UK Politicians and their crazy decisions that lead to EU bailouts, war and more debt

By Dark Politricks

Is it just me or is it crazy that all the money being “saved” through austerity measures implemented by our UK Government is totally outweighed by the money we are handing over against the EU’s own rules to help bailout a currency we don’t even belong to?

We chose not to join the Euro and have been proven right to do so but it seems we have for some reason to suffer the consequences of a pan-european currency whilst not enjoying any of the benefits in brings.

It might be argued that our close relationship with Ireland necessitated our own direct loan to it but why are we bailing out Euro countries such as Greece and Portugal and probably Spain when we are not even part of that currency and whilst we are suffering from a huge debt crisis ourselves.

A few of our MP’s tried last week to stop these bailouts but failed to do so. Only 48 MP’s chose to vote with Mark Reckless and his attempt to stop these Euro bailouts.

Not only are we literally wasting this money by loading countries that have suffered from high debt up with more debt but we are also wasting millions a day through our actions in Libya and Afghanistan whilst at the same time implementing huge cuts on our military.

It seems that every government I can remember has tried saving money by cutting our Defense (more like attack) budget but then go on to commit our armed forces to fight unneccessary wars that cost billions and make us less safe at home.

It can be argued that national defence is one of the few roles a government should play but since I was young I can only think of one actual war that was defence of our realm and that was the Falklands conflict.

Whether you agree with the legacy of the British Empire or not those cold, wind blown islands were ignored by everybody else and have been populated by people who consider themselves British. Therefore when they were invaded by Argentina in 1982 we were right to defend British territory from attack rather than invading another country using the UN, NATO or Terrorism as an umbrella excuse for doing so.

In these cap strapped times we should not be spending billions on wars we cannot afford at the same time cutting our armed forces so that each subsequent war they are asked to fight leaves them with less tools to do the job.

It sickens me to watch our politicians attempt to play Napolean, stutting about on the world stage moving under funded troops from continent to continent as if in a massive game of Risk.

The consequences of their decisions are never felt by themselves only the thousands of innocent people who die as a result of their war thirst and the public at home who have to pay more in taxes to fund these wars.

The sooner we can move to a world where the people who make these sorts of decisions have to suffer their intended and unintended results the better.


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