Alex Jones debates Piers Morgan over the Sandy Hook School Massacre and tougher gun controls

Piers Morgan interviews Alex Jones over the Sandy Hook school massacre and his comments on tougher gun controls

By Dark Politricks

The CNN presenter Piers Morgan interviews radio host and liberty lover Alex Jones after his moves to get the British TV personality deported after his remarks on the 2nd amendment.

His comments came after the recent Sandy Hook School massacre in which 20 children and 6 teachers died. Piers Morgan used his CNN show and social media to repeatedly talk about the need for tougher gun control.

It seems that after every mass shooting America is split down the middle between those who believe in tougher European gun control and the rest who will defend the 2nd amendment as their constitutional right.

The massacre saw 20 year old Adam Lanza use a variety of semi automatic weapons including the Bushmaster XM-15 rifle a 10mm Glock 20 SF handgun and a 9mm SIG Sauer handgun to kill his mother before entering the Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing pupils and staff before committing suicide.

This recent attack was the most deadliest school massacre after the 2007 Viginia Tech Massacre which saw 23 year old Seung-Hui Cho shoot and kill 32 people and injure 17 others.

The interview debate between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan is below.

On a side note, I know Americans are petitioning to have Piers Morgan deported but over here in the UK we really, really don’t want him back so please send him somewhere else if you have to!


You can view the original article on Piers Morgan interviewing Alex Jones over gun control on my main website at


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