Let’s imagine if Israel and the state of Palestine were actually your home

By Dark Politricks

Let’s imagine for a minute that you were in the position of a Christian person whose family had lived in the land of Palestine for many generations over hundreds of years.

Now imagine that instead of Palestine it was the UK or the USA or Russia, wherever you are from.

How would you feel if one day you were made homeless, a refugee, kicked out of your home and forced to live in a neighbouring country all because a group of Muslim people turned up and claimed the land as theirs.

What if most of these people had never even lived in your country or stepped foot in it before that day.

Many of these people are shipped in from overseas, due to their own homes being lost after war but all of them claiming your land, your home in Arkansas, Kent or Moscow, as their ancestral birth right.

What if most of these people referred back to an ancient story that many people took as nothing more than a fairy tale that had been written down many thousands of years ago as the sole reason for their right to take to your land.

Just imagine if thousands of people kicked you out of your home claiming that because they believed in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus it gave them the right to remove you from your home.

You may laugh but there are many religions in this world that many people see this way. I have heard Christians mock Muslims for worshipping the moon and show disdain for Hinduism with their many God’s instead of their sole supreme creator. One man’s religion is often treated with contempt by other seemingly religious people.

So now you are homeless and forced to live in a squalid refugee camp where your home is only a distant memory.

Years and years of wars, negotiations and broken treaties pass without any change in your situation. All you want to do is return home but you are not allowed to because your old country is now considered the home of Muslims only.

Your leaders are given the choice to have your own country, which is a tiny fragmented fraction of the size it had once been. But as a pre-condition of doing so they must first renounce your right to return back to your home and swear an oath that your old home, where you once lived alongside people of many other religious faiths, was now only the home of Muslims.

You were never allowed to go home, even though international law states the right of any refugees to do so.

You were to give up any hope of seeing your old town, your old home and old freinds again because these people had claimed you had no right to the land your family had lived on for hundreds of years.

Would you allow your leaders to make that pact?

To give up any hope of returning to your ancestoral lands in return for a small piece of land that was now controlled entirely by your new masters.

I don’t think many people would yet this is what the pro-israeli lobby want the Palestinians to do when they say that the Palestinians must recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Many Palestinian leaders have already done this and many have explicitly stated the right for Israel (as a non religious state) to exist.

However what they cannot accept is the entirely Jewish nature of the state that means Christians and Muslims, Hindu’s and Atheists alike are conceptually (if not physically) treated as 2nd class citizens on their own land.

In my eyes having any country classified as a religious state of any kind, whether it be Islamic, Christian or Jewish, is inherently sectarian in nature.

Israel as a state has the right to exist because the UN granted it’s creation in 1947.

However I can see no logical argument that allows for someone like myself to convert to Judaism and then under the “right of return” laws that exist in Israel be granted an Israeli passport.

This means that I could go and live in Israel as a Jew, a country and land I have no link to, whilst people who had lived on that land for many centuries are prohibited from doing so.

Just imagine for a minute if you were a Palestinian refugee living in a camp in Lebanon or Jordan. Could you accept this trade off as part of the “peace process” that Israel insists on. To give up any hope of a return to your home so that foreigners with no link to the land apart from ancient stories and myths can call it home instead?

If you say “yes I could” then I would like you to explain yourself in the comment section.

Please take the time to fill out this poll on Palestinian statehood as well.


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