Why are we suddenly fighting with and not against al-Qaeda?

By Dark Politricks

I have not heard very much in the main stream media about how our intervention in Libya on the side of the rebel army has meant that we are now fighting alongside al-Qaeda, our supposed mortal enemy and supposedly the reason we have been at constant war for the last decade.

The Daily Telegraph ran a recent story in which an interview with the leader of the rebel army we are supporting in Libya‘s civil war admitted that he had recruited al-Qaeda fighters and called them not terrorists but good Muslims.

Mr al-Hasidi insisted his fighters “are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,” but added that the “members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader”.

Al-Qaeda’s own leaders have released statements in support of the rebels and have also called for the otherthrow of Gaddafi who they feel is an obstacle to their ideal Islamic Caliphate.

Abu Yahia al-Libi who is supposedly a commander of the main enemy in our “war on terror” claimed that after the fall of Egypt and Tunisia it was Libya‘s turn to fall and that “it would bring shame to the Libyan people if the strongman were allowed to die a peaceful death.”

When Col. Gaddafi claimed early on in the rebellion that the rebels were Al Qaeda terrorists the western media derided him as crazy and mad however it now seems that the evidence actually backs up these claims which makes the west’s involvement in an internal civil war all the more troubling.

On one side we have the typical strongman Arab leader. A reformed supporter of terrorists such as the IRA and PLO, who has provided western armament and oil companies with lots of money since he was famously rehabilitated by Tony Blair in the “deal in the desert” a few years back.

And on the other side we have a mixture of tribal enemies of Gaddafi including the main eastern Misurata tribe, anti western Islamic fundamentalist who provided a large number of the suicide bombers sent to Iraq to kill western troops and now added to this mix confirmed Al Qaeda terrorists.

No matter how much of a despot Gaddafi may be, no matter how many people his police state apparatus may have kidnapped, tortured and killed and no matter how many civilians he may have already murdered there is a very good chance that we have picked the wrong side to support in this civil war.

The Middle East is currently ablaze with rebellion and we have countries including Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq all dealing with protesters demanding more civil rights and democracy and often using deadly force to do so.

Even in the relatively peaceful revolutions within Egypt and Tunisia many people were killed by the state before their demands were met and only yesterday we hear that in Syria another dozen or so protesters were killed and in Yemen maybe a hundred or more have been killed during weeks of protests.

Yet it is only Libya in which we have decided to go that extra step from supporting the rights of people to protest to helping ferment a full blown rebellion by a portion of the country. What is it that makes Libya more deserving of our support than the thousands who have already died in Darfur or the current state orchestrated massacres in Yemen and Syria.

Why is the life of a Libyan worth more than the life of a Yemeni or Syrian?

Why do we risk the lives of our own armed forces in defence of one country yet another half dozen or so in the same region have to suffer on their own, without insurmountable air support and Tomahawk cruise missiles to defend their right to protest.

Defence of innocent civilians was supposedly the main reason for the UN resolution yet this has quickly turned from a no fly zone into full support for one side of an Al Qaeda backed rebel army who are engaged in an attempt to other-throw the existing regime.

There is a very good chance that in getting rid of Gaddafi we might end up replacing him with something a whole lot worse which could well include a new Islamic state based on sharia law. This is now starting to worry a large number of people who are legitimately asking why is it that we are suddenly fighting on the same side as al-Qaeda, our supposed mortal enemy.

Now this isn’t the first time that the west has found itself in bed with our enemy. Many people rightly question whether or not the whole idea of al-Qaeda being a Spectre like organisation with tentacles all around the world and a Jihadist under every bush is just a fantasy sold to a gullible public in order to sell foreign wars and increased security measures at home.

Ex British MI6 agent, David Shayler and two French reporters with links to ex president Jacques Chirac have both claimed that the British paid the Al-Qaeda linked Islamic Fighting Group to assassinate Col. Gaddafi in 1996 and then prevented the execution of the first ever Interpol arrest warrant for Bin Laden which was co-incidentally issued by Gaddafi on an unrelated matter.

So there seems to be a history of Gaddafi actively trying to peruse and capture the worlds most wanted man and leader of the most feared terrorist group alive as well as a history of the west thwarting any attempt to do so as well as actively using the same terrorist group to do it’s bidding. Pure co-incidence?

Not only has 10 years of continuous war and thousands of innocent civilians dead due to “collateral damage” failed to capture the worlds most wanted man but the group he leads which is supposedly responsible for 9.11 is now our ally in an attempt to other-throw a Middle Eastern despot.

A rational person might suggest that our willingness to fight alongside and in support of people who are supposedly terrorists responsible for major atrocities across the world might mean that when it comes to al-Qaeda all is not quite what it seems. Surely if we are at war with terror and al-Qaeda is the definition of terror we are supposedly fighting then logic would dictate that we would actually be supporting Gaddafi rather than the rebels.

However before we are labelled a conspiracy theorist and jump to the conclusion that maybe al-Qaeda is in fact just a figment of the wests imagination that is used by western intelligence agencies to destabilise countries, carry out attacks by proxy and used as an excuse to bring in western “help” to resource rich countries we should look for some supporting evidence.

We already know for a fact that western intelligence agencies use false flag attacks as a means to an end and we have history to back us up all the way back from antiquity to the modern day. There is a lot of evidence that Al Qaeda is a mere creation of an intelligence agency such as Mossad or the CIA which is wheeled out from time to time in various countries to commit outrages that can then be used to further their own geo-political ambitions.

Unfortunately for Israel they have been caught more than once setting up fake al-Qaeda cells from Palestine to Iraq and we know that in the months leading up to 9.11 a Mossad spy ring was following some of the terrorists around the country often living next door to them.

Whether they were handling them or just monitoring them we can only guess yet as the pulled FOX News investigation into Israeli spying asked “how could they have not known” about the planned terrorist attacks and if they did know why didn’t they tell the US government, and if they did why didn’t the US government act on this intel?

We have example after example of intelligence officers from all over the world caught in the act planting explosives ready to be blamed on terrorists such as the Russian apartment bombings or the Lavon affair. We also have instances of mass murderers being allowed to carry on torturing and killing such as the infamous British agent Stakeknife who lived and murdered for years as mole within the IRA.

We know that the most gagged woman in US history Sibel Edmonds claimed that the USA maintained intimate relations with bin Laden, and the Taliban, “all the way until that day of September 11”. These “intimate relations” included using bin Laden for Central Asian “operations”  in the same manner “as we did during the Afghan and Soviet conflict,” that is, fighting our enemies through proxies.

We also know from our involvement in the bombing of Serbia in defence of the breakaway Kosovan Muslims that we are perfectly happy to support al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups such as the KLA (Kosovan Liberation Army) when it suits our purpose to do so. The KLA was linked to a massive heroin smuggling route into Europe from Taliban occupied Afghanistan, received funding and financial support from al-Qaeda and during the Serbian conflict was also supported secretly by the CIA.

A German TV investigation into the KLA showed that just months before the events of 9.11 occurred the USA was involved in a rescue mission to extract al-Qaeda linked KLA fighters who had trained in Afghanistan and fought in Chechnya from Macedonia where they were involved in stoking up further ethnicity based trouble.

Therefore it is more than just wild assertions and assumptions to draw parallels with the west’s previous support of the al-Qaeda backed Kosovan Liberation Army and the current al-Qaeda backed rebels in Libya.

It is also more than conspiracy theorizing to suggest than rather than being the unbeatable super enemy that the media portrays al-Qaeda as, it is in fact a useful tool to manipulate the stupid and the blind.

It is also the basis of the perfect bedtime story to be read to kids so that they grow up in fear and become the next NATO air force pilot dropping million dollar bombs on a country we have no business being in.

As they say truth is stranger than fiction.


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