$12,313 of Government Per Person

By sjaye

Much discussion regarding Barak Obama’s estimated $3.8 Trillion 2011 budget is focused on which agencies are going to see budget increases, and which agencies will be cut.  For example, this budget scraps NASA’s amitions to return to the moon, reduces (albeit slightly) EPA funding, but increases funding for education as a part of a No Child Left Behind revamp [Source].  However, missing from much of the mianstream media and political pundit discussion of this budget is just how large the budget is!

In 2011, deficits are expected to soar to near $1.6 Trillion.  This estimate even includes optimistic estimates of economic growth, including a 40% decrease in expenditures for the Labor department, based on this assumption from the above link .. “The Labor Department would see a major drop in spending for its unemployment insurance programs. That’s because the administration forecasts an economic rebound and expects fewer people to claim unemployment benefits.”

As atrocious as the 40% increase in spending for the Treasury department is (which amounts to about $190 billion), what all Americans should stop and think about is the full number in the budget – $3.8 Trillion.  If you divide this number by the current US population estimate, 308.6 Million, you get $12,313.  RIght now, President Obama is proposing that our Federal Government spend $12,313 per person.  My question to you, everyday Americans is; Do you feel like you need over $12,000 worth of Government services?  While politicians will talk about nibbling around the edges of this mamoth budget (witness Obama’s joke of a spending freeze that only applies to 20% of the budget), I would very much like to hear someone justify why $12,000, or even $8-10 thousand worth of Government is necessary in our lives!

View the original article at Campaign for Liberty



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