Should we be sad about Raoul Moat’s death?

By Dark Politricks

Today at Prime Ministers question time David Cameron weighed in on the controversy surrouding the death of Raoul Moat by attacking the recent outpouring of grief that has emerged since his death last week.

“‘It is absolutely clear that Raoul Moat was a callous murderer, full stop, end of story.”

”I cannot understand any wave, however small, of public sympathy for this man.”

”There should be sympathy for his victims and the havoc he wreaked in that community.”

”There should be no sympathy for him.”

This response came after a question from a fellow Conservative MP about the recent RIP Raoul Moat You Legend group which has been setup on Facebook and which has been drawing quite an amount of support from people all over the country concerned over the events surrounding his death after a tense armed stand off televised last week.

Now it’s very hard to find much sympathy with someone who went on a murderous rampage across the country especially someone who has turned out to be a high level police informer. I have no love for grasses and they rest near the bottom of my own personal ladder of shameful occupations just above Policemen. Both grasses and cops are groups of people who escape justice for their own misdeeds whilst at the same time hypocritically ruin other peoples lives by sending them down for crimes that they happily commit themselves.

However much I may dislike Raoul Moat for being a grass his death certainly raises many questions about the conduct of the police who helped end his life in painful agony. Whilst it is still unclear over the precise details of his demise we know enough from witnesses and the live news reports from the night to know that some serious questions require answering.

Raoul Moat had a shotgun rested under his chin in the pouring rain throughout the evening and was threatening to kill himself. Unlike a drunk girlfriend after an angry argument desperate for attention someone who really wanted to kill themselves would just get on and do it. Moat could have pulled the trigger at any time during the stand off but didn’t and therefore this seems to be a clear sign of someone crying out for help rather than a madman desperately wanting to die through a suicide by Police shooting.

The Police admit to tricking Moat into believing they were all in front of him through the clever use of lighting and sound whilst a small team of officers tried to creep up behind him. It was supposedly during this pincer movement that the gunshot went off after Moat realised that the Police had been sneaking up behind him.

The Police admit to firing two Tasers at Moat supposedly in an attempt to prevent him from firing his gun. However Moat’s brother, Uncle and many others believe that it was actually the Taser attack that caused Moat to fire his gun involuntarily and this seems to be backed up by the injuries caused from the gunshot.

If you are going to commit suicide by blowing your own head off with a shotgun you ensure that one shot is all you require to kill yourself in the quickest way possible preferably by blowing your brains out. Raoul Moat did not kill himself with the gunshot that was fired instead he only blew the front part of his face off which is not in any way a kill shot. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering he went through in those hours after this shot was fired as the agony of such a massive and severe injury would be immeasurable and unfortunately for him he took a couple of hours to die.

The XREP taser gun the police used to attack Moat was not licenced by the Home Office. The shotgun projectile travels at the same speed as a bullet and is designed to penetrate clothes and flesh, anyone hit by one would assume they had been shot with a shotgun round at first before experiencing the joy of a few thousand volts jumping through their body for 20 seconds.

Anyone who died from such a Taser shock would have trouble getting a Mortician to find cause of death unless they knew about the Tasering as it leaves little sign of it’s use on the body and many deaths which have resulted after a taser attack from Police have been put down to a case of the spurious medical term Excited delirium.

Excited Delirium is a condition which has been created by Taser International as a cover for the many deaths that have resulted after deployment of this supposedly non lethal weapon. People suffering from this condition display signs of mental illness, super human strength, aggressive behaviour and all the other signs commonly found on any UK high street on a Friday night around 11PM.

Therefore if we are waiting for our kind Police Mortician to return an autopsy report combining Taser and Shotgun as the cause of death we will be waiting a long time. The audio recordings from the nights events seem to reveal that someone, probably Moat, was screaming a hell of a loud agonising cry. Police claim Moat screamed out at them before he fired his shot when he realised they had tricked him and it was at this point the tasers were deployed to try to prevent him from firing his gun. Whether or not this is true I don’t know and I don’t even know if it’s possible to let out a scream if you have just blown the front of your face off but maybe it is.

The fact that Raoul Moat fired his gun after the Tasers were deployed means one of two events occurred:

1. The Police deployed two Tasers on Moat and either the high voltage had no effect on him OR he managed to wait out the 20 seconds without the Police team behind him managing to pounce before he fired his gun shot. The fact that the gunshot was so appallingly bad that it only blew part of his face off and didn’t kill him was purely bad luck for Moat.

2. The Police deployed their Tasers on Moat and the high voltage caused him to spasm or jolt involuntarily and it was during this body spasm that he mistakenly fired his shot gun blowing part of his face off.

I personally think the second option is more likely and the simple fact that the shot didn’t kill him is the key point here. We have had many suicides involving shotguns over the years and you would have to be very very unlucky to attempt suicide with a shotgun to miss yet we are supposedly expected to believe that this is what happened with Raoul Moat.

We know that the Police cannot be trusted to tell the truth on their own accord and usually during situations that involve Police brutality, death or assault it’s only third party evidence that helps resolve the actual series of events.

Tasers are nasty, dangerous and over used weapons that have been put in the hands of a section of society who many people including myself would claim are some of the least mentally equipped people to use such a weapon. Whilst I like the idea that our Police force does not routinely carry guns I also dislike how instead they have been armed to the teeth with supposedly non lethal weapons such as Pepper spray, CS Gas, Tasers and those horrible extendable batons.

Instead of being “last resort” weapons the Taser and all the others are becoming weapons of first resort. I have seen Policemen foaming at the mouth as they attacked an 18 year old girl on the way home from a nightclub for daring to have taken her bottle of drink out the club. A simple refusal to hand over the bottle meant the Policemen who were more than capable of detaining and restraining her without force if they required to (and they did not) instead revealed their batons and took out her legs.

When you give supposedly non lethal weapons to a group of people who all have massive chips on their shoulder and a desire to gain revenge on society for bullied childhoods then you are going to end up with lots of cases of abuse of authority and there is no clearer example than the cops from America. No matter how bad the Police are in the UK, and a large percentage are really bad, you can times that by ten for the USA. We have had Police Tasering bed ridden 86 year old Grannies and Cops shooting family pets for daring to bark when they visit. Add to that the recent cases of brutality at G20 protests and it’s no wonder many people have little respect for our Police.

The many videos I have seen and put up on my site of Police brutality, abuse of power, murder of innocents and attacks on protesters is enough to make anyone who thinks the Police are the cream of society think again. Whilst it’s true that not all Police are the same and there are probably some good cops out there it’s also fair to say that a group of people or company of men is branded in the image of their worst behaved members.

When people say to me “Policemen are only human and make mistakes too” OR “they are only doing their job” I say yes that is true but unlike other occupations the role of Police officer is that of someone who can make life changing decisions on behalf of others every single day.

Everyone chooses the job they do therefore the “just doing a job” argument is a poor excuse as the people who choose to take on this role in society also take on the responsibility to maintain a high personal standard that leaves no room for hypocrisy. I personally know of too many policemen who spend their days ruining people’s lives by arresting them for offences such as drug use, drunk & disorderly, copyright infringements, illegal downloads and so on only to carry out the same acts themselves.

I personally could not live with myself if I had to arrest someone for crimes I know that I commit myself. Crimes I may personally not believe should be illegal yet unfortunately are currently deemed so by the state.  Yet many police do just that every single day of the week. Maybe the only way to solve this dilemma is to create a police force of high tech RoboCops who cannot be tempted by moral decisions posed when a personal choice clashes with the law.

Ideally we would have a reformed legal system that would do away with such stupid laws that are based around “moral” behaviour as morals are relative and in a country led by the concept of liberty for all the only laws that affect personal behaviour should be those that conflict with another persons quality of live e.g laws against violence and theft etc but until that unlikely day arrives we require a police force capable of up-keeping the law of the land in a way that doesn’t drive accusations of hypocrisy and corruption.

Seeing the photos of the Policemen at the scene of Raoul Moat’s death, all snaring and angrily looking at the cameramen gun and taser in hand just shows us how much adrenaline is pumping around the bodies of these cops during events such as the armed stand off.

Armed police train their weapons on fugitive gunman Raoul Moat in Rothbury including one with a stun gun

There was literally no need at all to try to taser Moat into submission or try to sneak up behind him and the only weapon the Police required was time. Moat wasn’t going anywhere, he was tired, wet and hungry and he was also very angry and sad. What the police should have done was just sit it out and talked to Moat. He obviously wasn’t that keen on killing himself as he would have pulled the trigger much earlier therefore there was definitley an opportunity to talk him into giving up peacefully.

Whether it was the unnecessary double Tasering with unlicensed weapons or the attempt to sneak up on Moat from behind that caused his death it seems quite clear the Police paid a large part in Raoul Moat’s death. Whilst  I have no sympathy with a police informing murderer I do demand answers over the Police’s action on that night.

Whether those questions will be answered satisfactorily is another question altogether.


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