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Online warfare is now the norm as Anonymous and the Al-Quds Brigade attack Israeli computer systems

November 21, 2012

Online warfare is now the norm as Anonymous and the Al-Quds Brigade attack Israeli computer systems

By Dark Politricks

Recently we have had Anonymous claim to have used the “Great Oz Firewall” to prevent Karl Rove and co steal the American election.

This was by blocking his own hack attempts into key computers in swing states such as Iowa and Florida to switch votes over from Obama to Romney as apparently happened in 2000 and 2004.

Apparently a “power cut” occurred at exactly the same time this year as it did in 2004 and allowed the company connected to the Republicans to hook into electronic voting machines and toggle votes over to from the Democratic candidate to his opponent i.e. George W Bush.

If these claims by Anonymous are true then it truly is a shocking indictment of US politics and elections and just shows that even in democracies elections can be stolen.

It would certainly explain Karl Roves outburst on FOX News when he couldn’t believe that Iowa had been declared so prematurely.

Was he expecting something to happen, a power cut maybe, one that maybe occurred but didn’t have the desired effect due to the Great OZ Firewall Anonymous claims to have introduced to prevent this from occurring?

This is what Anonymous said before the election and indicated that they were watching Karl Roves attempts to influence the outcome by vote switching.

Then the other day when Israel started Operation Pillar of Defense, their latest attack on Gaza, Anonymous claimed to have infiltrated Israeli computer systems.

This included stealing thousands of email addresses and passwords, hacking hundreds of Israeli Web sites including government-owned ones as well as privately owned pages. They also hacked Israeli databases belonging to the Bank of Jerusalem and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A quote from their report on their attack which can be read in full here says:

Let us once again be perfectly clear: Anonymous does not in any way support the use of violence. Anonymous is a world wide collective of individuals whose means pursue human rights, justice, and universal equality for the citizens of every nation.

Pro-Israeli groups throughout the world have grown from a foundation of Israeli/US propaganda and lies. They arbitrarily dismiss the apartheid system of racial segregation and oppression imposed by the Israeli government on the Palestinian people. The fact of the matter is, in the eyes of the media, only the United States and it’s allies are capable of labelling another state or organization as a terrorists.

Throughout our campaign, we’ve been inundated with one response in particular; references to Hamas hiding in school buildings or using women and children as human shields. Selective memory seems to have given pro-Israeli organizations the ability to forget that in 2005 Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz appeared in court to defend the practice of using Palestinians as human shields in combat after a supreme court outlawed the practice, noting it violated International Law.

The reasons for Anonymous intervention through #OpIsrael should be abundantly clear: What is happening in Palestine is oppression. They have no navy, no army, or air force. There is no war in Gaza. There is only the continuous application of military force by Israel in an attempt to push every last person out of the Palestinian state, despite international laws that make these efforts illegal.

Then we also learn that the Al-Quds Brigades’ intelligence apparatus was able on Saturday to penetrate 5000 mobile phones that belong to Zionist soldiers who are taking part in the offensive against Gaza, and send them warning messages in Hebrew that said:

We will turn Gaza into a graveyard for your soldiers, and will turn Tel Aviv into flames (Al-Quds Brigades)“.

This faction further published files that belong to Zionist soldiers and that included important information (personal papers, names, birthdays, duties, private and work phone numbers, emails, jobs, positions, ID numbers, ages, and addresses). A scare tactic that is one of the few open to them at the moment as thousands of IDF troops amass on the border of Gaza ready to attack the population as they did in Operation Cast Lead.

It seems that whilst Israel and the USA can create the Stuxnet and Flame viruses to take out nuclear installations. The availability of easily downloadable hacking software gives even the smallest army or protest group the chance of fighting back, and anyone can help hack the “enemy” whoever they may be.

Warfare of every kind has truly been changed by the Internet.


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The Campaign & comparisons to real US politics

October 7, 2012

The Campaign & comparisons to real US politics

By Dark Politricks

I watched the new Will Ferrel film, “The Campaign” the other day at the cinema.

I would class it as a comedy that wasn’t far off from pure satire and if you took the jokes out you would be left with 90% political reality when it comes to US politics.

Here are just a few examples from the film that can easily be related to actual political events or people in US elections.

1. You have a real dumb stupid candidate running for office that know even less about life and reality than Christine O’Donnel – hard I know but a long debate could be had about it for sure.

2. Politicians that mention the word “Jesus” along with “Support the troops” at any opportunity just because the “crowd loves it” and it makes them look patriotic.

3. Politicians who are in that large majority of people “following” the Christian faith but don’t chose to walk in Jesus’s footsteps. Basically people who believe they can do what they want as long as when they are caught out they repent their sins and ask for forgiveness from the lord and savior  People who drink, take drugs, have sex with prostitutes or affairs and then are forgiven by a public with a very short memory. I can think of more than a few politicians that meet this criteria on both sides of the aisle.

4. The “evil” billionaire brothers (mmm wonder who they could be satirising who believe they can just “buy” a district by supporting a candidate with huge amounts of money through Super PACS and donations. A candidate who is “in their pocket” and will do whatever they want including vote how they are told if elected. I wonder how many US politicians are enslaved by their election funders wishes?

5. The brothers belief that American wages are too high whilst Chinese workers, slaving away for only 50¢’s an hour (it might have even been a day) are just about right. They want to abolish all health and safety regulations, any form of workers rights or unions, age limits and basically turn a whole US district into a Chinese sweatshop colony inside the USA. Funny in the film but when you realise that American’s don’t make anything anymore and the USA’s biggest export is rubbish to China you don’t have to stretch your mind too far to believe it could happen seeing the US is indebted to China by a huge amount of money.

There are plenty of financial commentators who believe the USA is in the process of getting the country ready for Chinese style working and living conditions and they might not be so far fetched. The police state is already implemented and any recovery in the economy is going to be service based just like Thatchers transformation of the UK in the 80’s and we now all live in an economy that can always be bettered by a country willing to work for less. A country dependent on crooks and banksters to pay the bills is in an even worse position i.e City of London & the UK.

6. Sexual shenanigans by the politician that is instantly spun into a “positive” and then forgiven by the public due to the politician being a “real gun weilding man“. There was even a poster of Will Ferrell with his arm around a picture of Jesus on a massive billboard holding a gun.

7. The threats by the billionaire brothers to drop millions of dollars of negative advertising into the distinct labeling the opponent as a Marxist and Commie just because he owned a couple of Chinese dogs! It reminded me of that attack advert on Mitt Romney where he was criticised for speaking French!

8. The smile-less, Karl Rove like character that managed the campaign from the background. Spinning bad news into good and pulling strings in the background. Don’t all political campaigns have shadowy figures or people that “make things happen” and “clean up” after their candidates nowadays?

9. The Dick Cheney like incident in which one politician shot the other after he slept with his wife on a hunt and actually received a bump in the polls for doing so.

10. The electronic voting machines that were owned by the brothers company and insinuated that the vote had been fixed “their way” because of hacking. Computer hacking that has been proven again and again by the hacking of Diebold voting machines used in swing states like Ohio in recent elections.

Oh there were so many satirical comparisons that could be made you could go on forever but I would suggest to anyone that it is a good excuse to watch a funny film and just count those comparisons for yourself.

As they say Satire is often the truest way of seeing the idiocy of politics and politicians.