The televised revolution brought to you by Adam Vs The Man

By Dark Politricks

Another new show called “Adam Vs The Man” has just started on Russia Today and is well worth watching especially if you are freedom loving, empire hating, MSM disbelieving, free thinker like I would hope you all are!

The first show features interviews with CIA analyst, Ray McGovern and Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio as well as some well thought out one on ones with the camera. It is well worth checking out.

As Adam says himself, the revolution is coming and it will be televised.

If you are not already watching Russia Today and still tune into FOX, MSNBC, BBC or any other government mouthpiece then at least try and get an alternative point of view from time to time by checking out Russia Today or another one of those channels Hillary Clinton recently admitted were winning the war of words on the battlefield of public opinion.


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