Will the Libyan rebels be any better than Gaddafi or will western interests rule the day

By Dark Politricks

Here are some quick musings on the Libyan rebels entering Tripoli.

If the rebels gain control then we will see what deals they made with the devil AKA NATO for their support. These will be revealed in the types of contracts that our western governments are given as repayments when Libya‘s nationalised industries are privatised, opened up and gutted for the benefit of the rich banksters that fund and cause most recent conflicts.

I am pretty sure that David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Obama and the others who pushed for intervention will want some kind of payback for all the £400,000 Tomahawk missiles they flew into Libyan compounds.

The payment they will want will be measured in barrels of oil, private contracts, arms sales and promises that the the new government will follow their demands when it comes to decisions on international matters such as Palestinian statehood or backing for Syrian intervention.

Obviously it could go the other way and the rebels could turn round once Tripoli is captured and Gaddafi gone and turn two fingers up at the west and say thanks but no thanks.

Their nationalised industries provide jobs not profits and in this economy that’s what’s needed the most for the huge population that requires wages, food, job security and not shareholder dividends.

Oil is their major export and giving it away to Western companies like BP and Shell would be throwing away good money that could be better spent rebuilding their battered infrastructure and helping their poor.

Gaddafi is a ruthless dictator but some of the al-Qaeda types that surround the rebels could be even worse. If they gain any kind of power then Libya could turn into either a modern democracy or an Islamic theocracy with terrorism, vengeance and a huge stockpile of western weapons in it’s grip.

The next few days are crucial to Libya‘s fate and we shall all cross our fingers and hope everything turns out for the best.

And by that I mean best for the Libyan people not the western neo-con war mongering banksters that see endless war as the only way of keeping their house of cards debt based economy going.


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