Are you one of the 650,000 WikiLeaks Twitter followers covered by the subpoena?

By Dark Politricks

Having just checked my Twitter follower list it appears that I along with 636,486 other people follow the WikiLeaks account and therefore all our details will shortly be winging their way over to the modern day Stasi-esque country that currently calls itself Amerika.

At first I only understood it to be the details of the actual Twitter accounts mentioned in the subpoena that were going to be sent over e.g Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Rop Gongrijp and Birgitta Jonsdottir but it seems that point B2 of the attachment covers all followers of these accounts as well.

Point B2 requests information related to those accounts that include:

“all records and other information (…) including non-content information associated with the contents of any communication or file stored by or for the account(s), such as the source and destination email addresses and IP addresses”.

If you also have followed one of the twitter accounts contained within the twitter/subpoena.pdf that has been issued then you too will also have your twitter account details put on a disk and shipped to the states so that a grand jury can print the names out, stick them on a wall and then take turns throwing darts at it to see which lucky prize winner will get a chance to join Assange, Manning and the others in the dock.

I joke of course but the whole thing is already so outlandish and far fetched that I don’t put it past any of the loons currently running Amerika to try and bring a few WikiLeaks followers over to their special contrived ahem I mean convened jury to explain to it why they have chosen to publicly declare their hatred of America and everything it stands for by following WikiLeaks.

I mean WikiLeaks is such a well known terrorist organisation that they must assume any follower is also a secret member of Hamas and has Bin Laden’s cave phone number on speed dial. Why else would they care who was following the Twitter account?

The only thing I can think of is that it is an excuse to go on a massive fishing exercise and use one of those huge new NSA super computers to map out all the virtual networks and relationships between online users that a normal web scrape wouldn’t achieve. This would be done in a similar way to how they used real time credit and debit card transactions after 9.11 to map terrorist networks and they already have large computers that are perfect for the job.

The added bonus is that not only do they then obtain a nice huge digital map of online dissenters they can also confirm the email addresses and IP locations as well which will then probably start another ball rolling to ISP’s and mail hosts to obtain traffic history and email logs. Oh the possibilities are endless and its a good job we live in a free world where we can freely talk and criticise the government without fear of being monitored and tracked…..

Potentially this would be some NSA techbods wet dream come true and I am guessing some bright spark realised that the easiest way to capture identifying details of the majority of the socially conscious and war dissenting blogosphere would be to legally wangle access to one of the kingpins of the social networks which is what they have done with their requests to Facebook and Twitter.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the whole list of followers is quickly uploaded to the USA’s no fly list along with any other of the myriad of lists that the US government has started keeping since 9.11. It is not a joke to say that certain powerful people in the US government seriously believe WikiLeaks and internet freedom presents a real and present danger to their long term aims and the word terrorist and domestic extremist have diverted from their original dictionary definitions a long time back.

I guess there will be a few people worried about this news, people who have never so much as got a parking ticket in their life who are now part of the biggest news story of the decade. However I doubt anyone is going to get a free orange jumpsuit just for following or be-friending WikiLeaks on Twitter or Facebook and who wants to go to America anyway? The place is fast becoming a joke!

The country famed for its constitution, equal protection under the law and traditions of free speech has entered into a new level of unintended satire in which every new DOJ statement or Grand Jury indictment related to WikiLeaks just goes to show how right George Bush was when he said the constitution was nothing more than a piece of paper.

If you think you can just pop along to Twitter and un-follow the account then you are out of luck as WikiLeaks said themselves in a tweet a few hours back:

Too late to unfollow; trick used is to demand the lists, dates and IPs of all who received our twitter messages.

And anyway computers have long memories, longer than Elephants in fact which is why if you actually gave a shit about keeping your privacy online and avoiding grand jury subpoenas for the heinous crime of following someone on Twitter you would have been a bit more savy about the details you use.

Speaking of which I have build a proxy finder script which will run locally on your PC and find currently working proxies that can then be used to surf the web with. The thing with all the free proxy lists that you find is that by the time you get to them the proxy is usually dead and its estimated that only 1% will work. Therefore this script not only goes off and finds potential proxies it tests them in real time to ensure they work. If you are interested in buying this script then drop me an email.

View the full subpoena here: twitter/subpoena.pdf


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