting for Mitt Romney will bring real change to the USA.

As I state quite clearly at the beginning of that article, if you dislike or even hate the current US President, Barack Obama, then I agree with your sentiment.

However is hating someone and their policies enough of a good reason to vote in someone who is potentially worse for your economy, liberty, safety and ultimately your country?

Is voting for Mitt Romney, actually voting for the lesser of two evils and if it is then is voting for any kind of evil morally acceptable

As a Brit I often get asked to “stay out” of “our” American politics. Or to keep my nose out of American Presidential elections.

However it is pretty clear, at least to me over my adult life, that the US President is not only the leader of the USA but the figurehead of the most powerful super power in the world whose decisions and actions effect the lives of people all across the globe.

Whether the leader of the USA should have this much power over the rest of us is a very pertinent question yet one that is hardly, if ever, mentioned in the US mainstream media let alone the US Presidential debates.

However it is a question that the rest of the world knows the importance of, and people all the way from Pakistan to Australia, China to Germany and Brazil to the UK realise that whoever sits in that chair behind the oval desk can have a dramatic effect over the lives of people across the globes life.

For example if you live in Pakistan the leader of the USA could decide whether your family members are counted as “collateral damage” in a drone strike. If you are Japanese it’s whether a US Army soldier will rape your daughter and get away with it due to the “special contract” America makes any country hosting their soldiers and bases sign.

If your Australian it’s whether or new US Navy base will be created to help ring fence China and bring your country into any future war with the next emerging super power.

If your Russian it’s whether or not your country is gong to be designated as the top enemy of the USA as Romney stated and whether or not you will be ring fenced in by new NATO members and a missile “defense” system that could be used to attack your nation.

For us Brits it’s down to the level of humiliation we will have to suffer by watching our politicians make sniveling arse licking speeches to your congress as Gordon Brown and Tony Blair recently did. It is also how far up your arse we will hang as a nation and how many of our young soldiers will die fighting the next war we feel duty bound to join you in.

If it’s China it’s the level of hostility you can expect to face from the next President. Will they see you as a nation that is propping up your failing economy by constantly buying your worthless Treasury bonds or will you be labelled a currency manipulator and then watch as the fading US star tries to fight it’s way out of decline by picking a fight with you over Taiwan or Japan.

If it’s Iran it’s whether or not you are going to be attacked within 6 months or a year. Whether diplomacy will be given any form of a chance or whether the next President will bend straight over to the next Israeli PM and go to war for that country yet again in the Middle East. Sending US troops to die in foreign lands to fight in deserts that they have no right being in, for a war that is both hypocritical and pointless on many grounds.

You see we non Americans DO have a voice and DO have thoughts about the way the most powerful country in the world should behave in the next 4 years.

Should it follow the neo-con policy of never-ending war, torture, and going it alone against world opinion. Or will they retreat back inside their own borders, become isolationist and chose to sort out their own economy and decimation of their civil rights before deciding to spread “human rights” and “democracy” across the world again.

Policies that many of us see as hypocritical due to their own behaviour and breeches of Human Rights that have become so famous aka Gitmo, Abu Ghrai, Dick Cheney’s personal assassination squad and now Obama’s king like behaviour to chose who lives and dies whether they are American or not.

Unlike the “I agree with Mitt, I agree with the President” farce of the last Presidential debate which was supposedly about foreign policy there are in fact third party candidates from parties such as the Libertarian Party or the Green Party who DO debate such questions that we mere foreigners ask. Questions such as:

  • Should America be the worlds policeman? Especially during a time of “austerity” in which the US economy is running purely on money conjured out of thin air.
  • Should this sham of a financial system in which the FED and the Treasury allow banksters like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan to take advantage of to make themselves rich even exist at all?
  • Why do Americans feel the need to dance to Israel‘s tune and start and then fight wars that are not in the USA’s best interest?
  • Why is the American political system so corrupt that the Supreme Court can give corporations all the same rights as people apart from the right to be imprisoned or executed for their high crimes and treason.
  • Is it fair that overseas countries and corporations can now pump obscene amounts of money into the Presidential election through Super PAC’s and the aforementioned Citizens United decision and affect the outcome of an election to their benefit. All whilst home grown political parties such as the Greens or the Libertarians get hard;y any air time to make their point on mainstream media and are excluded from the televised Presidential debates which are designed to keep the two headed snake duopoly of a corrupt and owned political system in it’s current broken and corrupt form.

Israel obviously knows the importance of being able to control or “lobby” the US President to get what they want and now with Citizens United China, Iran, Mexico and Russia can as well.

The only problem is that it doesn’t really matter who they dump tons of money behind as the same old neo-con, pro-war, pro-Israel. amti-Muslim, anti-civil liberty policies will continue unabated whichever of the two parties leaders get voted in.

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney support:

  1. Wars of aggression.
  2. Bypassing Congress and the War Act to carry out wars that seemingly help their enemies gain control of important regions of the world i.e Libya and Syria.
  3. Their support of rebel armies fighting existing regimes that the USA dislikes such as Syria, which maybe authoritarian in nature but are not full of al-Qaeda members and fundamentalist Jihadists who commit massacres en masse, film them and then upload them to YouTube.
  4. Supporting drone strikes that kill 50 civilians, women and children for every “Terrorist” killed.
  5. Both support the curbing of civil liberties at home, the NDAA, the PATRIOT ACT and other authoritarian pieces of legislation that have curtailed American citizens liberties at home.
  6. Both candidates claim to support the constitution whilst doing everything they can to bypass it – for the good of the American citizen of course.
  7. Both are big government in their own way.
  8. Both are just figureheads for their real puppet masters and bend over to powerful lobbyists.
  9. Both are pro-Israel and seemingly allow that country to literally get away with murder – including the murder of American citizens like Furkan Dogan.
  10. And the list goes on as my article shows > “Does anyone really thinks that voting for Mitt Romney will bring real change to the USA?

Whilst the USA population is probably blissfully unaware of the other candidates in the race we in the alternative media have been pushing for an expansion of the closed debate the current two possible POTUS’s are having.

Another third party candidate debate between the Green Parties Jill Stein and Libertarian parties Gary Johnson is happening this week. Make sure to watch it if you can.

You can watch the full debate here between the four main third party presidential candidates, Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode and Gary Johnson on my main site as well as an interview with each candidate before the debate with’s Thom Hartmann.

Also please take your time and let me know who you plan to vote for in the election or if you live outside America who you think should become President.

Tony Blair attacked for being a war criminal – again!

May 29, 2012

By Dark Politricks

At the Leveson inquiry today a man managed to access the court room and shouted at Tony Blair that he was “a war criminal” and should be arrested for war crimes as well as his links to JP Morganand their pillaging of Iraqi state loot.

Once the man was removed from the room Blair defended himself – not on the war crimes (he knows he is a war criminal) but on the JP Morgan looting chargethat had been leveled at him.He obviously feels some guilt about being a champagne socialist who has earnt tens of millions since leaving 10 Downing St by getting stuck in with the right people in Israel, Libya and Iraq related to oil and gas contracts.

It is quite funny how often these supposedly “secure” inquiries in the UK are broken into by protesters.

Who can forget that only months ago a man managed to get a whole shopping bag of ingredients into the court and made shaving cream pies before throwing them into the face of Rupert Murdoch. He was then attacked by Ruperts much younger and agile wife Wendi Deng who knew how to protect her inheritance/husband.

It seems that whenever a globalist terrorist is being questioned at the Houses of Parliament the security guards look the other way when it comes to anyone wanting to storm the chamber and gain their 5 minutes of fame by attacking the famous person being questioned.

I cannot think of any other reason why it would keep on happening unless our most secure court house in the land is run by a private company like Group 4 who spend most of their time whilst running prisons they control bringing in drugs for prisoners for money – I jest they would never stoop so low!

They obviously turn a blind eye if someone slips a fiver in their underpaid pocket at the front door and anybody who wants to attack a witness seems to have the best chance at a Parliamentary inquiry in London.

No I am sure our fine upstanding security are always 100% on guard at important events like Levison where people are able to walk off the street sometimes with bags of food based weaponary and enter the court to prepare their attack on the witness being questioned.

All I can say is that I am glad Tony Blair‘s life is now hell.

Wherever he goes he has to have security around him to prevent angry mobs lynching him and he can’t even go to his own autobiography book signings because of the fear that angry protesters will attack him for his many crimes.

Crimes too many to list but ones that included following those Bush era idiots unflinchingly into endless war. Destroying our liberty at home by installing a high tech surveillance police state with RIPA, unfair USA extradition and Anti Terrorist Acts, and allowing evidence to be used extracted by torture as well as his well known links to dictator regimes like Gaddafi.

Also he is a person whose name is definitely near the top of the ten most wanted war criminals still alive and at large along with Cheney and Bush. Where is the Mossad when you really need them!

Anyway you can watch the performance below and the day Tony Blair has to stand trial or face some kind of justice for his crimes against humanity cannot come to soon.


Tony Blair being labelled a war criminal by a moral upstanding member of the community

Rupert Murdoch Being Attacked at the Inquiry into his News of the World phone hacking scandal

What do you think about Tony Blair. Is he a war criminal?

View the original article at Dark Politricks.

More proof the west supported Gaddafi and the al-Qaeda rebels. How quickly friends become enemies..

September 4, 2011

By Dark Politricks

Files found on the floor of the UK Ambassadors home in Tripoli have shown the close links between the Blair, Brown Labour government and Col Gaddafi and how close those links really were.

From the today’s Sunday Mail we get this report.

Devastating secret files reveal Labour lies over Gaddafi: Dictator warned of holy war if Lockerbie bomber Megrahi died in Scotland

  • Devastating stash of documents left in British Ambassador’s residence
  • Britain gave Libyan secret police questions to interrogate dissidents
  • We even informed Gaddafi how Cobra works and MI6 budget

The startling extent to which Labour misled the world over the controversial release of the Lockerbie bomber is exposed today in top-secret documents obtained by today’s Mail on Sunday.

In public, senior Ministers from the last Labour Government and the Scottish First Minister have repeatedly insisted that terminally ill Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was freed on compassionate grounds in a decision taken by Scottish Ministers alone.

But the confidential papers show that Westminster buckled under pressure from Colonel Gaddafi, who threatened to ignite a ‘holy war’ if Megrahi died in his Scottish cell.

The following photographs show letters from the British government to the Gaddadi regime and the stash of documents will certainly re-fuel recent claims that the undoubtedly framed Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was released due to behind the scenes pressure from the British government due to fears of losing big business and oil contracts with Libya.

As always when it comes down to an ethical foreign policy and money for big business there is always one winner.

Embassy documents

Embassy documents

These documents which were found strewn across the floor of the British Ambassador’s residence after he left in quite a hurry, some marked “UK secret: UK/Libya Eyes Only” show the extremely close links between Tony Blair’s government and Colonel Gaddafi’s despotic brutal regime.

On the contentious topic of the Libyan intelligence officer convicted of the Lockerbie bombing the documents reveal the extent to which the previous Labour government and the Scottish government have been lying in public about the reasons for releasing Al Megrahi.

In public ministers from both England and Scotland have claimed the release was purely done on compassionate grounds due to the terminal prostate cancer Al Megrahi was dying from and that the decision had been taken by the devolved Scottish government alone without any pressure from the close friends of Gaddafi and Libya in the English Labour government.

However these recently found papers show that the UK government was under immense pressure from Col Gaddafi to release Al Megrahi and they were basically being blackmailed by Gadfdafi who was threatening to unleash a “holy war” if Megrahi died in his Scottish prison cell.

There is no doubt in my mind at least that the deal with the devil that occurred in the desert between Blair and Gaddafi in 2007 would have covered the topic of framed Lockerbie bomber Al Megrahi as well as all the lucrative defence, oil and business contracts that Blair thought would be good for his country in return for Libya giving up it’s stash of WMD’s and support of terrorism.

Without first hand witness accounts from persons of good character (which rules out Tony Blair or Col Gaddafi) trying to imagine two devils bargaining with each other is quite hard.

However it is not too far a stretch of the imagination once we know how hard Libya had stood it’s ground on the topic of extraditing Al Megrahi to imagine that he was probably served up on a plate by Gaddafi in return for a promise by Blair (who was the keenest to rehabilitate Gaddafi into the western world)  that if convicted he would spend as little time in a Scottish prison as possible.

Coma: Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was convicted of the murder of 270 people in the 1988 airliner bombing, is surviving on an intravenous drip in a room in his family's palatial villa

The notes found in the UK ambassadors house also show the following uncomfortable links between the UK and Libyan government. They show the following:

  • Tony Blair helped Colonel Gaddafi’s playboy son Saif with his ‘dodgy’ PhD thesis while he was Prime Minister.
  • The SAS were offered to train the Khamis Brigade, Gaddafi’s most vicious military unit.
  • MI6 was apparently willing to trace phone numbers for Libyan intelligence.
  • Gordon Brown wrote warmly to Gaddafi in 2007 expressing the hope that the dictator would be able to meet Prince Andrew when he visited Tripoli.
  • MI6’s budget (£150 million in 2002) was readily disclosed to Libyan officials, along with details of how Britain’s Downing Street emergency committee Cobra operates.
  • Britain’s intelligence services forged close links with Gaddafi’s brutal security units.

The training by our own special forces of Libyan intelligence members in tactics that were used to torture people is shocking to say the least but not unsurprising to those that know history and realise that the Brits would have had no problems following the USA down the road to torture and police statehood in the years after 9.11.

It is now perfectly clear that British support for Gaddafi’s military machine went considerably further than just training intelligence assets and also included:

  • Training Libyan officers at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

  • Dispatching a Royal Navy vessel to visit Tripoli.

  • Paying for high-ranking Libyans to visit the European Union and Nato headquarters in Brussels.

  • Sending 100 officers a year on English language courses.

  • The sale of naval ships to Libya.

These close ties with the Libyan military followed the 2007 Blair Gaddafi deal with the devil in the desert. And even at the time of Tony Blair’s deal in the desert it was widely known about Colonel Gaddafi’s history of torture, internal repression, and human rights abuses.

Apparently even the SAS, the worlds most professional and feared fighting force were used to train one of Libya’s most terrifying security forces, the Khamis Brigade which have been accused of being behind some of the worst human rights abuses and atrocities in the recent civil war.

It should be now clear to everyone that the western powers will turn on their past friends, Middle Eastern dictators and despots in a split second if they believe it will help their own interests – and you are only “our guy” for as long as you play ball with us under our rules.

Try and change those rules and watch the bombs rain down on your cities. Remember Saddam Hussein that nasty evil dictator who we went to war with twice recently. Well before he was the “next Hitler” he was “our guy in the Middle East” and someone we supported in his country’s war with Iran and a major purchaser of western made armaments.

His own despotism and human rights abuses were tolerated because he served the western powers a purpose but once he pushed the line a little too far he suddenly switched from being our guy to someone who deliberately killed babies by taking them out their incubators and letting them die on the floor – a proven lie that helped sell the first Gulf war to a gullable western public unaware of our previous closeness with the Hussein regime.

This is not to say that it isn’t a better world without Hussein or Gaddafi in charge of their respective countries but in both cases truth was the first casualty and PR the major weapon used to sell the death and destruction that was unleashed all in the name of  protecting “human rights”.

There were many reasons not to support the recent war in Libya which I outlined months ago but it seems very hypocritical for the British regime (although now under a Tory government as if that made the slightest bit of difference) to support a dictator like Gaddafi for so long and go to the lengths of training his top security forces, helping him “interrogate” dissidents and all the rest and then to suddenly flip sides and lay into him with the full force of NATO and all it’s ultra expensive guided missiles and bombs.

Gaddafi is an evil man and it will be better for everyone if the Middle East was free of all despots and dictators not just those we don’t get on with. That means a clean sweep from the West of Africa all the way to the western shores of the Pacific ocean and beyond however the reason used to sell wars to a public are rarely the real ones that cause them in the first place.

Nearly every regime in that part of the world has attacked it’s own people at one time or another and it should be a lesson to everyone to see which battles the west chooses to pick when it finally decides to turn on countries it had previously supported like it recently has with Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

Either you are for war, the indiscriminate killing of innocent children, women and men (or collateral damage), the massive cost of missiles that could pay for dozens of school teachers and nurses back home and the massive number of dead soldiers brought home in body bags or you are not.

If we really wanted a world police force that would intervene in disputes and uprisings such as those in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain and so on then we would have to accept that this police force would also be able to interfere in our own western mis-adventures.

We would have to be prepared that this independent and ethical force that followed international law, legal precedents and human rights would get involved in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel but on the other side i.e fighting against the unwarranted aggression of NATO or the occupying Israeli, USA and UK forces.

That is the only logical way to proceed but as our world does not revolve around logic and there is no way the powerful people that run the  world would accept an independent force that could interfere in their racket that makes them billions each year it will never happen.

We have already seen the USA pull out of an International Criminal Court because they didn’t want their troops to be hauled up in front of it.

Apparently everyone but US troops can be punished for “just following orders” which lead to innocents being murdered in war zones.

This was supposedly a precedent set in the Nuremberg trials against the Nazi’s but it has become clear that the USA and it’s allies see themselves above international law as recent history shows.

Only NATO can start pre-emtpive wars which were abolished in the Geneva Conventions as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan show and only the USA and their allies can torture, humiliate, rape and maim prisoners who they suspect of being terrorists as Gitmo and Abu-Ghraib show.

As always there is one rule for the elite and one rule for the rest.

It is preciously because of this hypocrisy that countries that try to stay out of western control and stand up to this hypocrisy like Iran, Russia, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba are always demonised in the western press.

This is not to say that these countries don’t have their own horrific problems, despots, human rights abuses and so on but as we have now found out in the ten years since 9.11 the west can be just as bad when it comes to human rights abuses as any communist regime or police state dictatorship.

Therefore when we see the likes of Obama, Sarkozy and  Cameron denounce the abuses carried out by the likes of Gaddafi or the Syrian regime we should remember that one of the reasons they do so is because these countries are not yet in “our pockets” and “playing ball”.

The recent files found in the UK Ambassadors home in Tripoli show how hypocritical our leaders can be.

Why are we suddenly fighting with and not against al-Qaeda?

March 28, 2011

By Dark Politricks

I have not heard very much in the main stream media about how our intervention in Libya on the side of the rebel army has meant that we are now fighting alongside al-Qaeda, our supposed mortal enemy and supposedly the reason we have been at constant war for the last decade.

The Daily Telegraph ran a recent story in which an interview with the leader of the rebel army we are supporting in Libya‘s civil war admitted that he had recruited al-Qaeda fighters and called them not terrorists but good Muslims.

Mr al-Hasidi insisted his fighters “are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,” but added that the “members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader”.

Al-Qaeda’s own leaders have released statements in support of the rebels and have also called for the otherthrow of Gaddafi who they feel is an obstacle to their ideal Islamic Caliphate.

Abu Yahia al-Libi who is supposedly a commander of the main enemy in our “war on terror” claimed that after the fall of Egypt and Tunisia it was Libya‘s turn to fall and that “it would bring shame to the Libyan people if the strongman were allowed to die a peaceful death.”

When Col. Gaddafi claimed early on in the rebellion that the rebels were Al Qaeda terrorists the western media derided him as crazy and mad however it now seems that the evidence actually backs up these claims which makes the west’s involvement in an internal civil war all the more troubling.

On one side we have the typical strongman Arab leader. A reformed supporter of terrorists such as the IRA and PLO, who has provided western armament and oil companies with lots of money since he was famously rehabilitated by Tony Blair in the “deal in the desert” a few years back.

And on the other side we have a mixture of tribal enemies of Gaddafi including the main eastern Misurata tribe, anti western Islamic fundamentalist who provided a large number of the suicide bombers sent to Iraq to kill western troops and now added to this mix confirmed Al Qaeda terrorists.

No matter how much of a despot Gaddafi may be, no matter how many people his police state apparatus may have kidnapped, tortured and killed and no matter how many civilians he may have already murdered there is a very good chance that we have picked the wrong side to support in this civil war.

The Middle East is currently ablaze with rebellion and we have countries including Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq all dealing with protesters demanding more civil rights and democracy and often using deadly force to do so.

Even in the relatively peaceful revolutions within Egypt and Tunisia many people were killed by the state before their demands were met and only yesterday we hear that in Syria another dozen or so protesters were killed and in Yemen maybe a hundred or more have been killed during weeks of protests.

Yet it is only Libya in which we have decided to go that extra step from supporting the rights of people to protest to helping ferment a full blown rebellion by a portion of the country. What is it that makes Libya more deserving of our support than the thousands who have already died in Darfur or the current state orchestrated massacres in Yemen and Syria.

Why is the life of a Libyan worth more than the life of a Yemeni or Syrian?

Why do we risk the lives of our own armed forces in defence of one country yet another half dozen or so in the same region have to suffer on their own, without insurmountable air support and Tomahawk cruise missiles to defend their right to protest.

Defence of innocent civilians was supposedly the main reason for the UN resolution yet this has quickly turned from a no fly zone into full support for one side of an Al Qaeda backed rebel army who are engaged in an attempt to other-throw the existing regime.

There is a very good chance that in getting rid of Gaddafi we might end up replacing him with something a whole lot worse which could well include a new Islamic state based on sharia law. This is now starting to worry a large number of people who are legitimately asking why is it that we are suddenly fighting on the same side as al-Qaeda, our supposed mortal enemy.

Now this isn’t the first time that the west has found itself in bed with our enemy. Many people rightly question whether or not the whole idea of al-Qaeda being a Spectre like organisation with tentacles all around the world and a Jihadist under every bush is just a fantasy sold to a gullible public in order to sell foreign wars and increased security measures at home.

Ex British MI6 agent, David Shayler and two French reporters with links to ex president Jacques Chirac have both claimed that the British paid the Al-Qaeda linked Islamic Fighting Group to assassinate Col. Gaddafi in 1996 and then prevented the execution of the first ever Interpol arrest warrant for Bin Laden which was co-incidentally issued by Gaddafi on an unrelated matter.

So there seems to be a history of Gaddafi actively trying to peruse and capture the worlds most wanted man and leader of the most feared terrorist group alive as well as a history of the west thwarting any attempt to do so as well as actively using the same terrorist group to do it’s bidding. Pure co-incidence?

Not only has 10 years of continuous war and thousands of innocent civilians dead due to “collateral damage” failed to capture the worlds most wanted man but the group he leads which is supposedly responsible for 9.11 is now our ally in an attempt to other-throw a Middle Eastern despot.

A rational person might suggest that our willingness to fight alongside and in support of people who are supposedly terrorists responsible for major atrocities across the world might mean that when it comes to al-Qaeda all is not quite what it seems. Surely if we are at war with terror and al-Qaeda is the definition of terror we are supposedly fighting then logic would dictate that we would actually be supporting Gaddafi rather than the rebels.

However before we are labelled a conspiracy theorist and jump to the conclusion that maybe al-Qaeda is in fact just a figment of the wests imagination that is used by western intelligence agencies to destabilise countries, carry out attacks by proxy and used as an excuse to bring in western “help” to resource rich countries we should look for some supporting evidence.

We already know for a fact that western intelligence agencies use false flag attacks as a means to an end and we have history to back us up all the way back from antiquity to the modern day. There is a lot of evidence that Al Qaeda is a mere creation of an intelligence agency such as Mossad or the CIA which is wheeled out from time to time in various countries to commit outrages that can then be used to further their own geo-political ambitions.

Unfortunately for Israel they have been caught more than once setting up fake al-Qaeda cells from Palestine to Iraq and we know that in the months leading up to 9.11 a Mossad spy ring was following some of the terrorists around the country often living next door to them.

Whether they were handling them or just monitoring them we can only guess yet as the pulled FOX News investigation into Israeli spying asked “how could they have not known” about the planned terrorist attacks and if they did know why didn’t they tell the US government, and if they did why didn’t the US government act on this intel?

We have example after example of intelligence officers from all over the world caught in the act planting explosives ready to be blamed on terrorists such as the Russian apartment bombings or the Lavon affair. We also have instances of mass murderers being allowed to carry on torturing and killing such as the infamous British agent Stakeknife who lived and murdered for years as mole within the IRA.

We know that the most gagged woman in US history Sibel Edmonds claimed that the USA maintained intimate relations with bin Laden, and the Taliban, “all the way until that day of September 11”. These “intimate relations” included using bin Laden for Central Asian “operations”  in the same manner “as we did during the Afghan and Soviet conflict,” that is, fighting our enemies through proxies.

We also know from our involvement in the bombing of Serbia in defence of the breakaway Kosovan Muslims that we are perfectly happy to support al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups such as the KLA (Kosovan Liberation Army) when it suits our purpose to do so. The KLA was linked to a massive heroin smuggling route into Europe from Taliban occupied Afghanistan, received funding and financial support from al-Qaeda and during the Serbian conflict was also supported secretly by the CIA.

A German TV investigation into the KLA showed that just months before the events of 9.11 occurred the USA was involved in a rescue mission to extract al-Qaeda linked KLA fighters who had trained in Afghanistan and fought in Chechnya from Macedonia where they were involved in stoking up further ethnicity based trouble.

Therefore it is more than just wild assertions and assumptions to draw parallels with the west’s previous support of the al-Qaeda backed Kosovan Liberation Army and the current al-Qaeda backed rebels in Libya.

It is also more than conspiracy theorizing to suggest than rather than being the unbeatable super enemy that the media portrays al-Qaeda as, it is in fact a useful tool to manipulate the stupid and the blind.

It is also the basis of the perfect bedtime story to be read to kids so that they grow up in fear and become the next NATO air force pilot dropping million dollar bombs on a country we have no business being in.

As they say truth is stranger than fiction.