The Occupy Wall Street Protests go global – 99% of the world want real change

By Dark Politricks

Tomorrow the Occupy Wall Street protests that have taken New York and other US cities like Boston by storm go global.

In countries all across the world from England, Scotland, Melbourne, Taipei, Seoul and Hong Kong protests are planned to show the global elite that the 99% of the population are not going to just lie down and take the kicking that is being dished out to them on behalf of the banksters that caused the financial meltdown.

Whilst the big banks and financial Goliaths like Goldman Sachs enjoy a form of socialism that is denied to the  rest of us the majority of people are asking themselves why they have to pay for the mistakes made by a small minority ofbanksters and corporate suits with politicians in every pocket.

Wall Street owns the politicians that matter related to decisions made on US business and finance just like AIPAC own the politicans that make decisions about US foreign policy.

However instead of deciding which foreign country to send the middle and working class kids out to die in next. Thepoliticians are too busy worrying about their next election and how they will pay for all those flashy adverts, first class travel and nice hotel stays to care about the common man and woman suffering because of all the austerity measures being implemented across the western world.

China must be just laughing it’s ass off.

Not only does it own most of the worlds resources without having to pay trillions of dollars in expensive wars but they own the majority of European and US debt.

They could call it in at any time they want and bring the whole house of cards to it’s knees but instead they are just biding their time out and waiting for the house to collapse all by itself before stepping up to first position on the world stage. It is only a matter of time.

Like most great empires before it, the USA will self implode and crumble from within. The Debt crisis is already killing the European Union before it could reach the dreams of political union that Eurocrats have dreamt of for decades. They are pushing for closer political union and a common financial policy as a “solution” to the crisis that they have been waiting for to exploit but the people are having none of it.

Just like the Occupy Wall Street protests the Occupy the World protests hopes to bring some reality to the doors of the politicians, banksters and bureaucrats that are hoping to turn this crisis into an opportunity for their own benefit.

It is in these terms that we should wish these protesters luck as no-one in the UK wants a United States of Europe and it is becoming clearer by the day that many Europeans don’t either especially if it means that German politicans and bankers will be pulling the strings.

In the USA, people are fed up with the Federal Government over reaching it’s power and betraying the original principles of the founding fathers. They warned against central banks and declared the states to be self governing and not subservient to some bought and paid for president whether he was currently labelled a Democrat or Republican.

Obama has been a bad, bad president.

Not only is he a Democrat that is following Republican policies but he has betrayed the millions of voters who actually fell for his “change we can believe” in pony show at the last election.

The war in Afghanistan is still raging and has spread into neighbouring Pakistan, Yemen and Libya.

Gitmo is still open, torture black sites are still being used and Obama has gone further than any previous president byarbitrarily murdering American citizens without due process.

The police state at home has spread beyond all recognition to include increased surveillance on US citizensa Stazistyle informer regime implemented by Homeland Security and genital gropes and naked body scans at Airports andNFL football matches.

He is a Wall Street stooge, bought and paid for. So anyone believing that he will support the Occupy Wall Street protests in any shape or manner needs their head examined. These protests are not and should not be politicised in any shape or manner purely because the existing political system is corrupt and rotten beyond belief.

Neither Democrat or Republican will save the USA from it’s current fate of death by debt, unemployment and endless war and fear mongering.

If a new political movement can spring out of these protests that can bring people from all sides of the political spectrum together then so much the better.

Many Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats want to see the end to the Federal Reserve system that creates bubbles, causes recessions and is unaccountable to no-one apart from the banks that run and own it.

The same types of people also wish to see proper capitalism returned to the country. A system in which failure is not rewarded by endless tax payer money bailouts and politicians are not in hock to those that pay for their election campaigns.

This is not a US problem and it is not a European problem. It is a global problem that effects any country with a central bank and a supposedly “democratic” system in which the only parties that ever get elected are more alike that anyone wants to believe.

Hopefully tomorrow the Occupy the World protests will be the start of something special and we should all help to keep them on the right path. We need to prevent them from being co-opted like the Tea Party was when it first started and actually meant something different from the usual Republican big government, big military spending guns n god bullshit.

This is not a left wing version of the Tea Party and from what I have seen the “leaders” are trying hard to keep it that way even though infiltration is blatantly apparent from pro-Obama, pro-Democrat groups.

Tell me what you think about the Occupy Wall St protests by answering the following quiz.

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