TSA molestation creates the new term: Gate Rape

By Dark Politricks

The abusive treatment by TSA robotwats at US airports all over the country has led to massive outrage from pissed off travellers and citizens alike. The porno scanning genital groping sex fiends in uniform have made such a supposedly easy process into a Nazi-esque nightmare that new terminology is entering the lexicon including the new term “Gate Rape”.

From Urban Dictionary:

Gate Rape

The TSA airport screening procedure.
My sister got gate raped at LAX.

Gate Rape

Passing through a security gate at an American airport, which requires either a full-body scan where T.S.A. guards ogle your naked body or an “enhanced” pat down where T.S.A. guards molest you. The T.S.A. is required by law to make the process as humiliating and abusive as possible.

Gate Rape

Sexual groping of one’s genitalia at airport security by agents after a traveler refuses full body x-ray search.

I am glad we just went though the body xray, that guy got gate raped!


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