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Five more years of hell as the Tories win the UK election

May 19, 2015

Five more years of hell as the Tories win the UK election

By Dark Politricks

Did any of you foresee the result of the recent UK general election in which the Tories won an overall majority despite every poll leading up to the election calling it too close to call.

There was a general expectation across the media that there would be another hung parliament and probable coalition government with the Lib Dems as King Makers.

The multitude of polls preceding the election were very wrong, whilst the exit poll was spot on.

This led to ex Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown to embarrassingly have to “eat his cake” on the subsequent BBC’s Question Time due to his comments on election night TV that:

“If these exit polls are right I will eat my hat” – Paddy Ashdown

His party, the Lib Dems were almost wiped out and went down to single figures losing 49 seats and leaving just 8 MP’s in parliament.

Major party figures including Danny Alexander the ex chief secretary to the Treasury, lost their seats in the decimation of the party.

Along with 2 other party leaders, one of which changed his mind after a day (Mr Farage), the Lib Dems leader Nick Clegg immediately resigned leaving the future of the party in doubt along with Labours.

The Labour party also had a bad night, almost being wiped out in Scotland, and losing 26 seats. However Labour still managed a 30% share of the popular vote despite pundits calling the election “too close to call” right up until the votes came rolling in for the Tories across England.

The Lib Dems were never going to be forgiven by their core voters for joining the right-wing Tories instead of their natural cohorts, the left leaning Labour party, in a coalition. Many Tory back benchers were very unhappy at the unequal number of Lib Dem ministerial posts that were given out to their junior partners in the collation that was, as we were kept reminded, in “national interest”.

Whilst they may have helped prevent some Tory excesses and helped push the amount you can earn before paying income tax up above £10k, they showed their lack of respect for the voters, mostly young and left leaning, when they broke a much publicised pre-election promise never to raise University tuition fees. This promise was broken almost as soon as Nick Clegg got made Deputy PM and access to ministerial chauffeurs and apartments.

Lib Dems sign pledge with top students
The Lib Dems sign pledge with top students never to raise tuition fees

Tax breaks for the rich, a raise in VAT which is a tax raise that affects the poorest the most, a massive failure to reverse the huge police state Labour had built up and a decimation of the benefit system to save money instead of taxing the banksters who had caused the financial crisis were all unforgivable as well.

We were kept being told that the deficit was shrinking whilst in fact it grew along with the national debt. The last Government was not a success story at all.

Maybe Nick Clegg saw joining the Tories as his only chance to get some modicum of power whilst he could. He must have known the writing was on the wall when he basically stuck two fingers up at his constituents and joined the Tories. Letting the banksters get off scot-free, supporting the Tories war on Libya and speaking out for Israel instead of condeming it when it attacked Gaza which was quite common to hear when they were the third-party with no expectation of favours for power. However the change in stance and policy to fit in with the Tories were just some of the things that annoyed grass root Lib Dem voters.

He thought the electorate were willing to vote for constant coalition with a referendum on a change in voting but the country wasn’t ready for the watered down choice they had to make. Maybe if they had made their point after the recent election more people would have been willing to vote for a change.

You just need to look at how the popular vote in the recent election matched seats to see how many people would be pissed about the current voting system.

The Green party and UKIP together won around 16% of the popular vote (5,038,712 votes) yet only returned one MP each to Westminster.

Yet on the other hand the SNP won far less when it came to the popular vote, Scotland has a population of 5.2 million and only 1,454,436 people voted for the SNP, yet they took all but 3 Scottish seats, 56, a massive gain of 50!

They almost managed to take every single seat in Scotland but instead chose to leave one each for the major 3 parties taking the remaining 50 seats. The SNP are sending a nationalist mob down South who want to see an end to the union and more Scottish powers devolved. This includes the articulate and always enjoyable to watch debate, former leader of the party, Alex Salmond as an MP.

People who had never thought about electoral reform are now calling for it.

Those people who say we only just had a referendum on changing our first past the post system seem to forget that the choice on the cards for voters was not a proper proportional system but instead a form of alternative voting. This is where you would mark an alternative candidate who would take your vote if no-one managed an overall majority.

It does seem odd that Scotland’s 1.5 million voters can send 56 MPS to Westminster yet England can vote over 5 million to achieve just 2 MP’s.

From the BBC News site.

UK vote share after 650 of 650 seats

Political Party % of Popular Vote
Conservative Party 36.9%
Labour Party 30.4%
United Kingdom Independence Party 12.6%
Liberal Democrats 7.9%
Scottish Nationalist Party 4.7%
Green Party 3.8%

So now without the Lib Dem’s “Steadying Hand“, as one of their election adverts put it. There to prevent Labour spending all the cash again and there to prevent the Tories from being too mean, we are now left with an overall Conservative majority.

That means that there is no-one to stop them hammering away at the poor whilst letting their rich benefactors and friends all off with tax cuts and a far too complicated tax system that provides enough loop holes for most of the Tory front bench to keep multi million pound trust funds overseas and away from the UK tax man.

Did you know that the UK has the longest tax code in the world?

Surely this is a money bomb for accountants and the rich looking for loop holes.

The Hong Kong tax code, widely held by tax lawyers to be the most efficient in the world, is a mere 276 pages long.

The British tax code which has tripled in size since Blair got into government in 1997 is currently in excess of 17,000 pages!

If our government really wanted to claw back some money from waste they would surely shorten this gargantuan piece of legislature.

As anyone knows the longer and more complicated a piece of legislation the more loopholes and get out of jail cards are to be found within its pages.

Instead they will carry on using their right-wing supporter rags of papers, the Sun and The Daily Mail, to attack benefits claimants and the poor. Obviously forgetting the fact that benefit claimants had nothing to do with the banking crash or the dramatic rise in the national debt and deficit under the previous two administrations.

Why is it we have still not seen any bankers jailed from the illegal behaviour from banks like HSBC who laundered drug cartel money, terrorist funds and more?

Instead they get $1.9 billion fines in-case the banking system is “destabilised“.

I don’t understand why their banking licence could have been kept whilst still jailing the bankers in control of the slush funds and drug cartel accounts as an example. London must continue to be the bankster capital of the world it seems. This won’t change under any Tory administration.

What will change under the new Government?

Well let’s watch embarrassingly as our country, who actually came up with the European Convention on Human Rights, pulls out of the Human Rights Act. This is despite the fact that it was written by Conservatives after World War II to show the newly freed countries that some things related to a countries ethics and morals should be set in stone and not relative to a countries current situation.

This will be something that will not only be a massive blow to civil rights in this country unless replaced by an English Bill of Rights that actually means something and is kept to, not invalidated bit by bit over the years as the US Bill of Rights has  been.

People don’t seem to realise that the Human Rights Act although abused by a small minority of terror suspects in jail or on control orders trying to prevent extradition to countries where they will be tortured – including the USA – is there to protect them as well.

You may read the odd cherry picked Daily Mail horror story about the new Abu Hamza we can’t extradite to a country X or Y where they maybe tortured or executed. Why, because we have morals and see ourselves as a civilised country not a 7th century Islamic State where heads roll as often as the weapons we sell them are unboxed.

The national debt will continue to grow due to the lack of GDP, plus the interest rate apartheid which sees banks loan money from the Bank of England at half a percent whilst the average man now has to rely on WONGA loans with an APR of 1,500%.

The current national debt stands at £1.36 trillion, almost triple the £0.53 trillion it stood at in 2008, the time of the economic collapse and grows at £5,170 per second.

As stated on the National Debt Clock website:

“Mainstream media headlines today are focused on Britain’s record national debt, which just surpassed £1 trillion, a figure that can only exponentially increase unless the entire mechanism of Government finance is overhauled. The truth however is much worse, factoring in all liabilities including state and public sector pensions, the real national debt is closer to £4.8 trillion, some £78,000 for every person in the UK.

Our National Debt Problem

UK National Debt
UK National Debt Over Recent Years

During 2007, the Labour government borrowed £37.7bn, of which £28.3bn was invested in big projects (the balance of £9.4bn represents the current budget deficit). However during the last government during 2013, the Conservative-led coalition borrowed £91.5bn, with just £23.7bn invested.

So when you hear George Osborne talk about fixing the hole in the roof or reducing the deficit / national debt, take it with a big pinch of salt.

Read this article by the BBC on the different terminology and numbers related to national debt and the deficit.

Instead of recouping and saving billions by doing just some of the following ideas they are mostly going to attack the poorest in society, both here and abroad.

Saving some money…

Save £34 billion by not replacing Trident, the non independent nuclear deterrent.

It really pisses me off when I hear MP’s call our rotating Trident submarines at sea an “independent” nuclear deterrent. This is because they all rely on US GPS satellite systems. Unless we put our own GPS system up into space we would always have to ask the permission of our US allies to fire any nuclear missiles anyway. Therefore it makes the whole system redundant. What if we had to go to war with the USA? Why not save the £34bn and spend it on the NHS instead. Nukes are not going to help in the war against terror and when China and the USA finally duke it out our piddly number of missiles is going to be inconsequential when it comes down to it. Satellites will be one of the first victims of any war between the US and China. Falling from the skies like rain drops in any major conflict as China and the USA race to become the superior technological and information power house before any real bullets or nukes are fired. As China showed the world in 2007 when it downed one of it’s own Satellites with weapons from earth, it is willing and able to take the modern battlefield that one step further and into space by making the US armies massive reliance on information and technology redundant.

Not blindly following US Foreign Policy and going to war

We seem to blindly follow US policy as if it’s our own. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the UK £20bn by 2010 and the final cost when you add in extras such as the cost to society due to the fact that a large proportion of homeless people, those with mental health problems and prisoners are ex service men will increase that by the end of 2015. Add to that the £1.75bn cost of David Cameron’s war in Libya and the cost we are now dealing with due to the failed states we have created across North Africa, people smuggling into Europe, and increased security checks on immigrants due to fears ISIS is using people trafficking to implant sleeper cells in the country and the cost of recent wars reaches £12bn. This does not even include secret wars such as our involvement training fighters in Syria, Ukraine and Yemen.

Cracking down on Companies avoiding tax

During 2010-11, the HMRC estimated that companies were avoiding tax worth £4.1bn however some campaigners such as Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK, think that the real figure could be £12bn or more. This is not even including the amounts of money “legally” avoided by our huge tax code that gives corporations such as Vodafone the means to avoid £6bn in tax during 2010, an act which spawned the anti-austerity protest group UK Uncut.

Added together legal and illegal tax avoidance could easily be in the £20bn+ figure per fiscal year.

These are just 3 things that could be done to prevent more austerity whilst increasing spending, generating growth by creating jobs and not wasting money on pointless exercises in hubris by going to war to destroy a country only to spend more money trying to re-construct it and deal with the aftermath of failed states such as Libya and the recent people smuggling epidemic.

Has David Cameron even admitted that the hundreds of people dying in the Mediterranean are related to the failed states of Libya and it’s neighbours which we helped create. From Tony Blairs 2004 kiss with Gaddafi in the desert to blockades to prevent immigrants reaching Europe in two easy steps.

Blair meets Gaddafi
Tony Blair makes up with Col Gaddafi in 2004

The problem with people smuggling from Libya to Europe
A cramped boat full of desperate people trying to flee the failed state caused by David Cameron and the Axis of Wars destruction

Will the Tory government do any of these 3 easy ways to save dozens of billions of pounds?

The answer is obviously no.

The divide between the rich and poor will get wider.

The people who keep the lights on in London won’t even be able to afford to live in the city they work in due to the average house costing £350,000. Even in certain rich areas of London like Kensington, up to 70% of houses are classified as “Second Homes”. Even the local paper shops for the rich people of Chelsea are shutting down due to the influx of rich Chinese and Russians buying up our capital city.

Instead the Tories will attack immigrants, benefit claimants, people who cannot get good jobs and rely on job seekers allowance and more diversionary tactics as they continue Maggie Thatcher’s dream of a total privatised country.

We only have 5 more years until we get another chance to vote for a party to represent us. The problem is there doesn’t seem to be a party on the horizon I can see myself putting a cross against anytime soon.

Labour is Tory Lite, and with the resignation of Ed Milliband, a person many could never imagine seeing as PM, much in the same way I can never imagine Boris Johnson as PM, let alone Mayor of London, we have no real party that represents the people anymore.

The Greens did well to get 1 million votes but with our current system of voting, one MP per million votes in England is not going to get us far and they still have an environmental edge that puts many off them despite the fact that if you read their manifesto there would be many aspects to it that you could find yourself agreeing with. Maybe it is just the fact that they are led by a woman and their only MP, Caroline Lucas from Brighton is a woman who puts many working class men off from voting for them.

Personally this election, I did as I said I would and spoilt my ballot paper. This was because there was no-one on it that represented my views. I live in an area where Tories have always ruled and there is no chance of Labour or Lib Dems getting in instead. In one election in my ward Labour and the Lib Dems didn’t even try to contest the seat which allowed the racist BNP to come 2nd!

I hoped enough people would do the same so that even this amount of spoiled papers would have to be recorded along with party numbers and shown in graphs such as the one from the BBC website I put on this page.

From anecdotal evidence from people I spoke to at various events and groups I know quite a few people also spoilt their papers.

The news even carried a story about someone who spent the time and effort to draw a tiny little penis inside the square of an incumbent Tory in Wales. However because the drawing was within the confines of the box it was actually counted as a vote rather than a spoilt ballot!

I would still love to know how many people did write “None of the above” or spoilt their ballot in some way or another.

If you took the effort and time out of your day to go and vote there should be a “None of the above” option by default to measure peoples dissatisfaction with local politicians or political parties. However because there isn’t we should create our own.

Hopefully by the time of the next election a party which doesn’t represent the Axis of War, Austerity, Tax cuts for the rich and attacks on the poor will emerge, a bit like how the Unions created Labour. The only exception is that we don’t want to see our new party being taken away from us slowly and infiltrated by MI5 to ensure when it becomes electable it’s going to be “establishment ready” like MI5 asset Tony Blairs successful attempt to turn Labour from a real Left wing socialist party to Tories with northern accents.

We have plenty of protest groups about but no political consensus or a political body that we can use as an umbrella for them to rest under.

Students, the young unemployed, the people who cannot afford to live anywhere due to the lack of cheap housing, the anti-war brigade, the pro privacy, anti GCHQ/NSA Pirate groups. UK Uncut, Occupy, anti-austerity groups, religious organisations and charities that manage food banks and support the poor. These are just a few of the protest groups around at the moment.

Groups helping wounded soldiers and soldiers disillusioned with the wars they have been forced to fight. People working 50 hour weeks on minimum wage or not being able to take loans out at decent interest rates due to interest rate apartheid. These are more people who might be looking for a new political home.

Basically anybody who doesn’t want to see the gap between the rich and poor get wider would be a perfect member or voter for such a Peoples Party.

In the meantime let’s just hope we still have a public NHS, a decent benefit system and proper jobs with decent pay in 5 years time rather than another tripling of the National Debt and more lies about reducing our debt that the current Chancellor likes to spiel.

View the original article Did you foresee the Tories winning the UK election at the main site

© 2015 Dark Politricks


Nick Clegg v Nigel Farage debate the EU

April 4, 2014

Nigel Farage v Nick Clegg – The European Union In Or Out debate

By Dark Politricks

Over the last two weeks Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg have been debating whether we should leave the EU on radio and TV. Of course you might have missed these debates on TV as they haven’t really been highlighted in the TV schedules.

The leader of the UKIP, Nigel Farage, the bloke you would have a pint with but doesn’t have a single MP in the UK Parliament debated Nick Clegg, the deputy PM, who will have hardly any MP’s after the next election due to his broken promises and propping up of Tory austerity policies.

Two non-entities you may say, except the EU elections are coming up soon and UKIP always do very well in them and will undoubtedly probably beat both the Lib-Dems and the Tories if current polling is correct.

The sad thing is that with such an important question to be debated the leaders of the real two parties who have actual  influence in our national parliament couldn’t be bothered to debate such an important question.

Our PM, David Cameron, and the cartoon character that calls himself the leader of the opposition Ed Milliband didn’t even think it was worth debating the EU and letting the British public have their opinions on whether it is better to be in or out of the EU.

For those of you who missed it the first debate was on LBC radio and shown on Sky News and the second debate was on the BBC.

From polls carried out after the debates Nigel Farage won by a ratio of 3 to 1.

A YouGov poll: Farage 68%, Clegg 27%
A ICM poll: Farage 69, Clegg 31%

Read more about the results of the debate here.

Who won the debate?

The European Union In Or Out debate

For your nightly entertainment I have included some videos to the debates so that you can watch the two debates between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg.

One political figure on the rise and one on the slide to the bottom. I will let you decide which is which.

One, Nigel Farage, is perfectly happy to be the outspoken, friendless EU MP who wants to actually do himself out of a job by shutting the whole shop down.

Nick Clegg on the other hand who has never had a real job apart from politiking at various levels (unlike Nigel) will cling onto the EU whether they turn into a EU super-state, with its own army, forcing NATO on broke countries it tricks into joining such as the Ukraine.

All whilst people in Spain and Greece and even Ireland and the UK suffer due to the EU being so broke and harsh austerity measures being imposed on us.

Remember Nick Clegg used to work in the EU so he probably is expecting to get a cushy paycheck once he is kicked out of Westminster at the next election.

He has already proven himself a liar by breaking the one promise that his key constituents (students and the young) voted for him in the last election e.g no increases in University Student Fees, plus the much vaunted “Freedom Bill” which turned from a fine bill restoring the public’s rights in a UK Police State to a law that prevented cars from being clamped.

In fact you can compare the original Freedom Bill here which was very quickly taken down from the Liberal Democrats websites as soon as they realized their “Protection of Freedoms Bill” was a watered down piece of toilet paper!

Whatever you think about the EU, I have never had a vote on whether I wanted to be in the EU, let alone the common market, the Euro, The Lisbon Treaty or any of the other treaties that have taken our national powers away from us bit by bit over the last few decades.

Therefore whether you want to be in Europe or not you should at least want a say in your own future.

Whatever you think about these two politicians at least they have the balls unlike the other leaders of the Labour and Tory party to talk in public about such important matters.

Watch the debates on my main site and leave your comments on the page below.

View the original article Nigel Farage v Nick Clegg – The European Union In Or Out debate at the main site

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Give UK taxpayers a percentage of any publicly owned bank flotation

June 27, 2011

By Dark Politricks

The news last week was full of the idea proposed by Nick Clegg and some Tories including John Redwood thatevery UK citizen on the electoral roll should be given £1,000 worth of shares in the bailed out banks Lloyds and RBS.

The UK government currently owns 83% of RBS and 41% of Lloyds after the government bailed them out to the tune of £65bn at the height of the banking crisis in 2008.

That £65 billion is worth more than all the planned spending cuts for this year as well as enough to fund the two wars we are currently engaged in. The bailing out of these banks has meant that money that could have been spent on the good of society has instead gone to re-capitalise these failed banks balance sheets.

The idea currently being floated about by Nick Clegg and others from both the Liberal and Conservative parties is that individual taxpayers would benefit from any long-term gains when shares in the banks are re-privatised.

They want to do this by giving each person on the electoral roll a number of shares which could then be sold on at a later date and would allow the British public to benefit from any share sale and pay them back for their help in bailing out the banks in the first place.

Under the plan, the 45 million people on the electoral roll would be given free shares in the bailed-out banks, Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group but the shares would only have any value once they have reached a minimum price which would be equivalent to what the government paid for them in the first place. This way the Treasury would cover the cost of its investment and the people would benefit from any extra profit the shares might gain.

Currently the price that any profit would be gained would be once the shares reached prices of 74p for Lloyds and 51p for RBS.

Whilst this sounds like a good idea it needs to be tweaked quite considerably in my own humble opinion in the following ways:

1. Only current working people who are paying tax and national insurance should benefit from the payout. There is no moral right for people who are currently on benefits or didn’t have to contribute in any shape and form through loss of revenue from higher tax and national insurance contributions to gain from this payout.

2. The payout should only be given to those workers who are currently on wages of £100k a year or less. People who earn above this amount have no need for an extra £1k of shares and probably gained quite considerably from any market fluctuations anyway.

It is the people at the lower spectrum of society who are suffering the most from the closed libraries, crowded hospitals and doctors, lack of decent public transport and the huge jobs losses and public pension cuts that have been introduced due to the bankster bailout.

3. There should be no floor price which has to be met before the public gains from the share prices. The treasury will benefit more in the long run if every taxpayer is just given either the whole value of the shares or a lump sum payment to re-invest into the economy.

The government economists are always bleating on about lack of consumer confidence and the reason for this is that high inflation has meant people are less willing to spend money on luxuries when every penny is needed to pay for extortionate rents, high fuel costs and constantly rising food prices.

Giving each tax payer in the country a lump sum to spend as they see fit will do more to stimulate the economy, fill up high streets and offset the lack of availability of personal loans that the public currently face than any other stimulus measure tried so far or planned for the future.

So far the only similar stimulus measure has been the measly temporary drop in VAT last year which was a complete failure. Not only did it not sort out anything when the price drops were offset by magnitutdes of 10 or more during the winter Christmas sales but it cost billions and we are now having to pay for it now with a 20% VAT rate that has surely helped increase inflation and hurt consumer spending.

Like the current proposal a one off lump sum payment to lower paid taxpayers who are more likely to shop and spend their money on consumerables would have done a lot more to kick start our debt laden economy than previous bad ideas.

So in a similar vein I think the proposal to give every taxpayer a stake in the banks that ruined our country is a good idea in general.

As long as other measures are implemented to split up casino banks from high street banks and there is a concerted effort to investigate and punish properly the huge amounts of fraud and book cooking that the City engaged in for so long it might just be a small but significant way to pay the public back before they get so angry they just take the money straight from the banksters pockets without asking first.

Do we want an Alternative Voting system or an alternative governing system

April 21, 2011

Alternative Vote or Alternative Government

By Dark Politricks

The people of the UK are going to be asked in a few weeks to vote on whether they would like a new voting system.

We currently have a first past the post system which often leads to politicians gaining seats for life, leaves a large percentage (often the majority within a district) having a politician they haven’t voted for and leaves smaller parties out of government as they have to work extra hard to gain a seat even if they have a large percentage of support across the country.

The alternative we are being offered is AV (Alternative Vote) in which voters order the candidates in their prefered order first to last and then during the count up the candiate with the least votes drops out and their votes are redistrubted amongst the other candidates until one candidate manages to get 50% of the vote.

This is a comprimise system that the Lib Dem’s agreed to during coallition talks because neither Labour or the Tories would give them full proportianal representation which is what they really want. Nick Clegg see’s  this change as a miserable compromise and maybe as a stepping stone towards further change later on.

The alternative vote system is not a choice any party wants but it’s a change from the existing system and even though it’s not proportional in any way at least it makes people’s choices count a lot more than they currently do.

I will probably be voting for AV just because it is a change from the status quo and might help to get some smaller parties or independents into the houses of corruption/parliament. However what I would rather see is a total change in how our whole government works.

What we really need is a new system of politics that prevents lobbyists and powerful interest groups from controlling politicians and gives the educated people of this country more of a say in the decision making process.

This all reminds me of a couple of articles I wrote some time back titled:

We need a new form of government


What I would do if I were Prime Minister for a week

In which I offer a number of ideas and possible solutions to our current problems. Some people might find them interesting so I suggest having a read if you get the time.

What should the Lib Dem’s do about Student Fees

December 9, 2010

By Dark Politricks

The Liberal Democrats face a difficult choice this Thursday when they will have to choose between keeping a promise they made to students all across the country during the election to vote against any increase in University tuition fees or keeping face within the Tory LibDem coalition who see the increase as another part of their austerity measures that must be implemented if University’s are to carry on being well funded over the coming years.

Despite all the pleas to the contrary and in spite of the embarrassing site of watching Vince Cable, a previously well loved Good Guy, backtrack and flip flop over his voting intentions, the Lib Dem’s only really have one choice if they want to keep any respect they may have previously had as well as keep any future hope of ever being re-elected alive and well.

Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander and Vince Cable can try to justify their change in policy as much as they want but we all know it is possible to justify any action if enough mental gymnastics are carried out and the desire to carry out the intended act is strong. They may now be in a coalition government and they may be facing a huge deficit that requires filling but a promise is a promise and they will be remembered for breaking it for a very long time.

The Lib Dem’s had previously been able to take the moral high ground on a number of key issues, mainly because they were a small party who had little chance of ever winning an election outright and it was very easy to preach from the sidelines when no responsibility for carrying out the actions had to fall on their shoulders.

However the recent election has now propelled almost half of the Lib Dem MP’s into government positions and it surely no coincidence that these same politicians are expected to vote for the increase and break their pre-election promise along with thousands of student hearts and many more of their future graduate bank balances.

We can expect a number of backbenchers to rebel and defy the party whip and rightly so as we seem to have forgotten that our MP’s are supposed to be elected to represent their constituents and not to blindly follow the government line in return for cushy jobs, ministerial cars and all expenses weekends away paid for out of our taxes.

It is a shame to be proven right yet again when it comes to politicians and their second hand car salesman attitude to truth but it just goes to show how utterly broken our political system is when the people we pay and vote into power to govern for our benefit chose instead to benefit themselves and their paymasters.

Many younger people, including a large number of students who will have voted for the first time in their lives, will be utterly disgusted with politics and Lib Dem politicians in particular if they chose to vote in favour of an increase this Thursday. Many of the students will have voted Lib Dem specifically because of their very public promise to not increase University fees any further and Thursday’s betrayal will be an early but very important life lesson for students to learn about the uselessness of our political system that allows MP’s to make promises by the dozen during elections that they have no intention of keeping once in power.

For the Lib Dem MP’s who signed the pledge to chose to break it so soon after being elected is the moral equivalent of a junkie begging her reluctant Mother for money, promising that it was to buy food and rent and not to fund her habit. Then once the money has been handed over only to immediately rush out and buy drugs and then rub salt into the wound by doing them in front of their distraught parent.

I personally admit that it would be a great shame to see Liberals such as Vince Cable and Chris Huhne vote for such a measure on Thursday as I had held them in quite high regard up until now. I always knew Nick Clegg was nothing more than a wannabe who would sell his soul in a second if it meant he could sit on Cameron’s knee with a hand up his arse but until joining the coalition the Lib Dem’s had been the only real voice of reason that could be heard within the walls of juvenile central a.k.a the Houses of Parliament.

On the Iraq War,  on Israel and Palestine, on a fairer tax policy, on crime and punishment, on tuition fees, on drugs, on civil liberties, on the banksters the recession and on splitting up the banks the Lib Dem’s were the only party willing to put logic and reason and the will of the people above political expedience and pressure from lobbyists and powerful interests.

It will prove a lot of people right if they now show that their fine talk was nothing more than cheap bluster that was only spoken aloud because they knew they didn’t have to back their words with deeds. The vote on Thursday is their opportunity to prove the doubters wrong and show that they didn’t leave their morals and lofty ideals at the entrance to Westminster on their way in.


If Labour had not insisted on implementing their policy of trying to get as many people into University as possible we would probably not be in this mess. Many people realised at the time that if fees were introduced they would just continue to rise and rise so Labour cannot claim any moral authority on this subject having been the party of power that introduce fees in the first place.

Because Labour wanted every man, woman, child and unborn fetus to posses a degree, it has led to worthless qualifications all the way from school kids who leave school with 11 A* GCSE’s but who would struggle to obtain a D grade if given a paper from the mid nineties, to worthless degrees that are meaningless in the real world and which are treated with disdain by most employers.

Because everyone is leaving school with the same high grades there is no way to distinguish between students and the same is true with degrees that are getting more costly with each year that passes at the same rate as their worth decreases.

At the moment I can imagines that many students would be well advised to skip the 3 years of university and the huge weight of debt and just enter the work place early. Recent studies have shown that the benefits of a modern degree are negligible yet those 3 years of work experience would be invaluable especially in the modern climate.

Labour are the ones at fault for creating such a worthless and yet expensive education system and whilst money might be tight at the moment there are a number of key areas in which cuts could be made to fund a proper free education for those who truly deserve or require one.

-Stop the war in Afghanistan and save a good few billion quid.

-Stop targeting the poor and the few benefit cheats that buck the system and target those super rich banksters and Phillip Green’s of the world who spend more a year in tax avoidance schemes than most local education authority grants.

-Scrap the allowances we give the Royal Family. They are rich and well off enough to not require the millions we give them each year to swan around the world pissing off our neighbours and making racist comments to natives.

-Scrap all MP allowances. A recent story in this weekends paper showed that some MP’s are now screwing us over with the supposedly tightened up expenses system that allows them to claim for 3 houses! We should build or rent out a big block of flats from Westminster council and tell MP’s who live out of town that they can have free board whenever they like. This way they will have no legitimate excuse for requiring rent and mortgages to be paid on 2nd and 3rd homes and it will save bucket loads of money that can be spent on those that deserve it (anyone but MP’s)

Nick Clegg and Obama, Politicians we can all be ashamed of

November 26, 2010

By Dark Politricks

On both side of the Atlantic progressives and liberals are feeling let down by their newly elected leaders. In the USA Democrats voted in massive numbers for Obama having fallen for his charismatic promises of real change, reversal of Bush policies and an end to the destruction of civil liberties that the previous administration had engaged in.

They have been mightily disappointed in their leader since he gained power. Instead of pushing for real change he has continued in the same mold as every other leader that followed him and the only real change has been in the public at large who have belatedly realised what a phony game US politics really is.

Instead of following through on his campaign promises he has watered down anything of real meaning, ramped up previous Republican policies including extending the phony war on terror into Pakistan and Yemen, failed to close down Gitmo, continued the policy of rendition that means prisoners are tortured in third world jails and continued the spying and unwarranted wire tapping that so angered Democrats when Bush engaged in such tactics. Not only has Obama continued Neo Con policies of war and the expansion of the police state he has increased the size of the state, expanded bail outs to the banks, allowed massive amounts of printing money, increased the national debt and introduced a very unpopular health reform that satisfied neither liberals who wanted an NHS style universal health system or conservatives who wanted the government to stay out of their wallets and health decisions.

Not only has he continued the previous administrations policies of expanding the size and power of the state he has failed to punish those banksters and politicians that had led the USA to the mess it was in when he took over. Instead of trying to restore some form of honour and moral leadership to a country that was once looked on as a beacon of light and hope in the world he has instead continued the same policies that have many people viewing the USA as a modern day high tech police state.

In the UK liberals have been let down by the Liberal Democrats who have formed a coalition government with the right of centre Tory party. It has been a shameful sight to watch Lib Dem’s such as Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander and Vince Cable trying to defend policies they had previously campaigned against. Whilst it is true that the Lib Dem’s didn’t win an overall majority and therefore cannot be expected to be able to enact every manifesto promise it makes them look dishonest to about turn so much on key promises and use the excuse of the coalition as their defence whilst saying that it’s the right thing to do in the circumstances.

The new government is dismantling so much of the social fabric we have been used to for so long that there is no way to accurately predict the outcome because it has never been done before. Whilst many Tories have been waiting for a chance to reduce the size of the state for a long time and see the ruins of our economy as the perfect opportunity to do so the Lib Dem’s seem to have lost their voice when it comes to softening the blow for the poor and under privileged.

The Lib Dem’s would have gained more respect and probably more votes at the next election if instead of blindly following the Tories merry dance towards social chaos they instead made their disquiet at some of the decisions more public. It is obvious because of the Lib Dem’s current political position that they want the coalition to survive as they are hoping for electoral reform which would lead to more joint governance in the future and if they fail to prove that the idea works the public is less likely to vote for reform that would mean more of the same. However their current broken promises on student fees, VAT rises and justice for Palestine has made a new generation of young UK citizens believe that politicians are all the same and cannot be trusted to keep their word no matter which party they belong to.

Nick Clegg has obviously become accustomed to the trappings of ministerial life and he had better enjoy it whilst he can because if he cannot turn the economy round, pay off the deficit as promised and restore all the civil liberties lost under Labour rule in this parliament he is very unlikely to get another chance. It was very foolish to make such iron clad pledges such as the one to fight against tuition fees during the election but I am pretty sure the reason he did it was that he thought there was little chance of him having to honour it.

It is very easy to take the moral high ground and promise the earth when you know that you will never be in a position to deliver on your word and it has been a big shock to the Lib Dem’s to suddenly be put in this position for the first time and then be held in high contempt for breaking said promises.

So on both sides of the pond there are people who voted for real change and instead have been met with real disappointment. For those old enough to remember elections of past it comes as no surprise to find that politicians cannot be trusted that once they gain a cushty job they become indebted to lobbyists and powerful pressure groups and slowly become detached from reality.

I have long said that our government needs a total overhaul to overcome the core problems of powerful lobby groups, jobs for life and a lack of real democracy. The Greeks system of direct democracy could be updated to include modern technology including referendums on all law changes (only those people who had passed a test proving an understanding of both sides of the argument would be eligible to vote) and a more representative form of legislature in which members would be picked from the general population to serve for short periods of no longer than a year.

This period of governance would be very similar to jury service and would ensure professional politicians are abolished to the dustbin of history. Because terms are kept short pressure groups wouldn’t have time to dig their claws into MP’s and the quicker turn over and random nature of the service would ensure that politicians had much less chance of being bought and paid for. Only citizens of a country would be able to serve and it is fair to say that there is probably more than enough clever, able and willing people in both countries who would leap at the chance to try and sort the country out.

However as my idea of a return to true democracy is nowhere near being implemented at the moment I thought I would list some of the policies that Obama and Clegg should enact to reverse their almost certain defeat at the next election.

1. End the wars of terror in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen. Chasing shadows from cave to cave and across borders has cost the country dearly. Thousands of US and UK troops have died, hundreds of thousands of civillians have died and many more have been radicalised because of our actions. The war on terror is no closer to being “won” ,whatever that looks like, and the cost in terms of dollars has been in the trillions.

2. The wars have nothing to do with security and if anything have made the US, the UK and it’s allies less safe around the world. Tea Party supporters and true Republicans who believe in the constitution should read their history and see what their founding fathers said about foreign wars before following the standard Palin / McCain line of war = defence. For Lib Dem voters the majority have always been against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan but since gaining power the talk of leaving has quietened considerably. The money saved by not fighting these endless wars could be used to properly secure our borders and also fed into proper law enforcement and intelligence gathering which is the only really successful way to tackle crimes of a terrorist nature. It would also be enough to prevent some major cuts to public spending as long as we don’t decide to give it all away to the next EU country that decides it needs a bailout in the same way Ireland and Greece have.

3. Roll back the high tech police state that is spreading fast across the western hemisphere. If ever there was a case of doing the terrorists job for them then our current policy of throwing away hard won civil liberties because they “might” help protect us from a terrorist attack is it. The recent uproar over the TSA and their behaviour at US airports just shows how plainly ridiculous and sick our governments have become as well as how much the people are getting pissed off with the ever increasing intrusions into their personal space in the name of security.

In recent days we have had stories involving the strip searching of children, the removal of prosthetic breasts, humiliating disabled people by covering them in urine and the stupidity of the “don’t touch my junk” fine when a traveller was asked to leave the security area and then fined for doing so. Not only are the naked body scanners dangerous, recent studies have shown that the chances of getting skin cancer from the backscatter xray machines is the same as that of being blown up by a terrorist bomb on the plane. Which way would you rather go?

4. Punish the banksters who gambled with our economies and almost bankrupted the western world. Apart from a few cases of common fraud such as Bernie Madoff there have been no major investigations and punishment of those traders, CEO’s and banksters that over leveraged, engaged in ridiculous amounts of betting by purchasing naked credit default swaps and inflated a derivatives bubble that is potentially worth more than 20 times the size of the whole world economy. When the common man in the street goes into the bookies to place a flutter or two and goes home empty pocketed he can expect nothing more than a good ear bashing from the wife, however when the banksters betted away trillions and lost they went running straight to the governments to ask for a bailout which was dually given.

In an alternate universe where logic and reason are applied equally and a certain level of moral behaviour is expected this would be considered dangerous, illegal and totally immoral. We the people are now having to suffer extreme austerity measures and forgo wages, benefits, pensions and other public services so that our governments can pay off the huge debts they incurred when they borrowed the trillions they bailed the banks out with.

This is wrong on so many levels and no wonder UK students went on a mini rampage at Tory HQ the other week when they were told that to help pay off someone elses debts they would be expected to incur their own massive debts and leave university with not only a degree that has become more and more worthless over the years but a huge weight of debt around their necks that will take years to pay off. Banksters need to go to jail and the rich fuckwits that got us into this mess should be removed of responsibility so that they can never repeat the same mistake as well as being asked to pay a whole lot more than they currently are.

5. Stop bailing out failed industries and businesses and restore something that resembles a free market capitalist economic system. For those banks we have already bailed out then we should make the most of them and use them for the benefit of society as a whole. Instead of letting all the pin striped fancy braced gambling addicts risk savers and tax payers money on the derivatives market we should be risking money on new start ups and the expansion of existing small and medium businesses.

Companies are still complaining about not being able to get loans from banks and if we want the private sector to pick up the slack from the public sector we need to ensure that sufficient capital exists for businesses to expand and hire. Surely it is better to risk a few hundred grand of the banks money on a small companies business plan that would provide local jobs and hopefully bring more tax revenue into the government coffers than risk millions playing the big roulette wheel in the city that benefits a few already super rich and if it goes wrong costs the tax payer.

6. Re-Balance our economy so that it is not so dependent on debt driven consumer spending (which both the UK and the USA encouraged) and instead drive growth by promoting business friendly policies that benefit ourselves rather than China or India. For large companies that are debating over where to place their headquarters we should be offering tax breaks so that they are encouraged to base themselves here and pay their tax to us rather than to a Bahamas offshore account. For every local person employed, every lo ng term jobless person or ex prisoner or service man they should be offered a tax break to encourage the hiring of nationals who may have had trouble working for years.  If the company bases itself in a deprived or heavy public sector dependent area then they should be given even bigger tax breaks. When it comes to tax less is often more and an uncomplicated and business friendly tax system is required to drive private sector growth.

7. Keep some promises. It’s quite simple really, if you don’t think you will be able to 100% deliver a promise then don’t make it in the first place! We are all used to seeing politicians evade difficult questions when being interviewed or asked questions they don’t know the answer for so we are used to the “maybe if we can” perspective. What we despise even more than an evasive politician though is one that breaks his promises and goes back on his word. It is far better to promise nothing than to promise the earth and deliver hot air.

Nick Clegg and Obama both ran their election campaigns on the platform of change and trust and doing so they inspired new generations of voters to become engaged in a political system that most older voters had already become jaded with. To deliver any form of change that we can believe in we must actually see the change occur otherwise this new generation will just join the rest of us who realise that our current political process is broken and incapable of delivering anything apart from cushy jobs and privelleges for those that get elected.

Free Gary McKinnon Campaign, Planned Twitter Storm Nov 5th

October 30, 2010

By Dark Politricks

Now that we have a supposedly pro civil liberties inclined government in power it will be interesting to see whether they keep to all their promises regarding Gary McKinnon and his extradition to the USA on trumped up charges of hacking into US military computer systems.

Before the election both Nick Clegg and David Cameron attacked the Labour governments decision to allow his extradition to the USA for numerous reasons including:

  • The unbalanced extradition treaty that gives US citizens many more rights than UK citizens.
  • The fact the USA waited a number of years after the crime had been committed until the unfair treaty was ratified by the UK before requesting his extradition.
  • The fact that Gary, who claims he was looking for aliens, has Aspergers a form of autism which would make his extradition, trial and punishment all that more harsh.

From a technical point of view I understand that the hacking was pretty unsophisticated and didn’t involve much more than Gary running an easily available port scanner tool to find unsecured computers on various US military networks and then popping up stupid messages whilst he was looking for evidence of aliens.

Whilst the USA claim he cost them a billion dollars in damages what they actually mean is that Gary exposed the uselessness of their unsecured networks and the cost incurred was actually the amount it cost to install proper security measures that should have been there in the first place. In reality they should have been thankful that it was only a stoned autistic alien hunting geekoid that was poking around their unsecured networks and not a professional team of Chinese or Russian hackers.

In fact I am guessing that the real reason the US is prosecuting Gary instead of offering him a well paid job in their cyber security department like they have done with other high profile hackers is purely the unsophisticated nature of the hack which didn’t actually involve any mad hacking skills at all. It’s probably out of pure embarrassment that they are pursuing him as he has basically revealed to the world that the most advanced high tech armed forces in the world had their network breached in such a simple manner.

This is not to say that Gary didn’t commit a crime and we all know hacking is illegal. However to give him the orange jumpsuit treatment and put him in some dark penitentiary with gang members, rapists and proper full on mentalists seems a bit harsh to me. The crime was committed in this country on a PC in London therefore he should be punished in the UK and not sent off to the USA to never come back.

Not only does the USA have stupidly over the top sentencing guidelines they seem to love locking people up for their natural lifetimes and I can easily foresee a US judge throwing the whole book at Gary for his crime and locking him up for 20+ years. The fact that the Labour government first introduced such an unfair and biased extradition treaty in the first place is bad enough but to then bend over and just let them have their way with one of our citizens in this manner is appalling and I just hope that our new coalition leaders have a bit more bottle and are capable of keeping their word on this subject.

Obviously I don’t hold up too much hope as power corrupts very quickly and it seems that morals and high ground are quickly left on the opposition benches once the ministerial cars pull up. We have already had cries of “sell out” directed a the Lib Dem’s due to their support of Tory cuts, increased tuition fees and the raise in VAT which they actively campaigned against during the election therefore I am half expecting the same excuse to be used in relation to Gary and aspects of their proposed freedom bill, which was a lofty idea aimed at rolling back Labours surveillance state, restoring Civil Liberties and reviewing the US extradition issue in particular.

Both Clegg and Cameron have gone on the record with their support for Gary McKinnon and pressure needs to be applied to both leaders of the coalition so that they are constantly reminded that this is one promise we expect them to keep. Not only is it an important case in terms of Gary’s personal situation but it is also a strong reminder and maybe even a wake up call to the UK population about how little our UK citizenship means when it really comes down to it. If we don’t fight together to keep Gary from being extradited then who is to say who could be next.

The USA is already trying to implement cut off switches claiming that they own the Internet and they are increasingly concerned about cyber security using the threat of terrorist hackers as a reason to implement mass online surveillance and tracking. Who is to say that the next person to be accused of cyber attack isn’t some middle aged housewife who accidentally forwards an email containing a dangerous virus onto an American government network. With our current extradition law British citizens can be extradited to an American jurisdiction without a prima facie case of a crime having been committed which makes it very easy for the US government to import Brits into their horrible justice system even when the crime was committed here as it was in Gary McKinnon’s case.

To highlight this current injustice an online campaign has been created which aims to create a Twitter Storm on November 5th to raise awareness for Gary McKinnon. If you want to join in this campaign for Gary then you just need to send one or more tweets to @ukhomeoffice between 12pm and 5pm that mention Gary and include the following tags: #tweet4gary #freegary #mckinnon #garymckinnon.

Hopefully we can create a mad Twitter Rush, get these tags to trend and raise Gary’s plight to those people not in the know. However the main aim is to show the current UK government how much support there is to prevent his extradition and to reform the unfair treaty that currently treats Brits as 2nd class citizens.

So remember to create some automated scheduled tweets for Nov 5th or just set yourself a reminder to post some or Retweet any of the others that will filling the web. For more details check out: