Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich attack Obama’s illegal war in Libya

By Dark Politricks

I personally would love to see Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich join forces and stand on the same ticket in the 2012 US presidency race.

They might differ on economic terms but on foreign policy, the constitution and having balls to stick to their morals when everyone around them in both parties is just bending over to the latest call to war by the Military Industrial Complex they would be unbeatable.

Not only would they attract both Democrats and Republicans who are dismayed with the current state of US politics they would also attract many independents.

In reality both men can be painted with the independent brush when compared with their fellow AIPAC boot licking, big spending, warmongering imperialists in their respective parties and for that reason both belong on my Good Guy List.

Watch this joint interview with Judge Napolitano in which they attack Obama’s unconstitutional war in Libya.

Visit this link to watch the video.

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