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Which way will you vote in the EU Referendum?

March 28, 2016

Which way will you vote in the EU Referendum?

As the debate rages around the UK on whether we should leave or stay in the EU. The question is are people really thinking for themselves or are they just believing all the crap that the daily rags tell them to?

We have owners of multiple papers who live offshore most of the year just to get out of paying their fair share of UK tax, telling us tax payers what to do. Is this really fair? It’s just the rich elite who are always going to go from strength to strength as long as no-one stands up to them enforcing their will on the people as they always do.

Will people who vote actually make a real decision or will they be swayed like the US electorate always is to vote for the person with the biggest smile, angriest most bullish comments and plans to “restore America to greatness” as if it had suddenly become a third world country without the biggest economy and military in the world?

So the BREXIT referendum all rests on whether people believe the “deal” Cameron brought back was worth the paper it was written on or not.

To me Cameron’s “Deal”, is just a tinkering around the edges that prevents migrants from claiming benefits for years, and allows Britain to cap the number of people entering the country. It really doesn’t make much of a difference at all.

We will still will be bound by the European Court of Human Rights, pay our monthly millions to be part of the EU, and whilst the Euro zone members make important financial decisions we will now be left out of them and probably still be asked to pay towards any bailouts such as those for Greece and Ireland etc.

I never got to vote to join the EC in the 70’s.

That was the Economic Community, a joining together of countries for free trade without tariffs between members and a supposed opening up of the many countries nationalised utilities and businesses.

It was not a vote on whether we should join a European Super State, with its own Defence Force, a 3 tier decision-making system where the most democratic body, the European Parliament, has the least power.

People complain about the number of EU migrants that enter Southern Europe and are then just waved through multiple  counties until they reach Germany or Calais hoping to get to England. However we must remember that about 1.8m Britons live in Europe, with Spain boasting an expat population of just over 1m UK citizens.

Of the Britons living in Europe, 400,000 are claiming a state pension from the UK.

The question is, if free movement is good for us, what will happen when it is shut down. We may be able to control the number of migrants from the EU entering the country but what will happen to the retired wrinkled leather tanned grannies of the Costa Del Sol?

leather tanned grannies
An ex Pat, enjoying the Sun and beach

Will these ex pats all have to go through some sort of immigration test as if they were trying to get green cards in the US?

I cannot even imagine many Brits passing any part of a test that expected them to know the hosts language and culture.

It could be that we manage to make arrangements that doesn’t affect Brits with jobs OR money from going out to live in the EU however I am guessing a lot of EU members are really pissed off with us at the moment for getting a “special membership deal”.

Whilst Germany and France wanted to keep us in the EU for the risk that it might fall apart, I can well imagine many newer members are thinking, why does the UK always try to get it’s own way?

From my perspective it would have been good if Cameron had reached a consensus with other members that would have reformed the EU properly.

You know basic things like make it truly democratic, removed any moves to keep pushing for a super state, restored it back to a trading block that was good for business without all the imported laws and of course stopped all the massive fraud which has prevented a real audit for many years now.

There are lots of things wrong with the EU and the constant push towards a superstate is one of them. One of the original ideas was to try and make a block of states that was an equal balance to the power of the US but instead we have just turned into the USA’s cross pond bitch.

So I believe Cameron’s almost Chamberlain like “Peace in our time”, excitement at having got his deal, is going to bite him in the butt just as Chamberlain found out when the NAZI’s ignored his magic bit of paper and rolled across Europe.

This is small fry being pumped with steroids to make it seem like a massive change in our relationship with the EU. In reality it is some small changes around the edges.

If ever someone had made a worthless deal and wanted to sell it to the public as if it was a magic exemption from all the EU’s meddling in our lives, like the EU Human Rights Law that protects us from this Police State country over reaching in its step, then this is it.

When I was younger I liked being able to hop on a plane and just go to Spain to live. I had no job but that didn’t matter, free movement of people and workers meant we could all go where we wanted when we wanted without border checks, citizenship tests and green cards.

For those who have never lived abroad and have only gone to Ibiza on your holiday or maybe a trip to Paris on Valentines day then you won’t really think about the difference between a holiday and actually being able to pick up your bags and literally run off to any part of Europe with no questions asked.

However whilst Spain has always been the old stereotyped destination for our UK retirees it seems over recent year the US, Australia and the rest of the world have overtaken Europe for the primary destination for those with one foot in the grave.

The top 10 destinations for Britons to retire to are now:

  • Channel Islands: 73,030
  • Germany: 96,938
  • France: 172,806
  • Ireland: 253,605
  • South Africa: 305,660
  • New Zealand: 313,850
  • Spain: 381,025
  • Canada: 674,371
  • United States of America: 758,919
  • Australia: 1,277,474

So maybe the modern “cultured” Brit is changing their retirement plans and thinking a bit more further than the Costa Del Crime nowadays.

Spain has always been our number one destination for holidays and retirees. A place where you can enjoy the 40° heat and drink British beer in pubs frequented by famous English gangsters on the run.

So many famous British gangsters have been out to the Costa Del Sol no wonder we call it the Costa Del Crime.

However it seems we are looking wider than Med for our retirement plans – that’s if we get any pension money. I doubt I will ever see any from the thousands I have put into the system over my working career. It seems the Tories want us to work until our 80’s and the age is constantly being pushed upwards.

There have been rumblings from Tory think tanks for years now from people already on hundreds of thousands of pounds a month pensions who believe we should do voluntary work in our retirement to collect our hard earned pension.

Leaving the EU won’t stop any evil Tory plans from coming to fruition and if we want a REAL CHANGE in our democracy and the way we act in the world we should be thinking about NATO. What would we do if Turkey start a war with Russia over Syria, we would be forced to fight on their side whether they started the war by deception or not. I am more worried about World War III happening due to duplicitous NATO allies at the moment than the amount of money we pay in and get back in rebates from the EU.

We should also be thinking about how the Tories have tripled our national debt in the years they were supposedly “fixing the roof whilst the sun was shining”, and supposedly cutting the ever so important deficit. The deficit may have dropped but the total amount of debt has increased hugely due to the Tories thinking that the poorer we all are, the more money we will spend.

They have failed us. In Europe, on the world stage and most importantly at home.

Austerity hasn’t worked at all and the national debt has ballooned because of the Tories core voters (the grey brigade), will vote against anyone who dares to cut their pensions.

These take up a vast proportion of the social security budget and will undoubtedly be ignored whist the disabled and poor are forced to suffer through the bedroom tax, universal credit, and the severe lack of social housing we have in this country.

Europe has no control over these areas of our lives and if we want to sort out our country we really need to get rid of the failed Tories and try their method of printing money, not at 0% interest rates so the Banksters can lend it to us through companies like WONGA at 5,853% APR, but to invest in infrastructure, building new homes and putting people through education. If we can do it for the banks why can’t we do it for the people?

Remember we were in a much worse off state in the years after WWII. We only just finished off paying our debt to the US a few years ago under Gordon Brown. Despite that we still created the NHS, cleared the slums of London and built thousands of new houses and multiple new towns for the people moved out of London. Plus we ushered in an age of economic prosperity that latest decades.

It is only short-sighted Tory thinking that keeps us in the current trap we are in. One where bankers must be bailed out even though they should be in jail, and the poor are paying off the national debt, despite having no money.

If only we would just wipe any national debt on citizens like Iceland did to many mortgage holders that were linked to inflation. It sounds crazy but would put money in the pockets of those most likely to spend it, plus create a huge demand for goods and a rise in GDP. Having a “National Bank” that can print money as long as it’s for investment in houses and jobs could give us full employment, cheaper rent and accommodation costs and more money in the pocket to spend to increase GDP.

At the moment our whole economy, just like it was during Labours time in office, is built on the house of cards made from debt. People remortgaging houses or taking out loans to spend on goods. An unsustainable recovery. Screw the bankers who say it cannot be done. We did it for you, why can’t we do it to actually help rebuild our country?

So the question is, are people going to think with their heads or their hearts about this exit from the EU.

A lot has changed with the European project to stop a further European war after WWII, with France and Germany the two main actors in this union coming together to ensure that the rest of Europe sticks together and shows “solidarity”.

From stopping a war to free trade agreements and a central bank. Then a EU flag, courts and parliament. Then laws enforced on us which we don’t want. All whilst we pay billions to be part of a club that’s money could be better spent on hospitals and schools. That is one argument for leaving.

The problem is that war fades in people’s minds, especially those who never fought in WWII or who had family who did.

“What does the EU have to do with WWII” many people will ask.

Now that the EU project is more about creating a super state, it spies on us and hands over all bank transactions to the US as well as traces of our Internet history and anything else the NSA overlords demand. However even if we leave the EU I guess due to our “special relationship”, with the US, we would still carry on letting our GCHQ be the NSA’s bitch, so nothing would change on the police state front.

Also whilst we may collaborate as a big trading block to face China, the BRICS and North American trading blocks, can the BREXIT crew really convince us that on an economic scale we would really be better outside this trading block.

Selling tea to India, ornaments to Russia and other small manufactured products across the world is the BREXIT plan. We don’t build big things anymore. Our ship building industry is almost gone and we have offshored so many jobs that actually make things, you know jobs good for all those skilled manual workers we are trying to find jobs for, that we are just a service economy. Selling ideas, concepts and of course bank trickery.

If we leave the EU will we survive without the cheap gas and electricity we import from the EU, or will we get extra tariffs put on them putting us even further into debt. The French/Chinese nuclear power stations that were supposed to be on their way have only just been signed off.

It will take another 20 years at least until we see these new power stations so we will be relying on our dwindling North Sea Oil stocks and imports seeing that we never really bothered investing in green energy. This is despite being an island surrounded by multiple ways of making energy from natural sources such as the sea, wind and sun. We have loads of places to put under sea turbines that use wave power and windmills off shore to take in their blustery winds. We really never tried as we suffered from a  “not in my back garden” mentality, whenever a wind farm was proposed to be build anyway near a house.

So will people even consider the financial terms of leaving or will they think what the Sun, Daily Mail and other trash papers tell them to think?

The EU is a debt ridden collection of states that turned the thumb screws on Greece, Italy and Spain all so that they could enforce austerity, increase taxes and pay back Goldman Sachs and that other evil trio, the European Bank, IMF and World Bank.

Do we want to live in a place that see’s solidarity between nations as one that involves throwing the poor to the dogs so that their rich Banksters who caused the mess can be fully compensated. Plus solidarity is not where Germany gets to bend the rules but smaller states can’t lest they risk German austerity plans as the cost of remaining in the Euro.

This financial crisis that has still not been solved since 2008 is just waiting for another explosion. When it comes it will make 2008 look like a picnic.

Will the UK, the hub of banksters from the terrorist supporting, Mexican drug dealing, al-Qaeda funding HSBC to the corrupt Barclay’s brothers, really be better inside or out when the next economic explosion occurs.

As the City of London is basically it’s own country within a country, where the leaders of the companies and banks get to sit on their special council and can “command” the Chancellor to appear before them, they will probably see no difference in their money making schemes whether we leave or stay.

To me it all depends on who is in charge.

The Tories seem to want to put the strain of any recovery on the backs of the working class whilst rewarding their rich friends. Their recent budget removed £30 from the disabled people of our country that gave them support to get dressed and move about and instead they have given the richest more tax breaks. It is clear where their priorities lie. Voting Tory is like voting for a gang rape on yourself. Why people do it I have no idea.

On the other hand Labour, SNP, the Greens and Lib Dems feel that a more even policy that involves banksters going to jail and splitting up the banks between Casinos and Savings is called for. On top of that more measures that don’t punish the poor but instead help them climb up the ladder whilst the rich who have become more wealthy in the last 5+ years are made to contribute their fair share.

Whether they will actually stick to their words is a totally different matter. We just have to look at the Lib Dems when they got their taste of power to see how power corrupts and good promises become faded memories.

So what will make you vote yes or no when the time comes?

EU Democracy or the lack of it?

The prospect of war?

Finance and austerity?


Not being held to account to the European Convention of Human Rights (an act the Tories wrote after WWII to show how civilised we are)

Or something else?

Let me know.

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By Dark Politricks



© 2016 By Dark Politricks


June 10, 2012

By Dark Politricks

It was amazing to see both UKIP leader Nigel Farage and ex Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone both agree about the EU this morning on Sky News.

Both agreed that the terrible state Euope is now in is due to the following reasons:

  1. After World War II the idea was to create a United States of Europe. The people of Europe were never to be told of this plan.
  2.  Southern States, Greece, Spain, Italy etc should never have been allowed to join the euro as their economies were too out of sync with each other.
  3. Bail out after bail out for Spain, Greece, Ireland and Italy soon etc is only going to lead to decades of youth unemployment, riots on streets, and a lost decade of growth. It is better to have an orderly breakup of the Euro now than a disorderly one later. Pain is coming whatever happens therefore it is better to get it out the way now.
  4. The UK was right to not join the Euro.
  5. The UK should have a referendum and the one they were given on joining the “trading block” that the European Common Market was back then – was really a politicians blag to get us to sign up to a United States of Europe.
  6. The EU should return to a common market and nothing more. People calling for more integration are still pushing for a United States of Europe have no care about the pain the people of Europe are suffering and will suffer if they continue with their dream.

It is interesting to see both right and left wing agree on this matter and it only confirms what many “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for decades.

The Euopean plan was to create a United States of Europe to prevent Germany becoming too strong and controlling Europe again.

It is laughable to see that the road to European statehood has in fact now led to Germnay basically calling the shots and some are joking that Germany won the war in the end anyway – just 60 years after the end of the shelling of Berlin.

Even George Soros said recently

“Europe is likely to become “a German empire … it would be a German empire with the periphery as the hinterland,”

The Globalists are desperate to prop up the Euro and not let this political dream fail but they are ignoring the citizens of their countries who are demanding growth, jobs and help not tax, cuts to services and diktats from foreign parliaments.

The Germans are determined to do it their way through austerity and tight spending limits even though they were one of the first countries to break these tight guidelines in the first place.

The Greeks resent the Germans telling them what to spend their money on, asking to control their economy by seeing spending plans first and demanding auesterity and tax all the while refusing to let the European Bank become lender of last resort.

The Greeks are rioting, the Spannish are rioting how long until the Italians join them?

Some people have been seeing this coming for years and it is nice to finally realise that politicians from both sides of the political dividie in this country can now admit that the Euro has failed

It needs to be dismantled as orderly as possible otherwise it could end up in rioting and even war if we leave it to rot and decay by pushing bailout and debt on top of more debt.

We should have stuck with a free trade and maybe free movement of people treaty instead of this push by politicians against their citizens wishes to something that would never work, would ultimatley fail and is doing so right at this very moment.

Hopefully the Germans can kick Angela Merkel out of power and then put this dream of a United States of Europe to bed once and for all.It is going to happen whether she wants it to or not – let us not have another war in Europe due to political hubris.

David Cameron vetoes European agreement to protect the City of London

December 10, 2011

By Dark Politricks

For those of you that have a worldview that exists outside your national boundaries (I’m talking to you USA) then you might have heard about a little thing called the European Sovereign Debt crisis that is moving once proud nations from democracies to mere subsidiaries of Eurocrat / German power.

For the UK, this is worrying to many people for many reasons. Not only are we not members of the Euro, and have no wish to be, but the thought that Europe is going to end up being controlled by the same nation we fought two wars against to prevent having the same power that we are now edging towards horrifies many of the older generation.

For the younger generation the fact Germany is a powerful country is not so much a problem as the lack of democracy that is inherent in the European institutions that encroach on our daily lives more and more year by year.

Forgetting that Germany is actually the only real industrial power making quality goods left in Europe, we should be concerned that this financial crisis is being used by Euro fanatics and bureaucrats to bring about their dream of a United States of Europe – something that has been dreamt by many from the time of the Roman Empire.

So far we have seen two once proud nations, the originators of democracy and the form of government we still see used across much of the planet fall to the diktats of Europe and the Bond vigilantes.

Both Greece, the home of democracy and Italy, the last country to rule the whole of Europe and who’s republican government has been the basis of many others including the USA, have crumbled under the weight of their sovereign debts.

The threat of unsustainable debt levels and high interest rates has seen their governments fall and their democratically elected leaders replaced with more pliable and “acceptable” leaders, much to the disgust of their nations people.

This last sumit of Europeans leaders was meant to be the final drink in the last chance saloon and during the run up leaders of France and Germany, Sarkozy and Merkel, were both declaring that there was only a few hours to “save the Euro”.

Many people were hoping that they would fail for reasons other than financial instability and it seems David Cameron, the UK PM has delivered their desires on a silver platter by vetoing an EU-wide treaty change designed to tackle the euro-zone crisis.

He claimed changes to the much hated Lisbon Treaty that would have given up even more UK sovereignty to the EU was not in the countries interests due to due to it’s tougher budget rules and a plan to implement a “tobin” tax that would have affected the City of London unfairly.

“We were offered a treaty that didn’t have proper safeguards for Britain, and I decided it was not right to sign that treaty,” he told the BBC.

“We’re still in the single market. That is the best safeguard of keeping markets open,” he said.

Its main provisions include:

  • A cap of 0.5% of GDP on countries’ annual structural deficits.
  • “automatic consequences” for countries whose public deficit exceeds 3% of GDP.
  • The tighter rules to be enshrined in countries’ constitutions.
  • The EU’s permanent bailout facility, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), to be accelerated and brought into force in July 2012.
  • The adequacy of 500bn-euro (£427bn; $666bn) limit for the ESM to be reassessed.
  • Eurozone and other EU countries to provide up to 200bn euros to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to help debt-stricken eurozone members

Being outside the Euro it is understandable that the UK does not want to join a fiscal union with Euro using nations but a tax on financial transactions could have been an ideal solution if implemented world wide for many reasons.

  1. The financial crisis was mainly caused by large financial institutions going crazy with their speculation and risky behaviour which a tobin tax would help reduce.
  2. The tobin tax would go a long way to help fill the coffers of nations who are now suffering “austerity” measures due to the taxpayer bailing out these financial institutions therefore it would placate many people who are currently outraged that the banksters have been able to bankrupt whole nations, place the burden of paying the debts on the back of the taxpayer and who continue to pay themselves huge salaries and bonuses.
  3. The large majority of financial trading is automated, computers trading with other computers and the practise of high frequency trading and front running legitimate trades has been a major source of concern for those who are aware of the practise. A tobin tax on trades that were only held for a few seconds at most would not hurt legitimate investors, pensions firms and other long term investers but it could help reduce the amount of risk that comes about from computers making trading decisions.
  4. The UK economy is too unbalanced towards reliance on financial services. The governments supposed plan to help reduce the deficit and restore growth to our stagnated economy was to increase high tech industry, increase exports and reduce our reliance on financial services in the City. A tax on the very businesses that make our country the most money which are companies that can obviously afford to pay it (as their recent profits and bonuses reveal) plus companies who caused the mess we are in, in the first place would go a long way to helping restore public trust in that part of our economy whilst satisfying a wide public lust for some form of justice in the face of massive cuts to public service, tax rises, rising inflation and rising unemployment.

Obviously at the moment our governments plan to re balance the economy has gone nowhere and the UK is still overly reliant on the City for revenue generation and in this regards it was probably wise for Cameron to put our own interests above those of the Euro members.

However much commentators have lamented his actions as destroying Britain’s place in Europe at the decision making table it was always going to happen sooner or later unless we joined the single currency.

No-one can expect a non member of a monetary union between multiple states to have an equal say over how that group of states is run and how close they work together and in the same way that closely integrated group of countries cannot expect to apply the same rules they obey to countries outside their common fiscal and monetary policies

If the rest of Europe wishes to give up their national sovereignty to save a doomed currency then so be it but I doubt many citizens across Europe will be happy. Little by little their national governments are becoming little more than talking shops and real decisions about their economy and other key policy areas are now made by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and Strasbourg with the Germans having the loudest voice.

As the BBC Editor Gavin Hewitt succinctly put it:

“For the European people, they are in a closer Europe than they ever voted for”.

From this point of view David Cameron has pleased his Euro-sceptic back benches and many UK citizens who have never even had a chance to vote on their countries participation in a political pipe dream that was concocted during the ashes of the second world war and was designed to prevent Germany from ever again becoming the dominant power within Europe.

Whether or not Cameron and the UK go their own way, the other 26 members of the EU seem to be willing to sign up for closer economic and political union which will be done by multiple inter-country treaties instead of a single EU treaty due to Cameron’s veto.

However countries such as Ireland which have already been enslaved by Euro debt relief have to put any European treaty to a referndum so there may be more countries standing with the UK than there currently are and the talk of the UK being isolated could just be a temporary situation.

More and more people are realising that the Euro is slowing crumbling and whilst a disorganised disintegration may cause immense distress and disruption the UK should be better placed than it’s European partners to weather the storm that in undoubtedly brewing.

Is the USA becoming a police state?

November 19, 2011

By Dark Poltricks

So America, how does it feel to know that you are no longer the home of the free?

We are now living in times that the constitution really is just an old piece of paper that is ignored by the President, 99% of Congress and most of the Police forces around the country.

When the right to peaceful protest becomes the right for Police to assault, maim and burn those who dare stand up to authority you are no longer living in a country bound by the constitution and the Bill of Rights. The supposed basis of all US law, which protects the right to assemble, and protest grievances against the government.

From speaking to people from the USA online it has become blatantly clear that the country has successfully fallen
to the oldest trick of them all – divide and conquer.

When right wing conservatives and Tea Party supporters mock, criticise and defend scenes like the ones below then
it is clear to me that the short slightness of a sizable proportion of Americans has no bounds.

I would say to those who call themselves “right wing”, “constitutionalists” or Tea Party members – What do you think your founding fathers would say if they could see the scenes being played at Occupy Wall Street protests around the USA almost on a daily basis.

Would Thomas Jefferson be on the side of the government thugs in blue, pepper spraying 84 year old grannies like Dorli Rainey, and batonning women in the stomach at Berkeley for daring to link arms.

Or is it more likely that he would be on the side of those who are protesting the huge US government that has become nothing more than a protectorate of big banks, printing money, and the military industrial complex i.e a corporatacy.

Is the political divide and conquer technique working that well on American citizens that those on the right would cheer acts of brutality on people they might not agree with politically but if those same acts were being carried out on them (say at a Tea Party rally) would be screaming blue murder?

As the famous quote (attributed to Voltaire) says:

“I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it?”

Americans of all political persuasions should be outraged by these acts of brutality from the police.

If you cheer as they attack those you may call your political enemy then don’t expect sympathy when no-one comes to your aid when you gather the balls to actually protest the actions of the banksters who have decimated your present and killed off your children’s future.

Where is the Tea Party? Why are they not out there shouting all those same issues they were prepared to at the original Tea Party rallies a few years back.

Where are all those people who denounced the bailouts to the banks, the corporate take over of America and the huge deficit that is causing drastic austerity measures to be implemented in states all across the USA?

Why are there no Tea Party supporters picketing Bank of America and Goldman Sachs demanding that the criminal enterprises run by people such as Llyod Blankfein are brought to justice for their massive fraud and robbery of taxpayers and investors.

If you don’t believe these big banks have anything to answer for then I suggest you just spent a few minutes reading up on High Frequency Trading and Front Running and the tricks played by Goldman Sachs that allowed Greece to hide massive debts and join the Euro, massively contributing to the Euro crisis we are now in the middle of.

Remember the USA used to be known world wide as the home of the free.

Recent examples caught on camera and shown the world over show that not to be the case any-more. Hopefully something will be done to reverse this trend towards fascism before it’s too late.

Who owes the most European Debt?

November 15, 2011

By Dark Politricks

Lets see who owes who money in the big ponzi scheme of European debt.

European Debt

Democracy in Europe is now just a pipe dream – the banksters now control who runs your country

November 15, 2011

By Dark Politricks

Here is a quick question, especially if you are Greek or Italian, who runs your country?

Do you really think you are an independent state that is controlled by democratic elections and the will of the people or have you now realised the power of the Eurocrats who will literally do anything to keep their dream of a European Super State alive?

Apparently “the markets” as they are ubiquitously called on TV news stations everywhere seem to have more say in EU countries affairs than even the current leaders of Europe and the EU. Even  Sarkozy and Merkel seem to bend over whenever those banksters feel the urge to rape a European country to tears.

It seems that if the markets are worried, then your Prime Minister, directly elected by the people must go.

If the markets are deliberately driving up the price of your bond yeilds then hey ho, no need for a new election to get a taste of what direction the people of  your country wants. Off they go to be replaced by EU approved Eurocrats and globalist economist friends of banksters the world over.

If I was an Italian or Greek I would be very anoyed that my country was now literally being ruled by the will of the EU and the banksters that ruined the world economy only a few years back.

We all know the EU and Euro are political experiments that must not fail.

The European Super State is a flawed idea that came from good intentions but is one that is rejected by most European people.

From the ashes of the 2nd world war in which Europe once again fell into a massive blood letting that had regularly occurred for centuries immemorial. The peoples of Europe decided to come up with an enterprise to entwine the massive industrial strength of Germany in with it’s neighbours and prevent future wars between European nations from ever re-occurring. This idea was a European Super State, built in stages so as not to scare “the people” but at the end would result in one giant country ruled by the two main players i.e Germany and France.

The common market was not a bad idea and neither was the he ability for workers to move across Europe to where the work was required, free movement of labour, something which I myself have done when I went to live in Spain for a while.

However the Euro is and always will be a bad idea in it’s current form.

Europe is a huge patchwork of countries with different languages, cultures, histories and behaviours. The only thing we have in common is our shared history of fighting each other.

Northern countries like Germany and the UK have nothing in common with southern countries like Greece, Italy and Spain except the fact we both like to holiday in those countries. Even on holiday our differences are noticeable from the restaurants we eat at, the activities we enjoy, and the very well known fact that Germans awake at 6am so they can steal all the sunbeds before we English have even awoken from our drunken slumbers.

Without politicial union and a common fiscal policy the Euro is doomed to fail and I hope it does. However I don’t believe the powers that be will allow it to as the idea of political union is too important for them.

What we are now witnessing is a common problem – reaction – solution situation being played out in front of our eyes and I have no doubt the problem initiated by globalist banksters to wreck the economy will cause the desired re-action – mass unrest in European nations of which we have seen so much of already.

Then as a solution the Eurocrats and globalists, with the markets holding multiple guns behind their banks of course, will demand closer political union between EU nations as the only possible solution that will save Europe from itself and possible future wars.

We have already heard Angela Merkel threaten that if the Euro failed then war was a possibility and this should be taken as no unlikely threat. Europeans have been killing each other for thousands of years. I can only hope for once that if there is another European war we Brits stay out of it for once.

Democracy seems to be dying in Europe.

The EU is one of the most undemocratic institutions ever imagined into existence and now that we have “the markets” deciding who should be leaders of our nations we have lost even the right to allow the people to vote and decide the future of their country.

I give Gordon Brown credit for one thing – at least he kept the UK out of the Euro against the wishes of Tony Blair. Hopefully the crisis over the channel will ensure that we never contemplate joining it again.

If there is any hope to be had at all and that is the fact that people all across the world are awakening to the fact that we control nada, nothing, zilch.

Elections are just illusions to placate us and the real power brokers are slaves to the banks and the markets. If the Occupy Wall Street and other protest movements achieve anything then hopefully it will be the spread of this knowledge to those uneducated about these matters and then maybe we will join together and do something about it.

Hopefully this will include taking our countries back from the banksters who ruined them and continue to control us all. If I were Greek or Italian I would be severely pissed off that my ancient nation, the same nations that created and modelled the democratic systems we still use all over the world today ,have been usurped by the say so of foreign globalist interests.

What would you do if you were a Greek citizen

November 2, 2011

By Dark Politricks

The news that the Greek PM George Papandreou has seriously “pissed off” the German and French leadersNicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel, by jeopardising their bailout plan through his decision to allow the Greek people to decide what to do in a referendum is not much of a surprise.

Apparently the leaders of France and Germany are fuming that he has gone back home after agreeing to the huge bailout that would have put Greece into even more debt whilst “saving the euro” by daring to ask the people who will be most affected by this decision what they think.

How dare the Greek people have a choice to decide whether to jump into decades of austerity, low growth, huge debt repayments, job losses, service cuts and much more.

Greece, the ancient home of democracy, now giving it’s people a chance to decide whether to be a free nation or to succumb to their new European masters in Berlin and Paris. How dare they do such a thing!

In a true democracy the people should have a chance to make their voices felt about the most important decisions their political leaders make. Here in the UK we have only once had a referendum on Europe and that was whether or not to join the EEC back in 1975.

That was nothing to do with the EU, the Euro or the dream of a European Super State some globalists wish to see. The politicians dread letting the people make a decision in case they make the “wrong one”.

As the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street protests in the USA, Occupy London protests and student riots in the UK, and the massive demonstrations all round Europemake abundantly clear – the people understand a lot more than the politicians give them credit for and they are certainly not happy with the status quo.

Piling more debt upon an already larger debt is never the answer and the only things Sarkozy and Merkel care about is saving their precious dream of United States of Europe.They are so furious with the Greek PM’s decision to delay plans to “calm the markets” and stabilise the Euro that they have demanded he attend the head masters office to be told off in person on Wednesday when he attends the G20 meeting.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting as I am sure the Greek PM is going to get such a massive telling off by his new overlords he will blush for days. How dare he ask the Greek people for their opinion on such a huge decision.

Do they still believe the EU is actually a grouping of sovereign states that can make their own decisions?

Or do now see the European Super State as a reality which makes their demands legally binding with no scope for dissent by member countries parliaments or the people they supposedly represent.

On news of the unanimous decision by the Greek cabinet to back Mr Papandreou’s plan for a referendum the markets crumbled – as they usually do on a weekly basis on news of the next “Euro rescue plan”.

In Germany the Dax index, the major stock market average, lost 5%, while the French stock market closed down 5.4%, the Italian 6.7% and London 2.2%.

No doubt a lot of people in brokerage houses all around the world got even richer from this news as volatility in the market enables traders to make money on the dips and rises. Who wants stability when their is scope for money to be made by the banksters!

In fact as always, the banksters of the world will do okay whatever happens and the people of Europe will suffer whatever happens. But whatever your opinion on the Euro, the EU or the current debt crisis surely the Greek people, those most affected by any decision should have the final word on the matter?

Economists, politicians and commentators all over the world believe the Greeks should reject the EU bailout plan and go down the route of Iceland which if we remember was one of the first countries to suffer due to over leveraged banks after the financial crisis first started.

Iceland, a country not in the Euro but with all the benefits of free trade and movement of people, something many Brits wish we had instead of full EU membership, experienced a massive collapse in their banking system during 2008.

Relative to the size of its economy, Iceland’s banking collapse is the largest suffered by any country in economic history.

Their main 3 commercial banks were over leveraged to an amount that equated to 11 times the size of the whole GDP of Iceland (about £130 billion). The collapse caused a run on their banks by UK depositors who had been attracted to invest by the high interest rates offered and the crisis threatened to tank the whole Icelandic economy.

Their currency fell sharply in value, foreign currency transactions were virtually suspended for weeks, and the market capitalisation of the Icelandic stock exchange dropped by more than 90%. The countries GDP dropped by over 5% and the country went into recession. As a result of this crisis the UK and Dutch governments decided to bailout their own citizens who had invested in the banks many of which were local councils trying to get the best return on their savings, something the Labour Government at the time had suggested they do.

However despite threats from the UK and DutchAnti-Terrorism laws being used to freeze Icelandic assets in the UK and lots of pressure from the world community the Icelandic people basically chose to stick two fingers up at the world and reject their own governments choice of bailouts, debt and austerity.

Instead of pouring good money after bad by injecting capital into their banking system to prop it up like the USA, UK, Ireland and others did they decided to let capitalism run it’s natural course by letting the banks fail, choosing short term recession over long term depression and lengthy austerity measures. They chose to ignore pleas to protect the creditors of those banks and instead placed the banks into receivership whilst at the same time protecting Icelandic savers money.

After their President had vetoed a number of controversial bills that would have meant paying back the creditors of the failed banks the decisions were put to referendums, a choice now facing the Greeks, and the people of Iceland chose to vote No and No. Shortly afterwards the current government was thrown out of office.

Obviously this disgraceful act of people power and referenda were anathema to the UK and Dutch governments which had basically been turning the screws on Icelandwanting them to re-pay for their own bailing out of Icelandic investors, something they shouldn’t have done in the first place.

In the year or so that followed Iceland went through a painful period but now they out the other side and doing well which cannot be said for the countries that chose to bail out the banks rather than protecting the people from the banks.

As Washingtons Bog article explains, even the IMF now praises the Icelandic strategy:

“As the first country to experience the full force of the global economic crisis, Iceland is now held up as an example by some of how to overcome deep economic dislocation without undoing the social fabric.”

So maybe there is a chance for Greece to escape the years of gloom that awaits them if they decide to pile more debt on top of their already weak economy.

However unlike Iceland, Greece is already in the Euro, with all the straight jacket mechanisms that entails. Without being able to leave, return to the Drachma, devalue and take back control of their own interest rates they will basically have to hand over full control of their economy to the ECB and the main Euro players i.e Germany and France.

Many people believe Greece should have never been allowed to join the Euro in the first place and it was only the massive cooking of the books by Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan that enabled it to meet Europe’s strict deficit rules while continuing to allow it to spend beyond its means.

That choice to choose the Euro over the future of their people has come back hard to bite them in the ass as many people are now seeing an end to the dream of a United States of Europe in the near future.

A decision by the Greek people to stand up for themselves and say no to more debt and austerity like the Icelandic people did, might just help move that dreamy future forward a bit for everyone else who sees the Euro and EU as a globalist plan that has been forced upon the people of Europe without their say and is bound to ultimately fail anyway.

As with all referenda it all depends on the way the question is formed. Obviously the Greek PM Mr Papandreou wants to shift any blame from himself to the people if it all goes tits up which undoubtedly it will.

However despite all their current strife, the daily riots and lack of jobs, apparently the Greek people are still in favour of the Euro so maybe a straight “Are you in favour of remaining in the Euro or not?” question might lead to a YES – face saving vote for the Greek PM, and then the focus can move down the Mediterranean to Italy or Spain.

However if the question was posed in more realistic terms such as the one below I wonder what the Greek people would vote for.

What would you do if you were a Greek citizen being asked the following two questions.

Question 1 – Straight In or Out of the Euro question

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Question 2 – Austerity and Debt or Drachma and devaluation.

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Please provide comments for the “other” selection if you have any in the comments for this post.


The Euro crisis, debt laden lollipops and lambs to the slaughter

June 26, 2011

By Dark Politricks

The Euro is in meltdown.

People from all over the political spectrum agree on this fact from right wing Tories such as Danniel Hannan to the multitudes of economists and the thousands of public union workers out on the street in Greece or preparing to go on strike in the UK.

The only solution the Eurocrats seem to be able to come up with is throwing more money at already heavily debt laden countries.

This is the worst of all possible solutions and it reminds me of how when I left college back in the 90’s without a job to go to and every high street bank in my town were literally fighting themselves to throw large loans at me. I couldn’t pay them back and most of my mates who also took the loans had no intention of paying them back either. In those days we all thought we would be dead within the next few years from the the copious amounts of drugs and alcohol we consumed on a daily basis and to be honest I didn’t really care whether I was in debt or not as I didn’t believe I would ever need to pay it back.

My first £5,000 loan was spent within a month, most of it at my local pub. When the bank started hassling me for re-payments I told them I had no job and they said not to worry and gave me another even bigger loan to pay off the first one and to give me some extra spending money. In total this one bank gave me 6 loans ranging from £5k to £9k in less than 8 years. They also gave me an overdraft of £3k and a credit card with £2k on it – all without a job. They probably believed that because I was a graduate I was bound to get a well paid job and pay it off without a problem. Little did they know..

Was this in my best interest no. Was I to blame for my own indebtedness – yes. But should the banks have been throwing what seemed to me at the time free money without any kind of assurances that I would or could pay them back – most definitely not.

Most of my friends never paid back the tens of thousands of pounds they borrowed from the multitude of banks, credit cards and loan companies. They managed to avoid them for the neccessary length of time and now the ones who are not dead have mortgates and clean credit records. I tried going to Spain to avoid my debts but had to come back after a while for other reasons and I then had to spend the best part of a decade paying back all the debts I had accrued.

What this trip down my own memory lane shows is that the same situation is happening now only the unwise student who lived day to day has been replaced by a whole country, in fact a multitude of countries who all have little or no means of paying back the huge amounts of money being loaned to them under the auspicious of getting them out of trouble.

The worst thing we can do to someone who is already loaded up with debt and having trouble paying back the interest payments is to load them up with even more debt but then maybe that is the whole idea.

It seems that in this country the government and other powers that be wish to get the kids hooked on cheap debt as young as possible and in some ways they are no different to the mythical drug dealing ice cream man sitting outside a school gate.

When you are a young boy in this country you are not taught about money at school. If you were as a lucky as I was and sent to your local State Comprehensive school the most important things you learnt were how to skin up, how to fight , how to break any rule you didn’t like and piss off the teachers and most importantly how to steam into pretty girls.

Apart from a couple of lessons including History and English everything I got taught at school was bullshit that has left my memory a very long time ago. Everything that I have learnt that has led to my own success has been self taught and brought to bear through self motivation.

What kids at school really need to learn is how to live properly in a world full of temptation. The girls got a class in home economics where they learned to cook macaroni cheese and bake the odd cake or flan and the boys got to do woodwork and technical drawing. I don’t think any of our teachers thought we were destined for anything other than menial jobs, prison or a life on benefits. In fact it is a wonder I managed to come out the well adjusted socially consicious person I am today (cough cough).

When teenage boys are growing up they don’t plan for their future, heck they don’t even plan what they are going to do that night let alone what excuse they are going to give to their teacher for not doing the homework they were supposed to hand in that morning.

So when it comes to money, credit and debt all they see is expensive trainers, gold chains, good times and no consequences. Without any kind of guidance about the dangers of debt and the literal enslavement it brings to those caught within it’s grips they are like lambs to the slaughter leaving the college gates to walk like docile and stunned animals into the nearest high street bank to be given their first credit card and £5,000 graduate loan to “help them get started”.

Yes the parrallels are quite striking and though economics are not my strong points there are enough articles on this site of mine that explain the problems more than well enough for anyone to gain a proper education on the dangers of debt and fiat currency.

Greece is in severe trouble and so are a number of other EU countries who are literally cooking the books to prevent the bond vigilantes hitting them next.

At the moment it seems the only choices being given to these countries is to load them up with even more debt or sell off and privatise anything of value, spend the pension pots built up over decades, increase the retirement age and basically make the poor pay for the mistakes of the rich.

Neither option is fair and neither option should be at the forefront of our politicians minds with the way things are going. That is if they want to keep their well paid jobs, million pound houses, billionaire friends in the city and probably in the not too distant future all their bodily functions.

It all boils down to simple math. There are only a few rich people who caused this mess and there a hell of a lot more poor, or soon to be poor and angry people looking for someone to blame. You do the sums.

Implications For Gold In The Aftermath Of The Greek Crisis

February 1, 2010

Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge
Monday, February 1st, 2010

With the euro having dropped substantially from a high of around $1.51 to less than $1.40 in the span of a few short months, it has sent gold buyers looking for cover, mostly as a function of the linear (and at times sigmoidal) inverse correlation between gold prices and the DXY which throughout 2009 has held surprisingly strong. Yet will a dollar scramble prove that the recent flight to gold has been premature? BofA believes that while the near-term implications for gold are as of yet undecided, relying on both € (bearish) and risk (bullish) signals, the long-term drivers for gold should be price supportive, especially for EUR-based investors. Proper positioning can be adopted using OTM gold calls, which are not only no longer as rich as they were a mere month ago, but would benefit substantially should Greece indeed follow through with an actual default and result in a flaring of all risk indicators, further precipitating a flight to euro alternatives, among which the dollar, and gold, are dominant.

Bank of America suggests:

In the case of an actual default, even an orderly one, increased systemic risk is likely to support gold prices as investors look for a safe haven. The more disorderly the default turns out to be, the more upside we see on gold. However, if Greece just muddled through the crisis or ends up being bailed out, gold may not fare that well. If the Greek problem does not spread to other countries in the Euro area, gold prices are likely to suffer due to a weaker EUR against the USD.

[T]he long-term consequences of Greece’s debt crisis for gold prices are clearly constructive, in our view. Emerging Market central banks are ever more aware that gold is one of the few viable alternatives to the USD. A deterioration of Greece’s creditworthiness, even if bad for the EUR, should support gold prices in the long run, in our view.

The main question, as discussed previously, is how will EM central banks decide to allocate their trade surplus FX reserves. Contrary to some gold-bearish perceptions, it is very likely that an increasingly deteriorating Greek situation, will force EM CBs not only to unwind € holdings and use the resulting capital to purchase dollars, but to augment their gold reserves as well. Thus the price determining factor will be decided in the marginal scramble for dollars versus gold.

Emerging market central banks (EM CB) are ever more aware that gold is really one of the few viable alternatives to the USD. Top holders of currency reserves like China, Russia or India will likely need to increase their exposure to gold over the coming months and years as the value of fiat currency reserve holdings like the USD or the EUR comes into question. The obvious problem with diversification is that there is simply not enough gold to go around. So a deterioration of Greece’s creditworthiness, even if negative for the EUR, should be supportive of gold prices in the long run, in our view.

And with gold prices still, presumably, reflective of a dollar-destruction rampage courtesy of the Federal Reserve, what would be the proper way to express a cheap bullish bias toward a spike in gold prices should a risk-flaring episode come back once again? BofA suggests that clients look to gold OTM calls, which are no longer a ripoff compared to ATM calls. In fact the call skew in gold, which still bullish, is half as expensive as it was on November 20, 2009. Yet investors most likely to benefit from such appreciation would likely not be USD-based speculators but those found in a EUR regime.

In our view, gold OTM calls look appealing for investors willing to play a potential Greek default through the gold market. Volatility levels have been declining and 3M ATM implied vols are now trading at levels last seen in late 2007. While the gold options market continues to price in appreciation, together with the CNY and the JPY, the call skews in gold have become less pronounced. That is, OTM calls are no longer as rich as they used to be when compared to ATM calls. In the event of a default, gold prices and volatility are likely to spike. If Greece’s problems are contained and the EUR (and gold prices) suffers, investors are protected on the downside. USD-based investors may find gold to be an ineffective hedge in this event. However, EUR-based investors could, in our view, hedge by buying gold calls in EUR, as the price of gold in EUR terms should remain well supported.

The biggest concern for outright gold longs will be whether the transfer in mentality from one of continuous dollar debasement in which the demand would come from traditional USD-based investors seeking to hedge and capture stock gains by allocating increasing capital to gold, to a perspective of gold as an increasing investment allocation for central banks, who seek to abandon the euro as a capital flow and pursue less risky exposure. Should this increased central bank demand be coupled with lack of incremental selling by those who already are in possession of Gold spot and future positions, and the probability for increasing gains in the fiat-alternative seem to accelerate. Lastly, for some additional insight into the crystallizing plight of the German government vis-a-vis Greece, as well as the increasingly torn fabric of the European Monetary Union, we strongly recommend the latest piece by Evans-Pritchard, “Should Germany bail out Club Med or leave the Euro altogether?”

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