Disabled victim of Police attack takes BBC News presenter to task

By Dark Politricks

During last weeks student protests against the rise in university fees a disabled man by the name of Jody Mcintyre, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair, was caught on video being attacked by the police.

Not only did the police hit him across the shoulder with a baton they twice removed him from his wheelchair and dragged him across the road and then dumped him on the floor. The second attack was caught on camera and has caused uproar amongst those who see the “riots” that the media has concentrated so much on as a direct consequence of the polices provocative actions.

Not a protest in London goes by lately without some kind of police brutality being caught on camera. Who can forget the death of Ian Tomlinson at last years G20 or the police slapping and batoning a woman at a memorial protest in honour of his death the next day which was also filmed by a bystander. Don’t the police realise that in this day and age of cheap recording equipment the protesters biggest weapon is their mobile phone?

At the latest protest we have the sad case of Alfie Meadows who almost died and had to undergo intensive brain surgery after he was hit on the head by another baton wielding thug in a uniform after he tried to leave a kettling area that had been set-up by the police.

And now we have the disgraceful case of cops attacking the disabled. Have they no shame? How do they expect people to react when they are kettled, battered and then witnesses to assaults on women and the disabled. Do they expect them just to stand there like good little boys waiting in line for their own punishment or do they think that some of them might get a little bit angry by being treated so badly.

Is it any wonder that a large number of people believe that the police intentionality carry out these types of attacks on protesters in an attempt to provoke a response which they can then use to justify even more force.

I had the immense joy of watching the victim of the most recent attack, Jody Mcintyre, being interviewed on the BBC news channel earlier tonight. The interviewer was trying his best to justify the polices actions but was taken to task by Jody in the most brilliant way and it made the BBC look shameful for their attempt to legitimise his assault.

Interviewer: There was a suggestion that you were rolling towards the police in your wheelchair

Jody: I think to justify a police officer pulling a disabled person out of a wheel chair and dragging them across a concrete road is quite ridiculous and I’m surprised that you tried to do so.

Yes it is ridiculous and the BBC should be ashamed of their attempts to justify this appalling but totally expected police behaviour. No longer can we call these incidents isolated or the result of a few bad apples as Jody says himself in the interview: this is the polices role at demonstrations to provoke and incite violence. It seems that they are doing their job very well.


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