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Imagine if it was the other way round and Hamas had killed the Israeli head of Defence

November 16, 2012

Imagine if it was the other way round and Hamas had killed the Israeli head of Defence

By Dark Politricks

I am guessing here, but as Israel launches another war on the blockaded Gaza I expect they thought they would have a different President in office.

Someone who Bibi got on a bit better with than Obama and someone who had probably already given him the green light to go ahead with Operation Pillar of Defense as soon as he won the Presidency.

This is the brilliant name they are calling their new onslaught on the cornered in population of Gaza. Cast Lead 2 – the Sequel could be another.

Maybe Obama gave him the same promise as well, I don’t know. The final televised debate was surely a blatant attempt by the two candidates to show Israel who loved them the most and history shows that it doesn’t matter who sits in the Oval Office they will always allow Israel to bomb, assassinate and kill their neighbours as they see fit whether they break international law or not, always backing them up in the UN with their veto if the rest of the world cries out in anger.

If anyone is holding any hope that Obama has any balls whatsoever to stand up to the Israeli lobby now that he doesn’t have to worry about their campaign financing for another election they will surely be disappointed. There is little difference in the Democratic or Republican party when it comes to areas of hypocrisy and warmongering.

However as I watched the news coverage last night something stuck in my mind that one of the presenters said.

As Israel killed 2 kids and called it “collateral damage” on the way to blowing up the chief military commander of Hamas, Ahmed Jabari, someone said – imagine if it was the other way round.

The USA wanted the Palestinians to have a democratic election and they did. They just didn’t like the outcome of it – democracy our way or none at all is their mantra.

However Hamas was democratically elected and is a political party. Therefore Ahmed Jabari, the head of Hamas military was killed yesterday, he was the direct equivalent of the Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak.

If Palestine is to become a proper nation, with borders then it is to have a police force as well as some form of defensive force. Whether we call Hamas freedom fighters or terrorists they are still the legitimate political rulers of Gaza and we all know that the IDF, the Israeli Defence Force was born out of terrorist gangs that killed British soldiers by assassinating soldiers and blowing up hotels. It seems as if it’s one rule for the Israeli’s and one for the Palestinians and they are not allowed to defend themselves in any shape or form.

We all know that it depends on your point of view whether a terrorist is a freedom fighter or vice versa as this article makes clear but just imagine if Hamas had killed Ehud Barak in the same way Israel had killed Ahmed Jabari.

How many Palestinians in Gaza would be left to tell the tale? Not many would be my guess.

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