Recent Methadrone deaths show UK Laws are out of date

By Dark Politricks

You may have heard in the news this week that two teenagers in the UK died after a night out which involved using the legal drug Methadrone (M-CAT or miaw miaw). Even though their deaths have not been conclusively linked to the drug the media has once again gone into hyper-drive raising a moral panic almost on the levels of the Acid House parties in the late 80’s.

The two teenagers had apparently not only taken M-CAT but also had been drinking to the early hours as well as taking the heroin substitute Methadone to come down on. Even though the cause of death is more likely to be down to the mixture of drugs especially the dangerous combination of alcohol and opiates the media is behaving like judge and jury and M-CAT has already been found guilty.

There are already cries to ban this currently legal drug which is being sold quite openly as “plant food” openly in shops and on the Internet. Similar in chemical composition to Khat and in behaviour to ecstasy and amphetamines it is just the latest in a line of synthetic drugs created by clever chemists who keep one step ahead of Britain’s antiquated drug laws by changing the chemical signatures ever so slightly as soon as the last product is banned.

We are living in a hypocritical society that allows the worst drugs in terms of deaths to be sold perfectly legally but others that kill minuscule numbers are prohibited. Cigarettes kill over 100,000 people a year and alcohol kills almost the same amount through disease, assaults, accidents and road deaths.  Drugs such as amphetamines and opiates are used in medicine all the time and even ecstasy was used by psychiatrists in the past but how dare anyone decide to take the same drugs for recreational purposes.

People have been taking mind altering substances for thousands of years and will carry on taking them whether they are illegal or not. Prohibition has never worked and only leads to immense profits for drug dealers and deaths due to impurities in the products. If the media has their way and M-CAT is added to the long list of proscribed narcotics then within a month or two another synthetic drug will be on the market to take its place.

As I have previously said we need a totally new approach to drug use in which users are not criminals to be arrested and locked up at great expense. A regulated drug industry could be just what the country needs at the moment as the tax revenue received by taxing products currently used by millions every day would surely help pay off our national deficit.

Addicts should be prescribed their fix by doctors just as they were before 1973 as we have surely proved that trying to treat drug abuse by locking people up in prison hasn’t worked at all. Not only would crime rates fall and addicts get help more easily, the country would benefit through lower insurance premiums and a large proportion of the police force would be freed up to concentrate on serious crime.

The right wing media wouldn’t like it and there would surely be a moral panic generated by the press but if the problem of drugs is ever going to be tackled once and for all then this is the only logical way.  We are currently being governed by children of the 60’s and 70’s who were the first modern generation to properly rebel against the rules that said drugs were bad. Hopefully with the raver generations from the 80’s and 90’s maturing the time will come when the critical mass of right thinking citizens is such that a brave political move to legalise and regulate would not cause the outcry it once would. Hopefully that time is not too far away for just like the war on terror the war on drugs cannot be won by conventional means.


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6 Responses to “Recent Methadrone deaths show UK Laws are out of date”

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  3. Larisa Melamed Says:

    I am totally shocked when I found out that my son who studied in London for one year was using Methadrone which is sold legally in the United Kingdom. He is in a very bad health condition now. My husband has to immediately fly to London to interrupt his studies and bring him home. United States is making money by legalizing Marijuana at the same time United kingdom selling legally dangerous drugs to destroy young people.I hope that my son will recover from addiction of this drug. . I will support any movement against drugs because I hate any dark politics who wants to make money by destroying young people. My question is where my son can be helped? Who can help him?

  4. Larisa Melamed Says:

    I am totally shocked when I found out that my son who studied in London for one year was using Methadrone.Here in the USA lawmakers legalizing Marijuana and in the United Kingdom they sell legally other dangerous drugs.How come that both powerful countries are creating such criminal hypocritical laws???This is call a freedom!!!
    I will support any anti-drug movement because it is not enough to educate young people that using drugs is dangerous. The most important do not allowed to sell drugs to young people at all.

    • Alex Coutts Says:

      Dear Larisa, I am sorry to read of your sons misfortune. I would love to hear how he is now. Have things improved. If they have not I would be happy to talk to your son which I can do via skype. You can email me directly I have no qualifications in the area however I do have a lot of life experience with these issues and would be happy to provide ongoing support for your son and your family free of charge.

      I would feel honoured to help and support your family.

  5. Alex Coutts Says:

    I absolutly agree drugs should be legalised controlled and taxed. It is an inherant fact that man kind will always act in a way which makes us desire what we are not allowed. I beleive if drugs were legalised people who regularly take them would slow down because they would know the drugs were there anytime they want. Not to mention organised crime which is funded by drug production. The criminal world would collapse. Come on MP’S see sense and allow these drugs which will always be around regardless of their legalities be sold by pharmacies and taxed. If a person buys drugs from a pharmacy the patients doctor should be informed automatically to check the patient is not abusing. Anyway food for thought. Just legalise and control instead of criminals and terror groups controlling. Be smart.

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