a new #Altnews Search Engine

By Dark Politricks

I have been busy working on a new part of the site which I hope you will like.

It can be found at and is an alternative news search engine that allows you to view the best #ALTNews sites around without the mainstream guff, bull shit and noise that Google, BING and all the others try to force down your throat.

Although not perfect yet it should give you the best alternative news sites and articles from the blogosphere and non mainstream web and like my other search engine it keeps your anonymity by never logging your searches and using proxy servers to run the searches.

For this reason it might be a bit slower than other search engines but if you like alternative news you will hopefully put up with the delay because I will sift out the lame-stream to provide proper alternative perspectives on the events we all feel are important.

I am still working on it so if you have any suggestions or problems then just comment on this article but whilst I am testing it you can view it by clicking the main menu link, the sidebar link or bookmarking

Also please remember that I am basically having to pay out my own pocket each month to keep this and my other sites running.

No-one pays me to do this work and the only money I get is from Google adverts and donations.

Therefore if you want to help me build a faster, better search engine then please do the obvious otherwise please donate me some money. Even if it’s only a few pounds or dollars it will all go towards server costs.

Hopefully you will like the search engine and remember you can still use the old search system by using the box in the header.


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