Our soldiers do deserve a proper military covenant

By Dark Politricks

Bad health has made it hard for me to keep my own blog posts up to date so I haven’t been able to write as much as I would like on this site lately but hopefully the news articles that have been posted have provided you all with great #altnews from all perspectives. I would also urge you all to check out the great altnewshelp.wordpress.com site as it will give you tips on how you help keep alternative news alive without denting your own pockets.

The major point I wanted to comment on earlier in the week but couldn’t do was the the Tory / Lib Dem plan to enshrine the Military Covenant into law.

Whilst I am totally against the current wars in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, and even though I detest how the phony war on terror has been used as a pretext to destroy our civil rights at home and install a high tech surveillance state, I totally support our troops in the military.

This isn’t because I live in a military town with barracks all around me or because my Uncle served in the RAF. I have vigorous debates with family members over our defence industry that makes billions by selling weapons to Middle Eastern countries which we know will be used for “crowd control” to kill protesters all over the place.

I believe in a strong defense of our realm but what we have at the moment is not a defence industry but one of attack.

Every single Tomahawk missile that is shot from a Typhoon at a Libyan tank or one of Gaddafi’s bases is £400k of cuts to our libraries, schools, fire brigades and hospitals we wouldn’t have to make.

Our foreign policy is not only hypocritical and made up on the fly it is making us less safe at home.

Yes whilst we become the targets of disgruntled Muslim extremists, fat cats at BAE bung millions to Saudi Princes and get fraud probes into their bribery dropped so that they can make millions from the blood of others.

A lot of people in the anti-war movement cannot detach support for the troops from support of western foreign policy. They see every persons choice of job as an indicator of their moral compass and therefore put soldiers firmly in the camp of evil doer because of their job.

Whilst this argument has some merit I disagree and happily admit I don’t feel the same way I do about our military as I do the corrupt old boys network that our police force basically is. I have unfortunately had plenty of first hand experience of how our police destroys peoples lives and is basically a corrupt and immoral institution that is used as government muscle.

Whereas our Police force is full of hypocrites who were bullied at school and joined the force purely looking to get their own back on society our armed forces are full of people who rightly or wrongly believe they are serving our country and in most cases have no idea who or what they are fighting for and joined up purely for an escape route from their northern wasteland home town.

Many members of our police force are hated by the vast majority of the public due to their preference for chasing drivers because they can keep the profits from the fines and if they are not corrupt in the common sense they have no problem ruining peoples lives by convicting them of crimes they happily commit every day themselves.

I know policemen who are corrupt, who drink drive or speed and have been let off when caught by their “mates in blue”, take and sell drugs, fiddle tax and enjoy the odd free visit to a prostitute now and then. It is no mistake to say there is one law for us and another for the men in blue.

In comparison most of our armed forces are full of  working class men who grabbed the opportunity to serve as it was the only viable way to get out of their community that didn’t involve crime or a life on benefits.

If you have suffered an education at the hands of a UK comprehensive as I have then you will know that your chances of success in life come down to how much education you can gain outside the school gates as well as any luck or helping hand you can get along the way.

Unfortunately many boys from poor neighbourhoods all over our country come out of school at the age of 16 still not being able to read, write or do maths properly. With none or very few skilled labour  jobs left in UK towns that were once strongholds of manufacturing they are left with little hope for the future.

Therefore serving in the armed forces is usually the only option available to them that doesn’t involve selling drugs or working behind a McDonalds drive through.

Luckily we don’t ask our soldiers to walk towards machine gun fire like we did in World War 1 but we still ask them to fight wars halfway around the world in which they have little knowledge of the true reasons that lay behind them and then bring them back home to live in squalor with little reward or help for any problems they might have.

So I have nothing but admiration for those young working class men who are willing to put their lives at risk for stupid cowardly politicians who un-bravely live vicariously through the heroic deeds of others.

It sickens me to see Cameron, Sarkosy and Obama strut the world stage pretending they are helping deliver peace and prosperity whilst in truth they deliver drone attacks and half million pound Tomahawk missiles that kill and maim women and children and only stoke the fires of hatred that already exist because of our hypocritical and biased foreign policy.

Therefore I wholeheartedly agree that our troops should have the right to good accommodation, proper health care and support for the 1 in 8 who return with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and all the other mental and physical health problems they come back from the battlefield with.

Our prisons and homeless shelters are full of ex soldiers and it’s not right that we prioritise immigrants and skivers over those who had little to start off with but were willing to put it all on the line for the wreck-less decisions of others. I might not agree with the war but I want to see our troops supported when they return home limbless and mentally disturbed.

If we could truly change our hotch potch foreign policy and convert our Ministry of Attack to a true Ministry of Defence then we wouldn’t even have to be discussing the military covenant at all. Instead of wasting billions fighting pointless wars we would instead have enough money in our coffers to support our troops well being as well as all the other activities we are cutting from our public spending just so we can hand it over to Brussels to bail out Ireland, Portugal and Greece.

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