Religion and the Mosque in New York

By Dark Politricks

With the recent outcry over the proposed upgrading of an existing mosque in New York to a new building there has been a lot of anti-Islamic comments made and a lot of illogical thought processes being used by those who for whatever reason don’t want a mosque built two blocks away from ground zero.

For anyone who has looked at the 9/11 attacks in detail and by that I mean done their own research rather than take at face value the “facts” the US government would like us to believe they would know that Muslims all around the world have been the clear losers in subsequent events that led from that fatefull day.

Even if you believe that 19 Islamic terrorists were the sole perpertrators of that crime there is no logic in linking all Muslims to terrorism in the same way that I as a born and bred Brit cannot link all Catholics to the IRA or all Protestents to the UDF.

There are pissed off people all around the world and some may hold religious beliefs and a lot won’t. What is clear from any religious person I have met is that they will often use their existing religious beliefs to back up, justify or explain acts they may wish to carry out, bad or good. Therefore when a certain group of people decide to fight back against their corrupt governments which are often supported by Western countries it is no surpise that they frame their fight in a religious context and because Islam is the popular religion of most of these countries the fight is framed in an Islamic context.

This does not mean all Muslims are terrorists and it doesn’t mean Christians hold any superior moralistic views on life either. If they did then many supposedly Christian people wouldn’t be supporting Israel cate blanche in everything they do. Why is it that most American Christian fundamentalists and Evangelicals support Israeli policies that seen by many as on par with racist policies carried out by other regimes that have blackened history?

Why do they seem to put their fingers in their ears and shut their eyes to the murders, war crimes, acts of piracy, executions of their own and the wholescale destruction and ethnic cleansing of those of an Arab persuasion?

It’s all rooted in their belief in the bible that the Jews are the “chosen” people who will return to Israel and then herald the return of Jesus. They have framed current global events in their religious context and are happy to ignore the suffering of others even their own kind when they believe that subsequent events will benefit them.

The Muslims hate the Jews because they stole their land. The Muslims hate the Christians because they support the Jews in whatever they do. The Jews hate the Muslims because they see them as a potential threat that needs to be extinquished before revenge can be inacted and they are happy to use the Christians and their armies to do their bidding for them. The Christians hate the Muslims because they fall for and believe the lies and propoganda fed to them by the Jews to make them do their bidding and then the Muslims hate the Christians even more when their armies and missiles kill their families and friends.

This may be a very basic and simplistic description of the problem but it explains the cricle of hate pretty well. The only way this circle of war will end is if either all the Muslims are eventually killed or Jesus does actually return and then converts the Jews to Christians and brings his kingdom of love and peace about. I doubt many bookies will give you odds on either events occurring but the way we are going the first outcome seems a lot more likely.

The stupidy of all organised religons knows no bounds in my own opinion and that is not to say their isn’t a God or some kind of universal force that joins us all together that we are yet to know and understand properly it’s just that the 3 major religions that are currently locked in battle are all related and born from the same holy book.

When you hear Christians mock Muslims for their barbaric beliefs and punishments such as stoning adulterous to death and the like you should remind them that they are only carrying out the specified punishments as laid down in the Bible. It’s just that some countries have actually stuck to the guidlines laid out in the “Good” Book whereas many Christian counties have forgotten them all.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all Abrahamic faiths that take the Torah or first  5 books of the Bible as the founding of their faiths. The book of Deuteronomy lays out the 613 commandments that list all the laws about stoning adulterous wives and people who eat shell fish or touch women during their period. These are the laws that formed the base of the 3 main religions and whilst Christians like to claim that homosexuality is outlawed by the bible they are perfectly happy to eat non Kosher / Halal food such as shellfish.

They can all fight as much as they like about definition and small differences in scripture between later holy books and whether X was a prophet or whether Y believed in X but for those of us who sit outside these religions it just looks like a family squabble albeit with heavy weapons and maybe nukes.

When someone poses the question on whether life on earth would be more peaceful if organised religion never existed I can only see one possible answer yes. The Middle East is basically a school playground full of name calling and bullying and the kids engaged in fighting for turf have to amplify every single little difference because in reality they exactly the same. They have the same genes, the same skin colour, a common history and a shared religious identity however instead of sharing their common Abrahamic roots they decide to fight over subsequent deviations that may or may not have actually happened anyway.

I will never understand someone who claims that religion lets them lead a life full of peace and inner tranquillity who then foams at the mouth and shouts blue murder in the name of their God at another human who decides to worship another. Unfortunaltey however I have to share this planet with a whole lot of them and they seem to be in the majority.

Not only is Israel a Jewish State, we have an Islamic Iran and what most people in Europe believe is a Christian Fundamentalist USA all itching for a scrap. Whilst the words they speak in the name of their religions try to convey an image of peace it’s very clear from their deeds that it’s not peace that fills their respective hearts.

“My Religion is simple; My Religion is kindness” – The Dalai Lama

“Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that, unless we love the truth, we cannot know it.” – Blaise Pascal

“The Three great mysteries: air to a bird, water to a fish, mankind to himself.” – Hindu Proverb

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way.” – A. J. Muste quotes


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