RE: Indiana University: $40,000 for Edwards, Nothing for Free Market Thinkers

By Matt Holdridge

More news regarding Tom Woods and the IU Young Americans for Liberty.


Several days ago we shared an article from the Indiana Standard, the independent conservative/libertarian student newspaper at Indiana University.  As reported there, Indiana University refused to host Dr. Thomas Woods on campus on the lame excuse that he doesn’t have “sufficient academic credibility.”

Tom Woods, it’s worth noting, has academic credentials which include undergrad at Harvard, a doctorate from Columbia, success on the New York Times bestseller list, and a position as Senior Scholar at the Mises Institute.  The excuse IU gave could be called “flimsy” at best.

Woods himself agreed and, with his typical wit, commented: “If it’s my academic credentials they question, anyone can judge for himself at  But from their point of view I’m surely uncredentialed: unlike other speakers they might consider, I haven’t wrecked any economies.”

Though he hasn’t wrecked any economies, Woods nonetheless seems to make the IU economics department nervous.  That’s the department which prompted the lectures committee to reject Woods and — according to one alumni comment — a department which isn’t exactly friendly to free market philosophies like the Austrian School of Economics to which Woods subscribes.  (The lectures committee could not be reached for comment.)

So what’s next for the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at IU which is still interested in bringing Tom Woods to speak on campus?  Well, that’s where you can help.

As explained by the chapter’s president, Sam Spaiser:

With or without the help of the university, YAL @ IUB is committed to bring Woods to IU to shed some light on a gloomy liberal/statist campus.

In order to do so, we need to raise $3000.

Please help us to further the cause of liberty on campus and spread the Austrian School perspective by making a donation towards funding this event.

Let’s bring Tom Woods to Indiana University! Click here to lend a hand.

View the original article at Campaign for Liberty


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