Derren Brown proves how programmable the Human Being really is

By Dark Politricks

I have just watched Derren Browns “The Heist” in which through a process of conditioning over a couple of weeks which included subtle and not so subtle suggestion, mental triggers and staged scenarios he managed to get a number of middle management types to rob a security guard with a replica gun on TV.

If you haven’t seen it it’s well worth a watch and just goes to show how programmable the human being really is. The average joe wouldn’t be able to trigger these kinds of acts in their fellow man but those with the means and knowledge such as Derren Brown do.

Luckily for us Derren Brown only uses his “powers” for showmanship but I can just imagine the sorts of things he could get up to if he wanted to use them for money making or power gaining reasons.

Obviously Derren has trained himself in all these techniques over a number of years and for those people in the know the techniques he uses are well known and some are as old as civilisation itself. Whilst many people skilled in these arts try to pass them off as magic, physic abilities or even super natural powers Derren at least admits quite openly that that they are nothing of the sort. Over time anyone with the patience and will could learn how to cold read, implant suggestions and control those people who are more susceptible to persuasion or in highly motivated or emotional states to carry out certain acts.

Big business and marketing companies use various physiological stimuli in their advertising all the time and well trained politicians will use well known techniques to make themselves come over as trustworthy, honest and personable when in reality they are nothing of the sort. We can look at the dictators of the 1930’s to see how the power of the crowd combined with emotional speeches during huge rallies was utilised to enact feelings of belonging, power and destiny in a population that had been indebted and stripped of previous significance.

With modern technology we have the ability to be programmed on various levels in more and more scenarios and through new devices all the time. With more and more people abandoning the TV set as their primary means of passive entertainment and moving to the computer, playstation, 3D movies and coming soon virtual reality, we can expect all the various methods of persuasion and triggering to increase in strength.

It might be one thing to passively watch a TV advertisement in 2D that has certain music, words and imagery and consciously recognise it for what it is but once the use of virtual reality becomes a modern recreation activity and people use Virtual Reality sets in their houses like kids currently play on their Wii’s then I can just imagine how much more powerful and effective these forms of unconscious persuasion and maybe coercion will become.

For those people who fall for the common garden mind reading trick and believe they are really talking to their dead Mother or believe Jesus has really entered their body when hands are laid the technological tools of the future can only pose a certain kind of threat to their well being.

If there are any real life Lex Luthors out there or evil versions of Derren Brown trying to get a gig at the next Bilderberg conference then the future years will be a profitable and potential boom time. Remember we are just blood and bones and our brains are the most advanced computer known at the present time. As with all computers it can be programmed and re-programmed.


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