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Make sure you vote tomorrow in the UK Elections

June 7, 2017

The UK Election 2017

By Dark Politricks

It’s the UK’s snap general election tomorrow.

No-one really expected our great leader and Donny Trump fan Theresa May, called it after pulling out of the EU by implementing article 21 (The Lisbon Treaty).

Many are predicting a landslide victory for the Tories who have not jailed a single bankster from the 2008 crisis and trebled the national debt. The deficit may have shrunk a little but that is of no importance when the debt we owe in total has trebled clearly showing that austerity measures don’t work.

Putting the “payback” on the poor instead of the rich has been decried by many as unethical and even evil.

Why should a disabled granny lose a chunk of her benefits to pay for gambling by coke snorting banksters who took grannies pension and played roulette with it.

I don’t know and neither do the millions of poor and kids hoping to go to go to university only to realise they cannot afford it without incurring thousands in debts.

Following the USA around the world in the Axis of War has cost us trillions of pounds over the last decade, and even more since 9.11.

Wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and undeclared wars or incursions following the USA who is using drones or planes in 7 countries at the moment that we know of. This just wasting money we desperately need at home and stirring up the UK Muslim community who have attacked us successfully 3 times in the last 3 months.

More war!

More drone strikes!

More death is what you vote for when you vote for the Tories, and when you are next on the Tube nervously looking at a man with a back pack on then don’t cry when more of your civil rights and liberties are removed from you.

Currently I am probably being watched by a very bored GCHQ member of staff through my web cam at the moment and if you vote Tory you vote for more terror and more spying on the citizens of this country through your TV, Computer, Phone, Tablet and now even cars they could hack into and control.

Wasn’t it George W Bush that said after 9.11 that they attacked us because “they hate us for our freedoms”. It seems the terrorists are winning if we just hand our freedoms over. I guess that’s what false flag attacks and drumming up fear of whole communities of people is about.

Then we have opposing the hot favourites to carry on ruining the country, a real “Feel the Bern” revolution for Jeremy Corbyn. Hundreds of thousands of new Labour supporters have joined since Corbyn took over. Even more joined when their failed coup went ahead. It seems every time the Blairites try to get rid of Corbyn he gains another 100,000 Labour members at least.

At least if Tony Blair does succeed in creating his own get out of jail party in the aftermath of a Labour slaughtering at the polls he can be shouted down and abused in the house  as the war criminal he should be treated as.

Can we really blame Blair for his 4 wars, bringing the party into the centre from the left leaving progressives with no alternative, considering the Lib Dems were wiped out last time.

The Lib Dems lied about abolishing University fees in their last manifesto and got a lot of young people’s votes only to renege on the promise for a chance to spend 5 years in the back of ministerial cars.

Nick Clegg got his chance to sit at the top table and then to hell with the Lib Dems. He got 5 years of the high life, that’s what type of politicians we are voting in.

The Lib Dems may have some good ideas but they have lost the people’s’ trust and it’s not as is if we can exactly trust any other party anyway. At least with Jeremy Corbyn you get the feeling he will try and implement his policies. Whether his party back him or not is another matter. He and Bernie Sanders would get on well over a pint I think.

So the young have looked at the fixes in US politics and how the candidates were chosen before hand in the Democratic party. Anything to get Hillary as their candidate and Bernie blanked out.

Just think of all those wasted hours standing in line to vote for Bernie when the fix was already in.

BREXIT is going ahead due to a referendum, true peoples democracy.

You may not like it but I doubt voting for a progressive alliance between Labour and the SNP will reverse the process. Once article 21 is implemented I doubt the rest of Europe will allow us to change our minds, we may try, and Germany may want us to stay,  but France is French and to an Englishman that says it all.

So compared to Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn is far more to the left showing you just how centrist US politics really is. They fix their primaries so Bernie cannot run despite having the votes and the support and if he dare mentions the word socialist they think he is Mao Zedong.

At least Corbyn can mention socialism and not get bananas and other vegetables thrown at him from FOX News, and as they say any news is good news.

Bernie was hardly mentioned in the US news media, a 6 company monopoly that all spew COINTELPRO propaganda whether supposedly left-wing like MSBC or right-wing like FOX. Here we have multiple political programmes where people ask a range of politicians and public people what they think about political decisions and issues of the day.

Bernie got about 10 minutes coverage in all the primary campaigning whilst Clinton and Trump owned the airwaves for free. They shouldn’t have really spent all those billions on election adverts when they had the news channels to let them spew their hatred instead.

That’s one good thing about UK elections we don’t have to suck off lobbyists to get the money to campaign only to pay them back once in power.

In the US they usually have to have multi millions of dollars to even consider running for Congress or the President. Then they leave the House to go and work for a lobbyist firm or a company they had a hand in helping by voting for  in government.

So whether you like Corbyn’s charity shop suits or not, or you are hoping to see Labour wiped out so that you can rush to join Tony Blair’s threat of a new neo-con, neo-liberal, war mongering, Banksters fun time party, you have to vote tomorrow and vote with your conscience.

If you don’t want more war, to see Blair in cuffs, more money spent on schools and hospitals and less US ass licking then Labour are the only real choice for progressives. If you want the opposite, more war, bigger bombs dropped on schools and hospitals and blowback that turns UK born kids into murdering Jihadists then vote Tory.

If you want your vote to count for nothing then there is always the Green party and UKIP despite whether their ideas are good or not but as they say you should vote with your conscience whether it makes a difference or not.

Just make sure you vote.

By Dark Politricks

© 2017 Dark Politricks


We need a political revolution

December 15, 2013

We need a political revolution

By Dark Politricks

It has been a good 5 years since the financial meltdown and what have we got done apart from a widening awakening in the people who “something just aint right”?

  • We have had both the Tea Party and Occupy protest movements.
  • Protests across Europe from Spain to Greece and the UK over “austerity” measures forced on them by the rich.
  • Huge tax breaks for the rich and welfare cuts for the poor.
  • Bailouts from tax payer money for the banks that were too big too fail and too big to jail. In fact the six of the largest institutions that we said were too big to fail are now actually 37%bigger than they were in 2008!
  • Small fines or “Get out of jail free cards” by our bankster owned governments for any bank engaged in criminal activities such as HSBC with their special banking facilities for drug dealers and terrorists. Or Goldman Sachs who were fined for selling dodgy mortgage investments.
  • A world leader, President Obama, who was elected by liberals wanting the Police State being formed and lamented by them at the time in the aftermath of 9.11 who went back on all his promises. In fact he went on and continued the Bush policies making the USA a defacto Police State. When a leader of a country (and one who is supposed to be a constitutional lawyer) can declare himself above the Constitution and order the assassination of anyone at anytime, American or not, without judicial oversight, then we have a major problem and the US is no longer a constitutional republic.

So the question is: what are we doing about all this apart from bitching and moaning and just putting up with all the cuts in our public services as money is siphoned off from the lower classes and sucked up to the top few percent of the nation?

Not a lot it seems otherwise we would have a few rich people’s heads on sticks by now outside the Tower of London and along the bridge like we used to do. If only.

It seem’s the only nation who has the balls to actually jail some of  the banksters who caused some of this mess are the people of Iceland. A nation of less than half a million people have jailed more bankers than the UK and the USA together it seems. They have jailed:

  • Baldur Guðlaugsson, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, who was sentenced to two years probation by the District Court of Reykjavík for insider trading.
  • Aron Karlsson was sentenced to 2 years in prison by the District Court of Reykjavík for defrauding Arion Bank in real estate dealings.
  • Lárus Welding, CEO of Glitnir, and Guðmundur Hjaltason, Managing Director of Corporate Banking of Glitnir, were sentenced to 9 months in prison by the District Courtof Reykjavík for a major breach of trust.
  • Friðfinnur Ragnar Sigurðsson, Glitnir employee, was sentenced to 1 year in prison by the District Court of Reykjanes for insider trading.
  • Styrmi Þór Bragason, President of MP Bank, was sentenced to 1 year in prison by the Supreme Court for breach of trust.

So what is it going to take for the people, who are admittedly awaken and pissed, to actually remove the existing leading elites that are right of center (despite their names).

These are people who see nothing wrong with loading up future generations with so much debt that it won’t be long until we see real Brazilian or South African shanty towns on the edge of cities like London and New York because it is just too expensive to rent let alone buy a house.

It looks like only people who already have money will survive in this new brave world and it’s a lot easier to make money from money than the 50+ hour weeks of manual labour most of us have to put up with.

It certainly helps that when you are rich you can walk into a bank and get a huge loan to invest in shares or a new business staffed by zero hour contracted workers at a few percent.

The rest of  the masses are left with loan sharks such as Wonga who charge anything up to 5853% APR for a loan of £150 for 18 days (taken from the front page of their website).

Not only are we being priced out of getting money from the “normal banking system” (if normal is a word that can be applied to it then that’s debatable) – but we are being denied any sense of equal distribution of wealth to help balance out the luck of the few who are born into money and the hardships of the many who only succeed through hard work and a huge dose of luck being applied to their lives.

One of the ways the elite are trying to keep their wealth and systems of control to themselves is by loading people up with debt at such an early age that it is considered normal to be in tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of debt throughout your life with little hope of ever being debt free.

In the olden days – by that I mean the 50’s – people didn’t buy something unless they had the money to afford it. They saved up the relevant money and only when they could walk into the shop and buy it outright would they even consider making a purchase such as a TV or Car.

Nowadays credit cards and student loans are normalizing debt and making young people believe it to be standard to live with multiple Credit Companies octopus tentacles all over their backs.

Not only are they normalizing debt enslavement from an early age they are making it so expensive to go to University that only rich people will be properly educated in the future. If you are expected to leave University with a £50k debt and little chance of a job apart from a menial non skilled job in the local pound store then why would you even bother to go to College?

It is only the wealthy and connected who know that “father knows someone in the City” that will be able to leave Oxbridge and walk into high paid jobs in the city that enable them to pay off any debt in no time at all.

Oh and don’t forget the new plans by the Tories to make the unemployed work for their benefits. £70 a week a pitiful and humiliating amount of money to live on per week if you have just been made redundant from a £60,000 a year job because your boss realised it was much cheaper to outsource your position to India or China. Yet to make it even worse, if you can’t get a job sharpish you are now going to be expected to work a full week for your £70.

Oh thank you Government for taking care of me in these hard times. Times you have made worse by letting banksters ruin our economy and strip, privatise and literally burgle the family jewels for themselves while you sat back and did nothing because you were promised a job in their company once you left Government.

How the Lib Dem’s can let this happen I have no idea. Fuck the Lib Dem’s you are never getting my vote again for what you have let the Tories do to this country. I doubt I will vote again until a party is formed that is actually FOR THE PEOPLE and RUN FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE MANY NOT THE FEW.

The young are the most Internet savvy and this is why the elite are so busy trying to crack down on Internet sites that disseminate knowledge that used to be only known by the elites and occult groups (occult = hidden knowledge).

Therefore the last 20 years of websites spreading information about fiat currency and how our money is debt based, or how wars are used to further geo-political purposes and even corporations balance sheets whilst being mis-sold to the public on “human rights” and “ethical grounds”, are all reasons why the elite want to limit this knowledge to their own kind only.

Without the Internet many of us, including myself would never have found out how certain groups of people have always held power and the ways they use to keep it in their hands.

We would all still be little patriotic soldiers from the first World War thinking we were going to fight for freedom and justice if it weren’t for the web spreading the ways the establishment do all they can to paint people who oppose their plans as “unpatriotic” or “domestic extremists”.

So those are our problems but what do we do.

Well we know the NSA is monitoring anything we type and send to each other so a proper full-armed revolution will probably be cracked down on within a few days just by taking out the leaders and making certain agitators go “missing” as they used to do so well in South America.

Our phones we carry around everywhere are permanent monitoring devices that can be used to track our movements and if they wanted to even remotely turn on the camera and microphone and take photos or listen to us. Paranoid? Only if they aren’t watching you and by the looks of things it seems the NSA and GCHQ are watching EVERYBODY.

Therefore if we are to overthrow this corrupt elite we need a de-centralised and compartmentalized movement – a bit like how terrorist organisations work. Basic technology, pencils n paper and low tech with whispers in the park and baseball caps pulled down low whenever a CCTV camera is approached.

However this would rely on people having the balls to risk jail for acts of civil disobedience as well as being able to afford to take time off from their jobs at McDonalds and Starbucks to protest. And if they can’t afford the time off work to form a revolution it will be left to the millions of unemployed to actually get cold and hungry enough to storm the barricades not giving a fuck about the consequences because their current existence is already worse than anything the POWER can do to them.

So a logical option would be to actually form a new political party and use social media, existing protest groups, trade unions and other community groups to spread the word of it’s existance. We already have 3rd parties like the Green’s, the Justice Party, Libertarians or UKIP but for a younger and more tech savvy populace we need a Pirate Party that is concerned with more than just digital rights management and P2P downloading.

The Trade Unions are already pissed off with Labours abandonment of them, a political party they created. In reality Labour have moved so far to the right that they are no longer relevant or even related in any conceptual way with the unions that created them.

Ed is trying to split the link even further by making each union member chose whether their fees are used for party donations and now would be the perfect time to get them to break the link completley and use their funds to help a new party that REALLY is for the benefit of the people.

We need a party that isn’t formed of political apparatchiks who have only worked in the depths of party HQ since leaving University with a degree in politics. People such as Ed Milliband, David “call me Dave” Cameron and many of the others.

We need real people who have real knowledge of what it’s like to live in modern UK or the USA. We elect, jail and then re-elect crack smoking mayors for God’s sake so let’s have no hypocrisy over past deeds and criminal histories.

We need people who have lived REAL lives, and in this day and age that means you have probably used drugs and maybe have a criminal record. As long as you don’t claim to be a saint who preaches moralistic bullshit about God and Family only to be caught in an Airport bathroom stall trying to get some “strange” off the occupant in the next cubicle then I have no care about your sexual bias or history.

We need laws that prevent corruption of our politicians and stop lobbyists from highly funded arms companies, AIPAC and banks from getting their claws into the law makers. In fact it should be illegal and punishable by a stretch in prison for any potential politician to sign letters promising to “always put country X first” in every vote they take. The people of OUR countries should come first and these lobby groups should never forget that fact.

Any politician should be prevented from ever working for a company he or she has voted in favour for. Seeing politicians walk out of Congress and straight into the offices of JP Morgan after serving on certain finance committees should be seen as a sign of duplicitous self-interest and not whatever BS excuse that said politician comes out with. Breaking the link between the power of powerful interests and the politicians that SHOULD BE controlling them should be key on any agenda of a new political consensus.

Health Care, Education and Jobs should be seen as necessities and not rights for the preserve of those with enough money to afford them. We can do without the huge war machines we have funded for centuries and the half million pound missiles that we waste by firing them into Somalian and Yemen mud huts for no gain but massive backlash by the local population.

A non militaristic foreign policy would not only bring benefits in terms of the world reversing their view of us as imperialists out to grab natural resources and geo-political control, but it would also save money that could be used to ensure we can all get quality health care and education throughout our lives.

Only constant education to keep our skill sets up to date and our ability to be employable is the answer to the growing skill gap between East and West. When education becomes too expensive and only available to the rich it divides society and causes social unrest. We don’t want to end up living in South African style cities where the rich whites live in high walled mini towns with private armed security guards and the poor blacks spend their time robbing and burgling them due to lack of opportunity and fair life chances.

Yes life isn’t fair and no-one said it was.

However as a civilised race we should be in the position to do our best to equal out random life opportunities as much as possible.

Just because I was lucky enough to be born in a rich western nation shouldn’t mean that those people born in Bangladesh should have to go to work before the age of 8 pulling apart dangerous batteries or breaking up huge ships covered in dangerous chemicals. We should have enough moral fibre to realise that sending our shit to poor countries to sift through isn’t ethical or humane.

Bangladesh Ship Yards

So yes the web is monitoring everything we do but we can still use it to our own means. Maybe we need an open source website where we can all get together and help formulate policies and ideas for a new party. If we cannot beat them from the outside then the only other way will be from within their own walls.

The only problem will be the agent provocateurs and plants the establishment will install in any new movement such as Tony Blair whose role was to move Labour away from the people and into establishment hands. 4 wars Tony was and never was a socialist. If he claimed to be then he was lying through his teeth. We should be on the watch for smiling liars like Blair and a healthy stock of truth serum and lie detector machines might be a good first purchase.

To conclude, the problem is that however much we sit and moan about our plight nothing is really getting done and our supposed political parties that should represent us don’t. Therefore we need a new political party that really does represent the people. The People’s Party would be a good name.

It is only my own idea but I hope someone with more power than little ole me can get a few balls moving.


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Are the UK Government using PPI and Banks as a way to put money back into peoples pockets?

March 17, 2013

Are the UK Government using PPI and Banks as a way to put money back into peoples pockets?

By Dark Politricks

I just saw an advert on Channel 5 USA (a UK channel) in which a PPI Claims company said that if you had taken a loan out within 15 years and had added Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) then you could attempt to claim it back.

Now I had taken a load of loans out in my youth, with PPI, and when the first adverts started appearing the adverts were only saying that you could claim the money back if you had taken a loan out within the past 3 years. I didn’t do anything because my loans were 10 years old.

However it seemed that the time length that you could claim for was extending and extending every few months. It seemed to coincide with the UK finances getting worse and our GDP going down and inflation going up.

First I started seeing adverts for 5 then 7 years and then when I first saw an advert earlier this year for 10 years I was straight on the phone. I shouldn’t have gone through one of the “specialist PPI companies” however it was money I wouldn’t have got back if I hadn’t of attempted it in the first place – so in reality it was literally free cash in my pocket.

From an initial 3 years to 15 years is a long time and I have a feeling that the government is hoping that PPI payouts will help stimulate the economy by putting money back into people’s pockets in a stealthy Keynesian method without any government minister having to  admit to it of course! Austerity, Austerity – that is the only way says our supposed economic wizard George Osborne.

It is Georgey boy who’s claim that our deficit and debt would be reduced through his spending cuts and VAT tax rises would have started working by now. Anyone with half an eye can see they blatantly haven’t done the job.

Their are no private jobs rushing in to fill all the public ones he is gutting. He is forcing people off disability allowance onto job-seekers (a much lower benefit) and making them look for jobs that don’t exist.

He is introducing “bedroom” taxes  for the poor so that people with extra rooms have to give up more of their money or move across  the country to places where one bedroom flats exist. All the while he is cutting public services and yet at the same time he has reduced the top rate of tax for the richest people in the country. What happened to “We are all in this together”?

The politicians know the banks were mainly to blame for our current crisis and the UK is one of the most indebted nations on the planet.

This doesn’t only include Government debt but personal debt as well. All through the later 90’s, and the years of the Labour government, people were re-mortgaging their houses and spending the money or having loans literally thrown at them by the banks. I know for a fact I and many other people I know were.

After the first law suit over PPI was won by someone years ago the banks have had to set aside billions in case they had to pay out more to future customers who were mis sold PPI.

From The International Business Times

PPI has become the biggest mis-selling scandal to hit UK banks and they have repeatedly underestimated the scale of the problem.

Britain’s biggest retail bank, Lloyds Banking Group Plc , has set aside 6.8 billion pounds for PPI compensation. Barclays Plc has set aside 2.6 billion and RBS has provisioned 2.2 billion.

So far the banks have set aside around £20 billion and the payouts so far amount to £8.9 billion.

Payment Protection Insurance was meant to protect borrowers against redundancy and sickness , but it was often sold to customers who didn’t want or need it or who couldn’t claim it even if they took it out. People such as those with certain medical conditions or people who were self employed. Often, like myself, I had PPI added to my loans or credit cards without my knowledge!

The worst thing, in my mind anyway, was that if you had to claim (as I did once) the money from the insurance only lasted for a year. Plus the amount the insurance cost you worked out exactly the same as if you had added an extra years worth of  loan to your original debt. It was a total con!

Because the UK finances are in such a state and recent news reports show customers are holding back from buying goods. I have a sneaky feeling that the government is secretly hoping that the PPI payouts will be a way of putting cash into potential shoppers pockets to stimulate the economy. The added benefit of course is that it’s all at the cost of the banks who caused the mess in the first place.

To me it sounds like a good plan. The banksters are the ones who caused the mess and I am not joking when I said they used tot literally  throw loans at people.

For instance I was given a £5,000 loan when I left college with no job or way of paying it back. Then every year the same bank would give me an extra £5,000 – £7,000 loan and overdrafts up to £3,500 to pay back the outstanding amount and give me some more spending cash! It was truly a time when “debt was good” and people didn’t think about the future.

As a young man who didn’t really think he would have to pay back the money anyway (I had a bit of death wish back then, plus the money management skills of a frog) it seemed like free money and I grabbed whatever the banks would offer me. One of the things I often feel our schools let the population down with is real world lessons in living. How to manage money, how to look after yourself, how money works, how to use logic and reason and think for yourself.

Young men are worse than woman who are often taught these skills from their mothers so if the schools are not teaching the boys and they are not getting taught at home they are left to the mercy of the loan sharks and banksters. Shuffling money from one account to another to pay off monthly repayments and sticking to the minimum payment to keep them off your back is not exactly “good” money management!

Unlike other people I know who “went missing” for 5+ years and now have mortgages and are debt free. I honestly OR  stupidly (pick your own word) decided to pay off my debts. Even thought this took over 6 years I managed to do it. Therefore when I saw the opportunity to reclaim all the PPI which amounted to around £5,000 I took it.

Some credit cards I didn’t even realise I had PPI on at the time and on other banks I had no details apart from the name of the bank but their customer service department returned a list of 6 loan accounts taken out within 7 years. I used one of these companies on TV but didn’t realise they took a THIRD of the money as recompense for doing the job you could easily do yourself.

Luckily for me they forgot about one loan and I got £2,000 all to myself without deductions but I would recommend anyone who has ever taken a loan out in the last 15 years to check if they can reclaim the PPI on it.

The Government is not helping us and the banksters who caused the mess are still making billions therefore we should not feel sorry for them in the slightest.

Just remember if the EU can order the Cypriot government to just take 10% of any bank savings without your say then who is to say the UK government won’t do the same?

I would expect the time you can claim for any PPI to continue to go up and up until either the banks have dolled out all the money they said they set aside years ago but haven’t given out yet. Or until the UK GDP rises above a single percentage point for more than 3 months in a row!

To anyone thinking of claiming their PPI back I would definitely recommend everyone to do the work themselves. It is not hard.

You can just write t o the banks customer complaints department and ask for all your loan details that had PPI on them, then write a letter back saying you want your PPI money for any of the following reasons:

  1. You were not informed that the PPI protection would only last a year.
  2. The PPI was added without your consent.
  3. You were self employed which meant the PPI wouldn’t cover you.
  4. You were depressed or had another medical complaint that would have meant the insurance would not be paid out.
  5. You were not informed you wouldn’t get the insurance if you were sacked.
  6. The PPI insurance was not fully explained to you at the time. Most of the employees who sold the PPI will be long gone and those that remain won’t remember what  they said when they sold it to you. Therefore this is probably the best one to use as they will not be able to re-call what they said when they sold the loan to you.

A good thing to do is to write off to one of these PPI companies, get a payment pack sent to you and see what sort of questions they ask you to answer. All they do is use the answers and send the paper work off to the same places you could easily do. Therefore use these packs as a guide and write to the same Financial Ombusdman yourself if  the Bank doesn’t pay out after your first letter of complaint.

Remember – this could be your chance of getting out of any recent debt. If they are going back 15 years then I would guess that the majority of adults in this country would have had a credit card or loan within than time. Even if you don’t think you took PPI out it is worth checking in-case the bank added it on without your knowledge.

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Where is the real choice in the upcoming US Presidential Election?

January 31, 2012

By Dark Politricks

It makes me laugh when I go onto US websites that are either left leaning like the Daily Kos or right leaning like any FOX News linked message-board or Christian website and I see the types of comments each side throw at each other.

The Democrats are called Communists and socialists and Barack Obama is called anything from a Muslim who wants to destroy America and hand it over on a plate to Iran so they can destroy Israel to a secret communist who’s great grandfather probably was a co-writer of the Protocols of Zion.

Then the Right wing are called everything from idiots to zombies and people who don’t believe in anything apart from God, Banning Gay’s and Gun’s.

What makes me laugh is that from this side of the Atlantic there is not much difference between your two parties at all. As it is often said the Democratic Party is the second most Conservative party in the Western world, it’s a shame more American’s can’t see that.

Both parties are pro war, pro bailouts, pro Wall St versus Main St, anti liberty, anti Internet freedom, pro-Israel, pro-police state and both have contributed massively to the huge amount of debt the USA is now in.

Whether it was spent on tax cuts, trillion dollar wars or huge bailouts to potential future employees at the Treasury from Wall St the only thing keeping the US afloat is their ability to print money and it’s use as the reserve currency of the world. Wars have been fought to keep it that way.

That is not to say my country is any better either. All three main parties fight for scraps over the centre ground and whilst all 3 parties, Labour, Tory and Lib Dem have MP’s that speak their mind and are to the left or right of their party the machine as a whole follows the path left by the previous government. Albeit with minor changes to tax rates, benefit cuts and how much they “speak out” against the EU and the failed Euro project.

Obviously behind the scenes all 3 are now the same faces of a triple sided coin much to the dismay of people who voted Lib Dem at the last election hoping for a restoration of the crush on civil liberties only to be met with a watered down Freedom Bill missing many of the original components that people voted for.

No matter whether Tory or Labour are in power one thing is for sure and that’s our governments slavish devotion to US foreign policy objectives which also include pro Israeli, pro war anti Russian and Iranian sentiment and actions.

What is shameful is that the majority of people in this country don’t like our brown nosing of American politicians and there was nothing in my life as cringe worthy as watching Gordon Brown’s speech to Congress where he was licking arse so much he was almost touching Tony Blairs feet.

The term special relationship on it’s own is enough to make most Brits throw up in their mouths and the disconnect between politicians, and what they promise and then what they do once in power is as much as it is on this side of the Atlantic as it is on the USA‘s.

So many people now realise that nothing changes with a vote for a major party but there is a lack of choice at the ballot box when it comes to alternatives.

As I said to someone the other day on Twitter the choice is either between standing yourself and getting nowhere in an electoral world of lobbyists, million dollar campaigns and expensive advertising or going for the least worst option and getting something out of it even if the candidate isn’t your ideal fit.

That might be a vote for Ron Paul hoping he really would stick to his word by ending the US policy of indefinite war and detention, ending the FED and restoring some lost liberties without dismantling everything that people without a dime to their name rely on in these increasing hard times.

Or it might be a vote for Obama hoping that freed from worrying about a 2nd election he would really deliver all that hope and change we never really believed in during the first election. So far all he has done is further Bush’s war of terror, crushed more liberties than most other Presidents put together and signed more cheques than can be cashed until eternity.

Having to dance for your dinner is probably a big distraction for any first term President and like most of recent times it is only within their second term that they start worrying about their “legacy”. Freed from the shackles of having to find future bucks for favours they can attempt to deliver at least some of what they promised the electorate rather than their paymasters.

However Obama’s track record leaves little to be desired and if he couldn’t get any of his “hope and change” passed in a Democratic House and Senate then it was down to a lack of will not votes. He is unlikely to change in my opinion.

So what can be done when there is no-one to vote for who can be believed in?

I don’t know how the electoral system works in the US but here in the UK we only get to vote for our local MP whilst our glorious (cough) Queen reigns over us forever as the untouchable Crown that is limited by no law at all.

I suspect there must be a lack of millionaire good guys in the USA otherwise at least a few would throw their hat in the ring and spend some of their money on an election or two?

It cannot only be total doofuses like Donald Trump who have the dollars to waste on expensive elections and I cannot believe that there isn’t a few billionaires over the seas who don’t like the state the USA is in at the moment.

Maybe it is just pie in the sky dreaming to expect that people with more money than they can spend want to take it all to the grave with them and don’t already belong to “the club” that gets invited to Davos, Bilderberg and all the other meetings of high fliers each year.

So if no good guys with full pockets have the balls or morals to stand for President then it only leaves a good citizen with some savvy marketing skills and some online clout or a leader from an existing protest group like the original Tea Party (not the GOP flavour) or Occupy Wall St to stand up and be counted.

Whether any of them will or not I have no idea but unless an independent is available to say no no no to more war, more debt, more bailout and more police brutality then the only other course of action is a general public willing to make their protest felt at the ballot box by spoiling their paper in some fashion.

Some possibilities would include:

  • Writing “None of the above” – and list the reasons why.
  • A write in for someone not even standing but with enough spoiled ballots would be mentioned in the electoral count.
  • Just a big cross over the whole ballot slip.

I don’t know what the answer is but I do know that a vote for the incumbent or for Romney or Gingrich will mean a change for the worse, a probable war with Iran and huge cuts to your public services like we are currently experiencing in the UK.

Let me know who you would vote for if you could have anyone you wanted – use the comment section.

UK Home Office responds to my letter regarding Labours attack on Civil Liberties

January 2, 2011

By Dark Politricks

You may have remembered that around the time of the UK General Election in 2010 I wrote a number of letters to the major parties regarding their policies regarding civil liberties. I managed to get a couple of responses from from the Lib Dem’s which I published but I received no response from Labour who were still in power at the time I wrote to them about their destruction of our civil liberties.

However today I checked the email account I had sent the original post from and found that I had been sent a reply some months back from the current coalition government (I have a lot of throwaway accounts that never get checked). The reply is pretty detailed and outlines their plans for restoring some of those freedoms we have lost under the last government. I have published my original letter above the response and we shall have to wait and see what happens when the Freedom Bill is finally brought to parliament this year.

To whom it may concern

I am a floating voter and someone who voted you into power in 97 after living through the last Tory administration.

I could never bring myself to vote Tory and consider myself a socially conscious voter however I am seriously considering voting Liberal Democrat at the forthcoming election and I will tell you why.

Along with many other people I have talked to about this subject I am seriously concerned with how the current Labour administration has decimated our hard won civil liberties.

History shows that freedom and rights are hard to win and that a government rarely gives more power to the populace without a fight.

This is why it horrifies me and many others how easily our rights and freedoms have been given away under the pretext of fighting terrorism and crime.

The Liberal Democrats have a proposed freedom bill which aims to put these mistakes right and I cannot see any way for our country to regain these hard won rights until your administration has been removed from office.

I never thought I would say this but even the Tories seem more concerned about our civil rights than the current Labour administration.

I remember the 90’s when the previous Conservative administration brought in the Criminal Justice Bill and how outraged I was that a government could prevent us from listening to certain types of music and make it illegal for people to congregate freely without a permit. I remember hearing Labour attack the Tories in the house of commons for this bill and stupidly believed that your party was one in which the individuals right to assemble and protest would be protected from the excesses of government power.

However in the 13 years since you came to power the UK now resembles something not too far off George Orwell’s 1984.

We are monitored by hundreds of CCTV cameras a day, huge databases store all our personal details (which are then often lost), our internet usage is monitored and through the RIPA act you have given numerous authorities the right to spy on us and enter our homes without warrants.

Our right to remain silent has been removed, the right to protest severely limited and you have introduced an unfair and unbalanced extradition treaty with the USA.

However what worries me most and I would dearly like to hear an answer on this question as so far I have not heard any Labour minister manage to make a defence of the abuse of the anti-terrorism laws you have brought in. You claimed that tough anti-terrorism laws were needed to help fight Al-Qaeda but then you misuse these laws to

  • Arrest Walter Wolfgang, an 82 year old who dared heckle anti-war comments at the Labour conference.
  • Freeze Iceland’s bank accounts during the financial crisis.
  • Stop, question and arrest numerous tourists and citizens who dared take photographs of public buildings and police officers.

Is it no wonder that a large percentage of the population is wary of allowing any further powers over our lives to be introduced when we can clearly see how this power is used.

I would dearly love to hear an explanation for this expansion and abuse of state power that fits in with the British culture of freedom and liberty and I would also like to hear what you are planning on doing to rectify the situation. Both the Lib Democrats and the Tories have plans for restoring our civil liberties but as far as I know Labour has no such plans and only wants to further reduce them by introducing ID cards and more surveillance powers.

As an undecided voter living in a marginal constituency I could be all the difference between a Labour victory or a hung parliament.

If you could answer my questions and concerns about the direction your government has taken the country it would be much appreciated.


This is the response I received from the UK Home Office which is now run by a Tory amd Lib Dem government. I am grateful for them replying on behalf of Labour who obviously didn’t give my letter a second thought. Maybe if they had of responded to all the accusations that they had initiated a modern day police state and admitted that they had got it wrong regarding their attack on our civil liberties they might still have been running the Home Office.

Dear Mr Smith,

Thank you for your e-mail of 26 April to the previous Home Secretary in
which you raise a number of issues.  Your e-mail has been passed to the
Direct Communications Unit and I have been asked to reply.  I apologise
for the delay in responding.

I would like to explain that as we received your letter just before the
election and due to the change of Government, it was better to inform you
of the current changes of policy under the new Coalition Government.

On the issue of civil liberties, the Government has published a document
setting out a five-year programme of work inspired by values of freedom,
fairness and responsibility. As part of this the Government has made a
commitment to the introduction of a Freedom Bill, scrapping the ID card
scheme, restoring rights to non-violent protest, safeguards against the
misuse of anti-terrorism legislation and further regulation of CCTV.

We also intend to establish a Commission to investigate the creation of a
British Bill of Rights that incorporates and builds on all our obligations
under the European Convention on Human Rights, ensures that these rights
continue to be enshrined in British law, and protects and extends British
liberties. We will seek to promote better understanding of the true scope
of these obligations and liberties.

You mention that we are monitored by too many CCTV cameras.  The increase
in CCTV use – especially in areas to which the public have access – has
developed in the absence of a specific regulatory framework. In keeping
with our pledge to safeguard freedoms and protect civil liberties we
believe it essential, in terms of proportionality and retaining public
confidence, that CCTV is appropriately regulated and so we have committed
to further regulate CCTV in our coalition programme for government. There
is already an interim CCTV Regulator in place exploring potential elements
of a regulatory framework and we will work with him to consider key issues
such as standards; training; capture, retention and access to images; and
accountability and enforcement. Regulation will ensure that CCTV is used
appropriately and proportionally.

You mention that through the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA)
local authorities have been given too many powers.  Public authority use
of covert investigative techniques is regulated by the RIPA.  RIPA
requires that use of these techniques is necessary and proportionate with
regard to human rights.  Its regime includes detailed record keeping,
authorisation at a level commensurate with the intrusiveness of the
technique and limited to particular grounds, and safeguard mechanisms
providing for independent overview, inspection and complaint.  Under RIPA
no public authorities but intelligence and law enforcement agencies have
the right to enter anyone’s home, and only then with the prior
authorisation of the Secretary of State or an independent Surveillance

We need to ensure that the public authorities with a legitimate and
proportionate need to access communications data (which includes telephone
and internet data held by communications service providers or) will
continue to be able to do so in the face of changing technology. The
Communications Capabilities Directorate in the Home Office is looking at
how the public can continue to be protected from those that would do us
harm.  It has already ruled out a Government owned national database.

The measures to apply a new serious crime threshold and a new system
requiring prior approval by magistrates were set out in the recent
Coalition Agreement.  The Home Office is already working with the Local
Authority Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS), Communities and
Local Government Department and the Ministry of Justice, to find the best
way of implementing the measures.

You mention that there has been an introduction of an unfair and
unbalanced extradition treaty with the USA.  In the Coalition document
published on 20 May, which can be found on-line at:, the
Government stated “We will review the operation of the Extradition Act
2003 – and the US/UK extradition treaty – to make sure it is even-handed”.

The Government is giving careful consideration to the UK’s extradition
arrangements worldwide, to ensure they operate effectively and in the
interests of justice.  A range of options are being considered and the
Government will make an announcement in due course.

On the issue of anti-terrorism laws, the Coalition is committed to
reversing the substantial erosion of civil liberties that occurred under
the previous government and to introducing credible safeguards against the
misuse of anti-terrorism legislation.  The Coalition Government will be
reviewing counter-terrorism powers to make sure that any legislation
designed to protect the citizens of this country from the threats posed by
terrorism are appropriate and strike the right balance between individual
freedoms and collective security.

Finally, at this present time, I am unable to comment on the issue raised
on stop, question and arresting numerous tourists and members of the
public who take photographs of public buildings and police officers as
this policy is still being reviewed by the Coalition.

Yours sincerely,

C Johnson
Direct Communications Unit

The Tories Wet Dream

October 5, 2010

By Dark Politricks

I am starting to believe that the current economic situation is a Tories wet dream come true for many reasons.

Not only does it give them a chance to dismantle much of the state and reduce the huge public sector that Labour pumped up over the last decade but they can put all the blame for doing so squarely at Labours door.

Many Tories are not shy of stating publicly that they believe in a small state and that our current populus relies

far too much on the government for support. However many other Tories hold these beliefs but dare not speak them for want of being attacked as the uncaring nasty party a label they aquired during the 90’s and one which they have been working hard to shake off.

Today George Osborne told the Tory Conference that the universal Child Benefit would become a lot less universal in the future. The cutting of this benefit which was until Osborne’s speech today a benefit enjoyed by all families regardless of wage would normally attract much outrage from all sections of society. However now that the Tories have the perfect excuse in the deficit and they can happily renege on pre-election promises to not cut child benefit or raise VAT whilst at the same time pointing their finger at Labour and blaming it all on them. It’s like all their Christmases have come at once in that they can dismantle the state bit by bit all the while blaming Labour and having most of the country believe that it’s necessary.

Many Tories have wished for a chance to dismantle the birth to grave welfare state that was devised after the war to help pay back the many who swapped slums for trenches and who came back home deserving a land fit for heroes. It was quite right and proper that a country who had asked its least privileged and poorest to waste their lives walking towards machine guns sought to re-balance its books by installing a system that tried to even out the massive inequality that our country suffered from at the time.

Successive governments both Tory and Labour have added to this system and whilst many Americans might denounce this socialised system as some Communist nightmare many who live within its boundaries are rightly proud that we have a system that offers health care to all and which tries to rebalance natures cruel trick of birth by trying to ensure sanitary and safe housing for those that need it and care to those who can’t look after themselves. I personally have no problem knowing that a portion of my tax and national insurance goes toward social insurance and the care of others.

Do I dislike benefit cheats and scroungers? Of course, but I dislike rich arrogant banksters a lot more and they have done more to bankrupt our country and ruin future generations prospects than any teenage mum on housing benefit could ever do. I have had the good grace to experience life from both ends of the social scale and have had the joyful experience of signing on and living on an amount for a fortnight what many earn in a day and what most City bankers would earn in an hour or less.

Tories educated at Eton with little or no concept of what its like to survive on £100 a fortnight must feel vindicated

by what they are doing when they read one of the never ending stories about dole bludgers and gym slip mums that fill

the red tops every day of the week. The Murdoch owned gutter press seem addicted to stories about sex and scrounging. If it’s not a story about another Premiership footballer playing too many away games with strippers and professional party girls it’s another story about teenage dads who are intent on milking the social for every penny. Kids are nothing but a means to an end it seems and a quick way of getting bonus points on the housing register. Why work 48 hour weeks to earn the minimum wage and live in expensive private accommodation when you can drop a couple of nippers and jump straight into a new build paid for by mugs like you and me.

A single man who works legitimatley has little hope of getting a place from the social even if they are on minimum wage. However a single mum can expect instant housing, first in a shared house for expectent mums or maybe a bedsit and then as the kids drop out one by one you slowly move your way up the housing ladder. I don’t want to even guestimate the number of working dads who get paid cash to avoid tax and NI and don’t officially live with the mother of their children to avoid being thrown out of their nice council homes. The Tories are right to try and change the system in this regards as a system in which work pays less than benefits is one in which people will rightly play and I personally find it hard to blame some of the people who play it so well.

If I was an uneducated poor girl who could at best hope for a lifetime working in McDonalds earning barely £200 a week before tax and who has grown up in a society that is bombarded by advertising drumming the “have it all” mentality into their heads I would probably grab my council house as fast as I could open my legs.

It’s very easy for those of us who have the tools and skills to better ourselves through hard work to judge and tell others to just buckle down and work hard and eventually it will all come to you but we all know that this isn’t always true. Many very clever and hard working people spend their whole lives striving to better themselves only to be given no breaks or to make little or no difference by the time they retire. Time on this earth is short and in many places also brutal and hard. Some may consider it morally the right thing to put up with the shit in the hope that one day your righteousness is rewarded but if the state is willing to hand certain things to you on a plate is it really your fault for taking them or the societies for making it too easy to say yes please.

I remember the 80’s and I don’t remember stories of dole scroungers and benefit cheats filling the press. It was a time when the state paid you to go to University and you could even claim the dole whilst you were there. Whole swathes of the country had been put out of work due to the “de-regualtrion” of the Thatcher years and whereas before the cuts working class and poorly educated but skilled men could expect a life time of work in manufacturing or down the pit the closure of the mines and ship yards and the export of our good skilled jobs overseas to be replaced by a service industry meant that whole towns worth of men were put on the dole. Sociologists have documented well the problems that Thatchers “revolution” brought to working class Britain but one of the reasons that so many people “choose” the dole over work is because of the lack of good skilled labour jobs that pay well.

If you are lucky enough to be well educated and qualified you can take your pick of some of the more interesting service based jobs the UK has to offer such as IT but if your a product of our woeful comprehensive system then your job choices are usually narrow and few.

Our state school system is shit and I know because I barely survived it myself. I would have excelled at a Grammar school if any still existed but my family wasn’t rich enough to pay for private education so I went to the local comp where I quickly became bored and fell into the wrong crowd.

Putting young men of all backgrounds together may seem like a socialist dream but if their energies are not put to good use and their brains not stretched and filled with an enthusiasm for learning their focus can quickly turn to mischief. However because of the mixed social strata what might be a few old school pranks in public school equates to serious crime, drugs and debauchery in a bog standard comp.

In the same way that young boys need to be occupied with worthwhile activities that leave them tired at the end of the day the same is said for men in the workplace. For the skilled labourer they require a job in which they can have pride that fills them with self worth and a healthy pay packet.

Otherwise it’s either a life of crime or unskilled work in a factory or shop making minimum wage and there is little

pride in those types of jobs apart from being able to say you earned your wage on the straight and up. If there were more skilled manufacturing jobs then the number of unemployed men would dwindle quickly as I don’t really believe the red tops when they claim that many people on the dole are rejoicing in an idle lifestyle happy to live off the state.

It may be hard for some people to understand but it really is not easy to live on £100 or so a fortnight. When I was on the dole I used to take home £80  every two weeks. Could you live on that? Is that really milking the state and living a life of luxury? I could spent that amount on a bad night out however we ask many to live on that amount and then berate them for doing so. It maybe the life of Riley for a few who have money coming in from other means and it surely is right and proper that those people who work and still claim benefits are sought out and punished but for those jobseekers who have to rely on the jobseeker allowance alone I cannot imagine that there are many who would rather stay on benefits instead of returning to work.

And when it comes to Incapacity Benefit which is currently claimed by millions we must remember that the sole reason that there are so many people claiming this and not Jobseeker’s Allowance is that in the early 90’s after the last major recession the job centers were directed by those who pull the strings to move long term jobseeker claimants from the dole to that benefit purely so that they could claims that the number of jobless was falling.

It was pure government statistic massaging that caused such a large number of incapacity claimants and the workers at the jobcenter would often ask signers straight out if they had illnesses or injuries which they could then use as a reason to switch them over. The fact that the government is now trying to reduce this number does not excuse them from their past misdeeds and whilst incapcity benefit does pay more than jobseekers it is not so easy to get on as it used to be and unless you like jumping through hoops like circus lions then a life milking the system for a pittance is not an easy job to spend your life doing.

I for one am happy to admit that I would rather the richest in society pay a lot more before we start attacking those at the bottom. I really don’t understand why we cannot just take over the banks that caused this mess and then just keep them as national assets milking the profits like a big fat cash cow directing them straight into the government coffers to fill them back up.

Yes Labour did spend too much and it definitely wasted a fair few billion on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that weren’t required and have only served to make our country more unsafe not less. However it was the casino bankers that ignited the big debt stink bomb and whilst we would have been in a far better condition to manage if the country wasn’t already loaded up with debt the banks were the drug pushers standing outside the school gate pushing cheap easy debt onto every passer by and then using the careful savers money to throw huge win only bets on the biggest bookie in town i.e the stock exchange.

I for one want to see hundreds of bankers jumping from Canary Wharf due to their bonuses being confiscated to pay for housing benefit for immigrants before I would support a wholescale dismantlment of the welfare state. Once there are enough suits in the Thames to create the Isle of Barclays and only if the profits from the banks over a good few years are not enough to fill the void then I would support a re-arrangment of our welfare state.

First however I would want Ian Duncan Smith and David Cameron to spend a month living in a bedsit in Aldershot with only jobseekers allowance before I would accept any moralising about benefits being too generous. I dare anyone to try it before attacking me for my liberal or socialist outlook. One day you too might need some help from the state.

The Tory plans to roll back Labours high tech police state

April 4, 2010

By Dark Politricks

I recently wrote some articles about the upcoming UK general election and the Liberal Democrats proposed Freedom Bill which aims to roll back some of the most intrusive and liberty destroying measures introduced by successive Labour and Tory governments in the last 20 years.

The Liberal Democrats seem quite serious about their intent to roll back the high tech police state we are now living in but to be fair to the Tories they have also repeatedly slammed Labour over the years for their drive towards huge centralised databases, increased survellience and unrestrained government power. David Davies famously quit his position as the Shadow Home Secretary to fight a local by-election so that he could debate the merits of the then proposal to allow terror suspects to be locked up for 42 days detention without charge as well as what he called “the slow strangulation of fundamental British freedoms by this government.”

Now as you should know I am no fan of the Conservative party and I remember the days before Labour came into power and the Tories were just as bad as Labour is now. The only difference was that during the late 80’s and early 90’s the the technology wasn’t around that is now available but I would put good money on it that if we had just experienced 13 years of Tory rule rather than Labour not much would be different. Our civil liberties would still be trampled on without regard and we would still be surrounded by a high tech police state apparatus that enables Big Brother to spy on us in a multitude of ways. The Tories were quite happy to introduce legislation that restricted freedom of movement, the right to protest and and much more during their last time in power so I put little faith in any claims to the contrary that they make now.

However to be fair to the Tories they have put forward an eleven point plan that aims to shrink the surveillance state and although it doesn’t go as far as the Lib Dem’s Freedom Bill it goes some way to reducing the swathes of intrusive powers that Labour has introduced and does promise to give the British people a long overdue Bill of Rights.

The 11-point plan includes:

ID cards: A promise to cancel the identity card scheme and the ContactPoint children’s database; this includes a commitment to scrap the national identity register, which underpins the cards scheme.

DNA samples: Profiles of people arrested for but not convicted of violent and serious sexual offences would be kept for up to three years, extending to five, on a judge’s approval. This contrasts with government-proposed DNA retention periods of six to 12 years for unconvicted suspects for all offences. No DNA samples or profiles of children under 10 would be kept. The DNA of those convicted of recordable offences would be held indefinitely.

Ripa investigations: The power of local authorities to use intrusive surveillance would be restrained. The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa) would be amended to restrict councils’ access to personal communications data to investigations into crimes that carry prison sentences.

Bill of rights: The current level of legal protection of personal privacy from the state is to be reviewed as part of the Conservatives’ pledge to replace the Human Rights Act with a British bill of rights.

Privacy watchdog: The audit powers and independence of the information commissioner would be strengthened, with the appointment made by parliament rather than ministers, and the commissioner given ad hoc powers of inspection and financial penalties for deliberate or negligent management of data.

Privacy impact assessments: To be required for any proposed new laws or other measures involving data collection or sharing.

Communications data: Home Office plans to store details of everyone’s phone calls, emails, texts, and internet use to be subject to a privacy impact assessment.

Data sharing: To ensure proper debate in parliament, all new powers relating to expanding the sharing of sensitive personal data between official agencies would need primary legislation.

Data losses A minister and civil servant of director-general rank to be appointed in each Whitehall department to take responsibility.

Data security: Information commissioner to publish best practice guidelines on keeping personal information safe in the public sector.

Private sector: Consultation with business on setting up industry-wide kitemarks on data security best practice.

Let me know what you think about the Conservatives plan to reduce the governments powers. Is it just vague aspirational talk, the sort we hear lots of before elections or are they outlining some new ideological difference between Conservative individualism and Labour’s nanny state knows best?

The UK General Election – What is the point

April 4, 2010

By Dark Politricks

The UK general election is fast approaching and yet again I am really struggling to see the point of it all. Since the early 90’s when Labour morphed into a paler shade of blue there has been little difference between the main two parties but at least it was still basically a choice between the working mans party who liked to tax and spend and the banking toffs who slashed public services and put the north of England on the dole. However nowadays there is literally no  ideological difference between the main 3 parties at all as they have all camped out on the centre ground with the only squabble being over a pence or two in income tax and who will reduce the deficit a little bit faster.

I grew up during the 80’s and 90’s so I came to age during the long period of Tory rule which I remember for the recession, the poll tax riots, the crack down on ravers and travellers with the “Anti Rave” laws and of course all the sleaze that surrounded those public school boy Tories.

Not a week went by without another Tory MP being outed in the News of the World as a sexual deviant of some kind or another. We had MP’s romping with prostitutes and mistresses as well as self asphyxiation accidents and dressing up in football shirts. Nowadays its money that causes the scandals and we have duck houses, bell towers and expense claims for porn videos. It was all back to basics in the media and then back to the bedroom in private and the hypocrisy of it all stunk to high heaven.

Therefore when Labour looked like having a chance of knocking out this band of posh authoritarians who had introduced CCTV cameras as well as increasing police powers ten fold it was no choice. I was one of the multitude that voted in New Labour thinking we would actually expect some change, how little did we know. We had been seduced by Tony Blair’s wide eyed smile, promising the earth, and we foolishly actually believed he might overturn all those laws that the Tories had brought in that seemed so unfair and unjust. We were poorly mistaken.

Under Labour the move towards a high tech surveillance state has increased unbelievably fast. Every day I read another story in the paper about how we are being monitored in some new intrusive way whether it be online, by new unmanned drones or through microchips in wheely bins and the millions of CCTV cameras that follow our every move.

If George Orwell had realised when he wrote 1984 that the book would have been used by a future Labour government as a guide book on running the country then he may have thought twice about writing it as it seems that the futuristic land painted within those pages is nothing but a distant memory of a time which doesn’t seem all too bad when compared with our present reality.

Not only has Labour introduced us to this horrible world of online monitoring and privacy invading and degrading acts such as the new body scanners, they have used the threat of Islamic Terrorism to batter us into submission. We managed to endure a quarter of a century and more of IRA bombs and plots to kill and maim without resorting to chucking away hard won liberties but as soon as some mad mullahs with explosive hair dye products unleash one successful attack on us we decide to throw all sense of proportion away and revert back to a them or us attitude, and we have all seen how that hasn’t helped in America.

Not only has Labour introduced terror law after terror law, removed the right to silence, extended the time you can be locked up without charge, increased the number of authorities that can spy and monitor us without the need for a warrant, introduced a flawed identity card scheme and added dictatorial like powers to remove Internet access, they have done all this without much objection from the one party I used to respect on matters like this the Liberal Democrats.

Liberals are supposed to stand for personal freedoms a free market and a safety net that ensures the rich and powerful don’t maintain their privilege at the expense of those that actually do the work. Whilst I like a lot of what they should stand for I don’t seem to be hearing a lot of it in the media and I am very disappointed that they haven’t been fighting harder to prevent the march towards a Labour designed high tech police state.

They too have joined the ruck in the center ground and have become indistinguishable from the other two parties on points that really matter. Yes they were right about Iraq and have maintained some kudos for being so however their desire to throw away our ancient democracy and hard won freedoms to jump into the European super state is the main reason I believe they have not made more of an inroads into the public consciousness.

They do promise that if elected they would allow the British public to have a real referendum on the future of the UK in Europe but can anyone say that they would trust them to keep their word if the public said no? We have already seen Labour backtrack on a referendum on the Lisbon treaty and then shortly after the Tories, so who is to say the Lib Dems wouldn’t overrule any No vote. Actually they wouldn’t ignore our wishes they would just pull the same trick the Irish did and just keep asking us the question until we gave the “correct” answer.

As most polls that have been taken over the years clearly show time after time the British public want to be in Europe but not ruled by it. We want free trade and free movement of capital and people but we don’t want the thousands of diktats sent down from Brussels that enforce every kind of regulation from the quality of fruit to the brightness of our light-bulbs and the names we call our food.

The Euro seems to be floundering at the moment and we seem to have done well to keep out of it. Not being able to control our own interest rates to combat inflation and recession would be a heavy price to pay for sharing our shrapnel with France and Germany and we will see what happens with the high spending southern states of Spain, Portugal and Greece as they drag the Germans down with them.

So should I be looking towards UKIP as an alternative voice in this political void? The only face they really have is the outspoken Nigel Farage and whilst I love watching him debate the Eurocrats on TV and he has a great sense of humour and good head on him I cannot imagine him as Prime Minister.

So what should I do when it comes to polling day? Abstain from the whole process as a “none of the above” protest vote, vote for the natural law party or hold my nose and vote for one of the main three. I really wish there was a viable alternative party that truly spoke for the people rather than the vested interests of the city and those that pull their strings. A party that would actually do what they promised when they got elected rather than ignore their manifestos and the good will gained by opposing the government from the opposite bench. Its very easy to disagree and say no when you know you don’t have to make the decision but they all forget that we remember every single time they break such promises.

I know that I am dreaming when I say such things as power corrupts and we have all seen how MP’s are perfectly happy to line their pockets when they can. We need short term limits to get round the power of lobbyists and prevent people from getting too comfy in their jobs. In fact we should revert back to a more Greek form of democracy where the people who rule are picked each year from a pool of eligible citizens. We have enough young fit and healthy retirees in this country who would be up for the job and I reckon might do a whole lot better than our existing incumbents. Why waste all their valuable life experience and let a privileged political class rule the roost for as long as they wish.

A big idea like this would be just the think to invigorate the stupefied masses who like me have become bored with the status quo and can see no way our whilst we keep our existing political system. Tinkering around the edges with alternative votes or reform of the Lords is not enough to convince the public that real change is a foot. I suspect that if we do have a hung parliament like the City is dreading it will just be another indicator that shows that neither side of the political debate has won the argument and the people just don’t care who is in power as deep down we all know it makes little difference to our daily lives.

Tony Blair Iraq inquiry: Hussein was risk worth trying to contain

January 30, 2010

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is the top witness before Britain’s inquiry into the Iraq war. With the future of his Labour Party on the line, Blair maintained in questioning Friday that Saddam Hussein was a threat in 2003 and that Iran’s weapons program is a threat today.

Ben Quinn
The Christian Science Monitor

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair invoked the terror of 9/11 as he defended his support for the invasion of Iraq during an appearance Friday at Britain’s inquiry into the war. With his legacy overshadowed by the 2003 intervention, Mr. Blair argued that while the 2001 attacks on the US had not changed the threat from Iraq, they completely shifted his perception of the risk posed from terrorists acquiring weapons of mass destruction.

“The crucial thing after Sept. 11 is that the calculus of risk changed,” he said in an inquiry broadcast live on British television and on British news websites. “The point about this act in New York was that, had they been able to kill even more people than those 3,000, they would have. And so after that time, my view was, you could not take risks with this issue at all.”

As police contained hundreds of protesters calling for Blair to be tried as a war criminal, the former premier arrived two hours early and entered via a back door before his highly anticipated appearance at the government-established investigation.

Blair Testimony a Political Threat to Brown

But while Britain’s involvement in the unpopular war has long been associated with Blair, the inquiry is suddenly emerging as a political threat to his successor, Gordon Brown, by reawakening of public memories of the conflict during an election year.

Mr. Brown’s own appearance at the inquiry had originally been put off until after polling day to prevent it from becoming an election issue. But following pressure from opposition politicians, he is to appear as a witness within weeks.

Brown, who voted for the war when he was chancellor of the Exchequer, has never been closely cross-examined about his role in the invasion and the extent to which he may or may not have challenged Blair’s case for it.

He is vulnerable to the charge that he supported the war under false pretenses and that he then failed to provide the armed forces with the funding it needed in preparation.

Geoff Hoon, a Labour MP who served as defense secretary at the time of the war and was behind an attempted leadership coup against Brown earlier this month, told the inquiry Jan. 19 that Brown had forced military planners to cut their budget, depriving British troops of much-needed helicopters.

Labour Party Runs Risk of Warmongering Label

“It fits into a longstanding preconception that Brown is not too keen on the Ministry for Defense,” John Curtice, professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde, said in a telephone interview. “However, we are now in the midst of another foreign adventure, about which the public do not have a great deal of confidence, and which is costing lives.”

“Labour is running the risk of being regarded as the party which gets involved in foreign wars. A second problem is the way that it is no longer regarded as being particularly competent.”

“The inquiry is feeding into current public preconceptions about the government by reminding people how there really was not adequate planning for the war and its aftermath, exposing misjudgements and portraying ministers as not being in the loop,” Curtice says.

A survey for Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper earlier this month showed that 52 percent of Britons believe Blair deliberately misled the country over the war. Almost 1 in 4 (23 percent) think he should be tried as a war criminal. Such opposition to the war is credited with depriving the Labour Party of large numbers of voters during the 2005 general election, which saw the party’s overall majority sharply reduced.

Blair: ‘We Thought [Hussein] Was a Risk’

Although the inquiry is not the trial that his most ardent critics desire, and there is little faith in the ability of its examining panel to conduct a rigorous forensic examination, Blair appeared periodically nervous under close questioning.

Leaning forward in his chair and adopting a somber expression, he appeared eager to press home points while members of the inquiry panel pressed him to answer key questions such as what he discussed with President George W. Bush during an April 2002 meeting in Crawford, Texas.

But Blair said there had been no “covert” deal with Bush to go to war when they met at the president’s Texas ranch – 11 months before the invasion.

“The position was not a covert position, it was an open position,” he said, insisting that he always been open that Hussein had to be confronted over his weapons program.

“Up to Sept. 11, we thought [Hussein] was a risk, but we thought it was worth trying to contain it,” said Blair, who has held lucrative corporate posts and served as a middle-east peace envoy since stepping down as prime minister.

During questioning Friday, he sought to play down his comments in a December interview with a BBC television presenter, in which he said he would have thought it right to remove Saddam Hussein even if he had known that he did not have WMD.

Blair Suggests Military Action to Stop Iranian Weapons Program

Blair also appeared to suggest at one point that military action might be necessary to stop Iran developing its weapons programs, saying that Tehran’s actions have made him even more worried today that a rogue state could supply weapons of mass destruction to terrorists than he was when he took Britain to war with Iraq.

“My judgment – and it may be other people don’t take this view, and that’s for the leaders of today to make their judgment – is we don’t take any risks with this issue,” he said.

“My fear was – and I would say I hold this fear stronger today than I did back then as a result of what Iran particularly today is doing – my fear is that states that are highly repressive or failed, the danger of a WMD link is that they become porous, they construct all sorts of different alliances with people.”

Earlier this month, Blair’s former communications director and chief spin-doctor, Alastair Campbell, denied that he “sexed up” a 2002 intelligence document claiming Iraq could launch weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes in order to exaggerate the case for war.

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Labour is dreaming up 33 new crimes a month… including barring you from swimming into the Titanic

January 22, 2010

James Slack
UK Daily Mail
Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Labour has created 4,300 new crimes since taking power – including a ban on swimming in the wreck of the Titanic and on the sale of game birds shot on a Sunday.

Gordon Brown has been the worst offender in this unprecedented ‘legislative splurge’, with his Government creating new offences at the rate of 33 a month.

Under Tony Blair, Labour invented 27 new ways of criminalising the public every month.

The ‘crimes’ range from swimming in the hull of the Titanic without the permission of a Cabinet Minister to ‘disturbing a pack of eggs’ when instructed not to by an authorised officer.

In total, between 1997 and 2009, 4,289 new criminal offences were created – approximately one for every day ministers have been in office. It is twice the rate at which new crimes were created under the last Tory administration.

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