BBC Panorama show ducks the hard questions over Israel’s attack on the Gaza Flotilla

By Dark Politricks

Last weeks BBC’s Panorama programme took a look at the recent Israeli flotilla attack which resulted in 9 people being killed and many more seriously injured.

I have attached the videos to the bottom of this article so that you can watch the show yourself if you haven’t already done so and then you can make up your own mind on whether this was a fair and balanced piece or rather a pro Israeli hit piece.

After watching the show last night it is very clear that it falls into the latter camp and it missed some very important points regarding the events from the night of the attack.

1. Why did the IDF release doctored video to the public which had been edited to paint members of the Flotilla as holocaust deniers who were gloating over 9/11. It has been proven that this video was a fake and the Panorama presenter mentioned this in parsing but there was no look at why the IDF created such propaganda if they had nothing to hide.

2. There was no mention of the assassination list that was found on the flotilla which had apparently been taken from one of the captured IDF soldiers. Why did the IDF have such a list and why did they have orders to kill those on the list.

3. The most important aspect which was missed from the TV show was the nature of the deaths. The autopsies show that many of the dead had multiple gun shot wounds in the back and in the head. The IDF claim that the fighting was at close quarters but this does not explain why some people were shot in the back. This also doesn’t explain the death of the 19 year old American Fulkan Dogan who was shot five times from less that 45cm, in the face, in the back of the head, twice in the leg and once in the back. The following video shows how the IDF beat and kicked this young man who was on the floor and posed no threat to them before callously murdering him:

This is murder and not self defence and whilst the IDF soldiers interviewed in the programme claim that they were fighting for their lives and only shot in self defence this video clearly refutes that claim. Panorama should have investigated these claims rather than taking the IDF’s excuses at face value. No matter what had happened earlier in the night this was a clear case of the Israeli’s assassinating someone who was in no position to defend himself.

Panorama should be ashamed of itself as it has proven to be nothing more than a convenient Israeli mouth piece and rather than take a fair and balanced view that looked at the difficult questions of Israeli cold blooded murder it instead spent the show trying to paint the Flotilla as having been overrun with Turkish terrorist sympathisers who were spoiling for a fight with the Israelis.

Maybe there were people on board who were spoiling for a fight and there were most definitley people on board who support Hamas and despise the Israeli occupation just like many people all across the world do. However we must always remember one thing when it comes to the Flotilla attack and that’s is the attack took place in International Waters.

Israel had no right under any national or international law to attack the Flotilla in the way it did and those on board had every right under international law to defend themselves. This was a clear cut case of piracy and Israel could have easily let the Flotilla enter Israeli territorial waters before trying to board which would have given their cause more legitimacy however they chose not to do this and therefore they are clearly in the wrong.

You can watch the BBC Panorama episode below:


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