The death of Bin Laden brings the worlds longest game of hide and seek to a sudden and bloody end

By Dark Politricks

I haven’t really had time to digest the news that the longest game of hide and seek the world has ever known has abruptly come to an end with
yesterday’s news that Osama Bin Laden was shot dead in a night raid in Pakistan.

I have yet to see any pictures of his dead body so as far as I know they could have just shot a few holes through a look a like / body double
and then lied about the DNA test they supposedly carried out to prove it was him.

However I do have a few questions

a) Why was he buried so quickly and at sea like a Viking or Sailor? Was this to get rid of the body so no-one could independently verify it was him
or did they care so much about the worlds biggest super villains Islamic burial rights that they put those ahead of any other consideration?

b) Why haven’t any pictures been released of the body. Supposedly President Obama sat up late at night and a good old snuff movie night watching live as his special forces stormed the massive million dollar mansion Bin Laden was hiding out in (right next to a Pakistani Military Base) and had a good old chuckle as his troops murdered everyone inside including the woman Bin Laden was supposedly using as a human shield.

I can remember when Saddam Hussein was caught in his little hole that he was paraded for the press and then filmed as he swung his last few breaths on a rope on YouTube for millions to watch. Can we expect to see this “snuff” video on YouTube anytime soon and if not is it because the thought of watching US troops storm a building shooting and killing anything that moved would be just too untasteful to watch even for a public that has been de-sensitized so much by TV and movies over the years.

Surely a picture of Bin Laden‘s dead body is not too much to ask for?

c) Would it not have been better to catch him alive and prove to the world that

  • He was alive after all these years.
  • The US Troop had finally managed to find him and put him on trial for all his crimes proving that yes we are actually civilised and justice does not just mean murdering unarmed criminals no matter how evil they may be.
  • Get some kind of statement from him about how he managed to survive for so long with all his health problems, how he escaped the Tora Bora mountains when we had him surrounded and who in the Pakistani government was helping him hide out all these years.
  • Prove to all those people who have thought he was dead since 2001 that they were wrong and that the US hadn’t just dug him up from his 2001 grave.

d) Maybe some of these questions are ones that President Obama doesn’t want answered and maybe we will never find out for sure. One thing is for sure and that is the sudden killing of the worlds foremost hide and seek champion and arch super villain comes at the most perfect time for him.

With his poll ratings down, the US dollar tanking and the economy in a depression within a week he has silenced his critics on the right by producing his birth certificate as well as accomplishing the one task his predecessor George W Bush couldn’t do which was hunt down and kill Bin Laden. I wonder how his poll ratings look this morning?

e) Does this now mean our war on terror can be wound down? We went to war in Afghanistan supposedly because the Taliban were harbouring al-Qaeda terrorists who had commited the 9.11 attacks. Now that the architects of this crime have been killed or captured there is surely no need for the war to continue.

As President Karzai alluded to in his speech yesterday surely the fact that Bin Laden‘s hideout was in the center of Pakistan and right next to a military base infers that at a very high level at least members of the ISI, Pakistani Army or even the government itself were complicit in keeping Bin Laden hidden, and that actually the war on terror should be now re-focused to that country instead of his own.

Most of the people in Afghanistan haven’t even heard about 9.11 let alone know anything about al-Qaeda and most of the Taliban fighters are fighting the US/UK forces because

  • They see them as invaders who need repelling just like the dozens of armies that have been defeated before hand including the UK and Soviet armies.
  • They are out for revenge for all the weddings, funerals and “collateral damage” that have been incurred during the decade of drone attacks and murder squads killing for fun.
  • They pay better money than any other job going.

f) Most of the reports of Bin Laden’s demise came from Pakistani sources including ex premier President Benazir Bhutto and other high up ISI or army intelligence officers. Were they colluding in a “fake death” scenario to keep him alive or did they honestly believe he was dead. What about all the other intelligence reports from Israel and the FBI who also believed he was dead. Were they “in the know” so to speak and just trying to keep the knowledge of his whereabouts quiet so the ISI couldn’t tip him off?

g) Most importantly what does this mean for the “fake organisation” named al-Qaeda (or the base) now that it’s main figure head is supposedly dead. Will the US/UK forces continue their war in the Stan just for the hell of it because to most Americans the words Taliban and al-Qaeda can be interchangeable and are basically the same thing e.g. terrorists.

This is all I can think of at the moment but I am sure I will have more thoughts as the information rolls in.


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One Response to “The death of Bin Laden brings the worlds longest game of hide and seek to a sudden and bloody end”

  1. Clothcap Says:

    Hello Dark Politics.
    If the executed instance of Osama turns out to be other than the original who will be guilty of his murder?
    The UN has called for an inquiry. (rotf etc)
    HR has called for an investigation (too tired from rotf etc to laugh)

    Maybe of interest
    Osama bin Laden’s Second Death

    This is intriguing. As I’ve only read part 4 I suggest reading the the last page of part 4 here then read from part 1 as I intend.

    Is Osama bin Laden Dead? Part 1: December is for Dying

    Is Osama bin Laden Dead? Part 2: the First Tapes

    Is Osama bin Laden Dead? Part 3: Confession as Theater

    Is Osama bin Laden Dead? Part 4: Deeper into the Confession Tape

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