Main Site back up

By Dark Politricks

As you probably know I have had some difficulty during the last week with my system. First my main site went offline due to issues with unusually high loads which meant the owner of the free box I was sharing with paying customers asked me to remove my site. I suppose when my little blog is getting more traffic than the 30 or so other sites on the server combined and I am not paying a thing it’s only fair that when the server goes bang due to lots of requests to my site that I take the punishment. Well at least that was the view taken by the servers owner.

Never mind I thought I will just rely on my backup blog over at wordpress for a while until I can sort out some reliable hosting. A quick import of my data into my old blog and it was all up and running again. The site may have only had 30% of the features but at least it had all my articles.

Then on the Saturday I awake to find the guys at WordPress have removed my site for a breach of Terms of Service. Two emails later and I still haven’t got a good reason to why they took my site down but it meant within 2 days both blogs had gone and I was site-less.

The wordpress crew may have taken me offline pretty quickly without warning or reason but within an hour I was back up on their server with a new domain and exactly the same content. A 301 redirect from my main site and an import of all my content using their import wizard luckily meant all the URL’s were still working. Still its a real comedown to have to work within the constraints of when you’re used to hosting your own system. No adverts, no cool plugins, no inline scripts or CSS and no branding.

Still last night I managed to find some good quality pay as you go cloud based hosting and now I have got my site back up on a server I control. So the only way my site is coming down now is if I run out of money to pay for it or the FED’s raid me under the orders of some anti-free speech ruling.

So I would just like to thank everyone for the messages of support during last week especially MindofMomalleableegotonitagliarino and tonitagliarino and I have to give a special thanks to Zikolas for help with the server setup.

If you have bookmarked this site then please take a look at the main site as this site will remain but purely as a backup that will only have content added weekly or monthly whereas the main site has content added constantly throughout the day.

Also as I am now having to pay for hosting please consider making a small donation to help me continue to serve up news content and articles that most sites won’t dare touch. Even if its only a few dollars or pounds it all helps pay the hosting bills. If I can start getting some revenue in to cover the extra bandwidth I want to offer my users then I will be able to increase the amount of tools I can make available such as web proxies, proxy checkers, scanners and other privacy related tools.

You can make a donation at the following location:


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