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David Icke Tells The The Greatest Story Ever Told

May 11, 2014

David Icke And The The Greatest Story Ever Told

By Dark Politricks

If you have the time I suggest watching this talk given by David Icke.

It is almost 5 hours long and posted by Oblivion TV.

Anyway the talk goes from the ancient history of the earth all the way to our modern sheep like slave lives and how we can set ourselves free.

David talks about the ancient technology that existed thousands of years ago, the religious stories, the history of the ancient world and the hidden knowledge that has been kept from us to be held in the hands of the few that control us to this very day.

He even describes how our modern leaders already have the knowledge to cure Cancer, create vegetation in deserts, own technology to heat and power our houses without fossil fuels at a fraction of the price and much more besides. He also talks about how the CIA and other agencies keep this knowledge from us to control us.

He winds back all the way to the Annukai, our supposed “Gods“, which the Sumerian texts reveal in intricate detail.

If you haven’t heard it before then you should know that the Bible is just a re-hash of these older texts and that the original tablets were interpreted by Zecharia Sitchin who treated them as literal history rather than allegories and metaphors.

This was probably due to some of the very modern like images on these tablets. These included people in flying machines looking exactly like pilots in planes or airships as well as stories of genetic manipulation. The story goes that these ancient astronauts created test tube babies by mixing their own genes with those of our own primitive races to become their worker race. The purer bloodlines went on to become the royal families and rich banksters we all know and hate.

David Icke has some slightly different theories than Sitchin who first came up with the Ancient Astronaut story of our birth on this planet.

Sitchin believed that a “wandering planet” named Nibiru came into our solar system thousands of years ago and one of it’s moons collided with a planet causing the now current asteroid belt. It would make sense, those million pieces of tiny rocks didn’t come from nowhere.

However David has an alternative theory involving Venus which explains the “great flood” that occurred on Earth as well as the starting of agriculture on earth at great heights – which would make sense if a large part of the world is covered by water. This is the great flood talked about in the Sumerian texts as well as the Bible and other ancient stories which are re-hashes of older versions.

David believes that two advanced races came to earth, one from Mars, the white race, and the Annukai a reptilian race who interbred. It was these bloodlines that went on to become our kings and royalty, the keepers of hidden knowledge and therefore power over the common person.

This “white race” is the name for Caucasians, due to them coming from the Caucasus mountains, and they entered Europe becoming the European Caucasian white race. Included in this race were the interbred Annukai blood lines who controlled us through their knowledge and hidden power.

However I don’t want to leave it to me to speak for David and whilst some call him a crank for believing in reptilian blood lines his talks are compelling.

A large part even makes sense when you look around us and then compare our “peak of modern technology” to the ancient Pyramids, 80 ton rocks slotted together without a crack between them in Syria, and ancient pictures drawn into the grounds of Peru that could only be seen from the sky.

It is clear from watching talks given by Jim Marrs, David Icke and others that our ancient relatives were not so primitive at all.

How and why I will leave that up to you to decide but before writing off any of these historians and revisionists as cranks I suggest watching their talks and then reading up on their theories first.

Some things on this planet just do not add up, including our ancient history, previous civilisations, and how amazing and sophisticated cultures just sprang out of nowhere such as Egypt and Sumer.

There has to be an answer somewhere and at least some people are trying to find one that will set us free from our chains of bondage. These chains are due to occult knowledge held in the hands of the few.

If you really want to be free you need to know how you came to be in bondage in the first place. Listening to alternative views is a good place to start.

View the David Icke talk here.

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Are there aliens at Area 51?

April 27, 2013

Are there aliens at Area 51?

By Dark Politricks

Question: Do Aliens exist?

I don’t know. I doubt many people know for sure.

If anyone does now it is those with the highest security clearance in the land.

People who have clearance a lot higher than the Presidents and Prime Ministers of most countries put together. Trust me there are people with higher security clearances than the elected figurehead of your country.

Our permanent government, the heads of the civil service, the officials that seem to work for the government whatever party colour is in the White House that four year period.

The heads of the military and security agencies and their backers. People who remain in their position of power for decades – these are the people who would know. They are also unlikely to tell us if they did know.

Logically do I think we are the only planet in this huge universe with life.

No. The possibility seems too small.

Have we been visited by aliens?

If they exist and are more advanced than us then probably. They are probably the “Gods” from old tales and religious stories. If they only came recently they are the UFO’s people claim to see in the sky at night.

Those people who say that these alien visitors don’t make their presence known due to some Star Trek like law of the universe that forbids the interfering with lower species maybe on the right tract.

We are like ant colonies studied by David Attenborough and other naturalists who examine from afar, watch our lives and don’t interfere even when we fight each other to the death.

Those people who believe aliens are sitting in Area 51 maybe right and they maybe wrong but until someone admits what is going on there we won’t know.

There have been many people from high authority who have gone on record to say UFO‘s exist.

People such as the group of US nuclear missile commanders who gave a press conference the other year to say nuclear tests had been interfered with by UFO’s firing laser beams to stop the missiles from working.

I have a whole book at home full of witness statements from “believable” people who have gone on record to say they have seen UFO‘s in the sky the size of football pitches and even miles wide in the sky across the English channel.

These are not your average drunken farmer from Arizona who wakes up with a sore asshole after a gay encounter on the way home and makes up an alien probe story to cover himself.

No these are all RAF and USAF pilots, Army commanders and pilots from top class airliners who were all debriefed after their UFO encounter. All debriefed by people who took their claims seriously.

We can say that Area 51 is just a highly restricted training facility where top secret aircraft are designed and developed. Aircraft like the Blackbird, U2 spy plane and the stealth bomber.

However from the people who have put forward this explanation I have seen wondrous examples of anti-gravity devices, neutral balance planes lighter than air and other wondrous aircraft that anyone would think were alien in origin.

You can see them too in the documentary video at the bottom of this article.

The question is though, if these are all just top secret aircraft being tested. Where are they all?

Why are they not being used in our current wars?

Why has it taken over 50 years for certain airplanes to be developed but never deployed.

The Nazi’s were supposedly investigating anti gravity devices and that was back in the 40’s.

If these top secret fighter planes are being used they are not being used to help our solidiers in their current battles and if they are we are not being told about it.

Why are we still sending stealth fighters into war zones to be shot down by Chinese hackers who have given the details to their Serbian friends.

Why are our drones still so basic that even the Iranians can hack them and steal them on demand?

If Area 51 is full to the brim of top secret anti gravity devices that can fly at multiple times the speed of sound in seconds. Aircraft that can go from a stationary state to hundreds of mph in split seconds. Aircraft that make magnificent movements in the sky that would seem impossible then where are they all?

Why are we spending tax money developing them and not using them? Isn’t that a waste?

I don’t know if alien UFO technology is being deconstructed and reverse engineered at secret bases. Or that all our advancements in technology over the last half century have come from downed UFO’s.

I do know that the USA tried for the best part of a decade to get a novice hacker called Gary McKinnon extradited and imprisoned for life for claiming to find evidence of UFO’s at these bases.

Here was someone who used a basic port scanner and accessed top secret computers with open admin access (basically doing the USA a favour by showing how open their systems were) and claims to have found before and after photos which were touched up, having all signs of aliens and UFO’s removed from them, before they were given out to Universities and other places.

Why did the Americans try so hard to get this person into their custody? If he was just a crazy loon shouting into the wilderness why give him the credibility of trying so hard to get him into an orange jumpsuit.

Why wait years from the time of the “crime” until the UK changed their extradition laws with the US before making an extradition request.

Why were they so disgusted when our Home Secretary stood up to them for once and said she would not allow his extradition. Were they just pissed off that the UK stood up to them for once or was it the underlying reason they stood up to them the real cause of their outrage.

Why are ex generals and people with nothing to gain but the label of “loony” being placed on their shoulders going on the record to claim UFO’s took out nuclear missile silo’s?

Why have so many UFO sightings occurred since the World Wars and the advancement of nuclear weaponry?

Are we just crazy for even believing their could be higher life forms in this massive universe OR are we crazy for NOT entertaining the idea that we are not alone in this empty space.

Here is Jesse Ventura looking into Area 51. A place you can be murdered without a warrant just for crossing an invisible line in the desert sand.

View on

And here is Gary McKinnon explaining what he was searching for during his intrusion into Area 51 and what he claims to have found.

If you haven’t read my earlier piece UFO Chronicles: What the President doesn’t know then have a read as it contains lots more information about credible witnesses plus a documentary about why the UFO‘s story has been such a good distraction for the “people”.


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March 29, 2013

UFO Chronicles: What the President doesn’t know

By Dark Politricks

This video is from the Disclouse Project on UFO’s and includes an interview with the investigative reporter Jim Marrs on the reality of UFO‘s.

His basic claim is that the mainstream media are gatekeepers to information about UFO‘s and that the President is just a figure head (don’t we know) for the globalists and real string pullers who don’t want the knowledge that alien technology would bring to the masses from coming out.

Why? Because they make money from selling us oil, gas, medicine and other commodities that make us poorer and them richer. The technology of free energy, health increasing devices or other “new” technologies that these “visitors” could bring to us would cut their bottom line.

Reminds you of Nikola Tesla and the JP Morgan story no? Free Energy versus a constant purchase of electricity from big business. Who would a big bankster like JP Morgan invest in?

In the video Jim Marrs explains how we are slowly becoming conditioned to “accept” aliens over the years and that they have been visiting us since the beginning of civilisation.

The demi-gods or gods from ancient texts are just explanations of an un-educated people trying to explain what they were witnessing. Flying spinning wheels, Gods descending from the skies etc.

Apparently President’s know about this but even chiefs of congress do not have a “need to know” clearance to get the information they need.

Even President Clinton was afraid of ending up like Jack Kennedy if he divulged any information to the public according to one interviewee within the documentary.

This video also explains how fake info is used to make claims of UFO’s by normal people sound outlandish and rubbished so that the true nature of their existence can be kept secret through disinformation and secrecy.

The biggest stumbling block to full disclosure seems to be that once UFO’s are admitted then people will be asking “how do they fly” and “how do they make such fast maneuvers in the sky”.

The problem for the powers that be then becomes the issue that people exist who can actually answer that question.

If the reality of “free energy” and all the other new technologies that would come forth from UFO’s escaped into the hands of the public the power of the elite would diminish. Most importantlytheir wealth which is controlled through limiting the use of the fossil fuel industry would decrease as well.

Watch the full documentary below.

I know a lot of UFO sightings are in reality super secret aircraft and spying vehicles that can be dismissed if witnessed but free energy is not a myth and the control over the remaining fossil fuel industry is what’s keeping it from becoming a reality.

If you ever watched the Jessee Ventura Truth TV documentary about Death Rays and Energy Weapons then you know that these tools exist and can cause enormous damage.

If you haven’t seen it then watch it below and witness “the mad scientists” display the energy devices in action as they bend steel with a tiny device in front of your eyes.

I know some of us like to think we are special, made in God’s image, even if that means God gets prostate exams regularly due to bad pipework design! However what are the chances that we are really the only sentient species in this universe?

Mathematicians and Scientists are talking about multiple dimensions occupying the same space and even multiverses where an infinite number of dimensions and universes are created all the time (see 5 reasons we may live in a multiverse)

Therefore these “visitors” could be from outer space, another dimension, another universe even.

I have a few books in my shelf about UFO‘s. However they are not full of reports from drunk farmers in Alabama trying to explain to their wives why their backside hurts after a night out on the piss with an alien abduction story.

No, these books are full of credible witness accounts from military personal including commercial airliner and RAF pilots who have gone on the record to testify that they have witnessed UFO‘s or even aliens.

From the information I have seen alien visitations could have been going on for thousands of years e.g Gods coming down from the skies etc and so forth.

The “visits” seem to have increased since the beginning of the 20th century. First during World War I and then World War II and then hugely after the invention of the nuclear bomb.

Many tales exist of soldiers and pilots witnessing strange aircraft in the sky and there are even stories of Dwight Eisenhower meeting three times with aliens during his time as President and signing a “deal” with them.

Winston Churchill apparently discussed these UFO’s with Dwight and ordered a cover-up of an encounter between a UFO and an RAF aircraft in World War Two because he feared a “panic” and a loss of faith in religion, according to newly-released secret files from the MOD.

Then there is Air Marshall Sir Peter Horsley who was also the equerry to Prince Phillip. He publicly went on record to claim that he met a Nordic looking UFO at a secret meeting called Janus.

Apparently the alien told him the following:

“The Earth is going through a Dark Age at the moment,” Janus went on. “Material processions count more than a Man’s soul.” Like a child, Man is preoccupied with his technological toys, which he believes will bring him riches and happiness. This shows up in the superficiality of his culture and a careless disregard for nature. In his greedy quest for more complex machines Man is prepared to sacrifice almost anything – his natural environment, animals and even his fellow humans.”

“The dreadful specter of blowing up his world hardly makes him falter in this headlong rush.”

Quote from the book “Alien Base – Earth’s Encounters with Extraterrestrials

In recent years whilst the American establishment has kept quiet about their UFO’s sightings other countries have been more forthcoming with their information.

In 2011 the UK Ministry of Defence released documentation related to visits from UFO’s and other sightings.

Many of these sightings might be dismissed away as secret fighter craft in training or other flying objects but some cannot be ignored so easily. In fact out of 100 stories the experts reckon 90% is either bullshit or disinformation whilst 10% has a ring of truth about it.

The Ministry of Defence files released by the National Archives cover reported sightings of UFOs from 1985 to 2007.

Recently a Russian research team released UFO documentaton that showed that UFO’s seem to love oceans and are heavily concentrated around large bodies of water.

“Ocean UFOs often show up wherever our or NATO’s fleets concentrate. Near Bahamas, Bermudas, Puerto Rico. They are most often seen in the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, and also in the Caribbean Sea.” – Quote Navy intelligence veteran, Captain 1st rank Igor Barklay.

In one case in 1982 a group of military divers training at Baikal spotted a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits. The encounter happened at a depth of 50 meters, and the divers tried to catch the strangers. Three of the seven men died, while four others were severely injured.

UFO in water

One of these underwater UFO’s might have been found by a team of Swedish salvage divers who recently discovered an unexplained object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

According to sonar readings, the object is about 60 meters across, the size of a jumbo jet. Nearby is another, smaller object with a similar shape. Both have “drag marks” behind them on the sea floor, stretching back more than 400 feet.

The most obvious explanation would be that they were shipwrecks. But Lindberg says that theory doesn’t hold water because of the large size of the objects. Of course it would be something from another ship but it’s also quite big as he spoke to CNN.

Then we have the recent revelation by an ex US astronaunt, Clark C. McClelland, a former SCO of NASA’s space shuttle fleet who described in the Canadian press secret details of an amazing incident that occurred during the STS-80 mission aboard the space shuttle Columbia.

According to internal reports confirmed by Dr. Story Musgrave, a Payload Specialist crew member aboard the STS-80 Missiona, a disc-shaped object much larger than the orbiting American spacecraft suddenly appeared beneath the shuttle.

The disc-shaped object suddenly appeared, seemed to be intelligently controlled, changed its flight vector and most unnerving of all seemed to track Columbia and her crew through space.

We also have the famous UK hacker Gary McKinnon who was recently prevented from being deported to the USA for hacking into US military computers looking for signs of UFO‘s.

In fact he found evidence of a special team dedicated to removing any evidence of UFO’s from photos taken by space shuttles and astronauts including “before and after” photos of the moon and other objects from space objects in which UFO‘s had been airbrushed out of the picture before being handed over to Universities and other public institutions for study.

He even read the testimony of one of these photographers and proved she was telling the truth by accessing the system in question and seeing first hand one of these images. He was downloading this image as he got caught. Was this the reason the US was so eager to extradite him and put him away for the rest of his life?

We also had the recent revelation by multiple ex high level military officers who worked at nuclear missile and test or storage areas a couple of years ago.

Some of these officers gave a public interview in which they discussed multiple incidents in which UFO’s shut down whole nuclear test sites and even fired laser beams at the weapons to make them malfunction and not fire. It seems the UFO‘s are seriously concerned about our love of nuclear weaponry!

A short clip of their disclose can be seen below.

And of course if we look a bit further other countries have no shame in showing clips of UFO’s on prime time TV. For example this is a TV report from Peru in 2011 that shows what looks like a large hovering spacecraft over the city sky.

It was witnessed by hundreds of people and filmed by many. Is this really an alien mother-ship or really a secret US or Chinese test aircraft and if so what purpose does it have flying over Peru? Maybe it was just a mirage caused by lights in the sky that seemed to have the wondrous effect of causing the same mirage to be seen at multiple angles and distances!

Whatever the truth of the matter it is clear our governments probably know a lot more about this matter than they are letting the public know.

If there is a slow conditioning exercise going on at the moment it would surely explain the huge boom in TV and Films concerning aliens, space travel, warp drive, worm holes, and other mysterious space and time travellers.

I don’t know if UFO‘s are all alien in nature or just a load of high tech US space craft utilising all the stolen technology they gained from fleeing NAZI scientists after the 2nd World War.

However this documentary makes a compelling case and I do recommend watching it as well as the other films on this page. Then I suggest checking out the website where you can get a lot more information about this subject.

You can find lots more about the cover-up and expert witness testimony on UFO’s at

You can view the original article on

Great news as the UK grows a pair and prevents Gary McKinnon from being sent to the USA

October 17, 2012

Gary McKinnon not being sent to the USA for trial over alien hacking scandal

By Dark Politricks

We heard great news yesterday as the UK suddenly grew a pair of balls and stood up to America for once – almost an unheard of event in this day and age.

What was it that caused the government to finally grow a pair?

Well the Home Secretary Theresa May decided to keep Daily Mail readers and the majority of the UK public happy by not sending Gary McKinnon to the USA.

They had always promised pre-election to do this and re-balance the unfair extradition treaty between our two countries but no-one really believed them until yesterday.

This was an extradition order in which he was facing up to 60 years in prison for hacking insecure US military computer systems on his hunt for an alien cover up. He was a loner with a UFO fix that needed scratching and he did all of his hacking with easily obtainable tools and open to attack US military computers.

However compared to the Goldman Sachs banksters who have hooked their  super computers into the Wall Street stock exchange so that they can manipulate the DOW Jones, front run trades and actually steal billions from pension funds and personal investors he was incomparable.

If anyone needs locking up for 60 years it is these “hackers” who have been given a free run by both the Bush and Obama governments to steal from the public without risk of fine or punishment.

As the BBC News site said:

British computer hacker Gary McKinnon will not be extradited to the US, Home Secretary Theresa May has announced.

Mr McKinnon, 46, who admits accessing US government computers but claims he was looking for evidence of UFOs, has been fighting extradition since 2002.

The home secretary said there was no doubt Mr McKinnon was “seriously ill” and the extradition warrant against him should be withdrawn.

Mrs May said the sole issue she had to consider was his human rights.

She said it was now for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, to decide whether he should face trial in the UK.

Mr McKinnon, who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, faced 60 years in jail if convicted in the US.

This is great new for Gary who has always admitted the charge and wanted to face justice where the crime took place. Here in the UK  not in some US court where he would have surely ended up in an orange jumpsuit in a federal prison somewhere.

A person like Gary would not have lasted long in a hardcore US Federal prison where he would have faced beatings, rape and even death due to his gentle nature. All for his crime of “hunting for aliens” on insecure US military computers.

Therefore the Human Rights Act, which the Daily Mail and Tories attack so often, was used legitimately to protect a UK citizen who was vulnerable to suicide from a horrible fate in a US prison. I just hope these right wingers will now see how the Human Rights Act can benefit us all – not just the terrorists and scroungers that are constantly used as straw men to attack it for protecting their human rights.

We have just extradited a number of terrorist suspects to America including hook handed Abu Hamza who is charged with setting up a terrorist training base in America and attacks in Yemen.

These people are real terrorists not people suffering from autism like Gary McKinnon who just wanted to look for signs of an alien cover-up.

In reality Gary McKinnon did the US a favour as despite what the US claim, that he committed the most serious hacking attack ever faced by the USA. In reality all he did was reveal that multiple US computers were open to the easiest of hack attempts.

He wasn’t some brilliant computer genius who hacked his way pass numerous hyper secure firewalls using viruses and trojans but instead he used a basic port scanning tool to find open computers within various US military installations that “forgot” to use secure administrator passwords.

If he and anyone else could do this with free downloadable tools from the Internet then China and Russia surely would have already got much further than him and probably already have along with many other countries.

These computers should have had been super secure but as Gary has said in his interviews they were totally vulnerable to even the most untrained hacker and he was able to access numerous computers in his hunt for signs of an alien cover up and claims to have succeeded in his task.

If you watch the interview below you will actually see that Gary McKinnon claims to have found proof of alien spaceships just as he was being caught.

He also claims that there is a whole department in NASA that “cleans” photos that contain any signs of alien spacecraft or other objects before sending them off to universities and other scientists for use in the public domain.

It is clear from other hacking cases that the country who has been hacked is willing to take on the expertise of the hacker in lieu of punishment and then use their skills for their own nefarious activities e.g Stuxnet or the new Flame virus – both viruses that use multiple zero day exploits to work their way round the middle east destabilising Iranian nuclear plants.

However because Gary took advantage of such an easy method to gain access to these US computer systems there was little benefit in offering him such a choice as he wasn’t a “super hacker”. Instead they have been chasing him for a decade for the misdeed of revealing how vulnerable their computer systems were to attack and his life has been made a misery because of the threat of spending the rest of his days in a US prison.

In reality the US government should be thanking Gary for helping to shore up their security but instead they have chased and harassed a man with Aspergers syndrome for the best years of his life.

I only hope this is the end of the matter and Gary McKinnon can get on with his life in peace without ending up in some sort of “accident” such as a double shot to the head suicide.

Here is Gary McKinnon’s interview about what he saw and how he accessed the US computers with a basic port scanner tool.

Within the interview Gary talks about:

  • Why the American government want him so much and how the Labour government seemed to capitulated without a fight.
  • How he was a clueless hacker who didn’t cover his tracks whilst investigating US computer systems.
  • How he gained access to high grade military and NASA computer system through unsecured administrator accounts without passwords.
  • How the US government claims that he caused $5,000 of damage to every computer he accessed which coincidentally is the minimum amount required by US law to be charged with the crimes he has been.
  • Why he believes that the US government has access to alien technology such as free energy which should be distributed to the people of the world.

Free Gary McKinnon Campaign, Planned Twitter Storm Nov 5th

October 30, 2010

By Dark Politricks

Now that we have a supposedly pro civil liberties inclined government in power it will be interesting to see whether they keep to all their promises regarding Gary McKinnon and his extradition to the USA on trumped up charges of hacking into US military computer systems.

Before the election both Nick Clegg and David Cameron attacked the Labour governments decision to allow his extradition to the USA for numerous reasons including:

  • The unbalanced extradition treaty that gives US citizens many more rights than UK citizens.
  • The fact the USA waited a number of years after the crime had been committed until the unfair treaty was ratified by the UK before requesting his extradition.
  • The fact that Gary, who claims he was looking for aliens, has Aspergers a form of autism which would make his extradition, trial and punishment all that more harsh.

From a technical point of view I understand that the hacking was pretty unsophisticated and didn’t involve much more than Gary running an easily available port scanner tool to find unsecured computers on various US military networks and then popping up stupid messages whilst he was looking for evidence of aliens.

Whilst the USA claim he cost them a billion dollars in damages what they actually mean is that Gary exposed the uselessness of their unsecured networks and the cost incurred was actually the amount it cost to install proper security measures that should have been there in the first place. In reality they should have been thankful that it was only a stoned autistic alien hunting geekoid that was poking around their unsecured networks and not a professional team of Chinese or Russian hackers.

In fact I am guessing that the real reason the US is prosecuting Gary instead of offering him a well paid job in their cyber security department like they have done with other high profile hackers is purely the unsophisticated nature of the hack which didn’t actually involve any mad hacking skills at all. It’s probably out of pure embarrassment that they are pursuing him as he has basically revealed to the world that the most advanced high tech armed forces in the world had their network breached in such a simple manner.

This is not to say that Gary didn’t commit a crime and we all know hacking is illegal. However to give him the orange jumpsuit treatment and put him in some dark penitentiary with gang members, rapists and proper full on mentalists seems a bit harsh to me. The crime was committed in this country on a PC in London therefore he should be punished in the UK and not sent off to the USA to never come back.

Not only does the USA have stupidly over the top sentencing guidelines they seem to love locking people up for their natural lifetimes and I can easily foresee a US judge throwing the whole book at Gary for his crime and locking him up for 20+ years. The fact that the Labour government first introduced such an unfair and biased extradition treaty in the first place is bad enough but to then bend over and just let them have their way with one of our citizens in this manner is appalling and I just hope that our new coalition leaders have a bit more bottle and are capable of keeping their word on this subject.

Obviously I don’t hold up too much hope as power corrupts very quickly and it seems that morals and high ground are quickly left on the opposition benches once the ministerial cars pull up. We have already had cries of “sell out” directed a the Lib Dem’s due to their support of Tory cuts, increased tuition fees and the raise in VAT which they actively campaigned against during the election therefore I am half expecting the same excuse to be used in relation to Gary and aspects of their proposed freedom bill, which was a lofty idea aimed at rolling back Labours surveillance state, restoring Civil Liberties and reviewing the US extradition issue in particular.

Both Clegg and Cameron have gone on the record with their support for Gary McKinnon and pressure needs to be applied to both leaders of the coalition so that they are constantly reminded that this is one promise we expect them to keep. Not only is it an important case in terms of Gary’s personal situation but it is also a strong reminder and maybe even a wake up call to the UK population about how little our UK citizenship means when it really comes down to it. If we don’t fight together to keep Gary from being extradited then who is to say who could be next.

The USA is already trying to implement cut off switches claiming that they own the Internet and they are increasingly concerned about cyber security using the threat of terrorist hackers as a reason to implement mass online surveillance and tracking. Who is to say that the next person to be accused of cyber attack isn’t some middle aged housewife who accidentally forwards an email containing a dangerous virus onto an American government network. With our current extradition law British citizens can be extradited to an American jurisdiction without a prima facie case of a crime having been committed which makes it very easy for the US government to import Brits into their horrible justice system even when the crime was committed here as it was in Gary McKinnon’s case.

To highlight this current injustice an online campaign has been created which aims to create a Twitter Storm on November 5th to raise awareness for Gary McKinnon. If you want to join in this campaign for Gary then you just need to send one or more tweets to @ukhomeoffice between 12pm and 5pm that mention Gary and include the following tags: #tweet4gary #freegary #mckinnon #garymckinnon.

Hopefully we can create a mad Twitter Rush, get these tags to trend and raise Gary’s plight to those people not in the know. However the main aim is to show the current UK government how much support there is to prevent his extradition and to reform the unfair treaty that currently treats Brits as 2nd class citizens.

So remember to create some automated scheduled tweets for Nov 5th or just set yourself a reminder to post some or Retweet any of the others that will filling the web. For more details check out: