Please read my blog posts on my main site at


This is just a quick note to let you know that if at all possible I would prefer you to read the articles I write on my main site

The simple reason is that on that site I can show Google AdSense adverts whereas won’t let you and in fact I have been kicked off this site before when I imported all my old articles into the system.

Citizen journalism is hard enough without the salary so any help would be much appreciated and you can read my own articles on the main site under the “my articles” menu option.

As well as my own blog posts there are many other articles about privacy, the police state, the war on terror and the crack down on free speech we are witnessing all around us from various other sources.

If you don’t already please check out my main site at:

or if that is down AND this site is down for whatever reason I have another backup site of my own blog postings only at:

Please help me keep blogging and spreading the #altnews the mainstream chooses to ignore!


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One Response to “Please read my blog posts on my main site at”

  1. darkpolitics Says:

    be clever use that mouse button!

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