Democracy in Europe is now just a pipe dream – the banksters now control who runs your country

By Dark Politricks

Here is a quick question, especially if you are Greek or Italian, who runs your country?

Do you really think you are an independent state that is controlled by democratic elections and the will of the people or have you now realised the power of the Eurocrats who will literally do anything to keep their dream of a European Super State alive?

Apparently “the markets” as they are ubiquitously called on TV news stations everywhere seem to have more say in EU countries affairs than even the current leaders of Europe and the EU. Even  Sarkozy and Merkel seem to bend over whenever those banksters feel the urge to rape a European country to tears.

It seems that if the markets are worried, then your Prime Minister, directly elected by the people must go.

If the markets are deliberately driving up the price of your bond yeilds then hey ho, no need for a new election to get a taste of what direction the people of  your country wants. Off they go to be replaced by EU approved Eurocrats and globalist economist friends of banksters the world over.

If I was an Italian or Greek I would be very anoyed that my country was now literally being ruled by the will of the EU and the banksters that ruined the world economy only a few years back.

We all know the EU and Euro are political experiments that must not fail.

The European Super State is a flawed idea that came from good intentions but is one that is rejected by most European people.

From the ashes of the 2nd world war in which Europe once again fell into a massive blood letting that had regularly occurred for centuries immemorial. The peoples of Europe decided to come up with an enterprise to entwine the massive industrial strength of Germany in with it’s neighbours and prevent future wars between European nations from ever re-occurring. This idea was a European Super State, built in stages so as not to scare “the people” but at the end would result in one giant country ruled by the two main players i.e Germany and France.

The common market was not a bad idea and neither was the he ability for workers to move across Europe to where the work was required, free movement of labour, something which I myself have done when I went to live in Spain for a while.

However the Euro is and always will be a bad idea in it’s current form.

Europe is a huge patchwork of countries with different languages, cultures, histories and behaviours. The only thing we have in common is our shared history of fighting each other.

Northern countries like Germany and the UK have nothing in common with southern countries like Greece, Italy and Spain except the fact we both like to holiday in those countries. Even on holiday our differences are noticeable from the restaurants we eat at, the activities we enjoy, and the very well known fact that Germans awake at 6am so they can steal all the sunbeds before we English have even awoken from our drunken slumbers.

Without politicial union and a common fiscal policy the Euro is doomed to fail and I hope it does. However I don’t believe the powers that be will allow it to as the idea of political union is too important for them.

What we are now witnessing is a common problem – reaction – solution situation being played out in front of our eyes and I have no doubt the problem initiated by globalist banksters to wreck the economy will cause the desired re-action – mass unrest in European nations of which we have seen so much of already.

Then as a solution the Eurocrats and globalists, with the markets holding multiple guns behind their banks of course, will demand closer political union between EU nations as the only possible solution that will save Europe from itself and possible future wars.

We have already heard Angela Merkel threaten that if the Euro failed then war was a possibility and this should be taken as no unlikely threat. Europeans have been killing each other for thousands of years. I can only hope for once that if there is another European war we Brits stay out of it for once.

Democracy seems to be dying in Europe.

The EU is one of the most undemocratic institutions ever imagined into existence and now that we have “the markets” deciding who should be leaders of our nations we have lost even the right to allow the people to vote and decide the future of their country.

I give Gordon Brown credit for one thing – at least he kept the UK out of the Euro against the wishes of Tony Blair. Hopefully the crisis over the channel will ensure that we never contemplate joining it again.

If there is any hope to be had at all and that is the fact that people all across the world are awakening to the fact that we control nada, nothing, zilch.

Elections are just illusions to placate us and the real power brokers are slaves to the banks and the markets. If the Occupy Wall Street and other protest movements achieve anything then hopefully it will be the spread of this knowledge to those uneducated about these matters and then maybe we will join together and do something about it.

Hopefully this will include taking our countries back from the banksters who ruined them and continue to control us all. If I were Greek or Italian I would be severely pissed off that my ancient nation, the same nations that created and modelled the democratic systems we still use all over the world today ,have been usurped by the say so of foreign globalist interests.


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One Response to “Democracy in Europe is now just a pipe dream – the banksters now control who runs your country”

  1. Tarig Anter Says:

    I intend to investigate an assumption that major German and British investment banks and financiers who are the main creditors and lenders for many European countries in the last twenty years deliberately created the current European sovereign debt disasters to gain control over certain countries.

    The reason behind this accusation is very logical and clear. To protect investors, normal creditors in any situation shall definitely refrain from lending to any already heavily indebted entity or state.
    The questions posed here to readers are:

    1- Do you have any idea why these investment banks and financiers provided bad debts?

    2- Do you know the names and ownerships of the major investors and creditors to each European country in crisis?

    3- Why the EU institutions did not warn and intervene before approving the loans to heavily indebted countries?

    4- Why the EU is suddenly very vigorous in dealing with debt default and bankruptcy while they were watching the clear problems in the making?

    5- What made elected governments exceed any reasonable debt ceiling and overspend beyond their capacity?

    6- Why the essential financial and economic prerequisites of the EU were relaxed and allowed heavily indebted countries to gain membership?

    7- How far the EU and the financial markets are legally allowed to topple democratically elected governments and appoint unelected rulers?

    8- What are the invisible relationships between the EU institutions and those investment banks and financiers?

    9- Why the credit rating system was not applied to states that exceeded reasonable Debt/GDP ratio?

    10- Why very rich countries like the USA, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, France, and the UK are the top indebted countries without interference?

    I appreciate any information and comments on these questions to let everybody know the truth behind the unholy alliance between bankers; bureaucrats; and senior officials in any country.

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