Israeli claims of a terrorist Armada start to fall apart

By Dark Politricks

First we had the highly edited video from the IDF helicopters that showed its meek and defenceless soldiers being attacked as they invaded the Mavi Marmara.

Then we had Israeli cabinet members trotted out on TV networks around the world to claim the Freedom Flotilla was really a terrorist armada full of Hamas supporters and even Al Qaeda death squads.

Not to mention the “fact” that the flotilla was really just cover for a massive haul of illegal weapons and rockets to be used by Hamas on innocent Israelis.

Oh and lest we forget that they also claimed that the aid on board destined for Gaza wasn’t even needed and that the people of that well known open prison camp got all the food, medicine and building materials their hearts could desire through the Israeli controlled border crossings.

Then it all fell apart.

Live video footage shot from aboard the flotilla showed the situation unfolding in real time. Shots rang out before the IDF boarded the boats. At least one member had been killed and the white flag of surrender was already up but the IDF just kept on shooting. The protesters only had sticks, poles and knives so the gunfire we could all hear had to have come from the IDF.

The massive haul of illegal arms we were all told about turned out to be nothing more than a ramshackle collection of knives, metal bars and poles. Every item was something you would expect to find on a ship that carried hundreds of people. These boats have kitchens don’t you know.

Then the protesters were released and told their side of the story. The beatings, the bags over the heads, the deaths. It wasn’t pretty by any means.

Then the claims about terrorist cells fell apart. Lia Tarachansky, a journalist from the The Real News Network, rang up the IDF and asked them about their press release which carried the bold headline: “Attackers of the IDF soldiers found to be Al Qaeda mercenaries.”

She is told by an Army spokesperson that “We don’t have any evidence. The press release was based on information from the [Israeli] National Security Council.”

Then to cap it all off the autopsies from the 9 confirmed dead are realised which show that the “self defence” claims were a pack of lies unless the IDF were defending themselves by shooting their victims multiple times in the back and head at close range. One bullet is never enough to ward off an angry attacker, no four or five should do it. Why shoot someone in the legs when you can double tap them in the head?

The day is only young and I am expecting more Israeli claims to unravel by the seams before its out.


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