Boxing Day Fox Hunting, Killing For Fun

By Dark Politricks

It’s an old Boxing day tradition in the UK to go fox hunting.

The UK actually banned hunting with hounds a few years back much to the annoyance of a large proportion of the countryside. There are many arguments for and against fox hunting some valid others not so much. You may consider the fox as vermin just like sewer rats or maybe just as a nightly nuisance when they come rummaging through your bins. You can also still be vehemently against letting the fox population grow wild and overtake town and countryside but still consider fox hunting abhorrent.

What does it say about the human condition and the nature of someone who takes great pleasure in killing other living creatures be they spiders, mice, fox, bear or whale. There are many reasons that the majority of people consider valid for killing other animals (excluding humans) for instance you may kill out of necessity for food or clothing or for defence when being attacked.

However to kill for fun which fox hunting is, no matter how much they pretend its not, is something I would consider evil. Little boys who know no better like to kill bugs, I did but I grew out of pulling wings of daddy long-legs around the age of 7 and psychiatrists will tell you that kids who enter their teenage years who have not grown out of that mentality tend to be the sort of people that the police should keep an eye on. To me fox hunters seem like the type of people who never grew out of that stage of careless brutality to other creatures and see fox hunting as a legitimate form of expressing their need to feel powerful by killing something.

They dress up specially in their bright red jackets, black boots and tight trousers before meeting up with friends to have a drink or two beforehand to get into the mood, as if going partying. They then recklessly traipse across field, forest and town in pack formation following the hounds, blowing their horns. They are excited, adrenaline pumping, as they chase this animal, and then once caught, cornered and scared, they kill it. Either by letting the dogs rip it to bits with their snarling growling teeth or by a shot to the head from a gun or maybe even a quick neck snap.

The point is not how humanely the fox is killed or whether its vermin that kills chickens and therefore requires culling. The fact is they are engaging in this ritualistic killing purely for fun and treat a Sunday riding round the local village killing small animals in the same manner as most normal people play football or golf.

There is no getting away from the core aspect of this event. The participants enjoy the act of killing.

Whether it be a tradition that they just want to keep alive or not they see it as an enjoyable way to spend a day. This is why I think fox hunting like any other form of killing for fun should be banned and remained banned as we should really be asking ourselves whether the act of killing something for fun is a legitimate one in a supposedly civilised society.

The recent Tory Lib coalition have yet to repeal Labours ban on hunting with hounds and it will be interesting to see if they attempt to do so as before the election David Cameron and many other Tories gave the impression that they would revisit it and tried to frame the debate as a civil liberty issue.

Whilst I am all for civil liberties and freedom of expression and speech I cannot see how banning a form of psychotic behaviour is anything to do with freedom and if it is we should be allowing many other activities which result in harm to others such as pub brawls, rape and serial killing.

Whilst you can have a legitimate debate over humans supposed dominiance over animal kind and the heirarchy of living beings that are all right to kill for fun without first obtaining a permit surely it comes down to the type of human behaviour that is being exhibited by the killer.

These people are not killing because they are hungry or in danger.

They are not flicking an annoying wasp away or jumping in fright as a spider lands on them. They are choosing to relax by dressing up, getting drunk and then hunting a chosen animal until death.

They show no concern for their preys suffering during it’s painful death and once killed they then rejoice in their act by daubing the victims blood across their faces before celebrating by drinking even more sherry and congratulating each other on a job well done.

They are displaying all the symptoms of blood lust and clear signs of debasement due to unfounded beliefs that they have the right to chose which of earth’s creatures lives or dies. This superiority complex is very similar to thoughts experienced by psychotics, many of which believe that they are the center of the universe and everyone and everything else are just actors without feeling or souls who’s only reason for living is to embellish their own existence.

Therefore I feel that to try and frame the fox hunting debate inside the wider topic of civil liberties and freedom of expression is disingenuous to say the least as it really does come down to a question of acceptable behaviour.

The question of civil liberties wouldn’t be raised if someone was caught riding around town, across gardens and sports fields on a motorbike shooting cats and dogs with an airgun for fun. There is little difference in the behaviour being exhibited apart from the mode of transport, animal being hunted and form of execution therefore why should we allow some sections of society to murder other living beings for fun and not others.

The answer of course, at least in my mind, is that we shouldn’t.


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