Twitter Updates for 2010-01-31

  • whats next for Bin Laden now he's become a member of the green lobby? #AlQaeda #CIA #binLaden #GOP #DEM #
  • record no of new jobs in bankruptcy law firms, repossesions & government workers thats Job creation you can believe in #
  • Just as I wrote this morning Blair gave a good performance at #Chilcot & no questions fazed or hurt him #Iraq #war #
  • #Blair didn't even say thanks 2 the troops who died fighting his war in #Iraq & said he'd take the same action again if he had to #chilcot #
  • the fact over 100,000 Iraqis died didn't seem 2 bother #Blair either nor the fact the war broke international law #
  • guess the only person who can judge & punish Bush & Blair now is the God they both believe in so much. #Iraq #Chilcot #war #
  • 11 pieces of evidence that point 2 the US intelligence agencies allowing the Flight #253 #bomber onto the plane #CIA #
  • Why the Stock Market was down 3 days in a row > Goldman Sachs used frequency trading 2 dump stock & force price down #
  • #Russia joins the US as the only countries 2 have stealth fighter jets how long until they sell some 2 #China? #war #
  • watch Obama struggle 2 defend the US's support 4 Israel without a teleprompter its as if he couldn't remember the lies #
  • watch scientists worry about the possibility of a Solar flare hitting the earth in 2012 & wiping out the modern age #
  • RT @StarSpangledGrl: Ariel Sharon on Israeli Radio- "We, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it." – Oct 3, 2001 #

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One Response to “Twitter Updates for 2010-01-31”

  1. Dolly Says:

    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

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