Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act Victory in the Senate

By dljholt

SB417, Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act, IS A WIN!!!

Congratulations Patriots! You did it!!!

SB417 won on the Senate floor with a vote of 23 – 17.  SB283 & SB311 were bundled with SB417 as the language was the same on all three bills, word for word.

There was much debate on the floor, with Senate Democrats putting up quite a fight for a win, but we were able to convince 5 Democrats as well as all 18 Republicans to vote with us in favor of health care freedom for Virginia.

Here are the Democrats who voted with us:

Senator Charles J. Colgan
Senator Phillip P. Puckett
Senator R. Edward Houck
Senator John C. Miller
Senator Wm. Roscoe Reynolds

If the House versions also pass later this week and both the Senate and the House bills pass in cross over, the federal health care mandate will be null and void in Virginia.  We will keep our choice to purchase any health care plan we wish or not to purchase one at all.  Federal authority over our health care choices will be stopped at the border.

Any challenge by the feds of our state sovereignty will be fought in the courts by our new State Attorney General, Ken Cuccninelli, who also supports our bills.

Thank you for all of your hard work. It goes to show what we can do when we commit our time and effort to defending liberty in Virginia.

Yours in liberty,

Donna Holt

View the original article at Campaign for Liberty


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