Is the USA becoming a police state?

By Dark Poltricks

So America, how does it feel to know that you are no longer the home of the free?

We are now living in times that the constitution really is just an old piece of paper that is ignored by the President, 99% of Congress and most of the Police forces around the country.

When the right to peaceful protest becomes the right for Police to assault, maim and burn those who dare stand up to authority you are no longer living in a country bound by the constitution and the Bill of Rights. The supposed basis of all US law, which protects the right to assemble, and protest grievances against the government.

From speaking to people from the USA online it has become blatantly clear that the country has successfully fallen
to the oldest trick of them all – divide and conquer.

When right wing conservatives and Tea Party supporters mock, criticise and defend scenes like the ones below then
it is clear to me that the short slightness of a sizable proportion of Americans has no bounds.

I would say to those who call themselves “right wing”, “constitutionalists” or Tea Party members – What do you think your founding fathers would say if they could see the scenes being played at Occupy Wall Street protests around the USA almost on a daily basis.

Would Thomas Jefferson be on the side of the government thugs in blue, pepper spraying 84 year old grannies like Dorli Rainey, and batonning women in the stomach at Berkeley for daring to link arms.

Or is it more likely that he would be on the side of those who are protesting the huge US government that has become nothing more than a protectorate of big banks, printing money, and the military industrial complex i.e a corporatacy.

Is the political divide and conquer technique working that well on American citizens that those on the right would cheer acts of brutality on people they might not agree with politically but if those same acts were being carried out on them (say at a Tea Party rally) would be screaming blue murder?

As the famous quote (attributed to Voltaire) says:

“I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it?”

Americans of all political persuasions should be outraged by these acts of brutality from the police.

If you cheer as they attack those you may call your political enemy then don’t expect sympathy when no-one comes to your aid when you gather the balls to actually protest the actions of the banksters who have decimated your present and killed off your children’s future.

Where is the Tea Party? Why are they not out there shouting all those same issues they were prepared to at the original Tea Party rallies a few years back.

Where are all those people who denounced the bailouts to the banks, the corporate take over of America and the huge deficit that is causing drastic austerity measures to be implemented in states all across the USA?

Why are there no Tea Party supporters picketing Bank of America and Goldman Sachs demanding that the criminal enterprises run by people such as Llyod Blankfein are brought to justice for their massive fraud and robbery of taxpayers and investors.

If you don’t believe these big banks have anything to answer for then I suggest you just spent a few minutes reading up on High Frequency Trading and Front Running and the tricks played by Goldman Sachs that allowed Greece to hide massive debts and join the Euro, massively contributing to the Euro crisis we are now in the middle of.

Remember the USA used to be known world wide as the home of the free.

Recent examples caught on camera and shown the world over show that not to be the case any-more. Hopefully something will be done to reverse this trend towards fascism before it’s too late.


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