Another poster from Occupy Wall Street – “I am the 99%”

By Dark Politricks

I like this poster. In fact when comparing the posters that the Occupy Wall Street crowd have had in relation to those shown by the Tea Party at town hall meetings the other year I would say the OWS crowd definitely have the edge so far.

Remember the false divide between Occupy Wall Street protesters and Tea Party supporters is by design. The right / left paradigm has been proven to be fraudulent and no matter who sits in the White House the real power brokers always get their way.

Who are the real power brokers? Well a clue would be the current financial explosion.

Who caused it? Greedy banksters like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Financial firms that sold dodgy mortgages, forced credit on people they knew couldn’t pay it back to reap in all that lovely interest payments and most importantly they cooked the books of whole countries like Greece so that they could join the EURO that was totally unsuitable for them.

Now that Europe and the World is on the edge of disaster these same people are coming to our rescue – oh how nice.

Forget elections and the democratic will of the people. No what we need is ex banksters and Eurocrats running our countries instead of democratically elected politicians.

So a good sign of who really pulls the strings can be seen all around us. The same people who should be in prison for crimes against humanity (for that is what the financial crimes are), are instead forcing out democratically elected leaders in Greece and Italy and using their wealth (all borrowed at 0% interest rates) to lead speculative hits on the Bond markets driving up yields and forcing countries to the brink of bankruptcy.

Maybe we are living in a parallel universe in which being good, honest, and caring means jack nipple. Whilst being a greedy money grabbing bankster who cares nothing about putting whole industries on the unemployment line is the key to heaven itself.

Anyhow here is today’s poster du jour.


I am the 99%

What is this young person’s story?

I am a senior at MPHS in Chicago. My father is unemployed and my mother works hectic hours to pay the rent and bills. Link is our only way to obtain grocery items (Link is how residents of Illinois get food stamps). I would like to study pre-med/biology in college starting Fall 2012. I cannot afford to go and even with loans I would never be able to pay back I can’t afford to go. I am the 99%.

For more stories of the 99 Percent, visit the “We Are the 99 Percent” Tumblr.

View the original article at


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