More change you can force people into believing

By Matt Hawes

The weekend brought news that our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president is sending Patriot missles to four middle eastern nations – Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

According to the UK’s Guardian:

American officials said the move is aimed at deterring an attack by Iran and reassuring Gulf states fearful that Tehran might react to sanctions by striking at US allies in the region. Washington is also seeking to discourage Israel from a strike against Iran by demonstrating that the US is prepared to contain any threat….

The chief of the US central command, General David Petraeus, said in a speech 10 days ago that countries in the region are concerned about Tehran’s military ambitions and the prospect of it becoming a dominant power in the Gulf: “Iran is clearly seen as a very serious threat by those on the other side of the Gulf front.”….

So instead of allowing them to build up their own militaries and take care of their own business, we’re offering to do it for them.  And this comes right after the president’s speech declaring his newfound dedication to fiscal responsibility.  After all, since we’re obviously doing so well paying for our current foreign policy, why not expand it a bit more?

Besides the new missile deployment, Washington is also helping Saudi Arabia to create a 30,000-strong force to protect oil installations and other infrastructure, as well as expanded joint exercises between the US and military forces in the region….

That’s sure to calm down Iran’s leaders.

Read the rest.

View the original article at Campaign for Liberty


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