David Icke Tells The The Greatest Story Ever Told

David Icke And The The Greatest Story Ever Told

By Dark Politricks

If you have the time I suggest watching this talk given by David Icke.

It is almost 5 hours long and posted by Oblivion TV.

Anyway the talk goes from the ancient history of the earth all the way to our modern sheep like slave lives and how we can set ourselves free.

David talks about the ancient technology that existed thousands of years ago, the religious stories, the history of the ancient world and the hidden knowledge that has been kept from us to be held in the hands of the few that control us to this very day.

He even describes how our modern leaders already have the knowledge to cure Cancer, create vegetation in deserts, own technology to heat and power our houses without fossil fuels at a fraction of the price and much more besides. He also talks about how the CIA and other agencies keep this knowledge from us to control us.

He winds back all the way to the Annukai, our supposed “Gods“, which the Sumerian texts reveal in intricate detail.

If you haven’t heard it before then you should know that the Bible is just a re-hash of these older texts and that the original tablets were interpreted by Zecharia Sitchin who treated them as literal history rather than allegories and metaphors.

This was probably due to some of the very modern like images on these tablets. These included people in flying machines looking exactly like pilots in planes or airships as well as stories of genetic manipulation. The story goes that these ancient astronauts created test tube babies by mixing their own genes with those of our own primitive races to become their worker race. The purer bloodlines went on to become the royal families and rich banksters we all know and hate.

David Icke has some slightly different theories than Sitchin who first came up with the Ancient Astronaut story of our birth on this planet.

Sitchin believed that a “wandering planet” named Nibiru came into our solar system thousands of years ago and one of it’s moons collided with a planet causing the now current asteroid belt. It would make sense, those million pieces of tiny rocks didn’t come from nowhere.

However David has an alternative theory involving Venus which explains the “great flood” that occurred on Earth as well as the starting of agriculture on earth at great heights – which would make sense if a large part of the world is covered by water. This is the great flood talked about in the Sumerian texts as well as the Bible and other ancient stories which are re-hashes of older versions.

David believes that two advanced races came to earth, one from Mars, the white race, and the Annukai a reptilian race who interbred. It was these bloodlines that went on to become our kings and royalty, the keepers of hidden knowledge and therefore power over the common person.

This “white race” is the name for Caucasians, due to them coming from the Caucasus mountains, and they entered Europe becoming the European Caucasian white race. Included in this race were the interbred Annukai blood lines who controlled us through their knowledge and hidden power.

However I don’t want to leave it to me to speak for David and whilst some call him a crank for believing in reptilian blood lines his talks are compelling.

A large part even makes sense when you look around us and then compare our “peak of modern technology” to the ancient Pyramids, 80 ton rocks slotted together without a crack between them in Syria, and ancient pictures drawn into the grounds of Peru that could only be seen from the sky.

It is clear from watching talks given by Jim Marrs, David Icke and others that our ancient relatives were not so primitive at all.

How and why I will leave that up to you to decide but before writing off any of these historians and revisionists as cranks I suggest watching their talks and then reading up on their theories first.

Some things on this planet just do not add up, including our ancient history, previous civilisations, and how amazing and sophisticated cultures just sprang out of nowhere such as Egypt and Sumer.

There has to be an answer somewhere and at least some people are trying to find one that will set us free from our chains of bondage. These chains are due to occult knowledge held in the hands of the few.

If you really want to be free you need to know how you came to be in bondage in the first place. Listening to alternative views is a good place to start.

View the David Icke talk here.

Visit the original video on youtube.com

View the original article at darkpolitricks.com.


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2 Responses to “David Icke Tells The The Greatest Story Ever Told”

  1. jaybone Says:

    It’s been said that Icke is an agent provocateur or at least a pawn of the very forces he rails against. The argument goes that because he turns many people off with the way out stuff about the reptiles and alien overlords, the people will also dismiss the very real issues of social control that he also talks about. If you think about it that way, Icke’s occult rhetoric can be harmful to those in the mainstream who want to fight back against the power structure. At any rate, he’s an interesting figure and no doubt right about a lot of the things he discusses.

    • darkpolitics Says:

      Yes I agree that some of his outlandish theories have put people off believing in some of the more reasonable and easily proved ones.
      The story goes that when he was “awakening” he was uncovering all this important info on the Rothschilds, Fiat Currency, Ancient History and so on and the powers that be were frightened about having a known figure go public with this info.
      So they used agents to come to him with stories of reptiles and aliens and the Queen drinking babies blood etc so as to discredit him. Because he was at that point so “open” to possibilities he was probably taken in by some people who meant to discredit him and it seems to have worked.
      I know a lot of people don’t like him because he puts people off going down the rabbit hole at all but there is ancient Sumerian history and evidence of ancient “Gods” who were actually “reptilian” in nature that did cross breed with us. Whether that means all Royalty now has to drink blood to keep a human form or not is very much up for debate however if you follow Sitchins work and others who believe the Sumerian’s were telling a real story rather than just metaphors and allegories then there is a case to be made that aliens have been visiting us for years and if that is the case who is to say that one species of aliens were not reptilian in nature.
      However as with anyone just because you think 5% of what they say is wrong you should not necessarily dismiss the other 95% because of it without investigating the facts behind that 95%. Unfortunately a lot of people do this with Icke.

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