September Clues and the No Planes conspiracy theory

I have never been an active proponent of the “no planes” theory when it comes to 9/11 having tried to contain my questioning to those events that have a) are easily demonstrable as being false or illogical and b) are not too far out there in terms of what someone with little knowledge of the subject would regard. The reason being that it is very hard to convince someone who still believes the official story anyway and I would rather get them to question the obvious problems without putting them off by sounding far fetched. This is not to say that such theories don’t have merit just that other questions are much easier to prove such as:

Why did the three World Trade Center buildings all collapse so quickly. They were all owned by the same person who received a massive insurance payout and who was filmed in a documentary saying he wanted to “Pull building 7”. A recent hit piece on Jesse Ventura by a Fox News reporter who was at the scene on the day actually backed up Silverstein’s desire to pull the building by admitting he knew Larry had been on the phone to his insurance company trying to get permission to demolish the building. These were the only 3 tall steel framed skyscrapers to collapse from fire in history and they all happened on the same day to the same owner. Very unlucky indeed.

Apart from the obvious misfortune of having a record breaking day in having a mile and a half’s worth of building collapse in a few hours there is the problem of physics in that building seven, the one building that collapsed that hadn’t had a plane hit it, collapsed so quickly that there is a demonstrable 2.4 second period where the collapse was at free fall speed. The laws of physics dictate that this is impossible unless some kind of demolition had taken place to evenly remove the supporting columns at the exact same time around the building.

The NIST report into building sevens collapse claimed fire and thermal expansion was the cause of collapse and they initially claimed their report was consistent with the laws of physics. However once the 9/11 community and a high school physics teacher proved that the 2.4 second free-fall descent had occurred NIST conceded the point and promptly removed that claim from their report. Therefore the only report into the collapse of this building relies on science that has no grounding in fact and relies on physics that wouldn’t be taught in a high school classroom. It’s a hard choice for those who believe the official story to make and one they will avoid like the plague preferring to call us conspiracy theorists rather than try to explain their own delusions and religious like belief in the impossible and implausible.

Then there is the Pentagon attack. An attack that has not been recorded on any publicly available media for posterity and the only video that exists is from CCTV and shows a blur, a flash and an explosion but no Boeing 737. The problem with the Pentagon attack is that we are expected to believe that a plane the size of this large airliner managed to fly 20 feet above the ground at a speed of 400mph for some considerable time knocking over telegraph poles, managing to not blow the grass beneath it to kingdom come and then disappearing into the walls of the Pentagon to never be seen again.

Not only do many pilots not believe this is possible they also have not managed to replicate this feat on flight simulators therefore we are being asked to believe that a the hijacking pilots were able to carry out manoeuvres that the best of the US air-force cannot achieve themselves and we know from the Pilots who trained the hijackers how utterly incompetent and useless at flying they were as most of them were never even allowed near a small Cessna.

However the main problem for me apart from these points is that we are expected to believe that the whole US Intelligence apparatus had no clue that this attack was planned despite all the warnings from foreign countries, their own informers and agents within Al Qaeda and the Able Danger intelligence program that had already identified Mohammed Atta as a potential threat over a year before the attacks had occurred. Therefore we are asked to believe that the biggest intelligence apparatus in history failed so completely and so utterly and yet those people in charge of it were actually promoted rather than discharged and punished. Odd isn’t it?

Not only is there evidence that the American intelligence community knew the attacks were planned and allowed them for political purposes we also have evidence of foreign involvement in the attacks and not from Iran or Iraq but from a supposed friend aka Israel. Many people across the Muslim world believe the attacks were an Israeli plot to bring the USA into their war against Islam and whether or not this is true it’s certainly what has happened since. The question is whether any evidence supports it and undoubtedly there are some key pieces of the puzzle that point in Israels direction.

The first piece of evidence is the dancing Israelis who were arrested on the morning of September 11th after a witness had seen them dancing and high fiving as the the WTC burned with cameras setup recording the attack. These Israelis were detained for some considerable time before being deported and on an Israeli TV show they admitted to having been sent to “document the event”.

Document what you might ask. How did they know the attacks were going to happen unless they either had knowledge or were involved in some way? Well another piece of evidence suggests just that as during the year leading up to the attacks Israel was engaged in a massive intelligence gathering operation within the USA.

Posing as art students. the spies were trying to access government buildings, document facilities and steal information from across the country. The troubling aspect of this operation is that the locations of a number of the spy rings correlated to the locations of the supposed 9/11 hijackers including the ringleader Mohammed Atta.

The question that needs to be answered is whether the Israelis were monitoring or helping Atta and his cohorts. As a supposed ally you should have at least expected the Israelis to have informed it’s friend the USA of it’s intimate knowledge of the Arab terrorists in its midst therefore the question is why didn’t they OR if they did why didn’t the US act on this intelligence.

As you can see there are a number of troubling questions that raise many uncomfortable problems for the official conspiracy theory without even going into the realm of some of the other theories which many including myself have found to be far fetched up until now.

The No Planes theory regarding the World Trade Centre attacks always seemed one of those theories that would have been just too hard to pull off without a number of mistakes or a leak somehow and up until now I have been firmly in the camp of those who believe certain sections of the US government knew the attacks were going to happen and then ensured they did for political purposes. There would have just been far too many witnesses on the ground who would see the planes hit the buildings for there not to be any planes at all.

As with most intel operations plausible deniability is the key aspect and I always believed that there was no point in carrying out the attacks yourself when you could just ensure that the plans of your enemies came to fruition on their own (with a little behind the scenes help of course).

However the following two videos which I have just recently watched have raised a number of important questions which must be answered by those who are still following the official events of the day:

The FOX news clip from the morning of the attacks in which the camera does a 3 stage zoom in on the twin towers before the second plane appears from the right and hits the tower. When the tape is rewound the plane is nowhere to be seen as it should have if it were a real clip. Was the plane inserted into the footage?

All of the major TV stations footage seems to be from the same stock. The same shots and audio are used the only main difference is the colouring of the footage. Even the various privately shot footage of the attacks seems to come from a shared stock of imagery that the producer of the video shows has had a lot of editing and image tampering.

The nose in, nose out shot is particularly disturbing and seems to suggest video manipulation. The shape of the nose from the plane is the exact same shape as when it entered the other side of the building (100% exact) which seems to be impossible when one considers how much damage would have occurred. The other troubling point is that the footage cuts out for a second as if someone had realised their mistake before cutting back in.

The number of eye witnesses who saw a plane hit the building is surprisingly low and the majority of those that did claim to see an American Airline 737 hit were all media professionals working for the big TV companies. Other witnesses claimed to see a missile hit, a small plane or a type of plane they had never witnessed before.

Whilst I am not 100% convinced as of yet of the no plane theory these videos do raise some questions that demand answering and I would love to hear some more views (especially opposing views) that try to explain these oddities. I have no doubt at all that the modern US media is and has been for some time controlled by a powerful elite and technology is such that a deception on such a scale is possible.

The problem with such a theory as with all conspiracies is the amount of people that would need to be kept quiet for the ruse to be maintained. Whilst false flag conspiracies that involve intelligence agencies are committed all the time once you start involving non military personnel such as TV crew members, producers, presenters and so on you would massively increase the risk of a leak. Therefore whilst I admit these theories raise some important questions I am keeping an open mind on this aspect of the 9/11 story. However I would recommend that you watch both these videos and spread the link whether you believe in the official story or not.


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