Who is threatening who?

By Dark Politricks

Yesterday was the the 60th anniversary of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima. This was an attack by the Americans on Japan that was the first instance of a nuclear bomb being used in wartime and it was a war crime that caused the instant death of 140,000 innocent civillians and then another 100,000 or so died later from radiation related illnesses.

Some people claim that the nuclear bombings caused the war to end a lot quicker than it would have had there been an invasion of Japan, and there is no doubt that a lot of US soldiers lives were spared at the cost of innocent Japanese because the war ended without such an invasion.

However there is no question that this was a horrific war crime that targeted innocent women, children and old people who had done nothing wrong apart from being born in the wrong country. If an attack like that was carried out today it would surely be classified as a crime against humanity and we should class past acts by the standards of today instead of legitimising deeds carried out in wartime through the mindset of “rather them than us.”

The United States of America is the only country in the world to have used nuclear weaponary on civilian populations and we should be thankful that no other nuclear attack has been carried out in the numerous wars throughout the last 50 years fought by countries armed with nuclear weapons.

Nukes are now possessed by the USA, Russia, China, UK, France, Israel, Pakistan, India, North Korea and throughout the NATO countries many more have nuclear equipped bombers stationed at air bases throughout Europe in countries such as Holland, Italy and Germany.

The ultimate boogey man threat is that of a “rouge state” such as North Korea or Iran gaining their own nuclear capabilities and then passing them on to terrorists or threatening others with their use. However when one looks at the countries who are actually engaging in nuclear based threats we see that it is not members of the Axis of evil but existing nuclear democracies such as Israel and the USA who are making the threats to use nukes on others.

The current target of nuclear threats is Iran and whilst I whole heartedly agree that Iran would be better off without the Mullahs, Sharia law and the authoritarian government currently ruling it I would never wish it to become the second country in history to suffer a nuclear attack.

When President Obama or Benji Netanyahu make statements that include the sentence “all options are on the table” this infers the option of a pre-emptive nuclear attack. If you think that I am over egging it then you must not have heard about Obama’s interview in the New York Times in which he singled out both Iran and North Korea as countries that would not be covered by Washington’s pledge not to use nuclear weapons against states complying with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Now whilst North Korea is the only country to have left the NPT and Israel, Pakistan and India haven’t even signed up to it, Iran has done so and throughout recent years has also signed up to extra requirements that other signatories do not have to comply with such as allowing IAEA inspectors to spot check facilities at very short notice.

Iran has stated many times that is has no need for and no desire to aquire nuclear weapons and that it’s nuclear research is purely for energy related purposes. In fact it was actually the USA in 1967 that started Iran’s nuclear program off in the first place by supplying Tehran University with a research reactor and then later on Jimmy Carter and the Shah signed an agreement for the US to supply Iran with 8 nuclear power plants.

Obviously when the people of Iran decided to other throw the CIA installed puppet that had been forced on them the Americans changed their tune and Iran went from cosy ally and nuclear trading partner to the number one bad boy on their hit list. This hasn’t changed over the years and Israel is busy using it’s influence to push America to attack Iran and take care of it’s defence needs just like it did with Libya and Iraq before hand and unfortunately there are plenty of US Politicians prepared to put Israel’s national interests ahead of their own countrymen who are pushing for such an attack.

So whilst we have Iran a country who has signed up to the Non Proliferation Treaty and who reguarly allows international inspectors at very short notice to inspect all it’s plants and nuclear facilities we have Israel a non signatory to the NPT who owns an estimated 200+ nukes and is currently pushing for a pre-emptive and unwarranted illegal attack on another country.

Whilst the tactics used to start the Iraq war were a wake up call to many people it is clear now to many that the war mongering neo-con and Likud devil spawn are trying to use similar underhand tactics to push for yet more death and destruction all in the name of Israel’s “national security”.

The techniques to prepare a population for war with another country are well known and well used however the techniques change slightly as technology evolves. We can all see the black op push for war through the following mechanisms:

Blatantly false new stories spread quickly by right wing talking heads that aim to paint Iran in the light of an aggressor. The leading example is the mistranslation of the famous “wipe Israel off the map” speech which has been propagated around the world as if his words were set in stone. The only problem is that he said nothing of the sort yet he has been quoted as if he were literally threatening to nuke Israel.

Attempts to other throw the government through the support of anti-Iranian terrorist groups such as Jundallah a CIA supported terrorist organisation who’s leader was recently caught and executed. Not only did he confess to being supported by the CIA former CIA operatives admitted they were in contact with the group and Dick Cheney had authorised the use of such tactics to de-stablise Iran before leaving office. The recent post election protests had foreign fingerprints smeared all over it and are a clear sign of US taxpayer dollars being put to bad use yet again.

We also have the same phoney attempts at a diplomatic solution as were applied to Iraq by the UN.The recent ramping up of sanctions against Iran came after a seemingly sensible solution to the Uranium enrichment issue was offered by Brazil and Turkey, an idea which was quickly rejected by the other Security council members. This flat denial of a workable solution only raises suspicions that the aim of sanctions is to weaken Iran before an attack rather than solve any existing issues around their legitimate nuclear programme.

We also have the Israeli military build up along the borders of Iran in Georgia and Azerbaijan and the increased US Navy presence in the area which includes at least 12 warships and a number of aircraft carriers. Israel has been pushing for an attack on Iran for some years now and although George Bush and Dick Cheney were eager to help out in this regards the US military has been at the forefront of holding back on such an attack. However it now seems as if either Israel is prepared to start a war which it hopes the US has to finish or that the US doesn’t want to be seen as the aggressor and is waiting for some pretext to occur before wading into the fray.

Not only are our leaders preparing for war diplomatically and militarily they have been slowly conditioning the public to view Iran and Iranians in general as the bad guys through the use of hollywood films. It is no secret that the US military maintains close ties with the Hollywood crowd and in recent years the Iranians have been portrayed as the bad guys through films such as Alexander the Great and The 300 . Whilst you may not realise it, cultural forms such as films, plays and books have all been used throughout the ages to condition their audiences to make them more susceptible to the authors ideas. It is no surprise that our children are taught at an early age that boys are to play soldiers and girls are to be nurses. Get them whilst they are young is the motto of the mindless.

And to cap it off we have the blatantly false stories that are regularly implanted into the western media that try to link Iran with our current terrorist of the decade Osama Bin Laden. Recent claims that he was alive and well and seeking refuge in the mountains of Iran are laughable when one knows that he has in all likelihood been dead since 2001. Add to that the simple fact that Al Qaeda, a Sunni based Islamic group is diametrically opposed to the Shia Muslims aka Iran and one can see the sheer stupidity of believing an article that traces it’s roots back to an Israeli “intelligence” news source e.g DEBKAfile.

So it doesn’t take a psychic to see that the same games are being played out that led to the Iraq war. For those of us who care enough about preventing a possible third world war and the major clash of civilisations that has long been in the planning we can only spread the news so that people are made aware of the catasphope that is about to be unleashed once Iran was attacked

So on the anniversary of the first nuclear attack we should think ahead to the possibility of a new one and remember the words of Albert Einstein who famously said:

“I don’t know what weapons will be used in world war three, but in world war four people will use sticks and stones.”


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