Sarkozy and Obama hate the Israeli PM as much as most people

By Dark Politricks

In previously unpublished remarks, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a liar and the US President Obama didn’t disagree with him at all. What does that say about the US / Israeli partnership?

Apparently Journalists covering last week’s G20 summit overheard French President Nicolas Sarkozy blasting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to U.S. President Barack Obama as a “liar” during a talk that the two leaders believed were not being listened to.

“I can’t stand him. He’s a liar,” Sarkozy said of Netanyahu.

President Obama replied: “You may be sick of him but I have to deal with him every day”.

The exchange was overheard by journalists who at first kept their word to to not embarrass the French President during the G20 conference but the details have now been made public and are being reported all around the world after Dan Israel of the French news website, Arret sur Images, broke the story.

We all know that the Israel First Lobby is very strong in the USA and western nations like France and the UK so it is no surprise that the leaders of those countries find themselves increasingly annoyed at the power that is constantly shoved in their faces.

This is shown whenever AIPAC demands Congress sign letters to the President demanding he back Israel despite world opinion, condem UN reports criticising Israels war crimes and repeated breaches of UN resolutions as well as Benjamin Netanyahu’s repeated demands for the West to fight another Middle Eastern war on Israel’s behalf.

He wants the USA and UK to attack Iran who “might” be thinking about developing nukes whilst they themselves refuse to admit they own a couple hundred nuclear weapons.

As well as not being members of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty they prevent IAEA representatives from inspecting their nuclear stockpile we know they have due to the brave actions of Mordechai Vanunu.

He revealed in a Sunday Times expose in 1985 that Israel had been deceiving the world with their nuclear reactor at the Dimona site and for his troubles he was kidnapped by Israeli agents in a honey-trap from Rome and locked up in solitary confinement for the best part of 18 years.

So whilst Israel cries wolf again about the nuclear threat posed by Iran, demanding that the world community do something more than just talk or impose sanctions they are at the same time sticking two fingers up to the world by dishonestly ignoring their own elephant in the room – which is that they are the only country in the Middle East with enough nuclear bombs to wipe the whole continent out and much much more.

It’s mo wonder western leaders are getting pissed off with Netanyahu’s refusal to commit to peace talks, withdraw to the already agreed borders of the Israel / Palestine partition and at the same time lecture the world on the danger of terrorism whilst at the same time engaging in state terror that is amongst the worst in the world.

You only have to look at recent history to see how little Israels government cares about the world’s opinon:

-It attacked in international waters a flotilla destined to bring aid to the illegally blockaded Gaza strip killing 9 peace activists including the execution of an American citizen Furkan Dogan which was caught on camera. This act of piracy caused immense strain with ex ally Turkey as well as showing how toothless the US is when it comes to avenging it’s own citizens illegally executed by foreign powers – especially when that foreign power is called Israel.

-It sent a hit squad into Dubai to murder a top Hamas commander using faked UK, Irish and Australian passports that meant innocent people were accused of crimes they didn’t commit. This caused diplomatic rows between the countries involved but Israel kept quiet as allies accused it of actions not befitting a friend.

-It killed over 1,300 people mainly women and children in their onslaught on Gaza in 2008-2009 in Operation Cast Lead. The UN commissioned a report led by a Zzionist Richard Goldstone who found that Israel had indeed committed war crimes by targeting the civilian population as a whole and for his trouble he was labelled a self-hating Jew. The war in Gaza caused over $1.9 billion worth of material damage as well as injuring over 7,000 civilians and destroying over 4,000 houses as  well as most of Gaza’s infrastructure and buildings.

-It blocked recent peace talks initiated by Obama whilst Netanyahu belittled the US president on live TV by lecturing him on Middle Eastern Israeli centric politics and blocked his peace plans before they could even get started.

-It continues to hold US foreign policy up to ridicule by the world by ensuring that any Security Council vote criticising Israel is vetoed by the United States. This has happened 42 times since the UN was created and makes a mockery of International Law which first came to fruition in the Nuremberg trials that convicted Nazi war criminals for crimes against humanity. Israel has truly become the bullied school kid that grew up to bully others.

So it s no wonder that the leaders of the free world find it hard to trust Israel and it’s current leader when it ignores everything the world community asks of it and is pushing for yet another war with Iran.

A war that will be much more devastating than the Iraq or Afghan conflicts and one which Israeli troops will no doubt sit on the sidelines letting US and UK troops do the heavy fighting.

The conversation between Sarkozy and Obama maybe embarrassing for them but at least it shows the world that the think the same as the majority of people horrified at the current Apartheid administration in Israel.

How they will handle their next meeting with Netanyahu is anyone’s guess and I would love to be able to watch them squirm as they try to weasle their way out of it to appease their overseas Zionist neo-con master.


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