Who is worse, Obama or Bush?

By Dark Politricks

Today I want to ask a question of my American friends and readers. Friends who might call themselves Liberals, Conservatives, Right Wingers or Left wingers, or the many that consider themselves to be sitting outside the mainstream swing-ball game between left and right.

The one thing I hope many people who come to this site have in common whatever their political view is their respect for liberty, personal freedoms and a view that the current war on terror is nothing more than a pantomime that is allowing those in power to restrict and remove these freedoms which have been hard won over many years.

Therefore putting partisan political loyalties aside the question I want to ask is who has been the worst president over the last ten years?

George Bush for implementing the decade old war on terror, the high tech modern Stasi Amerikan police state and the corporate takeover of the government or Barack Obama for failing to do anything about it once elected.

It is a sad state of affairs to see the same people whether they be politicians, TV pundits or the public attack the current incumbents actions when they did not utter a word of criticism for the previous holder of the office. The reverse is also true when people from the other “side” of US politics now excuse or defend Obama when they were venomously attacking Bush for the same actions only a few years ago.

There is no doubt that after 9.11 the Bush administration used it as the reason to implement some draconian measures at home including the Patriot Act, Warrantless Wiretapping, allowing the torture of prisoners deemed to be terrorists, the illegal war in Iraq as well as as the war in Afghanistan as well as the horrible act of Extraordinary rendition.

He also presided over the creation of the new term “enemy combatant”. Through the use of dubious loopholes, clever lawyers and a disregard for morals and international law he has created a new form of prisoner who can be detained indefinitely without habeas corpus in offshore prisons. Even though most of the people detained in Guantanamo  Bay were innocent and the Bush administration knew it they were left to rot and to be tortured anyway with little hope of ever being brought to trial or be freed.

He has also allowed the US police force to become militarised and to treat all forms of legitimate protest with disdain with the expansion of free speech zones as well as expanding the term terrorist to mean include many forms of political opponent including constitutionalists, militia members, libertarians and ex soldiers. These laws and actions which should have no place in a democratic civilised country are a sign that America has allowed any remaining semblance of its claim to moral superiority to be washed away in a river of self induced fear.

The list of abuses against civil liberties and the complete disregard for the constitution which Bush famously called “just a Goddammed piece of paper” are long and extensive and we have not even looked at the corporate takeover of the government which allowed for the multi billion dollar bailout of the banks and the expansion of the government debt by trillions.

So there is a lot to blame Bush for and it is no wonder that during the last presidential election many people were taken in by Barack Obama’s brilliant rhetoric and emotive speeches which promised everyone “Change we could believe in”. Many people from across the political spectrum actually believed Obama when he said he would roll back the worst excesses of the Bush years, end the wars and restore the many civil liberties lost under the war on terror.

Therefore it is no wonder that many Democrats, Independents and even liberty loving Republicans who wanted to see such a rollback of the police state were very disappointed with the absolute failure of Obama to match his words with deeds once he was elected.

Instead of repealing the laws that took away Americans liberties and freedoms he has extended them. The Patriot Act is still in existence and Obama is happy to continue the previous administrations illegal practise of warrantless wiretapping as well as extending the immoral practise of extraordinary rendition which sends terrorist suspects to black hole prisons overseas so that they can be tortured with no oversight. It seems that Obama’s pledge to  “restoring America’s moral authority” and help fix the damaged reputation the USA had suffered on the global stage was little more than empty words.

In fact instead of ending the war on terror he has expanded it into Yemen and Pakistan and there is still no end in sight to the war in Afghanistan. The removal of combat troops from Iraq was little more than a publicity stunt as 50,000 soldiers remain in their huge multi million dollar bases throughout the country and Obama has gone further than Bush ever did by publicly announcing the practise of extrajudicial  assassinations of American citizens who he feels may pose a threat.

Instead of cracking down on the bankers who have taken the US economy hostage he has allowed their rape and pillaging of US Main Street to continue whilst helping Wall Street continue to feast from any fat that remains in the land. Any laws he has tried to introduce that may have pleased Democrats such as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Bill or the health care reform bill have been watered down so much that they have turned potential opportunities to change society for the better into another sop to commercial interests. The power of vested interests and lobbyists were on full show for the nation during both debates and the final legislation that emerged on both counts has made no one happy apart from Wall Street and Health Insurance companies which were supposedly the entities that the bills were initially aimed at.

Therefore Democrats can quite rightly be very angry with their presidents lack of achievement and instead of Obama finding himself in a position where Republican supporters are angry and Democrats happy he has surrounded himself by dissatisfied voters of all persuasions.

Whether this was by design, incompetence or just a lack of ability Obama probably resides at the top of any compiled list of Presidential candidates whose campaign promises when compared to actions once elected are furthest away from convergence.

Many people are crying out for Obama to restore America’s rightful place on the world scene, it’s moral authority and to keep to the founding fathers principles of liberty and equal treatment under the law for all. He could have easily done this if he had wanted to when he had control of both houses and the good will of the people during the first few months in office but he chose not to and it is very unlikely that he will do any of the following which are all desperately required if America is to turn itself around from its present downward course in history:

-Investigate the last administrations crimes against the American people and all the others it imprisoned, tortured and illegally declared war upon.

-Investigate, idict and convict all those bankers and fraudsters that helped to bring the US economy to the brink of financial ruin. Until justice can be seen to be done and prices paid for the immense greed and huge amounts of fraud that enabled those at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the rest to bankrupt the country, take billions in bailouts and yet still pay themselves billions in bonuses many people will avoid the US stock market like a whore with the clap.

-A new independent and powerful inquiry into 9.11 to answer all the legitimate questions many still have about the events of that day including how WTC-7 fell at free-fall speeds breaking all known laws of physics.

-Close down Guantanamo Bay and either try the inmates for crimes they supposedly committed or release them.

-End the war in Afghanistan by convening a peace council with Pakistan, Afghan leaders and the Taliban. No one has ever successfully won a war in the Stan and the USA is not likely to break this mould. It can either leave with its tail between its legs or with some form of dignity.

-Repeal the Patriot Act, stop warrantless wiretapping and restore the US constitution to it’s rightful place as the primary form of law in the country and not as piece of paper to be bypassed when necessity requires.

-Treat whistle blowers who help to uncover government misdeeds and crimes as the heroes they are and not as domestic extremists to be tried for dangering national security. If a government agency, military unit or politician is breaking a law, domestic or international then they need to be punished and held to account and not covered up as is the current modus operandi.

-End the hypocrisy and double standards that make America a laughing stock overseas every time they mention the word human rights or international law when lecturing China or Iran.

This might not be a simple or easy list of items to achieve but its not insurmountable and it’s in keeping with what many people believed Obama would do if he was elected anyhow. The fact that not one of these items has been even attempted is a sorry indictment on the state of the Obama’s administration which has publicly complained that the left wing should be jumping in joy at all their great achievements instead of moaning about their lack of progress.

I for one see the sorry state of Obama’s administration and it’s lack of balls in attacking the previous one as a good example of why the false right and left wing political game is just a charade for public consumption. The parties may swap places every now and then and the white house may get a new occupant every four or eight years but the real powers that control the country never have to worry about getting kicked out of office or not being elected as they sit above us mere mortals in their trans national corporations and globalist talking shops.

Let me know what you think. Who is worse, Bush for helping to create the mess the USA is in or Obama for extending it and not keeping his promise to fix it?


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One Response to “Who is worse, Obama or Bush?”

  1. Debra Bryant Says:

    Great article. They have both done worse than even what you have written about, but as for which is worse….
    They are both out of the same mold, but you will find few that think Bush was a bad President. For the most part Americans think he kept this country safe when in fact he was the one the orchestrated or was at least involved in the 9/11 attack. His own interests were the motive behind the attack. Oil, oil, oil!

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