After the shutting down of Silk Road who will pop up to take it’s place?

After the shutting down of Silk Road who will pop up to take it’s place?

By Dark Politricks

Recently we have had the shut down of the online darknet Silk Road website.

Apparently the man behind it, Ross Ulbricht, was found with bitcoins worth $3.6m (£2.2m) when the FBI raided him.

What we need is a proper “DarkNet search engine”.

The problem is once it was created everyone would be on it and it wouldn’t be dark anymore.

However a program, downloaded to the users computer like P2P software, that crawled behind the scenes to find “dark” sites from links on certain messageboards and other “known dark site” locations could be made instead.

Just like the NSA and their own super Google, we need a way to quickly make a local search engine on the users PC of encrypted files that when ran locally acted like a search engine.

No public domain, no WHOIS records, just a way to obtain the software and  download it to your PC and run it locally.

The website would be local to your PC so no log files and just return sites from a local search engine – your own personal naughty Google.

Obviously you would use TOR like software or proxies to make all HTTP requests – but then you would be doing that anyway if you had half a brain. Maybe you would need to prove yourself first before downloading it – maybe after a criminal record check to ensure you ARE a criminal!

Maybe I might just build my own one for a test and see how it goes. I did manage to make a similar piece of software called Proxy Hunter that goes off and finds proxies from any website, decodes the source using various methods, tests and then stores the Proxies on demand for use if required. Works a charm.

This could be a good programming challenge! Who will take it up!

Remember people.

Crawling the web is NOT illegal, sending drugs over state or country borders is!

Whether drugs should be legalised altogether is another question!

However what I cannot believe is why the doofus behind the site used an email address with his name in it?

Had he never heard of disposable email addresses?

All it seems to take is one mistake by an idiot criminal not thinking ahead far enough and then a few years later – bang – 6 o’clock knock by the old bill (or FBI in his case).

Lets see what pops up in it’s place.

Just like a drugs gang, when one gets shut down, ten new ones open in their place.

If any of you have any links, messaboards that point to such links, or known front ends to such dark sites, then please forward them (email or comment) on so I can help write this crawler.

It will be an interesting challenge but obviously I don’t want to crawl google but instead know hubs and maybe “submitted” links. Proxy front ends for Pirate Bay, new Silk Roads, alternative news sites that appear no-where in Google and other sites that would be of “interest” to certain people.


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One Response to “After the shutting down of Silk Road who will pop up to take it’s place?”

  1. Thinker Belle Says:

    They figured out long before he started silk road who would take over! They run the drug operations to entrap people. A major dealer gets a couple years in federal prison. An average user gets 20. Often they recruit college students to do the running. Everyone gives them a free pass because they are college students and expect to live with the chaos.

    They’ve “researched” areas in which they can hide. They’ve bullied postal workers into turning the other cheek. It use to be stealing mail was a federal crime. Now they’ve turned to the “block captain” regulated by the US military police form of law enforcement. AKA “if you don’t turn on your neighbor, we’ll put you away for life…we can do that because we have a sample of your hair and already know you didn’t come from blue blood.”

    The college kids now have their own police cars, on the spot action reporter, sketch artist,mind readers, lock pickers, video surveillance and aren’t afraid to place their wares on someone else’s property for pick-up.

    People are afraid of them. The police could care less one way or the other because they fear they will target their family if they intervene. So, armed with a hair, they can target your family if you don’t participate in their fake “studies” and let them run you in the ground day and night.

    I see them with new Cadillac, SUVs, Porsches…presentation is what it’s about.

    They are being trained by the older generation to find someone to hide behind and accuse. Hack all they want…they are still very visible.

    They set up blogs in their area and stalk and terrorize people, often entering others homes or property uninvited. The police will not provide any assistance to citizens because it isn’t their job. People have to hire their own. Either that or start shooting each other.

    Naturally, the FBI could care less as arresting anyone other than a multi-million operation wouldn’t further their career either. They just get a couple, take their assets and call it a day.

    It’s gotten to the point where I live that people are threatening potential home buyers and carrying through on those threats after a person has moved in. They try to run people out of their homes, and out of their minds. It’s about reporting back to them!

    Fuck them a runnin’! I’m tired of their studies!

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