How can an Israeli Jew who had family members killed by Palestines speak out against Israel

An honest Israeli Jew and son of an Israeli General tells the real truth about Israel

By Dark Politricks

One of the things I hate the most when you dare to criticise Israel for any number of things is being called anti-semitic.

It doesn’t matter that the majority of the Jews living in Israel have no actual blood ties to the land and are later converts.

Or that the real Semites are most likely the Palestinian people themselves who lived on that land for thousands of years.

No, if you criticise Israel for anything they do you are automatically called an anti-Semite if you are non-Jewish and a self hating Jew if you are.

It doesn’t seem to register in a person’s head that you can be Jewish and not a Zionist, or a Zionist and not a Jew, or even Jewish and not Israeli. However for some reason all 3 are conflated together and when you attack Israel policies of ethnic cleansing or executions on the high seas you are labelled as an anti-Semite.

Just some of the things you can be labelled with this nonsensical slur are:

  • Their foreign policy of getting US/UK troops to fight their wars for them in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Libya >> Iran??)
  • Their policy of breaking international law constantly by building illegal settlements on Palestinian land.
  • Their piracy on international waters (not Israeli sea) where they can board and execute people (including US citizens) and nothing happens.
  • Their policy of assassination by drone, hit squad or bombs.
  • Their use of false flag attacks, and false intelligence to get others to do their dirty work, as admitted to by ex Mossad officers and agents.
  • Their intransigence when it comes to Iran and the nuclear issue. Iran has no nuclear bombs (yet) Israel has hundreds. Iran has called for a nuclear free Middle East, Israel just wants the nukes for themselves.
  • Or any number of acts such as the Cast Lead war in which the majority of victims were women and children.
  • Or their illegal use of white phosphorus in-built up areas, including a UN building.
  • Or their summary executions of suspected Hamas soldiers, the killing of livestock so that the people had no food or the destruction of homes with horrible racist graffiti written all over the walls.

Therefore when real Israeli’s and Jews dare speak out against their countries actions and risk being attacked for doing so, they should be listened to. They give a different perspective on things and cannot be called anti-semitic, although I am sure they are on the SHIT list somewhere (Self Hating and Israel Threatening).

This is one such person. A son of a famous Israeli General, and someone who had family members blown up by Palestinian terrorists. How could someone speak out in defence of Palestine after that you might wonder. I will let you hear for yourselves.

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8 Responses to “How can an Israeli Jew who had family members killed by Palestines speak out against Israel”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Having viewed this video, I find the video to be misleading in some ways. It amazes me becuase this man claims to be the son of a high ranking general of the isreali army. Who better to listen to on this topic than this man. While not every thing he states is in error, there are a few. Either he will not tell you all the facts or he will not give you the full story as to why the generals acted upon the decisions that they acted upon at the time. Making the generals out to be war mongers and land takers. For example he states there is no evidence of a historical king name David. That’s wrong while there is not a whole lot of evidence to support a king david aside from the bible there are archealogical references such as the Tell Dan Stella and archeological references to kings such as solomon who were directly related to king david.Not only that but ancient writings from authors such as Josephus who leave you with the opinion that there absolutely had to be a figure in anceint times named king david. The whole Jerusalem concept rests upon being established by King David for the Isreali people. Regarding the Egyptian Army removing the UN off the egyptian isreali border and amassing their army and weaponry – what would any general conclude be it an isreali general or any general for that matter. Especially given the political atmosphere of the day. Of course an invasion. What better thing to do than to gather your troops and take the offensive so as not to be the victim of an overrun situation. The isreali’s not only had to deal with the egyptians but the jordanians, and the syrians all in a joint effort to eliminate the isreali people be it a zionist movement of not. Regarding the jews returning to their homeland. It was not the main motivating reason of the common jew to just want to leave their home grown land, ie europe germany, russian, africa what not but that of the constant persecution and the philosphy of a German Leader named Adolf Hitler being inspired by the Arab Leaders before that time and at that time to wipe off any existance of a Jewish people and this is a fact. So in an irony it was actually the arab people who brought the Jews back to Palastine now called the land of isreal. Regarding the palastinan people being dislocated from there home land. Yep …. why because they were not Jews, not all anyway’s and most had a believe in the muslim religion and view that if your were not a muslim you were considered an infidel. That whole region was dominated by arab muslims at the time hence the conquest of the crusaders by the muslim army. So the palastinians were another threat to the existance of the jewish people and constantly created terrorist acts upon the jews who moved in. There is so much more to all this other than a bunch of nations called the united nations that felt sorry for a small sect of people called the jews that they pushed for the creation of this state. Are the isreali people perfect …no…. did they conspire to establish there own state I don’t believe so. They couldn’t have unless the right options at the right time were presented to them. I can tell you that what this gentleman is offering is not a complete truth of this whole process.

    • darkpolitics Says:

      Well it’s the speakers memories, thoughts and opinions so you cannot do anything but put forth your own version of history and let people decide for themselves.

      I think the main problems with the Israeli / Palestinian conflict is the religious nature of it all. A lot of “Jews” I know, including my boss are actually Atheists, not Jewish, in the religious sense. In fact it’s the actual really religious Jews who don’t even have to serve in the Israeli army as everyone else does (conscription) which seems strange seeing it’s their religious history the others are protecting.

      Also a lot of Jews who now live in Israel have no family connection to the land. They converted to Judaism or were Jews before Israel even existed. Therefore the “Law of Return” which allows Jews to have Israeli passports and take Palestinian land has to be considered morally wrong when the Palestinians have lived on that land for hundreds of years yet the immigrants have no historical connection to the place.

      This is key to what is wrong with the current situation and I personally believe a one state solution – a secular one – where Arabs and Jews live side by side under equal law would be best. No more land grabs, illegal settlements and just two peoples living side by side and realizing they are no so different after all. In fact most Semites are Palestinians, so being called anti-Semitic for supporting them is illogical.

      This is in fact what Col Gadaffi wanted – a one state secular solution – however the leaders of Israel seem to want to keep their people on a permanent “DEFCOM 1” setting – war at any moment – from any direction – to keep them scared and willing to persecute Muslims.

      I am not saying Islam is perfect – I know Islam is just a branch from Abrahamic history and whether you believe a certain son of Abrahams was the leader of tribe A or B. They are all related by the same fairy tale – the Old testament – so they should realize that Halal meat and Kosher probably comes from the same story as well as most of their other fables and tales from history.

      A secular state where Muslims and Jews can live side by side along each other with equality and no discrimination would be ideal however the two state solution is being slowly eroded away by the illegal settlements.

      Religion has to get in the way of logic!

      • Jerome Lindsay Says:

                               My friend you don’t how much I appreciate your response to my comment regarding this issue. While most of what you state is true it goes deeper than just a surface assesment of a religous issue over a slice of land. In deed there is a large number of palastinians who are actually blood right jews, who have been is this land for a very loooong time who don’t hold to the tradition of there forefathers and don’t even know it, who over time of dominance by the Muslim arabs have actually blended the arab thought and life style into there own way of living. Modern Jews are without a doubt very secular and could care less about this country called isreal and most don’t want anything to do with their past or connection to any Jewish Ancestry. Most self proclaimed religous Jews don’t know why they believe the way they do except to state that the beleive by tradition only. In reality they are no different than any secular minded individual be Jew or Arab.I guess were you and I part on thought regarding this issue can be summed up in this ……that the old testament is nothing but a fairy tale. My friend if you knew as much as I know regarding the Old Testament and I have studied it from every perspective you would not be calling it a book of fairy tales. It is considered a very factual document of history about a jewish people and a land called Isreal most of which can be verified and substantiated from other independant sources outside of the Old Testament and I am not much of a religous person. While I can understand where people might be able to misconstrue the Old Testament as a book of fairly tales, such as Daniel and the Lions Den what not the burden to prove that lies with the individual that deems it as such. If you were to take the factual postives of the Old Testament and compare them with the stories of that which we cannot prove or dont quite fully understand the evidence points if favor on the scale towards the factual positives. wwwwhhheeeeewwww what a mouth full. At any rate going to the deeper side of understanding this whole process. To start you really need to have at a minimum a basic fundamental grasp of the Old Testament to even touch this subject. Of course if you believe that the Old Testament is nothing but a book of Fairly Tales you will be lost from the get go.                         I am a real truth seeker even if breaks my poor ole heart at least i’d like to think so. such as my own dam government that is supposed to be the shinning light to other countries governments doing unthinkable actions such as 9/11 etc. the Civil War etc.but these are actions that are and have been going on for reasons beyond my control. The same can be said about a land called Isreal and a Jewish people returning to that land. Credance would have you believe that conspiracies and the inner underground workings of mankind arranged all of this but to think this would be in error. Of course mankind would be the vessel used to carry out there own self percieved workings in order to accomplish whatever it is that they are trying to accomplish but this is where the Old Testament really shines as to the power of mankind pulling off their own accomplishments or force outside of this ….call it God if you will …..moving  and interacting apart from mankinds actions to make things happen.   Regarding the land of  Palastine ….   Bible passage: Zechariah 8:7-8

        Written: between 520 and 518 BC

        Fulfilled: 1967, etc. In Zechariah 8:7-8, the prophet said God would bring the Jews back from the east and the west to their homeland (Israel) and that they would be able to live in the city of Jerusalem again. This prophecy has been fulfilled more than once. About 2600 years ago, Babylon destroyed Jerusalem and took many Jews as captives to Babylon. But many Jews later returned from Babylon. The Jews rebuilt Jerusalem but the city was destroyed about 1900 years ago by the Romans. The Romans killed more than 1 million Jews and forced many more into exile. The Jews did not have control of Jerusalem again until 1967 when the Jews recaptured the city during the Six Day War. Here is Zechariah 8:7-8 This is what the Lord Almighty says: “I will save my people from the countries of the east and the west. I will bring them back to live in Jerusalem; they will be my people, and I will be faithful and righteous to them as their God.”   The reason why these folks can’t get along with each other is due to the fact that an Old Testament Prophet named Nathaniel stated to King David who had Uria the Hittite murdered. From this day forward your house will never have rest from the sword! 


      • darkpolitics Says:

        Thanks for replying. I have also studied the Bible and read many other books about Christ, Christianity and Religion however not all of them are written by Christian apologetics or people promoting that religon. I can look around my room and count at least 11 religon/history related books about Jesus just from this bad angle.

        The old testament was basically the Jewish people writing down oral traditions and tales that had been passed down by mouth for many years. Therefore any game of Chinese Whispers would prove that if you played the game over a year let alone a hundred or two the stories would become embellished, changed and distored.

        There maybe underlying truth from some of the stories especially those that were taken up by the Jews whilst in exodus in Babylon as they would have heard the Summerian traditions and tales of creation which are very similar. Whether you agree with Sitchin on the “factual” basis of the Sumerian tales, that Aliens came from Nibiru, created a worker race (humans – which is why no missing link has been found), the first one called Adam, and from an ape female is up for discussion. He and his followers obviously believe it to be true.

        However the Sumerians talked of a great flood and other stories which can be linked to the old testament. The problem is the Jews didn’t write this down for years.

        The old testament is also a weaved book from 2 to 4 different stories. This is why when you read the book of Genesis you get contradictions in each paragraph as there are different creation stories being told at the same time. You read one paragraph that says God did X then in the next it contradicts itsef. This is because the same tale is being told by multiple sources.

        Also just looking at the “logical” reality of the Garden of Eden shows that it cannot be true. If Adam and Eve WERE the first people on Earth then we are all born through incest. However when Cain killed Able why did God mark Cain and banish him from the Garden so that others could tell it was him and what he had done? Who were these other humans if Cain and Able were Adam and Eve’s first children? Either they were the first people or they weren’t – if they were then Cain’s marking makes no sense.

        That is just but one contradiction in the story but I don’t doubt some of the tales are based in some form of reality just that over time they were distored and anyone who believes the tales now as literal rather than allegorical or metaphorical tales of morality, good v evil and so on is having a laugh.

        As for the new testament that is another story – one created by Saul when he converted to Paul on his way to kill Christians. The Letters from the book of Corinthians show how the original Jersulem Chuch led by Jesus, which was taken over by his brother James The Just when he died, as it was a dynsatical Church/Priesthood where the word Messiah actually meant King AND High Priest but NEVER the literal son of God as Paul claimed. This is why anyone believing the Catholic Churches version based on Paul is taking ONE mans interpretation of a man (Jesus) who he never met out of context e.g Pauls version of events which he gained from visions and dreams and never from being on the ground as events happened.

        It is more likely that the Jewish tradition of being led by a Messiah (King/Priest – one who kept the traditions) was lost when the Romans took over and placed their own puppets on the throne. Jesus was more likely the real heir to the throne if true Jewish dynastic bloodlines had been kept and he was more likely a rebel trying to re-store this bloodline to the throne of Judah.

        The fact that the books of the new testament were not written until after the Jewish revolt of 66-74 AD when most Jews were killed or dispersed around Europe and Asia means that this is another fable that took on the traits of Roman Gods, e.g the holidays of Mithras were replaced with Jesus. The saviour Gods of ancient time (of which there were many – all born to a virgin, crucified and risen after 3 days, performed miracles etc) were implanted onto the Jesus story so that the Romans were more likely to accept the new religion when Rome converted to Christianity. Jesus’ true Birthday is supposed to be in September not December 25th a pagan holiday to celebrate the Winter solstice.

        However I do not believe it all to be myth – just a lot of it taken out of context and treated literal rather than metaphorical. Jeruselem for instance was never a large city but rather quite a small town / village. Historians and archeologists with a religious background are always going to try and put their own perspective on findings and only those without bias can really tell the history.

      • darkpolitics Says:

        As for the self fullfilling prophecy of Zionism – the return of Jews to Israel. This is why many true Jews do not agree or believe in Israel / Zionism because God did NOT put the Jews back in Israel but man did. Through the Balfour agreement, to the treaty of Versailles, to WWII where top Zionists could have saved many Jews from extinction by Nazis but claimed “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland.” – Greenbaum and did not let Hitler send them to Israel when they could had.

        Therefore a self fullfilling prophecy is not the same as one fullfilled by Gods hand alone. This is why so many REAL jews are against Israel and Zionism.

      • Jerome Says:

        Your response is fantastic and right on target in many ways. However there are yet flaws with what you state. I am not sure what 11 books it is that you have and have read but just from your response and your understanding from such books I would be looking at christianity from every bad angle to.Christian appolgetics was created by those who at one time or another were never christians. Only through their own personnel research and investigation did they come to the conclusion that the religion that is christianity is something worth believeing on by just the evidence alone and all the sceptism out there that has been brought up such as the compilation of the first few books of the old testament and its inconsistancies, Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel have all been addressed and have answers to all that. As I stated in my previous response that of the things that we do not have an answer for or explanation, the amount of that which we do have answers for and a firm grasp of far outweigh the negatives that are brought up. This understanding came from true hearted sceptics and atheists.I am thankful for their endevours to find the truth through all this.They certainly didn’t do it for their own emotional emptyness sake. Questions such as …. what are we doing out here on this revolving rock in the middle of nowhere in an existing state of life caught up in what seems to be a fight of good verses evil withen this limited fleshly body is what seems to have prompt people like C.S Lewis, Bruce Metzger,Simon Greenleaf, and so many more to publish the material on the defense of such a belief. Questions such as how accurrate is the Old Testament given the Oral Tradition that would lead people to think that the Old Testament is nothing but a phoney book of a compilation of stories that have led them to research and seek out the truth regarding this.

        It is important to note that facts should be the driving motivation on any beleif system that any group might try to bring upon a population to convince them of their personnal theory. However facts without an understanding of how those facts came about is useless. Kinda like takeing a passage out of context and missinterpreting it. To that I will drive on with the claim that Jesus is God. For Starters Paul and the Roman Civilization are not a good basis to go by if you wanted to conclude that Jesus is God. For Obvious reasons some of which you stated. The first thing you should do is look at the Old Testament. Now to understand what the Jews were looking for in a messiah is critical. Not just some ordinary dude who is annointed and considered a prophet. It so much more than that. The first books of moses shed some light on this individual but the prophets, no that’s were the meat and potatoes are. I know that you already know this so I will not divulge so much info here but for certain the messiah, that individual will do exactly what the prophets stated he would do. He did it! Not only that but he himself- Jesus said he was GOD!. He did??????? I don’t see that in the New Testament . Yes he did. The Jews reached for the stones to kill him because of this. The New Testament as ironic as it seems gets its consitency and integrity from the Old Testament even though the earliest example of a written form of the New Testament came from a parchment from the appostle john. Given the 40-70 year oral tradition passing the info down before it was ever written but the greatest info for the consistency of the New Testament comes from the early church fathters such as eusibious and those that were martyred under the Roman Emperors.The modern english version of the text does not do justice to some of the actual meanings behind what Jesus stated and what he did. Going back to the original greek text it sheds an even deeper understanding of all this. Of course not everyone can read Original Greek or Latin but that’s why a firm grasp on the art and science of biblical interpretation is so important to understanding that Jesus stated he was God in the Flesh. Another good example is John the appostle. He knew all to well that Jesus was not just some annointed propheitical cat called the messiah. All you have to do is read his letters. Lastly James the Just the brother of Jesus knew the same. There are so many reference’s that point Jesus as God in the Flesh that to go at length here would be a litte to much as this is not really what I am trying to get to regarding and understanding of Isreal and how it came about which leads me to the next topic.

        A self proclaimed man made prophecy regarding Isreal. I understand how people can mistru this. It’s easy but then again it’s not. Whoever said God does not use people in places at certain times that give people the illusion that it was a self proclaimed prophecy. Look at the book of Esther, read and understand that that’s a similiar situation in which the Jews were on the brink of extermination. The right people were in the right place’s at the right time. Well that just another story. Is it. Another important note to take is that Jesus confirmed that the Old Testament that is the Torah the Tanakh was a factual book to rely on. It so happens that the book of Ether fits squarly in the middle of all that. Not only that but Darius again people in the right places at the right times given the situations that they are put into. Who has control of time? Who can control people place’s events, why maybe God right.Yea there were jews against the movement to palastine and then there were those who were not. just as there are some who are against there own kind such as spies in our own country for the sake of money what not … kinda the same principle in some ways. Hope this helps regarding were I am coming from and an understanding of all this.

      • darkpolitics Says:

        The 11 books are books written by everyone from Atheists, Christian Scientists, Occult History writers, Jewish scholars who have created a “biography” of Jesus’ life by decoding the Bible and the way it is written and other historians who detail the Jewish Rebellion against the Romans, the Church of Jerusalem who was a dynastic organisation in which James the Just, Jesus brother took over after his death, and others who have traced the Christian religion all the way back to Stonehenge and the worship of the Star Venus. From being able to tell the time, so as to know when to plant seeds to grow crops most religion was created. Early Britons apparently migrated around the north of Africa to Egypt and then to Israel (or so the author claims). I even read the odd Watchtower magazine as it falls through my door every now and then just for laughs!

        You talk about the self fulfilling prophecy of the return of the Jews but most people living in that land are Zionists and have no link to the land at all being converts to the religion and East Europeans who never had family from that land. Even a whole sect of Judaism are against Zionism and see it as an abomination against God. It seems you are also basing your evidence of Jesus being “God” on a self fulfilling prophecy as well. The Jews of the later age new the prophecies from the Old Testament and therefore they tried to fulfil them. However as Jesus never became the Messiah, the ruler of the Jews, he failed in his mission to fulfil the prophecy. Therefore even if he claimed to be the Messiah you believe means son of God how can he be when he failed? If he was the true Messiah the Jews would have welcomed him surely? As the Jews themselves say at any one time there are a number of righteous men around the world who could fulfil the position, therefore they are obviously waiting but didn’t see him as that person.

        Also as I said before the word Messiah never meant God, the Jews didn’t believe it did and it was only Saul/Paul who turned that around. As most of the New Testament was written a long time after Jesus and by people who had never met him how can you rely on their written word anyway?

        Why is it that all 4 of the apostles don’t have the same story on Jesus’s life? If they knew the facts (and you say the Bible is factual) then why are there so many discrepancies between all their stories? Tell me the answer to why God marked Cain for killing Able if Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth? Who were the other people Able needed to be marked for?
        Why is the book of Genesis written in such a way that one paragraph contradicts the previous one. It has been shown that the old testament was written by at least 3 maybe 4 authors at a much later date than Moses supposedly existed and this explains why it reads as if 3 different stories are being woven together. Tales from different traditions being combined and not very accurately.

        How can you prove someone who never met the person they are writing about knew 100% that Jesus claimed he was God?

        I think the CS Lewis (the Good, Insane or God argument) has been totally dis-proven by many people – add to it – just wrong or misguided or trying to fulfil a prophecy.

        Just imagine – if you saw someone today in your shop or office who claimed to be the Son of God what would you do?

        Would you fall at his feet and worship him as the Messiah returned or would you think he was mad?

        If you wouldn’t treat him as the Messiah then why do you treat the books of people written in an uneducated age (comparatively to now) as 100% factual and infallible? Especially when most of them were basing their stories on oral tales and adding myths from other Saviour religions (Mithras, Horus etc) to the story.

        If you can give me facts to back up your faith then I would love to hear them. However basing a belief based on a book of allegories and metaphors, ancient myths and oral tales is not proof. Nor is basing your belief on books written by people who only base their belief on the Bible – using the Bible and books written using the Bible as their basis for fact is a circular argument.

        I admit that the book and Jesus has some good stuff to say however modern philosophers (Kant) and righteous men (MLK, Gandhi) have just a good a moral compass and ways to lead a good moral ethical life.

        Christianity followed on from Judaism and Islam followed on from that. Who is to say one religion is right and another wrong. Why do you believe Christianity and not the fables of Islam or Thor or Jupiter or Isis?

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    How can an Israeli Jew who had family members killed by Palestines speak out against Israel | Dark Politics

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